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Friday’s Short Story Series “Lyn”

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Friday’s Short Story Series “Lyn”

Cheating in the Bible Belt

An act of fiction, all characters are over the age of 18.

Each Friday, I intend to publish a short story for my followers, with Literotica’s approval of course. Enjoy.

Married at 19 to my wife, Catherine, or Cat for short, we had lived in a mobile home for a little over a year. Then during the first housing crisis the Dallas housing market turned upside down. Houses were cheap but interest rates were a sky high. The defense industry was in the dumps and houses could be picked up for back payments and assumption of loans. Mobile homes were going for top dollar, which was a reversal of normal market oddity. Getting a great sale price on the mobile home afforded the down payment of a great deal on a 2,900 square foot house in the mid cities for making up back payments and assuming the mortgage.

It was a lot of house for two DINKS, double income, no kids, 20-year-old newlyweds. All of our possessions fit living room and kitchen of the house. Forget that it had a huge game room with fireplace, formal living, informal living, laundry room, 3 bedrooms, two baths and a four-car garage on 1 acre in the center of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. As any normal couple would do, we charged credit cards to the max, buying appliances, a pool table, furniture, pictures for the walls, king bed, riding mower and all things necessary and unnecessary soon finding us $40,000 in credit card debt. Lol, to be young, dumb and full of cum, right?

One hobby, radio control planes, which I had spent far too much on, finally yielded a payoff. I had built this monster P51 world war two fighter with an 8-foot wingspan and a friend offered to buy it for $1500 just before it was finished. With the sale of my other trainers, and miscellaneous other R/C crap I found myself with about $3200 dollars.

Rather than apply it to outstanding loans, I did what anyone with good common sense would do, I rolled the whole amount and purchased half interest in a Cessna 150, a 2 seat “real” airplane, from a flight school without having a license to fly! A friend and I paid the $5,900 and began our flight training. The deal was they would include an instructor for the 40 hours of flying time to get each of our licenses. Score!

Looking back, this is where my wife and I’s interests began to diverge. Heights scared the hell out of her, and her interests found solace in horses. A quarter horse purchased at a local stable satisfied her insatiable need keeping up with the Jones, for although added the financial pressure of feed, vet bills, stable boarding, shoeing, tack and accessories added to that of my aviation fuel, tires, maintenance, and inspections to an already strapped budget. Fuck we were in deep, and I was a s guilty as any asshole out there.

But wait, this story is about getting some strange on the side, and I am getting off track…

So, our schedules had diverged. we both worked corporate jobs, bringing in pretty good coin, but after work especially on nicer days, which we have a lot of in Dallas, I would head to the airfield, she would spend it at the stables. This gave us both opportunities. (don’t judge yet, this is the beginning of many stories)

The house next door had sold in a foreclosure as many did in that time. A guy that looks like Bob Ross, “The Joy of Painting” guy painting landscapes on PBS for so many years moved in next door. Spitting image, white guy, afro hairdo, tall, lean, soft spoken, beard but he was not Bob Ross, otherwise this story might have been better illustrated.

He was like almost all others in the neighborhood, married. His wife, Lyn, was Vietnamese and had a small daughter maybe 7-8 years old. Bob, who I do not remember his real name, was an off shore oil worker. He would come into town for about a week or 10 days and then be gone for almost a month on a rinse and repeat schedule.

Lyn spoke with a heavy accent, and did not appear to have a job, nor did she socialize with me or my wife Cat, keeping to herself and driving her little girl to and from school, shopping, and as far as I could tell was basically retired at 30. She was one hot piece of ass, and I could see why Bob would come back every month.

It was one day, when I pulled up from work, when she had the garage door open that she came to me and asked in somewhat broken English if I could help her. Thinking nothing of it I walked to their garage and she asked if I could move some weights from a weight bench into the garage. I guess it was Bob’s weights, and they were set up in the informal living room. Of varying sizes, I carried each and placed a couple stacks into the garage. There were quite a few and it took maybe 20 minutes to finish the task.

To be honest, I would have done a favor like this for any neighbor, but I have always had a predilection for sweet, tight, petite women of any nationality and she was no exception.

