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Pool Party

Anthony sat alone, away from the crowd in the lounge chair and observed the guests milling around his parents’ pool. It was another one of their boring weekend parties populated with his dad’s business associates and members of his mom’s various charity groups. They were a bunch of people in their fifties and sixties drinking, chatting loudly and just dying to be part of the “right crowd.” A few of the more adventurous were attired in bathing suits, at least those who felt they still looked half-way decent in them. Most were just dressed in shorts or sun-dresses.

Anthony’s older brother, John, was there, working the crowd with his trophy wife, Diane. John was the apple of his parents’ eye; twenty-five years old, handsome, virile, a successful lawyer in dad’s firm. Diane looked as if she had stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine; pretty, blond, slim, sparkling personality, but no real depth as an individual. Anthony’s parents loved her. She was a real asset to John and his career.

Anthony was nothing like John. He still looked like a skinny high school kid instead of the twenty year old college student he was. Where John was tall and ripped, Anthony was five-six, a hundred fifteen pounds. John had been the captain and point guard of his college basketball team. Anthony was involved in the chess club and the math club and the chemistry club. John was outgoing and gregarious; Anthony was shy and withdrawn. John had been a chick-magnet for as long as Anthony could remember; Anthony had trouble getting girls to acknowledge his existence. John had always expected to pass the bar and join dad’s firm; Anthony hated the law, barely squeaked by with his grades and had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. John never got caught doing anything wrong; Anthony had been expelled from one school and arrested for DWI twice. He was afraid that his parents regarded him as an embarrassment to the family.

“You’re Anthony, aren’t you?” A tall, imposing man towered over him.

“Yes, I am.”

“I’m Reggie, Reggie Cain. Mind if I join you?” The man smiled.

“Sure. Have a seat.”

Reggie sat in the lounge chair next to Anthony’s. He was a big man; maybe six-three and probably two hundred pounds Anthony guessed. But he looked solid and in-shape, like a James Bond villain Anthony thought.

“Pretty boring party, isn’t it?” Reggie smiled.

“It’s pretty typical.” Anthony responded. “I don’t remember seeing you at one of these in the past.”

“I just started doing business with your dad’s firm. He was kind enough to invite me to join in the night’s festivities.” Reggie answered.

“What business are you in?” Anthony asked.

“I have various interests in the Chicago area. I needed a law firm that could handle a lot of complex relationships and your dad convinced me that his was the best.”

People had been drifting into the house and there were now only three or four left by the pool.

“That spa really looks inviting.” Reggie smiled. “Would you like to join me in it?”

“Sure.” Anthony replied, but he couldn’t fathom why this business man would have any interest in him.

“Perhaps you could refresh our drinks. I’m scotch on the rocks.” Reggie said as he slipped out of his loafers and unbuttoned his shirt.

Anthony got Reggie’s drink and a beer for himself and carried them to the spa on the far side of the pool. Reggie was standing there clothed only in his swim trunks. He was definitely an imposing man.

Reggie slipped into the hot waters of the spa and Anthony handed him his drink.

“Come, join me. The water feels delicious.” Reggie smiled.

Anthony was already wearing his swim trunks. He took his shirt off and slipped into the spa sitting opposite Reggie.

“Let me get you your beer.” Reggie said and reached behind him where Anthony had left his bottle. He extended his leg, and as he did so, his foot accidentally brushed across Anthony’s thigh. Anthony thought nothing of it.

“Here you are.” Reggie smiled as he moved across the spa to Anthony to hand him his drink. Reggie briefly put his hand on Anthony’s thigh as he gave him the drink and then moved to sit next to him in the spa. Is this guy coming on to me? Anthony wondered?

“So, are you planning to join your dad’s firm after college?” Reggie asked him.

“No. I don’t really think I’m cut out to be a lawyer.” Anthony responded.

“What are you interests, then? What do you want to do with your life?” Reggie asked. His knee accidentally (?) bumped Anthony’s.

“I’m not really sure at this point. I haven’t even declared a major. What kind of business are you in?” Anthony asked, scooting a little further away from the big man.

“I have a number of businesses, mostly associated with entertainment.” Reggie replied.

“What kind of entertainment?”

“Well, one is a publishing house. We publish fiction novels and magazines.” Reggie answered.

“Would I know any of your publications?”

“Depends.” Ümraniye Escort Reggie smiled.

“On what?” Anthony was curious now.

“On whether or not you’re a consumer of x-rated publications.” Reggie said.

“Really!” Anthony replied.

