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Deep Dive Cuckold

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A few years ago, Barb and I took a long overdue vacation to Jamaica and stayed at an all inclusive nudist resort that is friendly to open-minded folks like us. Most of our planned activities were things we’d be doing together, but after a long day of travel, I was looking forward to decompressing underwater with a scuba tank on my back, while Barb wanted to relax at poolside with a few fruity alcoholic beverages and scout the wildlife.

I had no doubt she would make new friends and was looking forward to meeting them. We had opened our relationship sometime back with only a few easy rules. First, we never lie to each other. In my experience, most of the lies people tell each other result from the belief there is a need to hide their true sexual nature. Second, while we don’t always play together, we never exclude the other. In other words, we share our playmates. Third, our relationship comes first. If one of us needs the other for anything, then we drop any plans we may have with our playmates and tend to the other’s needs. No exceptions.

People are hard-wired by nature to seek out a wide variety of sexual experiences, but it’s also nice to have someone in our life who is always there for us in a time of need. The trick is to make sure it doesn’t separate us from one another. Special relationships tend to do that. The problem as I see it is with monogamy. It isn’t natural and when we try to go against our nature, it sets us up for failure, conflict, and suffering. If handled right, open relationships can meet all of our needs and fill our lives with the joy of multiple friendships.

After helping the crew load the dive equipment, I took a seat across from an attractive young couple who looked to be in their early twenties. He flashed a mouth full of perfect teeth that must have been shaped by an orthodontist and then bleached to a brilliant white sheen. He was wearing a tight fitting dive skin that did little to hide his long thick cock. Surfer dude was tanned a golden brown, highlighting a head full of soft blond curls that made me think of a Hollywood pretty boy.

“Hi, I’m Kenny,” I said by way of introduction.

“Good to meet you, Kenny,” he said. “I’m Rick and this here is my girlfriend, Raven.”

Raven gave a little wave and spread her knees a good foot wider drawing my eyes downward. I could see up her white shorts where I got a nice view of the outer edge of her labia and a tuff of black hair. Since I love licking hairy pussy, it was more reflex than artifice when the tip of my tongue traced the upper lip. When I realized what I was doing, I quickly moved my eyes upward where I saw a small smile playing on her lips.

To be fully appreciated by another person is a compliment that we all enjoy, so I ankarada sakso çeken escortlar let me eyes freely roam every inch of her. Raven’s name fit her perfectly. Her black hair was pulled over a shoulder and allowed to cascade downward across the top of full breasts that looked natural to me. Fake boobies can be fun chew toys, but I prefer the feel of real ones. Raven’s tits were stuffed into a white bikini top with a dream catcher dangling between the two cups. I could also see a lock of hair peeking from her armpit. I wondered how those pits would smell and taste.

Moving back to her face I took a long look into brown eyes where I saw unmistakable interest. Her high cheekbones hinted at a Native American heritage. She looked like a living breathing Pocahontas and my fattening cock showed everyone how I felt about it.

I cut my eyes to Rick who winked and gave his cock a quick squeeze. He and Raven were so distracting that I had forgotten all about scuba until the dive master stopped the boat and announced we were at the dive site. There was a bustle of equipment adjustments and excited chatter about the underwater world we were about to enter. After the anchor was in the water, the dive master asked everyone without a dive buddy to raise a hand. The only two hands in the air were mine and Rick’s. Since Raven wasn’t diving, we paired up and splashed in.

Rick turned out to be a good dive buddy and the reef was spectacular. We saw plenty of tropical fish and a small shark who looked more scared of us, than we were of him. I love the combination of weightlessness and rich tropical colors on a dive. It’s something like a good acid trip, but doesn’t last nearly as long. Still, it was good clean fun and I enjoyed every minute of it with Rick. Afterwards, we filled Raven in on all the details of our adventure on the trip back.

As we pulled into the dock, Raven looked at the two of us and said, “Well, it looks like you two sure hit it off.”

Rick draped his arm over my shoulder and said, “You bet cha, Kenny is awesome!”

Raven smiled mischievously, “And sexy too.”

“Well, I think you guys are hot as hell,” I said.

“Both of us?” asked Rick.

I nodded and then asked, “Do you want to continue the fun at my place?”

Rick cut his eyes to Raven, who smiled and nodded.

We walked the short distance from the docks to the hotel and as soon as the door closed behind us Rick turned Raven to face me and then slipped in behind her. He unsnapped her bikini top and released her breasts. They were natural, round and full. The nipples were long and surrounded by dark wide areolas. Her breathing was deep. Her eyes filled with lust.

His hands moved around her waist and elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar across a flat hard tummy. He unbuttoned her shorts and tugged until they cleared her hips and fell to the floor. She gracefully kicked them to the side. I was pleased she wasn’t wearing panties. Although her bush was full, I could still see the slit glistening with moisture and a good sized clit engorged by desire.

