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Crystal Clear Ch. 21

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This story is part of a stand-alone continuation of my Road Trip series (see the end of ‘Road Trip – California’ for a list of the chapters of that series, in the order to be read). You need not read that series to enjoy this series. Although real places and celebrity names are used for realism, this story is fiction. Please ‘read, enjoy, vote, and comment.’

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read the Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia lived together. Jim gets into country music, does his first movie (enjoying several orgies with his leading lady), and becomes a hero several times to great media acclaim. The press discovered that Jim fathered a child in Ohio during his road trip, but with sexy Edie’s help, Crystal and Jim manage the news so their reputations remain intact. Billy, their band leader, and Dan, their publicist, joined the group more often. Claire finally revealed her mysterious past, admitting to doing porn films and being an escort girl. Crystal and Jim get Grammys for their great music. During a concert in London, Jim receives a blackmail note. He hires a private detective to help search for the culprit, and hence meets Margo. On a flight to London, Jim and Margo joined the Mile High Club, and later confront some suspects and resolve the blackmail threat to Jim. After leaving Margo and Caroline – one of the suspects, Jim continues his European tour. In Berlin, CIA agents asked Jim to do a special task in Moscow and bring back secret data to the west. He succeeds and receives highly sex-filled thanks from the female CIA agent. After Moscow, the entourage move to Dublin, where Jim discovers a bomb in the concert stadium, and at great personal risk saves the day by carrying the bomb to a place to limit damage. His ‘Mellon Girls’ reward him appropriately. Back in Nashville, Jim and the gang listen to one of Nadia’s sexy stories, and then he heads to Ohio to be at the birth of his second child and to reconnect with Edie. A new movie opportunity arises, and everyone starts to work hard.

Crystal Clear – Ch. 21

New work, a fabulous sex toy, L.A., and sexting

I’d gone for a long run – about ten miles – and then spent almost an hour meditating in my quiet place in the forest behind our Nashville home. I had been overdue for both and so I put both my body and my mind back on track with some over stressing of each, but in a nice way.

The endorphins were still surging through my body as I took the back steps of the house two at a time. The morning was cool, but thanks to an outdoor propane heater Crystal, Ellen, and Claire were all sitting around the breakfast table reviewing newspapers and magazines trying to keep informed. The discussion I joined concerned a country singer and actor that contemplated running for a soon to be vacant Senate seat. The three of them were comparing political postures between the incumbent and the aspirant.

Crystal looked adoringly at me; “We’ve saved you some breakfast, but you have to shower first. Hurry, and it’ll still be warm.” She gestured to a covered plate on the table. Ellen and Claire gave me warm smiles that radiated the love we felt.

As I bustled into the house, Nadia was on her way out. She gave me a broad smile and a peck on the cheek; she’d heard Crystal’s comment and said, “Don’t worry boss, I can warm it all up in the microwave in sixty seconds.”

I did a ‘speed shower,’ dry, and dress, and was back outside in six minutes. Crystal said, “You, clean? That must have been a speed record.”

Feeling like a wise ass, I said, “I didn’t do my makeup yet – that’ll take at least an hour.”

Ellen leaned over and playfully punched my arm.

We ate, this time talking about the slow recovery of the real estate markets in differing geographies. We owned various real estate investment trusts that focused in some key markets, so this investment area held a fascination for us, particularly since we’d bought in at the supposed bottom of the market in several locales, some international.

Claire volunteered, “Terry’s coming by later, after lunch, with some more music to trial.”

Ellen perked up at that, “Oh, yes. He and I talked about the two of you doing an album of duets, but old standards – not necessarily country music, and doing a Christmas album. He’s actually bringing over what he called a Fake Book with many old standards in it.”

I heard the doorbell ring. Nadia, who’d been sitting with us having a second cup of coffee, sprang up and headed for the front door. I listened with half an ear, and heard the voices of Nadia and a deliveryman talking as Nadia had to sign for a package. Curious I got up and sauntered into the living room.

Nadia was just returning to the patio as I walked into the foyer. I asked, “What was that?”

“Oh, it’s a surprise kocaeli escort for us, but no one can see it until tonight.” She gave me a sideways glance that made me instantly know the parcel had something to do with our sex and lovemaking in some way. She added, “I’d appreciate it if you could carry it into my room; I’m guessing it’ll need some assembly. I’ll work on it later while you’re working with the others.”