“Yes. Our publications are very hard-core. The magazines are explicit. You’d find most of them at x-rated book stores. The novels are the same. We don’t sell many novels at the x-rated book stores, but we sell a ton of them at gay bookstores.” Reggie explained. He moved closer to Anthony and rested his arm across the top of the spa in back of Anthony.

“So you publish gay stuff.” Anthony offered.

“Not only gay, but all kinds of porn. But the gay porn sells the best. Our demographic studies show that more straight men purchase the magazines than gay men.” Reggie offered. “Our biggest market right now is straight college boys.”

“I find that hard to believe.” Anthony said uncomfortably.

“It’s logical when you think about it.” Reggie answered. “College boys are just starting to experience life. It’s a time for being free to experiment and experience everything that life has to offer.” Reggie placed his hand on Anthony’s shoulder and butted his leg flush against Anthony’s.

“But gay sex, that’s perverted.” Anthony said.

“I prefer to think of it as deliciously wicked.” Reggie smiled, his eyes twinkling. “My generation had the right idea; if it feels good, try it.” Reggie placed his hand on Anthony’s thigh and squeezed gently. He moved his other hand from Anthony’s shoulder, down his arm, drawing him closer. “Are you adventurous Anthony?” Reggie rubbed his hand over Anthony’s crotch.

“I . . . I don’t know.” Anthony said quietly.

“Don’t you want to feel new sensations, experience new pleasures?” Reggie said as he squeezed Anthony’s cock. Anthony parted his legs to give Reggie easier access to his growing hardness.

“Youth is the time to discover what your body likes, what its limits are.” Reggie continued as he brushed his hand across Anthony’s chest. He teased Anthony’s nipples with his finger and thumb, rubbing and pinching them until they were hard and erect. He continued to stroke and fondle Anthony’s cock with his other hand.

“Youth is the time for a boy to let go and surrender to lust and passion.” Reggie said. Anthony gasped as Reggie snaked his hand up the leg of his trunks and began to stroke his now hard cock.

“Mmmmm, you’re uncut, boy. Your cock is so much more sensitive; your pleasure can be so much more intense.” Reggie said softly as he pulled the foreskin back on Anthony’s hard little cock and ran his thumb and forefinger over the now exposed head.

“Ohhhh.” Anthony moaned as Reggie teased his nipples and stroked his cock.

“Your cock is not very big, boy. But it sure gets hard. I love the feel of it in my hand. Do you want to cum for me, boy?” Reggie asked softly.

“Yes, please!” Anthony gasped.

“Good boy. Now cum for me!” Reggie pinched Anthony’s nipple, squeezed his cock and then began stroking it vigorously. Anthony gasped, then squirmed at Reggie’s assault on his throbbing sex-stick. His body convulsed, then began to shake as Reggie milked the cum out of him. Anthony had never cum so violently and copiously in his life. Load after load of semen spurted out of his cock and floated to the surface of the spa. Then the spasms subsided and Anthony collapsed, drained and weak.

“Did you like that, boy?” Reggie asked him.

“Yes. It was wonderful.” Anthony gushed.

“I’m glad.” Reggie smiled. “Have you ever been to a publishing house?”


“Come to my office on Monday around one. I’ll give you a tour of the facility; show you how everything works. Who knows, you might get some career inspiration.”

“I’d like that.” Anthony answered.

“Then it’s a date. Now I’d better get back to your parents’ party before they miss me.” Reggie gave Anthony’s now shrinking cock a little squeeze and pecked him on the lips. Then he hauled himself out of the spa and retrieved his clothes on the way to the house.

The Office Visit

Cain Publishing, Inc. was located in an industrial complex on the north side. It was quite an imposing structure and Anthony was duly impressed. He had debated about coming to visit Reggie Cain after their encounter in the spa. He wasn’t sure he wanted to go further down the path that Reggie was obviously trying to lead him. But he had to admit that his curiosity was piqued by the experience and its aftermath.

Saturday night, the day of the party, Anthony had an extremely hot dream. It was about Reggie jerking him off in the spa again. Anthony woke up with his bed wet around his crotch from all the cum that he had ground into the mattress during his dream.

Then came the texts from Reggie. Anthony wasn’t sure exactly how Reggie got his cell phone number, but the first text was there when Ümraniye Escort Bayan he turned his phone on and they continued throughout the day on Sunday. They started out friendly, then turned hotter and more explicit as the day progressed:

“Really enjoyed being in the spa with you last night.”

“Enjoyed our talk. You’re an interesting young man.”

“It was nice being close to you.”

“Glad you felt free to experiment.”

