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Cop Searches Emily and Emma on a Speed Trap Stop

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All characters in this story are 18 and over, legal age, and names are not real. This is a fiction story.

Please vote positive and add comments if you like my story so I would be motivated to write more. Please comment or DM me for recommendations.

XOXO – Emma

Cop Searched Emily and Emma on a Speed Trap Stop

Emma and Emily was driving from their cheerleading team practice back home, going through rural farmland roads, with no one around, and they saw a police car approaching them fast, with lights flashing.

Emily pulled over to the side to give way and stopped, and the squad car stopped right behind them.

They waited for 15 minutes while the cop was doing something in his car, which felt like eternity to them.

Cop got off his car, and approached Emily’s window. “Can I have your drivers license and registration?” he said.

“Is everything OK, officer?” Emily asked with a flirting voice. The cop answered with a serious face “You were going 110 miles per hour in 50 miles zone, do you have a drivers license?”

Emily was afraid, started shaking, and gave the cop her drivers license, “I was at the speed limit officer”, she said.

The cop didn’t respond to her, looked at Emma, “Can I see your drivers license too?”, Emma gave hers too.

He looked at our drivers licenses, and said “Emily, you are 19 and Emma is 18, right?” We nodded.

“Since you are adults, I will charge you, Emily, with reckless driving because you were driving over 100 miles per hour, punishable with a fine of $1000 dollars, revoking your driver privileges, and putting you in the jail up to one year. Emma, you will be charged too because you were an accessory to Emily’s crime”

We started shaking and crying. “Pleaseee, pleaseee officer, please forgive us, I swear I was going at speed limit officer, pretty pleaseeee”, Emily said.

“Yes, officer we were going at normal speed, please let us go”, Emma said sobbing.

The cop pulled his gun, and shouted “both of you! get out of the car! put your hands on the car and spread your legs!” Emily and Emma complied.

He handcuffed both girls, “I will now search you for any drugs or weapons!”.

He started with Emily, removed her bra, and cupped her tits with one hand, and rubbed other hand around the tits, “I am looking for and drug packets around your tits!” he said.

He then moved down, poked his two fingers in his mouth, wetting with saliva, “Now I will do cavity search for any drugs in your vagina or rectum, I will start with rectum”, he said, and shoved his two fingers in Emily’s anus.

Emily cried with pain, but couldn’t do anything, the cop explored her rectum rolling his fingers around, curling his fingers to feel the texture of her rectum, and removed his fingers.

“Now I will check your vagina” he said, and poked his index and middle fingers in Emily’s pussy, demetevler escort his hand like gun shaped, and started moving his hand in and out of her pussy.

“What are you doing” Emily protested. “I am trying to get you wet and lubricated so I can examine your pussy and search for drugs easier” the cop replied, and started curling his fingers in her pussy, rotating, rubbing her g spot.

Emily started to get pleasure from all this, and moaned “ahhh”, “I am glad you are enjoying this.” the cop smiled.

The cop then moved on to Emma, and grabbed Emma’s tits, felt all around Emma’s soft tits, squeezing nipple, caressing her back, then butt.

The cop then fingered Emma’s anus with left hand and pussy with his right hand, at the same time, supposedly searching for drugs.

“I am searching your rectum and vagina at the same time to save time” the cop explained as his both hands were busy poking Emma.

The cop removed his hands from Emma’s cavities, “Good, I couldn’t find anything in your vagina and rectum”, the cop said, and turned towards Emily.

“Emily, your vagina and rectum entrance is narrower and tighter than Emma’s” the cop said, “this means if you put drug packets inside of your vagina or rectum, you can hold more of them, and you can hold them in you better than Emma, so I have to do a through search of your cavities.”

“What! Is he saying I have loose pussy and ass?” Emma thought, she was very disappointed.

The cop unzipped his pants, and his huge cock spring to life. “My three inch fingers are not long enough to examine whether you have drug packets in your vagina, I have to use my eight inch penis to go full length and check whether you have any paraphernalia or drugs in your vagina” he said.

Emily’s eyes were wide open with shock.

“Don’t move, push your ass back, waist down, head down on the door, legs spread fully” the cop commanded, Emily started crying, but complied.

The cop grabbed Emily’s waist with both hands, and pushed his cock head in her pussy, and started making in and out moves, Emily’s pussy was so tight, her pussy lips were tight around the cops cock with no gap at all, stretching out as the cop was pulling his cock out, and pressing in as he pushes his cock forward.

“I am now checking the entrance of your vagina” he said. “good, there is nothing here, I will now go deeper” and he started pushing his cock 4 inches in and out of Emily’s pussy,

Emily started moaning “ahhh”.

Emma saw Emily started creaming on the cop’s cock,

When the cop pulled his cock out, Emily’s white slippery pussy cream was coming out on the cops shaft, in long strings, making it look shiny.

When the cop pushed his cock deep inside of Emily’s pussy, her extremely tight, warm, elastic pussy lips were conforming to the shape of the cop’s shaft and veins, wiping dikmen escort the cream towards his crotch.