I glanced into the foyer, and there sat a large cardboard box about the size of a living-room end table. The size surprised me, and I gave Nadia a second glance; however, she’d already turned to go back to join the other women. I went and hoisted the large box, and carried it into Nadia’s bedroom. The box weighed around forty pounds.

Nadia’s room had that ‘lived in’ look. Clothes were scattered about, and many covered the bed. Nadia seldom used the bed because she slept with us in our custom emperor-size bed where four or even five of us could comfortably sleep and carry on other activities.

Terry arrived just before lunch. He must have called Nadia, because he arrived with two large grocery bags containing various salads and sandwiches for each of us from one of the gourmet takeout restaurants on the outskirts of Nashville. I saw Nadia give him a big hug and kiss in thanks. As usual, she ground her sweet little pussy against his leg, and he patted her even more adorable rear end as she headed off to set the patio table for lunch.

Despite our trying to make her more of our equal, Nadia continued to insist on her role as ‘housekeeper with benefits.’ Thus, Nadia felt ownership of every meal prepared in the house, as well as all the house cleaning and maintenance. We had outside help for much of this, but she oversaw everything like a cat watching a canary. Nadia also had nymphomaniac tendencies, like the rest of us, and thus the ‘with benefits’ addition to her ‘housekeeper’ title. Besides keeping up with all of us, sometimes leaving us panting and exhausted, she also had several intimate friends at the college she attended. We knew that her campus life was far from chaste, particularly after her recounting a few days earlier of her experience at a Toga Party.

Nadia could not be in my presence that I didn’t marvel at how God had blessed the young woman with the sweetest, shapeliest, most gorgeous, and most alluring ass of any woman, bar none, that I had ever seen. When she walked away from you, it was poetry in motion and the gods would sing. I would catch Crystal, Ellen, or Claire often watching Nadia depart a room, and their eyes were not on the back of her head or pretty form. When she was naked, it was not at all unusual for any or all of us to make love to her beautiful cheeks for a few minutes.

Our entourage ate outside for lunch; the table rapidly became heaped with Styrofoam boxes and sandwich wrappings from our lunch. Nadia cleared much of it away. The luncheon discussion revolved around work and the concepts for two new albums.

Terry gestured to a large, overstuffed briefcase. “I brought two Fake Books for you. I thought we could go through and pick some of your favorites from some of the old standards. I talked to Tina at Sony Music. She’d like you to do some demos of these and send them in, nothing too formal at this stage – just trials, even without a band. She likes the idea and asked us to emphasize duets. With some demos, she’ll run things up the flagpole in Sony and see whether others think the idea holds water. Whether they like it or not, they definitely want a Christmas album ready for release by November first.”

As lunch broke up, we each carried some of the dirty dishes and silverware into the kitchen. Nadia had the toolbox out and was scavenging inside for various screwdrivers and pliers. I gave her a ‘What’s up?’ look, and she affirmed in a singsong tone, “You’ll find out later. It’s my surprise. I’m going off to work on it now.” With that, Nadia headed off to her room and the big box. I heard the door close behind her.

* * * * *

Crystal and I worked all afternoon with Terry and Ellen on the new album. Claire went off to help Nadia, but came back a few minutes later and told us her offer of assistance had been rebuffed. She sat in a corner of the studio with her laptop, and much to our surprise produced a list of ‘old standards’ in rank order by current popularity. Her work resulted in our redirecting our efforts to the top twenty-five songs on her list since not only did we like all the songs, but also they held the greatest commercial opportunity.

Despite the mechanical assembly job going on, Nadia whipped up another of her gourmet dinners for us. To her delight, Dan, our publicist, came by and joined us for dinner. I suspected he also hoped to get in someone’s knickers, but held my tongue lest I rob him of any subtlety and romance after dinner. Next to Nadia, Dan was the youngest member of our clique.

Nadia kocaeli escort bayan had learned to prepare our meals according to nouvelle cuisine philosophy – measured portions of healthy food for us that usually emphasized presentation as well as flavor. So, each of us was happy with the dinner and never left feeling bloated. Her attention to nutrition and diet kept our weight from exploding the way it often did for other celebrities.