“Loved the way your nipples looked when they were erect.”

“Loved making your nipples erect.”

“Loved the feel of your hard little cock in my hand.”

“Loved the look on your face when I made you cum.”

“Would love to experiment more with you.”

“Can’t wait till I see you tomorrow.”

“Can’t wait to get my hands on you.”

The texts came about every hour and kept Reggie on his mind all day. By the time he went to sleep that night, Anthony was hot with anticipation about their Monday meeting. He had another wet dream on Sunday night and woke up soaked in his own cum again.

He still had reservations about going further with Reggie, but the possibility of more physical pleasure won out over his intellectual reluctance. He knew that he wasn’t gay, but he also realized that he had crossed a line and it was impossible to go back. So he drove to Cain Publishing. Reggie came to the lobby to greet him with a smile and a handshake. For the next hour, Reggie gave him the grand tour of the plant. It was quite an operation and Anthony was duly impressed. Reggie was professional and courteous and, quite frankly, Anthony was disappointed at the apparent lack of intimacy. That changed when they got to the last stop on the tour, Reggie’s office.

The office was huge. There was a large wooden executive desk on one wall with two comfortable guest chairs in front of the desk. Another wall was a massive bookshelf filled with all sorts of books and curios. There was a couch on the wall opposite the desk and a very large drafting table in the corner next to the couch.

“Let me show you one of the products of our labors.” Reggie said and put his arm around Anthony’s shoulders guiding him to the drafting table.

There was a mock-up of a magazine on the table. The name on the cover was: “Men and Boys.”

“This is one of our most popular publications. It features young boys with older, mature men. Of course all of the models we use for the boys have to be eighteen years old or older, but we try to get them as young looking as possible.”

“It’s a picture book. Turn the pages.” Reggie urged.

Anthony began to slowly leaf through the magazine. Each page featured naked or semi-naked older men coupled with nude young boys. The pictures left nothing to the imagination. There were men kissing boys, men fondling boys, men spanking boys, men feeding their cocks into the boys’ eager mouths. By the time Anthony got to the middle of the book, his cock was tenting in his pants.

“I see you like my little picture book.” Reggie smiled and ran his hand over Anthony’s hardened cock.

“Yes!” Anthony gasped.

The magazine was now opened to a two-page spread of a young boy on his knees sucking the cock of a man in his fifties or sixties – Reggie’s age.

“Doesn’t that look absolutely right and natural? The way that boy is servicing his Daddy’s cock. Look at the look of pleasure on the boy’s face, Tony.”

“No one calls me ‘Tony’.” Anthony mumbled.

“I call you ‘Tony.'” Reggie responded as he wrapped his hand around the boy’s hardened cock and stroked it. Tony had worn khaki pants to look professional. Now there was a spreading stain of pre-cum leaking from his throbbing joystick.

“Wouldn’t you like to be that boy in the picture, Tony?” Reggie whispered in his ear.

“Yes!” Tony gasped.

Reggie released Tony’s cock and placed his hands on the boy’s shoulders. Applying pressure, he guided the boy to his knees.

“Reggie is going to be your man. He’s going to be your Daddy. Undo Daddy’s belt and zipper and pull Daddy’s pants down, Tony.” Reggie instructed.

Tony moved as if he were in a hypnotic state. He unfastened Daddy’s belt and unzipped his fly. Daddy’s pants fell to the floor and Tony hooked his thumbs into Daddy’s boxers and pulled them down as well. Daddy’s cock popped out and hit Tony in the face. It was huge compared to his own little cock. It must be eight or nine inches long and very thick. It was uncut with a huge mushroom head. It was throbbing and pulsating and thick pre-cum was leaking from the slit coating the head. It seemed alive!

“I . . . I’ve never done this before. I . . . I don’t know how.” Tony said while staring at the throbbing beast in front of his face.

“Take it in your hand.” Reggie urged.

Tony reached out and grasped the pulsating organ. It felt alive in his hand. Then he began to slowly jack it off.

“Yes, baby, that’s so nice.” Reggie said. “Lick the tip. Taste Anadolu Yakası Escort Daddy’s juices.”

Tony stuck his tongue out and licked the head of Daddy’s pulsating cock. The taste and the smell was intoxicating. Tony could feel his own hard, little cock doing push-ups in his pants as he placed his lips around the head of Daddy’s cock and began to greedily suck.

“Oh, yes, baby, you’re a natural little cocksucker.” Reggie moaned. “Swallow all of Daddy’s cock, you little slut.”

