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Generationze Pt 07: Parents…

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Generationze Part 7 : Parents Can Still Surprise


I had just closed the front door, when I heard it.

It froze me to the spot.

‘It’ was a sort of strangled scream, followed closely by sobs, and moans and groans. The sounds seemed to be coming from the kitchen.

I was trying to work out the meaning of those sounds, when they were repeated, or nearly anyway. They were preceded by something like combined slaps and thumps, which were immediately followed by the strangled scream, then the other sounds.

I dropped my stuff and bolted towards the kitchen. Of course, I had no idea who or what made those sounds, or why, but I assumed it was probably Mum and something or somebody else. She should be at home. I had no idea why she would make the noises, or if there was any danger. I just reacted.

I got to the open kitchen doorway, and froze again.

This time, it was because I just could not believe what I was seeing… or thought I was seeing[?].

What I saw was: –

# Mum standing against the kitchen table, and bent forward along it;

# she was whimpering, and writhing. I couldn’t see her face just then, as it was turned away from me;

# her arms were spread wide, and her hands were gripping the edges at the sides of the table. Well, the hand on my side of her was gripping the edge of the table;

# apart from her wedge sandals… and some fabric wrapped around her waist… and round her chest below her armpits… she seemed naked;

# Her bra and panties were on the floor near her feet;

# Ciaran was standing ‘behind her’, pressed against her bum. He was totally naked, and hunched forward over her, as his hands kept her hips pressed to the table;

# he was panting.


What I thought I was seeing was…


He straightened up… his hips drew back… and thrust towards Mum’s bum.


I realised right then, that what I thought I was seeing — I actually was seeing!

There followed the ‘slap’ against her bum, and her ‘thump’ against the table. Mum made the strangled scream, and her head twisted towards me. She looked in agony, as she made the groans and moans and sobs, as she tried to writhe in her agony, but… she was still pinned to the table-top by Ciaran’s hands on her hips!

She had no chance to get away from him of course. Mum has the same build as me, but is a bit heavier because of her age. But Ciaran… well… Ciaran stood over six feet tall; and, as with the other men of the family, he had muscle bulk.

He fucked into her again — hard. She screamed, groaned, whimpered, and writhed.

Ciaran panted. Then he made this… gurgle; and stood upright, nearly rigid… fucked into her again… and groaned.

I knew that sound and movement! The bastard was shooting into her.

I screamed.

His head whipped round in my direction.


Ciaran took a half step away from me, and away from Mum, as he turned to face me, hands out as if to ward me off. His cock slid out of Mummy, but he carried on shooting, but now his spunk was shot in my direction.

“BASTARD!” I screamed at him, and launched myself at him.

He took a step, back from me as he squawked, “Karen! NO!”

I was a step from him, but I trod on something slippery on the floor, and went down. But I was moving too quickly to stop, so with a partial slide, and a partial roll, I took his legs out from under him.

He fell over me, and hit the floor quite hard. I twisted over, and jumped onto him and started pummelling him. He never even tried Kıbrıs Escort to fight back — ‘Coward’ I thought!

I was hitting him, swearing at him and screeching all the vilest and foulest names I that could remember at him. He just curled into a ball and tried to protect himself.

I suddenly became aware of a pair of hands on me, pulling me off him; and I was then aware of my mother’s voice.

“Karen! Stop it! Leave him alone! Relax! Leave him be! He’s OK! He’s done nothing wrong!”

At that last statement, the fight went out of me, and I collapsed sobbing.

“Mummy! He was hurting you! RAPING you! I heard you scream, and saw your pain! It’s NOT alright for him to do that to you!”

She knelt beside me, and wrapped me in her arms.

“Sh! Sh! Sh! No Karen! He was NOT raping me — he wasn’t even hurting me… he was making me feel happy!”

“Happy?” I whimpered, “But you screamed, and were crying, and moaning!” I continued in a little squeaky voice.

“Oh yes, Karen. I’m sorry for your misunderstanding, but he really wasn’t doing anything bad! He really was just making me feel… happy! Do you understand me? VERY… happy[?].”

I looked at her in confusion. “Very… happy?”

And she nodded at me.

I stared at her.

The mist in my brain started to swirl, and thin. Shapes started to appear, then they become clear.

I jolted, gulped then stared at her with open mouth and goggling eyes.

