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Deep in the Jungle

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This is a repost- It was under The Love of Shroom’s earlier this year. I had edited it so hopefully, there are no mistakes and it reads better. Sorry for anyone who was upset that they read the same story twice!

This is a lighthearted story. Everyone is over the age of eighteen and having a lot of fucking fun! I just wish it were true…



Alfie knew he should have said no. Who the fuck wants to go to a jungle to find some mushrooms for a science project? But his older sister, Claire, had begged him to come to Hibbi to help her and he had never been able to refuse his older sister.

The thought of cutting short his gap year to search for some fucking mushrooms, when he could be drunk on an Australian beach, was nauseating. Yet he had always fantasied about his sister and, even though he was surrounded by Aussie beauties, he could still picture her perfect body.

Claire was in her final year of a masters degree studying herbal biology. It was while researching for her dissertation that Claire came across an eccentric scientist, called Dr Krackers who claimed that a mushroom from an island off the north-east coast of Australia called Hibbi had properties that inhibited a person’s appetite.

The results of the testing into the mushrooms were solid but Dr Krackers had been discredited by his steadfast belief that weed and naturism helped humans unlock their brains potential. Walking around his lab smoking a joint while naked, meant no one took him seriously.

Deciding to conduct some research of her own, Claire tested the only surviving sample and found similar results to the doctor. Desperate to find out more, she organised a flight to Hibbi and, on the advice of a local expert she had recruited to guide her in the jungle, she convinced her brother to help her find the mushrooms.

After a long flight to Australia, she met up with Alfie and, after making sure they had supplies, they travelled to the four islands that made up Hibbi. The island that the mushrooms grew on was a four-hour boat journey from Brisbane and, even though the siblings hadn’t seen each other in weeks, Claire, suffering from jetlag, fell asleep.


“You don’t think that maybe the people of Hibbi are thin because there’s no McDonald’s out here?” joked Alfie.

It was late at night, and the siblings were sitting on the jetty, drinking beer and looking out over the Coral Sea. Behind them were four beach huts used by fishermen if they couldn’t get back to Brisbane after a day’s fishing.

With Claire now awake, she had just finished explaining to her brother why she was so eager to find the fungi.

“Ha Ha. Very funny! I was allowed access to the dried mushroom that Dr Krackers brought back, and I found incredibly high levels of fatobin.” She declared.

Alfie looked at her in mock amazement. His mouth dropped open and his eyes were wide with exaggerated awe.

“No way! Not fatobin! Jesus, Claire! Why didn’t you say… I mean, that’s insane. Fatobin… I can’t believe you found fatobin, sis!” He exclaimed, sarcasm dripping from each word.

“Oh, shut up! It’s actually a very rare compound and it is the holy grail for weight loss companies as it blocks the desire to eat. So I need to find other samples with high levels of fatobin, and what conditions the fungi grow in. Then I can replicate the environment and cultivate my own. I’ll literally be growing money and then you won’t be laughing!”

While she explained again why she was in Hibbi, Alfie sat back and took a long sip of the beer he had brought from Australia. After the bumpy sea crossing the alcohol seemed more potent, and he could already feel himself getting light-headed. In his dazed state, he found his eyes wandering over his sister’s body.

Claire was a twenty-five-year-old beauty and Alfie knew it. With her firm arse, long legs and large tits, she was the total package.

Growing up seeing anything sexual set Alfie off, but when his sister decided that bras were against her feminist ideals, the sight of his sister’s large tits swinging freely under her loose tops meant he had constant erections and had to relieve himself several times a day.

Eventually, Alfie managed to stop popping a boner each time he saw his sister and the sibling’s relationship grew incredibly strong. After finishing Uni, Alfie took himself off backpacking and hadn’t seen his sister in several months.

After all that time, he thought he would be able to control his desires, yet when he saw Claire run towards him at the airport, he had immediately sprung a huge erection that still hadn’t gone down.

It didn’t help that his sister was wearing the type of clothes that made her look like Lara Croft. Wearing short beige cargo shorts and a tight green vest top, the only difference was she had black shoes and blonde hair.

“You want another?” Claire asked, as she pulled out a beer and offered it to her brother.

Jumping in his seat, Alfie hastily pretended he had been looking somewhere other than his sister’s chest and took the can from antalya escort her.

