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Friends , Lovers

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Angelica and Collin had been best friends for what seemed like forever. Angelica had had a secret crush on him for years but it was one of those kinds of friendships that if it dared to tread into no man’s land, there could be no turning back. Collin, who seemed to be completely oblivious to her sexual advances, was happy to continue as buds. Through the years there had never been anything but strictly friendship between them. Something better happen soon, she thought, because this whole sexual tension thing was driving her insane.

Tonight was going to be different. Finally, she would tell him that she had wanted to feel his long hard cock inside her pussy for months. They had a plan to meet at their local hang out and Angelica decided that tonight it was now or never and she needed to make her move.

Angelica slowly prepared herself for the night ahead. Stepping into the shower, she began to relax and let the hot water from the shower head run down her body. As she began to lather herself, her fingers slowly moved over her luscious mounds and she felt her nipples tighten to rock hard erasers at the mere suggestion of touch. She grabbed her favorite bottle of body lotion/wash and slowly drizzled it down over her body. She felt amazing, imaging it was “his” hands drifting over every inch of her lovely body. She took the sponge from the side of the shower and lathering it up good she slowly massaged her swollen breasts. Feeling sexy as the soap suddenly washed and pooled between her legs, she moved the sponge and brushed it back and forth across her womanly curls. Her clitoris twitching with desire, she placed the sponge right over her now pulsing clitoris. Knowing that he would be here any moment to pick her up for the evening ahead, made her touch herself with more excitement.

As she maneuvered the shower head spray off its mount, she slowly washed away all the silky white suds. Liking the constant pressure of the spray on her twat, she open her pussy lips and felt its pulsating head sending waves of pleasure radiating throughout her body.


“Oh güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri shit” Angelica exclaimed. “He’s early”

Wrapping a big fluff towel around her body, she answered the door.

“Sorry Collin, I’m running a little behind” as she let him in.

Collin did not say much at all as he entered her home. She was a goddess, pale, soft skin all pink and rosy and fresh from her shower.

“I will be ready in just a moment,” Angelica replied.

With a glint in his eye, and a strong hand, he moved closer and said, “No need to hurry on my account”….and with a slight tug of the towel, Colin set her free. She was naked as the true angel she was.

“My God, you’re lovely,” as his eyes took his fill.

Feeling the connection, Angelica could hardly believe what was happening she had been dreaming about this very thing and here he was standing right before her, completely rock hard.

“Well, I’m all yours if you want it” she breathlessly whispered

With a guttural moan, Collin pulled her into his arms, feeling her warmth spread through him like wildfire as her breasts pressed against his shirt. What an amazing feeling it was to have a totally naked woman pressed up against you with all your clothes still on.

“Oh, I want,” he replied and he gathered her into his arms and strode purposefully to the bedroom. Gently, he laid her back upon the pillows and her legs fell to the side. He devoured her with his eyes, taking his fill of her exquisite nakedness and womanly mound.

Earlier Angelica had prepared her bedroom with the anticipation of making love to herself, but now it was ready for two. They were lovers to be, but still old friends to explore this new found connection.

” I have craved you for so long,” Colin exclaimed and slowly removing his shirt and pants. Angelica fondled her breasts, massaging and tweaking the nipples into tight, hard nubs as she watched him slowly undress and gasped as she saw his beckoning cock through his pants.

“Oooohh, you are happy to see me aren’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you”

As his manhood sprung from his briefs, a breath caught in her throat. “My god, your perfect!” she exclaimed . With that she rose up on her knees and reached towards him. As she took a hold of his now throbbing sex, she looked in his eyes and slowly bent towards his crotch gently lapping at his cock and playing with his scrotum.

Massaging his balls and wetting his shaft, she took him fully into her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down his thick big stalk, as she swirled and gently sucked his cock plunging his entire length into her mouth. Deep within her soft wet mouth, he groaned. It was amazing as his penis played pool with her tonsils. Loving his reactions to her, she squeezed his balls and sucked with delight. His breath was becoming more labored and she could feel the tension rising in his loins. Not to be undone, he pushed her gently away and said, “My turn. I have been dying to taste you” and with that he pushed her back on to the bed.

He bent over her and kissed her swollen lips. Tasting a bit of his own muskiness, they kissed as if they were obsessed. Consuming each other in their carnal lust, Colin raked his whiskers across her neck and nibbled her ear and felt a shudder course through her body. He played with her breasts, pinching the nipples back into tight hard peaks. Moving slowly down her body, he delighted in her softness and the small moans she made. It was music to his ears. Tracing a path with his tongue, he drove her crazy as he nipped and caressed her body and moved slowly towards her apex. Giving a gentle nip to her inner thighs, he tantalized her with his tongue, careful not to go too quick and enjoying feeling her strain towards him in anticipation of his warm mouth. Her pussy was begging for a nibble. Colin spread her lips stroking her and loving the gentle musk of her womanly scent wash over him. He could feel her writhing against his skilled fingers and her pussy was soaking. “Oh, you’re so wet,” and with that he began to güvenilir bahis şirketleri lap at her. “You taste amazing!” and he knew he would not forget her taste or her scent anytime soon.

Angelica’s fingers dug into the bedspread as Colin licked her like the most delicious ice cream. Taking her engorged clit into his mouth, he sucked and drove 2 fingers deep within her cunt. Feeling her vaginal muscles quiver against his mouth and hands had an amazing effect on him. He had never felt a woman more responsive to his touch than her. She was reaching her peak, he could feel it, but he wasn’t ready to let her go just yet.

They were both now ready for the main event. As he rose above her, he kept a finger massaging her clit and with the other hand he massaged the tip of his penis against her soft folds. Man, was she slick and ready to take him into her soft, wet pussy.

“OH Colin, fill me now” she pleaded softly. With no more encouragement needed, he drove into her with one hard thrust, filling her completely and feeling his balls press against her ass cheeks. With long, complete thrusting strokes he drove her to the edge, feeling her luscious mounds crushed against his chest. Kissing each other passionately as if there was no tomorrow and they couldn’t get enough of one another. He had waited a long time to be surrounded by her warm sweet cum, she was so wet it trickled over his sack. He touched her clitoris vigorously and watched the emotions play across her face, knowing that he was filling her completely with each hard thrust of his cock. Her slick heat welcoming him, he had never felt a woman so wet and such a perfect fit.

“Oh I’m going to come” she said. “Wait for me” he pleaded. Writhing together, their pelvises, minds and heart melded into one. She came with such a force that her vaginal muscles wrapped like a band around his shaft and he exploded from the sheer pleasure she was experiencing herself. Ripples of pure pleasure washed over their bodies as they climaxed together. Each shudder they experienced individually was mirrored by the others body seemingly lasting forever.

Wrapped in each others arms, smelling the sweet scents of sex, they slowly laid there caressing and looking deep into each other eyes. Neither said a word as no words were need. Each of them knew that they had both experienced something special and truly sensational beyond belief.

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