“You mean you were… cumming?”

She put a hand to the top of each of my arms, and squeezed slightly… and nodded slowly and seriously.

I turned to look at Ciaran. He nodded at me too.

“You were making Mummy feel happy?” I squeaked at him.

I started crying, solid heartfelt — solid — stuff.

“You were just being nice to Mummy?” I bawled through the snot and tears. I must have been barely understandable.

He nodded again.

Making Up

“Ohh Ciaran! I’m so sorry!”

And I lunged at him again, making him flinch, but this time to hug him in apology.

And, as I hugged him, I snuggled into him and started to kiss him. You know, proper lover’s make-up French-kisses. Then I gave him an improper-lover’s kiss… I swallowed his penis to clean him up. Mmmmm!

Then I turned and hugged Mummy, and apologised to her for messing-up her humungous cum; and I kissed her… you know, a proper lover’s ‘sorry…I-fucked-up’ French-kiss.

Then we had a group hug.

And then I noticed that Ciaran’s spunk was dripping out of Mummy’s pussy onto the Kitchen floor.

Her t-shirt and skirt had dropped to cover her body once she wasn’t lying along the table anymore, but she still had no underwear on.

So, I told her that she was dripping, and wiped my hand across her pussy to collect his spunk from her lips. But then, as I licked his spunk off my fingers, I realised I was also licking Mummy’s pussy juices from my fingers.

They tasted wonderful.

My nipples were immediately hard, and my pussy ‘squidged’.

Breathing hard, I stood up, bringing Mummy with me, and kissed her — hard this time — arms wrapped around her — you know — hands squeezing her bum… hard? Like a proper lover’s urgent ‘I-need-to-fuck-you’ type French-kiss.

I started to eased her backwards to the table, “Oh, please Mummy! Please, please! I really… I really need to lick you now! Please Mummy!”

Once there, I eased her backwards onto it as I raised and hung her legs over my shoulders so that I could move between them, flipped up the front of her skirt and start cleaning-up her pussy with my tongue.

She Lefkoşa Escort tried to put me off, but I was determined, and she was still turned-on from shagging Ciaran and not getting her full ‘serving of cookies’; so — she didn’t fight me off. She let me take charge, and laid back to ‘Think of England’ and let the world widen for her — having her pussy licked by another woman.

I was relieved at her surrender. The last thing I wanted… after accusing Ciaran of raping her… was to rape her myself.

A few minutes after I started licking, she started cumming. I paused briefly in my licking to tell Ciaran to undress me. The look of delight that appeared on his face got my pussy squidging again in anticipation. He — quickly — undressed me; and as soon as my knickers were off, he realised how turned on I was by the way my juices started streaming down my thighs…

He slid into me…

I groaned loudly in appreciation…

He started fucking me…

I started cumming…

With the sound of both his sister and his mother cumming in front of him, even if he wasn’t directly responsible for his mother’s ecstasy, he lost it; and injected me with an almost full load of spunk. I came hard. He stayed hard.

Mummy held out her arms towards Ciaran.

“Ciaran, baby, come here, to me please.”

So, as he pulled out of me, I pressed a hand against my pussy, to seal it off, to prevent his spunk from draining out onto the kitchen floor. Then he went to the side of the table, where she took hold of his cock, and guided him to the other end of the table from me. Then she wriggled herself along the table until her head was hanging off the end, and pulled Ciaran’s cock into her mouth, and started sucking it.

Ciaran groaned in pleasure — I groaned in lust, and lapped her harder and faster — Mum shuddered and groaned in ecstasy.

Then I made the ‘mistake’ of looking up at the blow-job action. Mummy was deep-throating Ciaran, and he was fucking right into her throat.

I was mesmerised seeing her throat ‘inflate’, then ‘deflate’ as his cock entered and then left her. No wonder the boys got-off quickly as they watched it happen to me. I hadn’t seen that sort of thing so clearly before. Even though I had seen both the twins doing a deep-throat, they are bigger than me and Mum, so I suppose the cocks going down their throats weren’t so noticeable.

I went back to licking her, but watched the blow-job like a hawk.

Ciaran started grunting and panting again — again, he was about to shoot.

