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Countdown To Interruption Ch. 02

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10:57 PM, nearby Winding-river town, 18 minutes and 15 seconds before the crash,

The camcorder is switched on. It shows young woman’s face, that draws back, and the interior of a car, seen from the corner of the front windscreen against the passenger seat.

The woman sits back and begins a cheerful speech while tossing aside her long curly hair: “Hello. I’m Sara. Next to me is my friend Kevin.” His bulgy-cheeked face with spiked hair pops into the frame. The woman continues: “This record is our contribution to the summer contest on the erotic site Daring Amateurs. Today is the first of August, it’s just one hour to midnight. I’ll masturbate, hoping to reach a climax while Kevin drives. Look behind me and convince yourself we really are on the road.”

The man’s face shows up in the frame again. He taps on the webcam, tied to his right temple and shakes the cable, stretched from his cam to a laptop on the backseat. The mobile computer shows a moving asphalt, illuminated by headlights. A strip of evening sky is stretched stright ahead between two walls of roadside trees. Two hands hold a steering-wheel. Several indicators shine in the dashboard, one of them shows a speed of 40 km/h. There are no other vehicles, and not one building is seen around.

Sara lounges in the seat, playful sparks burst forth from her dark eyes and spread over her wide face. She puts her hands on her shoulders and slowly slides them down her flowered dress. The thin fabric stretches and her breasts bulge even more. Her fingers pass over her stomach, hips and thighs, and finally stop on the knees. Gently, slowly, she opens her knees and a bare, clean-shaven groin shows itself. The woman pulls the dress up to görükle escort her chest. She pours something from a tube in her right palm, and begins to massage her genitals in slow circles, looking to the screen with teasing smile.

Kevin is trying to watch the road, but he’s distracted by her movements to the right of him. Sarah doesn’t pay him any attention but keeps her focus on the screen. Her fingers tickle her pussy until …

11:03 PM, about 8 minutes before the crash

… She takes her vibrator and uses it to tease herself. The rotating tip slides up and down on her pussy lips, which are getting wetter and wetter with each pass. The webcam follows her every move, her every tease, the toy’s passes over her lips, her clit until with a moan she slips the toy into her body. Almost instantly, the laptop screen in the backseat shows a brief image of roadside grass and trees, Kevin has lost control of the vehicle for a few seconds and immediately puts it to rights. Sarah ignores this event and smoothly moves the artificial dick in and out.

The empty road appears again, as straight as it was in the last few minutes, black asphalt underneath, two dense lines of trees to the side, a starry sky from above. Even the speed is unchanged – 40 km/h. Everything returns to “normal”…

11:10 PM, 6 minutes and 40 seconds to crash, 7.7 km north-east from Winding-river town

… the turn-off road to Osier-bed village shoots across the mobile computer.

Smoothly and calmly, Sarah can still be seen fucking piercing her pussy with the vibrator. Her other hand wanders over her body. Kevin can’t help to be distracted, the sight of her fucking bursa escort bayan herself, makes it hard for him to focus on the road and so he often turns his head to the right, and often, and even more often. However…

11:13 PM, one minute and five seconds before the crash

… when the vehicle goes off the road and onto the grassy roadside he is forced to abandon this lucrative view. The camcorder is slightly disturbed but its view of Sarah, bringing herself to completion continues..

11:14 PM, 40 seconds before the crash, 12 km north-east from Winding river town and about 680 meters from the dam lake “Fisherman’s paradise”

A wooded area appears around the way. The vehicle enters in this road section with 44 km/h. The camcorder microphone perceives clearly how the engine growl starts to increase lightly, but continuously.

Sarah is fully focused on her inner experience. The hurried movements of her chest are in unison with the quickened pace of her penetration.

The backseat screen is filled with brief images of the road and long moments of the quivering female body. This situation does not change even when…

11:15 PM, 25 seconds before the crash, 315 meters to the dam

…the car rushes downhill at 62 km/h. This number is displayed on the speedometer when the man looks to the dam, where two guardrails keep the road from the gleamy water on the left and the dark valley on the right.

With tensed face and closed eyes, Sarah rapidly pleasures herself. Kevin is turning his head from side to side. Without doubts, he is teared between the need to focus on the dangerous road section and the tempting bursa escort sounds and sight of what is going on to his right.The engine roars louder and louder. Just when the vehicle reaches the lay-by before the dam lake…

11:15 PM, 7 seconds and 95 meters before the crash

…a female moan sounds in the car. Kevin rapidly turns his head. Sarah’s knees have risen up and both hands are trembling hastily over he crotch, one pushing the dildo in and out of her and the other tormenting her clit. The webcam leans to the right in attempt to better show the woman’s face. watching her push herself to climax is too enticing because …

11:15 PM, 5 seconds before the crash

… the second cam remain glued to Sarah’s face for the next five seconds. Only, when the car jolts, the image on the mobile computer changes and shows a terrible view.

11:15 PM, 0 seconds to the crash

The guardrails are near at hand, but both of them are on the left! With 89 km/h the car rushes toward the steep concrete dam. Being so close to climax, Sara doesn’t notice anything and utters a trembling moan. A gravel-voiced male shout joins this tender sound. A loud bang turns into a long creaking rumble and finally ends in a chaotic mixture of sounds and movements.


Testimony of Alfred, a fisherman: “It was after 11 pm, when I heard the car. All the time, the engine was rising its noise. The vehicle came from the town and jumped into the valley. My friends and I ran there to help if we can. The car was upside-down in the base of the dam, almost in the river. A man and a woman was in there. She was lying down on the car ceiling; he was suspended by the belt. All we noticed one strange fact. A laptop, a computer camera and a camcorder, all of them, were lying on the car ceiling. Their carrying cases, fully unzipped, were there too. Someone must check what they’ve recorded. I’m almost sure this is the cause for the crash.”

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