In our 20 minutes, sarıyer escort it became obvious that she was somewhat attracted to me, she was making an effort to compliment me about my strength, although I was only generally carrying out one weight at a time, she wrapped her hands around my biceps at one point. Her English was quite broken, and I could see where employment might be difficult for her.

Her daughter, only 8 or so spoke better English and translated to some degree. After finishing the task at hand, I told her daughter that I usually arrive at home around 4:30 or so and if her mom needs any more help to raise the flag on her mailbox shortly before I got home. I thought this was a very discreet way of letting her know how to contact me without tipping off my wife.

Her daughter translated, and she smiled and said thank you. I left not knowing if she understood my offer or if I would ever see the flag raised.

It was Thursday of the same week; I looked every day when I pulled into the Cul-de-sac when I broke into a smile. The flag was up!

It would be at least an hour and a half before Cat got home. I pulled my truck into the drive stepped out and walked next door, with a short detour to the mailbox to lower the flag. Taking a quick look around, no neighbors were out so I walked to Lyn’s door and pressed the bell.

Lyn opened the door smiling, I can remember the look on her face to this day. A girl at Christmas morning looking at her present unopened.

“Hi Lyn, do you want me to come in?” I pointed in the house, making sure she understood, but also applying the double meaning which I am sure she did not understand.

She was dressed in what I would describe as a nice form fitting little black cocktail dress outfit with high heels. Totally inappropriate for lounging around the house on a Thursday afternoon, unless your intent is a photo shoot of what a five-foot-tall Vietnamese hard body model/prostitute look is what you are going for. One look at that dress, and I had a pretty good idea that things might be going well for me today.

Communication, is always the key. She had done her part coming to the door in that dress. Well, I guess she could have come to the door in some lingerie and that would have removed all doubt. lol

“Hi Eban” she said her voice not quite getting out the v in Evan. nevertheless her eyes were beaming, and she gazed directly into mine as she let me in the door.

“I make you some cookies for help me” she said. I thought, Betty Crocker in a “fuck me” black tight evening dress, right.

She pointed at the couch, on the coffee table was a tray of cookies. Harmless enough.

I sat, still in work attire, Khaki’s and a polo.

She sat beside me, and fed me a cookie. ” Thank you for your help – house is all clean now!”

It did look much better than when I was moving the weights out.

I began wondering where her daughter was and what were the chances of fucking her before my wife returned home from work.

“Where is Anh? ” I asked

“She at friends.” She said dismissively waving her hand.

I had had two cookies and had decided they were probably store bought, although it would not stop me from tasting her cookies further.

“Do you have something to drink?” the second cookie leaving me a bit parched.

“Yes- come here.” she motioned as she led with the high heels clicking on the tile as she headed toward the kitchen.

I watched her tight little body in that black dress and long black hair swaying as she moved away from me and my cock stirred as I thought of the possibilities.

When I arrived in the kitchen, she had poured two shots of Vodka Hanoi, I am not much of a cookies and vodka kind of guy I followed the adage, if she wants vodka and cookies so do you rule…. lmao

Not sure how to spell it but she said “Yooooo” which I took to mean “Cheers” and then threw back what I consider a vile vodka that almost had a licorice aftertaste.

She poured another, and following the cookies and vodka rule said “Yooooo!” imitating her and threw back another. I thought though that showing up home and drunk would not be the best plan, I decided to push a bit and see how far I could get. I took my right hand and cupped her ear weaving my fingers into her long straight black hair. I leaned in and down for she was a full 12″ shorter than me and kissed her.

Her lips, small but soft took the embrace. Her eyes closed in surrender. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and pulled her head closer, moving my left hand to her hip, her waist was tiny, and she had a nice change of shape between her waist and her hip, which made my cock stir immediately.

I was married, she was married. Forbidden fruit. We both have something to lose if our partners find out.

She has a tight, delicate mouth, her lips encircled my tongue, and I start stroking my tongue in and out of her. Her lips sucked my hard tongue simulating a esenyurt escort tight pussy and I made my tongue rigid and begin working her, plunging my tongue harder and deeper into and out of her mouth. her lips firmly surrounding my intruding flesh. I push in and hold my tongue in her and stiffen and relax simulating a cock spasming into her mouth… She opened her eyes in a moment of shock and stared into my eyes, a willing accomplice in our act of infidelity at minimum, possibly the architect of the impending sin to follow.