“So the plan is to meet the local guide tomorrow morning, and then we’ll head into the forest and pick up some samples. I’ve even made a portable test to see…”

“Nerd stuff! I don’t need to know any of that, all I want to know is, are there any animals in there that’ll kill me?!” Alfie interrupted.

“Well, there is a spider that can cause stiffness in your muscles and there might be some tribes that may eat humans as part of a religious ceremony…”

“You what? Cannibals?! There’s fucking cannibals in here?” cried Alfie, spitting his beer all over the floor.

“Technically they are, but they won’t eat you. Not anymore at least. Some Christian ministries visited them and taught them that eating humans is wrong.” She stated unperturbed

Alfie was dumbstruck and kicked himself for not doing any research into Hibbi. He had trusted his sister and now he was going to be face to face with man-eating savages. With the amount of Nando’s he had eaten, he was bound to be irresistible to them.

“But what if they are still cannibals?! Even if the ministries worked their Christian voodoo, when they see how good you look, they’ll definitely want to eat you!” said Alfie, while gesturing at her body.

“Look, Alfie, I have to go in there to find this mushroom. I’ve spent over a year researching and planning for this trip so I’m not turning back now.”

For the past seven years, Claire had devoted her life to studying herbal biology and she wasn’t about to let the risk of being eaten come in the way of getting her dissertation published and the recognition that would come with it.

However, she needed her brother to come into the jungle with her, so she decided to taunt him knowing he couldn’t take the slight to his manhood.

“I didn’t realise you were such a wuss, Alfie. You can stay here if you’re going to be such a baby about it! Though you’ll have to explain to the parents why you let me go in alone!” She huffed and folded her arms under her chest inadvertently making her tits bulge from her top.

Alfie’s eyes dropped to the eye-catching sight and, without thinking, he licked his lips. He was in such a lust-filled daze that the can of beer in his hand fell, clattering to the floor startling him back to attention.

Maybe it was the calming effect of staring at her tits or the loud sound from the beer can, but he suddenly realised what his sister was up to.

“Hold on a second, I know what you’re doing. You’re being a tricksy little hobbit! Making me feel bad so I join you, but it won’t work. Now, tell me why you really want me to come with you!” Alfie demanded.

Immediately, Claire’s demeanour changed, her soulful green eyes looked up at him pleadingly and she gripped his arm, making her shirt gape, giving her brother a view of her cleavage.

“Please Alfie you have to come. When I was researching the tribe, I found out that if you are a single woman of breeding age then the tribe will find you a mate.”

“Well, I look forward to seeing you introduce the parents to your new husband. Do you think he has some smart casual leaves to wear or is he just going to let his junk hang loose?” Alfie snorted.

“Don’t be so immature Alfie! I explained this to the parents and they said I had to take you. Look, this is really important to me. If I don’t get this mushroom then I’ve wasted my whole life! Please help me, you’re my only hope…”

Placing her palms together, she prayed to him. The action squeezed her breasts together, pushing them up against her straining shirt. Alfie gulped, then realising where he was looking, he placed his palm on his forehead and sighed.

“Fine, I’ll come with you but you owe me big time!” Alfie relented.

His sister clapped her hands delightedly making her tits shake in their tight confines and Alfie to groan into his beer.


Early the next morning, the siblings woke up from their makeshift beds. They could hear the sounds of talking in the hut next to them and looking over they saw a grizzled old man happily talking to a middle-aged woman.

Having slept in their clothes, the siblings got up and made their way over. The older woman turned around and instantly Alfie was struck with how beautiful she was. While Claire was toned and fit, the older lady was soft and voluptuous.

With dark brown, almost black curly hair that framed her darkly tanned Latino features, she was gorgeous. Smiling at the brother and sister, she thrust out her hand towards them.

“You must be Claire, which means you must be Alfred. Welcome to Hibbi, my name is Gabriela.” She shook each sibling’s hand in turn while looking them up and down, giving appreciative noises as she did.

“You have such English names! I do hope you aren’t as uptight as your fellow countrymen. The last English man I met tried to make me cover up! He said I was showing too much skin! Well, what do you think?!”

She slowly twirled on the spot before raising a questioning eyebrow serik escort at the two confused siblings.