He fucked into her mouth hard, and froze there as he pulsed — I don’t know… five or more times into her mouth, but with this being his… sort of… third cum since I had arrived, I didn’t know if he’d delivered anything into her mouth with this one. Then he crumpled to the floor.

I lifted away from Mummy’s pussy and pulled her back down the table so that her head was on it again. She flopped and lay gasping and breathing over and over, “Oh my babies — Oh Karen! Oh Ciaran! Oh babies…!”

Meanwhile I moved up and started Frenching her and trying to suck anything of Ciaran out of her mouth (which wasn’t much, there was barely any flavour), as I played with her nipples — squeezing and pulling them. She continued cumming.

Once I saw that Ciaran had recovered again (he was superhuman that day), I called him towards me.

“Come on Cier. Your turn again. Finish what you started. Finish making her happy.”

So, I moved out from between her legs, and he moved in. He put his arms under her knees, and slid into her.

She Magosa Escort squeaked, shivered and orgasmed, as he started a hard but measured fuck.

I scurried around to the other end of the table, used a chair to get on to the table, then knelt above Mummy’s face, removed my hand and lowered my pussy to her mouth, so that she could enjoy eating Ciaran out of me.

I put my right hand down to play with her tits and nipples; then, using my left hand, I pulled Ciaran’s lips into contact with mine so we could have a nice, long, sweet, sedate, lovers French-kiss, as he fucked Mummy, and she ate me.

She was good! I lost count of the orgasms she gave me.

Poor Ciaran! All this family pussy on tap, and all he could manage was a ten-minute fuck of Mummy, before he blew his last nut of the evening, and had to finish off by licking her, enabling Mummy and me to have another un-numbered ‘multiple’ each.

When Mummy couldn’t take anymore and Ciaran was all shagged-out, we called it a day.

I made sure they both got spotlessly clean, together in the shower, and tucked them up unto Ciaran’s bed, with him spooned in behind her, and his arms wrapped around her. He sobbed into her neck about how wonderful she was; and how much he loved her for being his Mummy, and for giving him such wonderful fucks and blow-jobs. She kissed him back, over her shoulder, and sobbed that she considered that he had repaid her with his care and consideration and the multiple orgasms he had given her.

I kissed them both good-night, and left their Mutual Appreciation Society to sob and kiss themselves to sleep.

So, then I went down, and thoroughly cleaned all the spunk and pussy juice off the table and floor (it was Ciaran’s spunk that I had slipped on as I went for him, after he shot off when I arrived on the scene).

I prepared a meal for Daddy and myself.

When he got home, he asked where Mummy was. I told him. But I also told him, in no uncertain terms, that he MUST NOT disturb them, as they were shagged out by each other, so needed their sleep.

I followed him up to the bedroom, to make sure he didn’t disturb them, but Mummy was already awake, and saw him look in on them.

“Oh, Tony come here and please let me kiss you!”

Daddy went in, and she pulled him down to lay on the bed beside her. Ciaran never moved, as she wrapped Daddy in her arms and kissed him, and thanked him for her wonderful children; and, snuffling softly told him how much she loved him for allowing her Tom and Ciaran.

When Daddy asked if Ciaran had been good, she answered: –

“Yes, but then Karen and Ciaran ‘tag-teamed’ me, and wouldn’t let me stop cumming. Karen’s very good at licking pussy. I wonder where she learned it?

“Do you remember me telling you about Alison — who was my college room-mate at the start of the second year? She got kicked-out at the end of the Autumn term because she didn’t do any work? You know! She was the one that always boasted that she was ‘A leaky dike, but no Dutch boy, little or otherwise, was ever going to poke his finger in her crack? Well, Kari is as good as Alison was!”

I gulped. Mummy had had oral sex when she was at college — with her lesbian room-mate? Wow! So much for ME widening her horizons! I could never compete with that sort of thing, you know? After all — all I had been able to do was to get Tommy and Ciaran to help make her happy.

Then she pushed Daddy away, and told him that she needed to sleep, but to take good care of me when we went to bed later, as I deserved it.

Daddy and I ate our meal; then, after I phoned and told Tommy that I wouldn’t be home that night, I took Daddy into their bed, and he took care of me four times; and was very good to me as he squirted into me twice, then we both fell asleep.

I really love my Daddy and Mummy, and brother!

And especially my Uncle Tommy!


Continued in Part 8

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