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Game, Set and Match Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — The Changing Rooms

In the changing rooms they reluctantly parted company, Julia going through to the showers to undress. She was glad that no-one was around this late in the afternoon. She took off her dress, which was a little creased from her exertions. Standing there in her underwear, she observed herself in the mirror, the delicate material of her bra showing her pink nipples, which were still aroused from her encounter. She looked at the dark muff of hair showing through the lacy panties, where his fingers and tongue had explored. She could see that her thighs still had on them the sticky sweetness from the orgasm he had given her. She displaced the material of her panties, and probed and explored her clit through the fabric — hard, ready for more.

She ran her fingers over her chest where he had kissed her, and not caring who might be around, she removed the bra, gently dropped it to the floor, and started playing with her nipples, pinching and squeezing them, and pulling them into points. Her hands strayed down her belly to her muff, and she felt down her panties to stroke it, then removed her panties, the better to feel it. She slipped her middle finger into the juicy pink depths, warm, wet, inviting, stroking round in circles then catching her clit upwards, as always excited her, and watched herself in the mirror as she continued playing with her breasts. She enjoyed the sight of herself standing there naked, a sexy, sensuous woman, aroused, ready, wanting more. Her fingers plunged in deeper, and found her G-spot, while she continued rubbing her clit with her thumb.

So absorbed was she in her pleasures that she did not notice that the door had opened softly, and she jumped for a moment until she realised that it was Jack. He motioned to her to keep quiet, and he crept over, and took in her appearance. Julia blushed at what he had discovered her doing. She then noticed that Jack only had the minimum clothing on, just enough to sneak across the corridor. He was obviously fully erect, as his cock was clearly visible pointing through the material of his joggers, unconfined by any briefs, and a couple of wet patches had appeared where the head was against the material. Julia loved seeing a man aroused thus, and reached out and grasped his cock through the material, gently clasping his balls with her other hand. It was one of her fantasies that she could just pull a man’s trousers down and get his hard cock out, no briefs, and to her delight, this was exactly what happened. She pulled his trousers right down and he stepped out of them. She helped him off with his t-shirt, so he was as naked as she, and as ready as she.

Julia knelt down and, gently cradling Jack’s balls in both her hands, she manoeuvred his stiff cock to her lips, and kissed the head gently. With one hand she pulled shanty town izle his foreskin back, and touched her tongue to the bare head of his cock, licking away the droplets of salty juice which were oozing from him in his pleasure. Then as she enveloped the head in her lips, Julia leaned forward, taking his cock into her mouth, a little beyond the head, then leaned back again, drawing it out, and sucking hard. She did this a few more times, gripping, sucking, pulling it out longer, as he groaned with pleasure, placing both hands on her head and moving her to and fro, gently thrusting in time to her sucking, in order to get more of his cock into her mouth. Julia gripped his cock a little harder in her mouth, sucked more firmly, and each time she took him in, she went deeper on him, until over half his length was in.

Jack just stood still, eyes closed, holding her head, moving his hips in time to her sucking, enjoying the firm pressure on his cock which was tingling and throbbing in anticipation of his climax. He was going to shoot his load into her, empty his balls into her, into that lovely wet, tight mouth. Julia’s hands had shifted to around his bottom, and she now dug her nails in, pulled him closer, pulled him harder into her, and Jack was in every kind of heaven as he came. His cock pulsed and throbbed as his hot juice left him, feeling her mouth still around him firmly, draining him, sucking him dry. As he stilled, Julia let go his cock from her mouth, and buried her face in his groin, kissing, holding, hugging, and after a few more moments she stood up and melted into his arms.

For a little time they stood and held each other in their intimacy, then Jack stood back a step and observed Julia’s face, flushed with pleasure and a little shyness, still a little damp from her exertions, her hair a little dishevelled. He leaned over and gently took one of her nipples in his mouth, leaning back again and tweaking, as she had done to his cock. Her nipple stood out proudly from this attention, and he did the same to the other one, and Julia closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure. He planted delicate damp kisses all over both her breasts, returning to her nipples regularly to moisten them and keep them erect. Julia wanted him to move down her body, but he remained resolutely where he was for quite a while, making her pussy juices flow with both frustration and anticipation. With his fingers he traced lines around her waist, down her spine and around her buttocks, but still he would not touch her pussy, which was becoming so swollen and wet.

At length he did begin to move, with delicate kisses down the centre of her, first between her breasts, then down her belly. He lingered at her navel, licking and sucking, then, kneeling down before her, his lips travelled downwards, shape island izle as he gently held and kneaded her buttocks. When he got down to her pubic hair, he gently brushed his lips over it, not quite touching her skin, and finally moved down to her hard, erect clit, which thrilled at his touch. He ran his tongue around the tip, then upwards into her mound, pulling the hood of skin back, then back down around the tip of her clit again, then thrust deeply into her.