She holds very still until I withdraw allowing my tongue to soften in her mouth, slowly withdrawing like a softening cock. She is very delicate, she did not resist my advances, nor did she obviously initiate them, a decision had to be reached at that moment.

I turn her, and push her waist into the kitchen counter. My cock nearly erect, still in my pants, I push myself into her and pin her against the counter. My right hand on her throat, not forcefully, just letting her know who is in command. My left hand squeezes her left buttocks momentarily and then slides up her tiny waist and over her left breast. Small but firm, erect nipple.

I am so horny, and she has put up no resistance whatsoever, her neck yielding to my hand.

How do you ask a polite, married, hot Vietnamese neighbor who speaks almost no English if she wants to fuck? In my years, bold actions outweigh timid ones, so I began unbuckling my belt and fighting with my Khaki’s which have so many steps to disrobe I have often thought of them as chastity belts for men.

In her first act of reluctance, she said, “No, we are married, we not do.” she says looking over her shoulder, her back to me but her neck craned to look into my eyes, my pelvis somewhat pinning her ass to the kitchen counter.

I doubted this act of reluctance, so I pushed on.

“Take your dress off, I do not want to ruin it with cum stains.” I moved her hair aside brushing her long hair in front of her, allowing access to the rear zipper of her dress, unzipping her dress.

“Wait, wait. I get in much trouble if Bob finds out. “she says.

“I will not tell Bob, are you on the pill? I diverted.

She nodded yes.

“Then you can’t get pregnant and Bob will never know, plus you must get lonely by yourself.” I reasoned.

I turned her around, kissed her again and lowered my left hand below her skirt and raised it high enough to move my hand to her snatch. She was soaking wet. There was no doubt that she felt the heat and excitement of the moment, regardless of verbal reservations. I eased the dress off of her shoulders with my right hand and in two motions later it had fallen to her crotch only keeping it from falling to her ankles by my hand rubbing her womanhood. The only objection that could be noted was a quivering of her thighs. Simply removing my hand momentarily let gravity disrobe her, and I slid my hand down the front of her panties reaching the inevitable goal. Slick, wet, inviting, tender nubbin and folded lips, she quivered and sucked on my lower lip as I explored her.

I stood in my boxers, khaki’s around my ankles, she was braless only her black panties remaining, my hand intruding. .

“Fuck here or in bed?” I asked.

Her guilty eyes dropped again.

“Bedroom.” she almost whispered as in defeat.

I reached to the floor and pulled off one of her shoes then the other as she stepped out of the dress.

I followed suit leaving my pants and shoes in the kitchen and then picked up this tiny woman and walked her toward the bedrooms. Like carrying a bride, she perked right up all smiles pointing the way. Maybe she had not been carried over the threshold before.

I lay her on Bob’s marital bed and then stripped the comforter back, she wiggled a bit to allow us to expose the sheets. Gorgeous. Petite, tiny, long flowing straight black hair, in Bob’s bed with his wedding ring and engagement ring on, a big rock on her tiny fingers, and in a minute or so I was going to be plowing her for the first of many times over the coming months.

I dropped my boxers, precum leaking and hanging from my cock like a dog drooling over a steak on the grill, I wanted her to suck me, fuck me, flip her over and then do her tight tiny ass, but time was ticking and Cat would be home soon. It would be hard to explain where I was not at home and my truck was in the drive.

I pulled her toward me as I stood by the hedge of the bed, I raised her legs onto my shoulders and lifted her ass enough to slip off her panties. Exposed now, she had a small landing strip, neatly trimmed and spotlessly shaved otherwise. Awesome.

I was ready and decided to forgo any foreplay and standing beside the bed with her legs raised I simply guided my cock to her already wet and waiting body. Sex is the universal language and despite our differences, she understood and reached for my approaching cock and guided into her loveliness. She was exquisitely warm, wet and velvety soft. I avrupa yakası escort pushed in almost to my full depth before she tried to move away. About an inch more and I would be fully buried into her. I started long stroking her right away, and she reacted with a huge smile and a crumpled brow that indicated to me that she was pleased if not slightly uncomfortable as I reached near full depth.

