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Early Morning Pleasure

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Alexis Ren

It’s early in the morning and I’m curled up behind you, my right arm laying over your hip as you lay on your side facing away from me. My full breasts snuggle against your back, keeping you warm, as do my legs, which are tangled with yours. I wake up slowly, smiling as I inhale your scent and hear your deep, regular breathing. I stretch against you slightly, and you move in return, sighing in your sleep. I can feel my pussy is swollen from the fucking you gave me just hours before. All of my stomach and thigh muscles are a little achy from it as well.

Thinking about how amazing you make me feel, I smile again. My right hand slides slowly down your hip and rests on the bulge of your cock, covered by your underwear. It is warm and slightly stiff and I can feel the ridge of the head through your underwear. I cup your balls and cock lightly in my hand, savoring the feel of you. I can feel your shaft getting harder, and as I run my hand over the head, I feel it growing as well.

I slide my hand slowly up your shaft, and I can feel it stiffening under my gentle touch. I move down and slowly roll you onto your back and part your legs. You wake up a little and peek at me through slitted eyes and you smile as you realize what I’m about to do.

I smile back at you sleepily as you put your head back on the pillow and close your eyes. I notice that you are still smiling as I gently pull down your underwear, freeing your hard shaft. I slide my hand up it and your smile gets bigger. I pull your shorts off then and get comfortable on my stomach. I look up to see your eyes open beşiktaş anal yapan escort now, still sleepy but definitely interested in what I’m about to do.

As I’ve done before, I stare into your eyes as I take the head of your cock completely into my mouth. As you’ve done before, your eyes glaze over with pleasure as I slide my soft lips down your shaft. I feel your hands reach for me and tangle in my hair and you caress my head as I slowly suck you into my mouth as far as I can go.

I sigh contentedly as I settle to my task of pleasuring you. I grip your cock gently with my right hand and run my tongue all around the tip of your cock, playing with the little opening and flicking the ridge with my tongue tip. Once more, I engulf the head with my mouth and begin to suck on it, making it bigger and harder from tip to base. I slide my tongue down the underside of your hard throbbing shaft, tickling you. I hear a sigh of pleasure escape you and I smile.

I lick down your shaft and over your balls, licking and sucking on them gently one at a time. I slide my hand under your butt and squeeze gently as I go back to sucking on your hard cock, making it harder and bigger, licking the leaking pre-cum from the little hole. You pull me up beside you and sit up, then press back on my shoulders, making me lay down with my head on the pillows.

You kiss me tenderly as your hand slips down my chest to caress my breasts and nipples, your lips following in their wake, leaving a scorching hot path of sensation over every beşiktaş bdsm escort inch of my skin that you touch. Your lips graze my nipples, hard and erect and waiting for your tender touch. The tip of your tongue flicks my hard nipples and I moan softly, entwining my fingers in your soft sleep-messed hair. You take my nipples deep into your mouth one at a time, sucking hungrily upon them.

You release each one with a soft pop and move your kisses down over my stomach, dipping your tongue into my belly button and making me giggle. You leave a trail of hot kisses and licks from my navel to the shaved flesh of my pussy, lightly blowing soft breaths across my wet skin, but not yet touching it with your tongue or lips.

You gently spread my legs with your hands, placing them on my thighs and slowly opening them. You smile as you see how wet my pussy is, and you lightly brush your fingertips over the swollen lips of my mound. You see the moisture there and can’t resist a teasing lick to clean it off of my skin. I look down at your face and see the desire in your eyes and one hell of a sexy smile on your face as you lick and nuzzle my bald pussy.

I smile back and then you go back to my pussy, slowly spreading the lips and taking my clit between your lips and sucking gently as you slide two fingers deep into my wetness, stroking slowly. I close my eyes and savor the moment, and you start stroking me faster and licking my clit faster, applying more pressure. Within moments, my juices are leaking out and coating your tongue beşiktaş elit escort and fingers. You remove your fingers from my cunt and lick them clean, then move up to kiss me deeply, letting me taste myself on your tongue and lips.

I moan loudly as you slide your hard shaft deep into me with one powerful stroke, holding it in there for me to feel it throbbing and growing larger. I wrap my legs around you and you slowly start to withdraw, inch by yummy inch, until just the head is inside me, then you push slowly back into me. You do that several times, then your speed increases, going a little faster and harder each time. You kiss me deeply, your tongue copying the thrusts of your cock, and I hold you tight, not wanting to let go.

You slide a hand down and start rubbing my clit with your fingers, and within moments, I’m cumming hard all over your cock. You thrust in and out of me very fast, going harder and deeper in me until your body tenses and you scream my name as you shoot your load of cum deep in my hot wet pussy. You lay on me, your head resting lightly on my sweaty breasts and you place light kisses on my damp skin as we both struggle to catch our breath after that mind-blowing orgasm.

You slowly withdraw your cock from my pussy and lay beside me, pulling me against you in a tender loving embrace, moving my damp hair out of the way so you can kiss my neck and shoulder. I sigh deeply and look at the clock. It says 6:30 am. I yawn and kiss you again, then snuggle against you with my head on your shoulder, and my hand resting on your sweaty chest.

We both fall asleep for another two hours, then you wake up and kiss me again to wake me. You say “Good Morning beautiful.” and then get out of bed to get showered and dressed for work while I slide on one of your old t-shirts and a pair of underwear, and go to the kitchen to make you breakfast and coffee. We eat breakfast then you leave for work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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