Raven tucked a slip of hair behind her ear and then wet her lips as I leaned in for a kiss. Her lips were soft and gentle at first, but as her hunger took over, they became greedy with passion. Rick’s hands moved between us and squeezed her breasts. She moaned into my mouth and pulled me tighter, grinding her pelvis into mine. I felt a hand squeeze in between us and massaged my cock. At first I thought it was Raven before I realized both of her hands were squeezing my ass.

“Damn, that’s an impressive package,” said Rick.

“I can’t wait for it to fill me up,” groaned Raven.

Rick slipped a finger into her pussy and said, “I’ve never seen you this wet before, Babe.”

“This is so hot,” she said. “Thank you for doing this.”

Rick slipped around to her side and leaned in. I thought he was about to kiss her and started to move back to give him space, but he reached behind my head and held it close. She offered the tip of her tongue and Rick touched his to hers. If I had any doubt before, it was gone now, this was a full-on bisexual cuckhold just the way I liked them. The tips of our tongues met in the center of our little love triangle.

Our three way kiss was surprisingly soft and erotic, fueling our raging desire. I gave Raven a little push toward the bed. She lay back pulling her knees toward her chin into a tight tuck. I bent down to lick her from top to bottom, lingering on her puckered asshole.

“Fuck yeah,” said Rick.

“Oh, God that feels good,” moaned Raven.

I didn’t rush the rim job. Spreading her open with my thumbs, I darted the tip of my tongue in and out, before jamming it as deep as I could get it. She came hard, squirting a stream of girl cum down the back of my neck that Rick lovingly lapped up while gently massaging my prostate through the perineum. I pushed my ass back to encourage him and then plunged all 9″ of hard cock into Raven.

Rick held my hips in place while he rimmed me. Meanwhile, Raven worked her clit against my pelvic bone with gentle, almost imperceptible movements. His tongue was working big magic back there and I could have enjoyed it for hours, but I desperately wanted his cock up my ass while I fucked his gorgeous girlfriend. I almost lost it when he slipped the tip of his finger into me.

“Fuck sincan gece kalan escortlar me now,” I growled.

“You don’t have to ask twice,” said Rick. “Do you have any lube?”

“Use your spit,” I answered.

“That’ll do the trick,” said Rick.

While Rick warmed my ass up Raven whispered, “Relax and let him do all the work.”

I took a deep breath and decided she was right. One of us needed to lead this dance or we’d go in three different directions at once and risk breaking our connection. The man pulling up the rear was the logical choice to set the rhythm of our three-way.

Rick slowly worked the head of his cock into me. He was big, maybe bigger than me. Despite my best intentions, the initial response was to pull away, but that only pressed me tighter into Raven. She moaned and quickened her micro hunching until she gasped and squirted for the second time. Damn, this girl was orgasmic and her juices acted as the additional lubricant we needed. So, when Rick made his next push I pushed back and his cock popped right in where it belonged.

As if on cue, we grunted at the same instant, and as much as I wanted it, I was glad he rested a few breaths while I adjusted to the sense of fullness. Some men fear this, thinking it will hurt like hell, but it doesn’t. In fact, it’s just opposite. There’s a good reason men all over the world have been doing this since the dawn of time. Nature doesn’t do anything without a good reason, and the reason men love to get fucked in the ass are the intense orgasms it gives us. A male orgasm comes from the pulsations of the prostate gland and the rhythmic thrusts of anal sex stimulate it, thus enhancing the orgasm.

Much like Raven’s micro hunching, Rick’s first movements were almost imperceptible, but as he built up momentum it felt like a vibrator working my prostate. I relaxed and focused my attention on the connection between the three of us. We were one body connected by pleasure, but I also caught a glimpse of a bigger connection between our spirits.

Rick let go of any restraints and began pounding my ass. His energy was transferred through my cock to Raven. We were on fire with desire. Bigger groups are fun, but have a different dynamic. A male-male-female triad is a special kind of group sex and in this instance we had great chemistry. Our pleasure was intense, too intense to sustain for long. Nearing release, I could feel my hard cock grow a little bigger as my balls tightened, like a snake coiling for the strike.

A simultaneous orgasm is pretty damn cool, but to have three people cum at the same time is almost as rare as seeing a unicorn in a city park. We did it with an intensity that blew our minds and left us in a heap of smoldering flesh.

Afterwards, as we were cooling down I thought I heard applause and it took a minute before I realized the clapping was not just in my head. It was real.

“That was an impressive show,” said Barb.

I turned to seen her standing in the door with two men with horse cocks dangling between their legs. The party was just getting started.

~ HungDaddi

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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