Nadia served us dessert and coffee, and then after a brief whisper enlisted Dan in a small project. The pair left the dinner table, and I suspected she needed him to help her relocate the surprise from her room to where it would be unveiled for the rest of us.

When the two came back, we teased Nadia about what her surprise and when we’d get to see it.

She said, “As soon as everyone is ready to play, I can show you.” Her voice dripped with sexual overtones. She ran a finger along my cheek as she spoke.

I taunted, “What kind of play? Cards? Monopoly?”

Nadia came around my chair and kissed me really hard; she drove her tongue deep into my mouth and rubbed the growing lump in my shorts with her left hand. After a minute of this passion, I knew exactly what kind of play she meant – not that I hadn’t been sure beforehand. Nadia continued to rub the growing bulge in my pants as our kiss stopped. I reached two fingers up the leg of her cutoffs until I found her pussy, and then kept searching blindly until I found her clit.

Just after my fingers entered her body and my thumb started to stroke her pleasure nub, Nadia made a big sigh and pulled my hand from between her legs. She whispered, “Later, Lover.” We could all hear real regret in her voice.

After a pause, she turned to the group, “Ladies and gentlemen, please come into the master bedroom where I am pleased to offer the latest in sexual enjoyment for the ladies. Gentlemen you are invited to watch and care for those not so involved. You are all expected to get naked and have fun.”

I picked up the wine bottle and my glass from the table. The others brought their wine glasses too. We allowed Nadia to lead us to the bedroom single file.

In the room, we lined up around the perimeter of the large bed. In the center of the bed sat a large object covered in a sheet. Nadia moved to the bump, stood next to it, and, once all of us were circled, she reached over and yanked the sheet away. She grinned and went, “Tah Dah.”

The girls all applauded. The device was a Sybian – a large saddle over a wooden frame with an area on the smooth rounded top where a specially-designed pliable plastic area vibrated. An elongated ridge of the flexible material sat in the middle of the top with short nubs on it almost like those on a French tickler; they were positioned perfectly to rub against the rider’s clitoris. On the bed, I saw several attachments as well as the remote control for the unit.

A flying saucer wouldn’t have received more careful scrutiny from each of the other women. Claire, Crystal, and Ellen each approached the machine carefully with a look of awe and wonder on their faces. I think each knew they were in for one of the most memorable sexual experiences of their life.

Crystal spoke first, “Nadia, you may have just become my favorite person in the whole world.”

Ellen asked, “Does it really work? Does it do what it looks like it’s supposed to do?”

Claire nodded, “Oh, it certainly does. I rode one of these once in my life in one of my porn movies, and I can still remember every second – pure, unadulterated pleasure that takes you to some other realm. I always wanted to try it again … and again … and again, but the movie crew had to return it to someone.”

Nadia said, “I call it Mr. Sybian. I tried it this afternoon. After thirty minutes, I had to force myself to turn the machine off.” She turned to me, “I’m sorry, Jim, but this machine gives one long continuous orgasm almost as good as you do when you get me up on the step.”

I shook my head. “I want to see someone try it. I might learn something.”

Ellen wore a summer dress, and before any of us knew it, she’d reached under her dress and pulled off her thong. We saw her toss it aside on the bed as she hiked her skirt up, exposed her treasures to all of us, and mounted the machine.

Ellen looked at Nadia with a worried expression, “Will you please turn it on. Slow at first.”

Nadia picked up the remote control, and turned a dial. We could hear a low buzz start deep within the machine.

Ellen’s eyes opened wide, and she laughed in a sexy way. Nadia revved up the machine a couple of times, and Ellen’s laughter increased. “Oh, this is so much fun … [rev] … Oh, my GOD!” [rev]. Ellen’s eyes closed, and her mouth opened as she started to pant. Almost immediately, the sound of the machine died back to a dull hum – idle speed.

Nadia said to Ellen, “I escort kocaeli only got the machine about one-fourth of the way up the dial. Are you OK? Do you want more?”

Ellen smiled, and pleaded, “More, please.” She peeled her dress over her head and tossed it aside. Now, she rode the machine in her gorgeous nakedness. She closed her eyes and waited for the pleasure to restart.