He tasted her warm, musky wetness, felt the smooth surfaces of her love tunnel, and came to the sensitive spot, which made her give a little cry of pleasure when his tongue touched it. He then ran the tip of his tongue outwards from her G-spot, along her sensitive tunnel, past her clit, and deep into her mound, whereupon she thrust her hips forward into his face. He continued to pleasure her thus, sometimes teasing her clit on the outside, sometimes diving into her tunnel, running the tip of his tongue the full length of it, until he reached the G-spot again. As he felt her begin to writhe, he pressed his tongue around her G-spot with a circular motion, at the same time rubbing her juices around her clitoris with his thumb, until, with a little cry, she thrust forward one more time and started to climax. Jack tasted the little gushes of hot, sweet girl-juice as they ran over her G-spot and down her tunnel, soaking his lips and his face. He leaned back a little, and with two fingers deep inside her, rubbed and stimulated her G-spot as she writhed under his touch, moaning, crying, more and more little hot pulses of fluid coming out of her and down his hand and wrist. At the same time he was pressing with his thumb on her clitoris, so that finally she came in a double climax, her clit exploded and the last of the hot fluid gushed from her, and she was satisfied.

After a few moments Jack stood up and enfolded Julia in his arms, and they stood there, just embracing and enjoying their closeness after the intimacy they had shared. Suddenly realising where they were, and glad that no one had interrupted them, they gathered their things and walked through the archway to the far room where the showers were.

Going into a cubicle with Julia, Jack turned on the water, watching it slide sensuously around Julia’s curves, dripping off her breasts, flowing around her pussy and forming rivulets down her thighs.

He took some shower gel and started to rub it all over her body, paying particular attention to her breasts, where he enjoyed cupping her nipples between his soapy hands and gently pulling them out to full length. He turned her round and soaped her back, running fingers down her spine, rubbing handfuls of lather around her firm, round buttocks, dipping naughtily into her private place and toying with her pussy lips she hulk attorney at law izle as he did so. He turned her to face him again, and smoothed more shower gel over her breasts, around her stomach, and to her mound, where he first soaped her with the flat of his palm, then reached soapy fingers down to pleasure her clit and labia. He then stood back a little while the water gently rinsed her body.

Julia then took the shower gel and firmly lathered Jack’s buttocks, pulling him towards her, and again playfully dipping into the private place, before bringing her hands around the front, and running soapy fingers along the creases of his groin. She took more lather and gently cupped his balls in her hands, rubbing the lather around the furry roughness of the skin, before moving both hands up onto his cock, which had begun to harden. As he whispered to her that he did not want it yet, she reluctantly ceased teasing for the moment, and after he had been rinsed they had a long, lingering embrace in the warm water before stepping out, one by one, enfolding themselves in the large luxurious bath towels to get dry.

Looking out again into the main room, still deserted but fearing being locked in at this hour, they retrieved fresh clothes from their respective luggage, Jack having brought through his bag and left it by the main changing room door. Julia was then dressed in an exotic gypsy skirt and flounced white cotton blouse, and Jack in a fresh pair of chinos and linen shirt. Quietly and conspiratorially, with Julia acting as lookout, they both sneaked out into the corridor, then strolled nonchalantly out into reception as if nothing was amiss. Julia must have been wearing a guilty expression, as she was sure that the young receptionist who had first greeted her gave her a conspiratorial look.

Leaving a generous tip for the receptionist, Jack took Julia by the hand and led her outside to where he had parked his Jaguar and, opening the door for her, ushered her into the passenger seat and closed the door after her. He stowed their bags in the boot, walked round the car, got into the driving seat, started the car and, ensuring they were both settled in their seat belts, sped out of the car park and headed for the orbital road.

The journey took a little over half an hour, firstly through the leafy streets of affluent London suburbs, then a little stretch of the orbital road, and finally out into the countryside beyond. The sun had been setting during this time, and it being autumn, everything around them was red and golden, the sun like a burning golden orb in the red-pink-purple sky, before it set, and left a golden glow suffusing the night sky from below the horizon, the stars beginning to come out. The stark black outlines of tree branches stood out against the dark blue night sky, outlined in the moonlight. Neither Jack nor Julia spoke much during this part of the journey, partly because they did not wish to break the magical atmosphere, and partly because they were both deep in contemplation, remembering all the wonderful things which had passed between them that day.

to be continued / ch 03

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