I climbed on the bed, missionary style but then raised myself on all four-doggy style over her.

I told her “Grab your hands around my neck” she complied.

I lowered my cock into her fully, my pelvis against hers. “now lock your feet together around me.”

She raised her legs, and halfway hooked them on my back but did not lock her ankles together.

I tried to raise her from the mattress, and her legs slipped off and then her hands. She looked confused.

“Lock your legs together like this.” I sat up moving her legs into place and locking her ankles, still embedded in her.

I then motioned with my hands, and resumed the missionary position.

Now she firmly locked he legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.

I lifted up on all four-doggy style, raising her, I impaled little tight body as she suspended herself, my cock intruding into her tight wet pussy.

She hung below me, the only points of contact were my cock inside her, her wrists holding wrapped around my neck, her ankles and calves hanging against my back. I began a rocking forward and back motion and she swung impaling and retreating on my cock, hanging free, only the motion keeping contact of my cock into her wet hole.

This is one of my personal favorite sexual positions and while I definitely did not invent it, I have watched many a porn video and have never seen it, thus in an effort to name it I called it “swinging sweet meat”.

A strong, light woman can hang on for quite some time, especially if you lower her so she can get a new purchase on her grip when you begin to feel her slipping. This level of physical effort brings to her quickened deep breathing, looking into her eyes as you swing her is the right amount of eye candy to excite her (and you), and when she finally cums, dropping off exhausted and sated, you are in a great position to choose how to finish your cock rider, by cumming in her, on her, climb up for a short titty fuck and depositing a pearl necklace or painting her face with a great facial or my favorite stuffing her waiting mouth with a pussy juice covered cock while she is pinned to the mattress. All good options.

Lyn had never been manhandled in this way before and was light and strong, as her desire built she began swinging enthusiastically and soon the slap-slap rhythm of pounding flesh rang loud in the room, she was looking into my eyes and muttering something in Vietnamese I did not understand. Her face was scrunched, her breathing now broken, she pulled with her legs tightening and deepening the impaling of herself fully on me as she came. Pushing and rocking her tight snatch hard against the base of my root.

It had to take a lot of strength for her to raise herself and fully impale herself on my cock as she came, I have never had a woman do this before or ever again. Cock hungry, she wanted me as deep as possible as she came hard and was willing to work for it. She looked into my eyes quivered and collapsed falling to the bed in a free fall, leaving my cock wet and unattended.

I was enjoying this new tight married pussy. I was unsated and knew I was going to cum big. Another favorite thing I enjoy when fucking another guys wife is to make sure I cum on her wedding ring so when she looks at it she remembers me, even if it is a one-off experience. This is a personal favorite especially if she is sucking cock and does not swallow letting it flow back all over her hands, covering her ring. Awesome.

All this would be to hard to explain to Lyn in the moments that followed, so I simply reached for her hand and slipped off her wedding band and engagement ring, Nice big diamond. Even after the fucking she was reluctant as to what I was doing. I just said “It’s OK, put them in your mouth” she hesitated but did, not completely understanding but complied. I pulled pillows to her head so she could place her head on them and tilting her head forward somewhat. I straddled her torso and presented my cock to her, pulling it quickly masturbating 10, 20, 30 strokes. She then understood and opened her mouth, rings on her tongue waiting, looking into my eyes.

The first rope of cum hit her on the tip of the nose, hanging across her upper lip and down to the rings on her tongue. Second rope, perfect. Huge shot across the bow of the rings covering her tongue. Thick, sticky white cum covered the rings. I held my aim and discharged several more shots on target covering the rings and her tongue until I was spent. Fucking incredible. I would never forget the mental picture of that moment.

As I straddled her torso, I sat back and supporting my weight on my calves and heels so not to crush her.

She pulled the rings back into her mouth, moved them around a bit and swallowed leaving the rings in her mouth. She pulled the now cleaned rings from her lips, and in a surprise move rest them on the top of my now less than rigid cock in some kind of symbolic present. Good Girl.

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