Nadia revved up the machine more slowly this time, the sound slowly increasing, staying at a level, and then slowly decreasing. She cycled through this several times; the sound of the machine rising higher on each cycle indicating a more advanced state of vibration. After a half-dozen cycles, Nadia slowly reduced the vibrations to none and the machine turned off.

Ellen opened her eyes, “Why’d you stop? I was getting so near.” Her voice pleaded for more.

Nadia smiled maniacally, “Because, I have an even better surprise for you.” She reached over to the bed and picked up a dildo, with a peculiar end to it – an end that coupled to a slot the machine. She nudged Ellen to the back of the machine for a second by pushing on her mons as she attached the mechanical penis-like device to the Sybian.

Nadia turned to all of us, “This machine has many modes of operation. Watch this.” She turned a dial on her remote control and the dildo started to bend slightly, twist, and turn. “The machine will do the twisty thing while it vibrates.”

Ellen came back over the machine and the dildo, and slowly allowed the rubbery cock to penetrate her vagina until her clit returned to the pad of little bumps that had been giving her so much pleasure before. Now, the nubs would rub her clit as the artificial dick massaged her interior.

Nadia turned on the machine again, slowly at first. I walked behind Ellen, and as the vibrations and twisting of the dildo started. From the side, I couldn’t help note Ellen’s nipples practically bursting out of her skin they were so excited. From the back, I could see the artificial cock twisting into Ellen’s vagina as her clit pushed hard against the vibrating pad. Ellen just kept groaning and grinding her body into the machine.

“Ooooh fuuuuucccckkk,” Ellen moaned, “I’m cummmmmmmming.” Ellen’s hands lurched forward, and she grabbed a hold of a grip bar across the front of the Sybian, her knuckles turning white with the effort as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

Nadia throttled down the machine, leaving it at a low vibration so Ellen could coast down in her afterglow.

Ellen gave me a wan look that said, “Rescue me.” She held out her arms to me. I went beside her and helped her dismount from the erotic device. Ellen turned to Crystal and Claire, “Oh that is one fabulous machine. I’ll be back in a few minutes. I have to rest.”

I said, “Well, I’m jealous. I’m being replaced by a piece of technology.” Terry and Dan chimed in with ‘Me too.’

Ellen pulled me to the bed. “Oh, no. We’ve just found a new way to do foreplay. Come and fuck me; I am so wound up I could fuck the entire Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, and, my God that only took ten minutes to get me to this state. I need a real cock, and some kissing from someone I love.”

Watching Ellen, I had become hard to the point my jeans were uncomfortable; I had achieved an ‘8’ status just being a voyeur to her masturbatory performance. I stripped and sank my cock deep into Ellen’s sopping wet pussy. I doubt I’d ever seen or felt her – or anyone – so dripping wet or desirous of sex. Without having man cum dripping from her, Ellen’s sexual juices were running out of her pussy and down her legs.

Over Ellen’s shoulder, I could see Crystal mounting the Sybian with an expectant look on her face. While Ellen had been riding the machine, Crystal had stripped and had started to massage her nether region in preparation for her ride. When Nadia went to remove the mechanical dick, Crystal implored her to leave it in place. I watched with fascination as Nadia turned the machine on a low setting. Crystal’s eyes exploded from her head; she looked at me with amazement as her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ and a long moan of pleasure erupted from her.

Ellen whispered to me, “I know I’ve just cum about a hundred times in ten minutes, but I really need a real cock in me – you particularly. I love you so; you are my ‘go to’ man in all circumstances.” She pulled my head down to hers and jammed her tongue deep into my mouth in a passionate kiss unlike many others we’d shared for the past couple of years. I felt love, passion, and lust from her at an unprecedented level.

As I stroked my hardness into Ellen’s still vibrating quim, I watched as Dan slowly stripped Nadia’s clothes away, and Terry disrobed Claire. Each of the men worked their cocks into their chosen early-evening mates. I suspected, if we followed the agenda as we often did, we would all change partners several times during the rest of the night.

Crystal’s exclamations of pleasure penetrated the dimly lit bedroom as screaming climax after screaming climax bolted through every pore of her gorgeous body. Crystal’s full breasts shimmied and vibrated in tune with the frequency of the mechanical beast, her nipples standing at rigid attention. Nadia increased the vibrational frequency of the Sybian every half-minute.

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