“I see you like the way I search you, nothing in the middle of your vagina, now I will go deeper and check full length of your vagina” shoving his cock in full deep inside Emily’s pussy, his balls pressing against Emily’s body, and started going in and out, his balls slapping Emily’s clit.

“I only feel the tightness, wetness and warmth of your vagina” the cop said “no drugs, good”

“just a second, I felt something engorged” the cop said, and started rubbing his cock head to the engorged g-spot of Emily, having the ridge of his cock head to shaft move back and forth and feel the texture of the g-spot on his cock, rubbing it for several minutes.

“Ahhhh”, Emily screamed and start squirting the juices in her swollen g-spot on the cops cock, “Ahhh”, “Ahhh”

“Nope, false alarm, it was your g-spot, now that you squirted, swelling inside your vagina went down” the cop said. Emily was relieved.

“So far so good, I couldn’t see any drug packets, and swelling was your g-spot, now I will go in and out of your vagina in long and hard stokes to make sure I am not missing anything that might be hidden deep inside you” the cop said, and started to pound Emily’s ass as hard as he can, doing this for a couple minutes, saying “all good, nothing here”, “all good, nothing here” occasionally.

The cop pulled his cock out of Emily’s pussy, “Now I have to do the same deep cavity search, in your rectum, don’t move, keep your legs spread, and ass up in the air, head down” he commanded. Emily started crying.

The cop spit on his cock and fingers, fingered Emily’s ass to open up a little bit, and started pushing the head of his cock on Emily’s anus, it wasn’t going in. Emily cried “I never did anal before!”

“This is not anal, this is cavity search, if you want I can take you to the hospital where they push a big metal speculum in your ass to search you, rip you in half, is that what you want?” The cop shouted angrily.

“No, officer, please do your job” Emily replied.

“Thank you, I will” officer responded, and pushed his cock with full force in Emily’s ass hole, after a second or two delay, Emily’s anus twitched, stretched, and gave way to the cops huge cock, sliding his 8 inch cock in all the way deep inside Emily’s ass.

Emily started crying, “it hurts”.

“It is almost over, I need to go full in and out until I am satisfied that there are no drug packages in your rectum” the cop said, and started going in and out of Emily’s ass in big long strokes, slapping his balls as he goes in, and leaving the tip of his cock inside her as he pulled out.

Emily’s anus was so tight, it was completely wrapping the cop’s cock, and extruding her rectum as the cop pulled out, and burying the rectum back in her body in as the ankara escort cop pushes his cock deep inside her warm slippery ass,

“I couldn’t find anything yet, I have to speed up so I stretch your bowels to see whether I am missing anything” the cop said, as he sped up, making louder rhythmic “slap, slap, slap” sounds as their bodies hit each other, and his ball sack slaps Emily’s clit.

“Your anus and rectum is very tight, warm, elastic, conforming to the shape of my mushroom head, and tapered shaft with veins, like a custom fitted sheath for my penis, so I make sure I am not missing anything, this makes my job easy” the cop explained. “Thanks officer, I am glad I am making your job easy” Emily replied, pushing her ass back and forth towards the cop, moaning and rubbing her clit.

The cop continued slamming her ass for a good five minutes.

The cop stopped, grunted, “ahhhhh”, shouted “I am coming, I am coming, ahhhh”, and shot his fertile warm cum deep inside Emily’s ass, again and again, as he was firmly pressing his twitching body against Emily’s with each shot.

Emma was watching the cop’s balls and cock contracting with each load the cop was shooting inside Emily, which made Emma wet. Emma wanted to be in Emily’s place.

Emma counted the cops cock throbbed ten times, “that’s a lot of cum”, Emma thought to herself, which made her mouth salivated.

The cop pulled himself out, his white sweet cum was dripping down Emily’s pussy, oozing down her legs.

“I had to terminate my search because your ass was very warm and tight, sorry” he said, zipped his pants up.

He removed the handcuffs from Emily, and gave Emily’s some napkins from the patrol car “wipe yourself up with this, sorry for the mess, I cummed a lot because the moment I saw you my balls started getting full, my bad” he apologized.

Emily liked hearing that she made the cop’s balls swell.

“Are you going to arrest us?” Emily asked, while the cop was removing handcuffs from Emma.

“I couldn’t find any drugs inside you, and you don’t have any prior tickets, I will let you go this time, don’t go over the speed limit, OK? I may not be as nice next time”! he said, and drove off.

Later Emma and Emily learned from other girls at our high school that this cop was identifying and chasing the legal age girls from our school, fucking them from pussy and ass with a pretense of cavity search for drugs.

No one was able to complain about him, because the girls were thinking they will go to jail otherwise.

The week after, Emma and Emily drove through the same country road, this time Emma was driving Emily’s car, and Emma saw the patrol car on the side with the same cop in it.

Emma remembered the week before, and got wet.

“Should I put the pedal to the metal, to see what happens next, or should I slow down?” Emma thought.

“Maybe it doesn’t matter either way anyway”, she smiled, with a spark in her big blue eyes, as the warm feelings of expectation radiated from her cunt to her legs, tits, arms, and face, eliminating all self control.

—to be continued

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