And Reggie placed his hands on the back of Tony’s head and began to push his cock down the boy’s throat. When Tony began to gag, Reggie backed off a little. But as soon as the gag reflex stopped, Reggie pushed further in. Soon Tony was getting used to having his mouth filled with Reggie’s hard, throbbing organ. He learned to breathe through his nose instead of his mouth. Finally, he swallowed all of Daddy’s huge cock. His mouth was up against Daddy’s torso and then Daddy began to slowly fuck his mouth.

The situation was overwhelming Tony. The feel of Daddy’s cock in his mouth, the smell of Daddy’s body, Daddy’s hands imprisoning his head and controlling his movements, the sound of Daddy grunting with pleasure and the sucking and slurping sounds coming from Tony’s own mouth; it consumed the boy with lust. Daddy’s body tensed. And then Daddy’s cum shot out from his huge cock, filling Tony’s throat. Tony couldn’t contain it all. Daddy’s semen began to drip down the sides of Tony’s mouth. Tony was out of control! He tried desperately to swallow all of Daddy’s cum. Tony moaned as his own cock began to explode, shooting gobs of cum into Tony’s khaki pants.

“That’s it slut! Abandon yourself to pleasure! Surrender to your Daddy! ! Reggie moaned as the spasms subsided in his loins and the cum stopped spurting out of the mushroom head into the boy’s mouth.

Reggie’s cock slipped out of Tony’s mouth and the boy collapsed onto his haunches staring up at the still pulsating organ he had just pleasured.

“That’s a good boy.” Daddy said, running his hand through Tony’s hair. “You are a good, little cocksucker. “Now lick Daddy clean and swallow all of Daddy’s love juices.”

Tony did as ordered. He used his tongue and mouth to capture all of Daddy’s juices and he swallowed them completely. When he had finished, Daddy pulled up his boxers and pants and put himself back together. He took the boy by the hands and helped him to his feet, guiding him to the couch. Reggie sat down and pulled Tony onto his lap. Tony rested his head on Daddy’s shoulder. Tears began to form in the corners of his eyes.

“What’s happening to me, Daddy? I don’t understand.” Tony whined.

“It’s all natural.” Reggie said, petting the boy’s head. “You’re exploring your sexuality and discovering who and what you really are.”

“But what am I?” Tony sobbed.

“Well, you just sucked all of the juices out of Daddy’s cock. Did you like that, Tony?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Tell Daddy what you liked about it, baby.” Reggie urged.

“I . . . I liked the taste. I liked the feel. I liked the smell. I liked the loss of control I felt.” Tony said softly and shuddered.

“Good, boy. Then you have learned that you are a cocksucker. Say it boy. Tell Daddy what you are.”

“I . . . I am a cocksucker.”

“Yes, baby. That’s right. And what happened to you when you sucked Daddy dry? What happened to your little cock?” Daddy asked.

“I shot my load.”

“Where did you shoot your load, honey?”

“In my pants, Daddy.”

“And why did you cum, baby?”

“I . . . I couldn’t control myself.” Tony sobbed.

“That’s right, baby. You wet your pants with your cum because you are a slut.” Reggie said as he began to stroke and squeeze Tony’s crotch. “A cocksucking slut! What are you, baby?”

“I’m a slut!” Tony gasped as his cock began to grow hard again from Reggie’s attentions.

“Yes, baby, Daddy has so much to teach you.” And Reggie covered the boy’s mouth with his own. He plunged his tongue deep into Tony’s mouth as he continued to stroke and squeeze the boy’s now throbbing little joystick. Tony began to squirm and moan as he felt another orgasm capturing his body. His tongue lapped wildly against Daddy’s tongue as his hard little cock began to spasm and shoot another load of cum into his pants.

The orgasm passed and Tony slumped against Daddy’s chest, breathing heavily.

“There, there, that’s my good little boy.” Reggie said, patting Tony’s back. “Are you supposed to sleep at home tonight, baby?”

“No, Daddy. I sleep in the dorm on weekdays.” Tony said softly.

“Good. You’ll come home with Daddy tonight instead of going to the dorm.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“That’s a good, little slut.” Reggie patted him on the ass and then moved him onto the couch. Reggie stood and walked over to his desk. He picked up the phone and called his driver to bring the car around to the front of the building. Then he walked over to Tony and extended his hand.

“Come on, baby, let’s go to Daddy’s car.”

“But my pants are all wet, Daddy. Everyone will see.” Tony complained.

“And what will they see? They’ll see a pretty, little boy walking out of the building hand in hand with his Daddy. What could be more natural? Now take Daddy’s hand so we can go.” Reggie ordered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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