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Fred Becomes a Cuckold

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Warning: This story contains extreme humiliation and bullying of a male subject, capable of offending your mind. Check the tags before you proceed.

Read, only if you are comfortable with this theme. Thanks.


He stands before his wife, unhappy about the document in her hand and the stipulations therein.

“I can’t lose everything, just like that,” he murmured, deeply provoked.

“Can’t? It’s not futuristic anymore, you have lost everything, Fred, this document says so. You have a copy in your hands. Read it!”

Fred had read the divorce settlement document twice, but he glances over it again, finding it difficult to accept the judgement.

“You appealed, but that only made you lose more money. What do you want to do now, Fred? Any fight left after a failed appeal?”

Fred scratched his head as he walked away from Avery, wanting to use the bathroom.

“Hey!” Avery shouted at him, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“What is it Avery, I want to pee.”


“In the restroom, of course, any of the restrooms. Any problems?”

“This is my house now!” Avery says waving the settlement document, “You will need my permission to use anything in my house.”

Fred’s heart pumped up and down and he became even angrier, “Avery, I bought this house, remember that.”

“Yes, you bought this house, but it’s mine now, and I will call the cops to throw you out if you defy me.” She held out her phone and got ready to dial the cops.

Fred has no choice but to forcefully calm himself down. He is greatly disoriented even to the extent of losing control of his body functions. Piss seeped out of his penis and a wet patch widened on his zipper area.

“Bitch, you are peeing on yourself!” Avery mouthed, looking at him with disgust but at the same time getting amused.

“Avery, please, can I use the bathroom?” Fred begged.

“No. You can’t!” Avery promptly denied him permission. “Go outside and pee like a street dog.”

Fred shook his head and grabbed his dick through his pants, in a desperate attempt to stop himself from leaking any more.

“Freddy, if one drop of your piss touches the floor, it will be your last moment in this house. I won’t even allow you a visit. Go and pee outside like a street dog. Go now!”

Shamefully, Fred turned around and hurried out through the main door. By the time he got outside, while still fumbling with his zipper, giresun seks hikayeleri his bladder got loose and he peed on himself. By the time he’s done with the zipper and has his dick hanging out, half of his bladder content has already messed him up. He emptied his bladder and got his dick back in and hurried back into the house, with the front part of his pant wet with pee.

“For Christ sake! Freddy, are you a kid?”

Fred looked back in the direction of the main door and then returned his gaze to Avery. She can see he is disturbed, and that’s not about peeing on himself.

“Avery,” he panted, “The Simpsons are in their garden. They saw me!” Fred panicked.

Hahahaha, Avery laughed. “They know about our divorce!”

“How, what— How do you mean, Avery?”

“Freddy, the lawyer I hired to ruin your life, the Simpsons recommended him to me and arranged our first meeting.”

“Oh, God!”

“They know about your loss. Did you catch them smiling while they were looking at you?”

“Fuck, no wonder they looked amused!” Fred gets even more worried than before. “What happens to me now?”

“The settlement gives me everything, Freddy, everything. You are totally fried. The only thing that is yours is those clothes on your body.”

He can’t believe his wife can be this cold to him, but even in his confusion, he is searching for a way out. “What happens to me now, Avery,” he asks once more.

“You have lost everything. Turn around and leave. We are done, Fred.”

Tears build up in his eyes, and he still sees Avery’s hand is ready to dial the cops on her cell phone. Though still angry, he calmed his voice and spoke with a supplicative tone. “Avery, please, I have nowhere to go.”


“I don’t have anything. The house is yours, the cars are yours. Even the shares and bonds I bought, they are now all yours. I can’t even buy myself my next meal. I’m broke. Please, Avery, don’t throw me out.

Avery sighed and exhaled slowly. “If you want to beg, do it properly, go on your knees.”

Avery sat on the white couch there in the first living room on the ground floor, watching to see if he would comply.

Fred stepped forward and went on his knees, looking conquered. “Please, Avery, don’t throw me out. I have nothing. I have nowhere to go.”

“I can have mercy on you, Fred, but on one condition.”

“What condition?”

“You will be my slave and do whatever I command!”

“Slave?” he gasped, some part of him wanting to refuse, but the other part of him prevailing over any form of resistance.

“Yes, you will be my slave. And do as I say.”