Now Alfie was allowed to stare, he did so eagerly. She was a very sexy mature lady, with a big bust, soft belly, wide hips and thick thighs, she would be called a MILF by any hot-blooded male. She was wearing a low cut brown vest with an unbuttoned white shirt tied together around her tummy, drawing the eye to her large chest.

In the humid conditions, it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra as her wet vest was moulded to her giant boobs showing off her prominent nipples. While she twirled around, Alfie stared at her full round arse. Each cheek was overly large and rippled deliciously as she finished turning.

“You look fine to me,” Claire said before nudging Alfie into a response.

“Oh, right… um, could you turn around again? Ow!!” cried Alfie as his sister elbowed him in the ribs.

Gabriela shrieked with laughter, “I like this one, he must have some Latina blood in him!”

The surly man grunted in response and Gabriela let loose a string of exotic-sounding words at him.

“Don’t you worry, my darlings! Gabriela is taking care of you now.” She gave Alfie a knowing wink and he shyly smiled back.

“When can we get going Gabriela?” asked Claire eagerly.

“Right now my dear. Put on some trousers and bring a shirt to cover your arms. Oh, and make sure your water bottles are filled up.”

An hour later and the group of three were walking through a narrow path through the dense jungle. Claire had copied Gabriela’s attire though with a green vest and beige shirt on top. She had also, to Alfie’s disappointment, decided to wear a sports bra.

His displeasure at his sister’s choice in tops was soon replaced when they started to walk, with the two women taking lead, Alfie was free to ogle behind them.

For most people, being in a jungle would be amazing. They would be looking around them, savouring the sights, sounds and smells of the jungle, but not Alfie. His eyes were firmly glued to the wondrous sight of the two beautiful arses walking in front of him.

They were complete opposites. His sister’s firm but peachy cheeks barely wobbled and he could see the muscles tense and relax with each step. The rhythm of it would have been hypnotising if it wasn’t for the round bum next to hers. Gabriela’s much larger arse wobbled continuously, straining the material of her trousers.

Alfie ended up tripping over upturned roots as he dreamt about gripping and spanking the luscious cheeks that were within touching distance. Luckily both women were happily chatting away, leaving him to pick himself up and continue to follow them staring.

“We’re getting close to the swamp where your mushrooms grow,” Gabriela announced suddenly before halting in a small opening.

“We’ll stop here and put on our waterproof trousers and wellies now. Believe me, you don’t want this water on your clothes… it’s harder to get out than cum.” She laughed saucily.

“Besides, I’m sure your brother could do with a break from staring at our fantastic arses!” Gabriela finished, winking at Alfie knowingly.

Before Alfie could retort, his sister interrupted him. “Are you sure this is the place for the mushrooms?”

“Oh, absolutely, there’s a little island in the middle of this bog and it’s the only place where mushrooms grow on this entire island,” Gabriela confirmed while getting her waterproof trousers out of her bag.

The two women sat on a long tree branch and pulled on their unflattering trousers. They strapped them to their wellington boots making sure that no water could get in, then waited for Alfie to do the same

When they were ready, they set off walking in single file. Gradually the ground became boggier and the smell grew worse, but Gabriela continued to march on, so the siblings followed.

“Okay, we’ll hang our bags here and wade across this water to that island. I hope you’ve both got face masks because it’s going to smell worse than a boy’s room over there!” laughed Gabriela before putting on a gas mask with Claire and Alfie quickly following suit.

While Claire diligently scoured the bogland, Alfie was incredibly bored. He had been given a picture of the type of mushroom he should pick, but each time he took one to his sister, she would scoff and throw it away.

After she threw away what felt like the hundredth mushroom, Alfie sighed in frustration.

“I know your sister is here for her degree, she couldn’t stop talking about it! But I take it you’re not here for mushrooms?” Gabriela said.

“Nah, the only mushrooms I’m interested in are magical…” Alfie smirked.

“So if you’re not interested in mushrooms, then I take it you’re interested in something else? Someone else?!” teased Gabriela, miming the shape of a woman.

“No, no! She’s my sister!” he spluttered.

“Oh Alfred, I was talking about me!” She winked, “but now I know who you’re really interested in!”

Thankful that the gas mask covered his blushing side escort face, Alfie decided to change the subject.

“How does someone like you get to know where to find mushrooms in an unknown jungle?”

“Ha! I know what you’re trying to do young man. Don’t you worry, your secret is safe with me. Who knows, you might just get to know your sister a little bit better by the end of the trip.’ she smiled knowingly and before Alfie could respond, she continued.