“Okay, Avery. I will be your slave.”

“Alright. You can stay, but you don’t have a room anymore. You will be living under the staircase. That’s your room now. David is moving into your room.”

“David?” Fred gasped angrily.

“Yes, we have been fucking for nine months now. If you can recollect, that was around the time I stopped having sex with you.

“Avery!” Fred screamed as tears rolled down his face. “Fred has been fucking you?”

“Yes, Since nine months ago!”


In the past five months, they had crossed path a few times, but this would be the first time they’d be meeting each other officially. David insisted the movers move his belongings and get them arranged in the master bedroom before he’d show up, and that has been done. Avery made sure Fred arranged Davids things neatly and set the room up according to David’s specifications.

“Are you ready,” Avery says to Fred, “He is driving in now.”

“Yes, Mistress, I’m ready.”

“Remember, remain on your knees and crawl when you have to move. And also, be very respectful to him. Call him ‘Master,’ and ask for permission to suck his cock.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Fred replied, though unhappy.

Wearing a wine short sleeve shirt on black denim jeans, David stepped out of the car. As the sole of his Nike sneakers touches the ground, his confidence towers above his 6.1 Inches well-built body. He walks in through the door like Zeus, to find Avery on sexy purple lingerie, and her ex-husband turned slave, Fred, naked and kneeling on the floor.

Avery jumped into his arms and they passionately kiss for the next two minutes. Avery didn’t prepare his mind on this welcoming, intentionally wanting to work in that element of surprise.

“Welcome, Master,” Fred painfully voiced.

David puffed. “Avery, what is that,” he said pointing at Fred’s groin.

“It’s a chastity cage. I no longer have need of his penis, but will also deny him of using it on any other woman. He will no longer have sex and can’t even masturbate without my permission.

“Damn! It has a padlock!” David gasped.

“Yes, and this is the key,” Avery replied, touching the pendant on the necklace around her neck.

“Damn, girl, what have you turned this man into?”

“My slave. Our slave.”

David exhaled.

“May I suck your cock, Master?” Fred requested, as earlier instructed to.

“Are you kidding me?”

“You deserve a befitting welcome, my love. He has never sucked real cock before, but he has been practising with a dildo the past three days.”

Avery got her hands on David’s belt. “Here, right now?” David questioned.

“Would you prefer the room? Oh yes, come and fuck me on our matrimonial bed while he attends to us.”

David held Avery on the waist and they climbed up the stairs while Fred crawled after them. As soon as they get into the master bedroom, Avery unbuckled his belt and got his trousers off him, then his boxer shorts.

“Your turn, Freddy!”

Fred angrily stared at David’s big dick and crawled nearer. He rose on his knees and slowly took David’s dick into his mouth. He wrapped his lips around it licked up and down the shaft.

“Freddy, suck it like your life depends on it. Your feeding, your accommodation, your whole life, this is how you earn it now.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he managed and took David’s cock into his mouth. David began to moan while Avery raised her ass on the bed and waited for him.

After ten minutes of passionate sucking, David pulled out of Fred’s mouth and filled Avery’s pussy with his dick.

“Why is his face so close?” David asked.

I ordered him to watch closely anytime you are fucking me. That’s what losers do.”

“Not bad,” David heaved and resumed pounding Avery’s pussy.

As David’s meat went in and out of Avery’s pussy, Fred begins to pick up a mixture of the smell of David’s precum and Avery’s pussy juice with his nose. His eyes redden and his soul gets pained. This is not fair, he muttered in his mind, but there’s nothing he can do about it.

David pounded Avery’s pussy in a hard fuck and nutted deep inside her pussy just as Avery cummed. He collapsed on her and they both panted.

“Ohhhhh, fuck, that was awesome!” Avery screamed. “Will you like to clean me up, Freddy, while my pussy is still steaming hot?”

Avery rolled onto David’s chest and they begin to kiss again while Fred shoved his face into Avery’s groin. David’s cum oozed out of her pussy, and the cum smell irritated him. He got his tongue out and lapped the dripping cum on Avery’s inner thighs.

David and Avery stared at Fred.

“He hates it,” David commented. “Yes, but he doesn’t have a choice,” Avery replied. “Or do you?” she asked Fred.

“No, Mistress, I don’t”

“Yes, Cucky, you don’t.”

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