“As for me, I found this haven and fell in love. When I turned forty, I sold everything… oh Mierda!”

Alfie immediately turned to look at what had made her swear. Two deeply tanned naked men armed with rock tipped spears were approaching his sister. Just as he was about to warn her, he noticed Gabriela had put her hands up. Turning back around, he saw three more armed men.

“Just stay calm and do exactly what I do.” Gabriela hissed, then smiling at the men, she began talking rapidly to them in another language.

Alfie tried to pick up the gist of the conversation but it seemed to be a mix of Latin and guttural noises. Luckily, Gabriela seemed to be fluent and after a brief talk, Claire came over with the other two men to join them.

“We need to follow them back to their camp and give tribute to their Chief for access to their lands,” Gabriela said to the siblings. Then without another word, she started walking.

“Well, this is unexpected!” Claire whispered to her brother as they walked behind the naked natives.

“Unexpected?!” Alfie spluttered, “I hope you have a tribute to give to the Chief cannibal. I have no idea what a cannibal would even want… oh god, he’s going to want my flesh isn’t he! I’m so fucking pale, I actually look like a chicken breast!”

“Don’t be silly, it’ll be fine. In my backpack, I have a bottle of scotch whisky for them. Gabriela said they love it!”

Alfie felt relief wash over him. Though he was still annoyed that his sister had brought him face to face with cannibals, she and Gabriela seemed to have everything under control.

Eventually, Gabriela stopped and looked at the two siblings.

“Right, we’re coming up to the village. We’ll be going straight to the Chief to pay our respect and then if he accepts you, we will stay for a celebration before being allowed back into the forest. Relax, and maybe just…”

Reaching out, she grabbed Claire’s vest and pulled it down until it rested underneath her bra. She then took off her shirt and vest releasing her huge tits to Alfie’s astonishment.

“The tribesmen don’t trust clothes.” She explained to the baffled siblings.

“Though I don’t think that’s enough, the last time I was here, the Chief sliced my clothes off with a knife! I had to walk home naked… it took ages for those insect bites to fade!”

Gabriela saw that they were listening intently and smiled. “I think it’s best if we strip down to our pants. That way we won’t risk offending the Chief.”

“So I should take my bra off too?” Claire asked.

Instantly, Alfie looked up from undoing his waterproof trousers and saw Gabriela smirking at him.

“Yes, that would be best my darling.”

Reaching behind, Claire grabbed her sports bra and tugged it over her head. The strap got caught under her boobs so she had to give it a real tug making her tits slap against her chest and wobbled enticingly as they were finally freed.

“Do you need a hand Alfred?” asked Gabriela teasingly, causing the young man to stumble to the floor in embarrassment at being caught.

“No, no… thanks!”

Pretending he meant to be on the floor, he rolled off his trousers before jumping to his feet now dressed just in his boxers. Stuffing his clothes in his bag, he held it in front of his crotch conveniently hiding his rock hard cock from the two topless women.

While Alfie and Claire tried to avoid each other’s eyes, Gabriela was unashamedly admiring the two of them. The young man’s body wasn’t anything special. He was tall with a hint of muscle but the bulge in his pants drew her eye. It definitely looked large enough to satisfy a woman.

Running her eyes over Claire, she could see why Alfie was attracted to his sister. She clearly worked out and her toned body was a testament to that, but it was her tits that he couldn’t stop sneaking glances at, and Gabriela didn’t blame him.

Though they were nowhere near the size of her own giant melons, they were a good handful and unlike hers, they defied gravity and her pink nipples begged to be played with. If Gabriela wasn’t so turned on by Claire’s body, she would have been jealous.

“I can’t see how the Chief can be upset now if anything he might get so turned on that he claims one of us for the night…” She smiled before turning to Alfie, “have you ever satisfied a man Alfred?”

The young man looked horrified making Gabriela roar in laughter. Her giant boobs shook uncontrollably yet for once, Alfie didn’t notice. Leaving the brother and sister in a state of panic, she strode off forcing them to hurry after her.

The path opened up into a series of huts where numerous naked men and women stood staring at the new arrivals. Despite the abundance of boobs around, Alfie didn’t want to look in case he offended someone and so, with great restraint, he forced himself to look forward.

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