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Giving Up Her Ass

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Non Nude

Kaylee idly flipped through the magazines in her mother’s living room. It was such a generational difference. She could never imagine buying a paper magazine herself, but her mother always had a stack of them here on the coffee table. Titles like Vanity Fair, Bon Appetit, New York. That was mom’s favorite. She loved New York City she was there right now in fact, which is why Kaylee was over here feeding Buster, mom’s lavender point Siamese. Kaylee loved animals, but somehow never really bonded with Buster, who was probably hiding somewhere upstairs.

Then it caught her eye: “Anal Sex Tips” on the cover of Cosmopolitan. Why did she seem to be unable to get away from the idea of anal lately? She never really thought too much about it before, but lately she’d become obsessed with it. It somehow felt weird that at 23 she was still an anal virgin. She’d been sleeping with Sam since high school, and now that she had her own apartment with no roommates, there wasn’t a lot she hadn’t done. Except that. Oh, she tried with Sam once, years ago, but it hurt so bad she made him stop.

She started searching for the article amidst an endless stream of perfume ads, but then she shuddered and put it down before any mental images of her mother’s bedroom activities could rush unbidden to mind. She discreetly tucked it under the latest issue of Good Housekeeping.

“Housekeeping! Oh, shit. I still have to clean Rick’s place,” she thought. She left a light on in the living room and the Classical music station on (which her mom believed kept Buster’s neuroses in check) and then set out down the hill to the duplex where she lived.

Living down the street from your mother had its advantages. She’d cat sit Buster during mom’s weekends in New York, and mom could watch her cats whenever she and Sam road tripped to the beach. And her neighbor, Rick was an older professional, not at all like the frat guys in the apartment complex she used to live in. Rick was a handsome man in his mid-40s, well dressed, though always sporting bed head and a perpetual five o’clock shadow. His semi-regular lady friend Susan was an incredibly attractive fashion Büyükesat Escort designer or something who lived in Brooklyn, but occasionally slept over when she was in town. Rick was a good neighbor. He wasn’t the landlord, but he maintained the place, and was the one who had first shown Kaylee the apartment…

It was a warm spring day, and she’d gotten off her restaurant shift early to view the apartment. Rick was waiting on the porch, starched white shirt open at the cuffs and collar. The available apartment on the east side was a mirror image of Rick’s on the west. One wall divided the two down the middle of the house. The place was incredible, just what she always wanted. Hard wood floors. Lots of natural light. And just within her budget – barely. She felt giddy as he took her around the place, pointing things out in a rich warm baritone. Was it just her, or was he flirting? It’s always so hard to tell with older men, they’re so subtle. One thing she knew for sure, though, was he was definitely checking out her ass in her tight black server’s pants. She decided to take the place on the spot, and that’s when she and Rick worked out a side deal that she’d clean his apartment once a week in exchange for her half of the house utility bills.

Not that it had needed a lot of cleaning. He was pretty fastidious – for example, one of his rules were all shoes were taken off at the door. But lately, with Susan away, and Kaylee to take care of things, he’d been leaving the bed unmade and clothes on the floor. She suspected he was deliberately leaving work for her, so she wouldn’t feel like a charity case.

Kaylee walked into the master bedroom and started picking up clothes. She could hear Sam’s videogames through the wall. “I hope to god they can’t hear us fight,” she thought, but she knew he probably could. The thin dividing wall was one of the few drawbacks to the place. Early on she often heard Rick and Susan having sex. He would really pound her to screaming orgasms. In fact, hearing Susan screaming “Fuck my ass!” was without a doubt what had stoked her current Elvankent Escort anal obsession.

When she came across one of his white button shirts – maybe even the same one he was wearing when she met him – instead of putting it in the hamper she put it on. Burying her nose in the fabric, smelling him, pulling it around her. She dropped onto her back on the bed lost in reverie about Rick fucking Susan in the ass. With her knees up and her skirt bunched around her waist, she let her hand slide into her panties. Imagining Rick fucking Susan. On this bed. Fucking her in the ass. A tiny ripple of pleasure washed over her. She was hot now. She could envision Rick. Broad shouldered Rick. Leaning over her. Kissing her lips, her neck, her breasts. She was working two fingers in and out of her pussy now with her thumb on her clit. “Oh, Rick!” she said aloud. She let her middle finger slide out, and down to her ass. She slipped it in with one quick thrust. “Yes, Rick, take it!”, she panted out and then came – hard.

Later that night as Sam reached over to kill the bedside lamp, Kaylee rolled on top of him to stop him. He knew she was feeling frisky and lost no time rolling her back over on her back and making out with her – it was the heat of summer, so both were already naked, and it was only seconds before she felt his erection pushing, stiffening against her. She palmed a condom off the night stand and handed it to him. He put it on, but when he began to raise himself into position over her, she grabbed his head with both hands and pushed him under the covers like dunking someone in a pool. Her peals of giggling were cut short in a gasp as Sam, getting the idea started licking and kissing his way to her pussy. Suddenly she wondered if Rick could hear her. She glanced out the window and saw his car was in the driveway. He was definitely home.

God, Sam was so good with his tongue. She roughly grabbed and mauled her own tits as her pelvis involuntarily started thrusting up to his mouth.

She heard a noise through the wall, and a devilish grin spread across Beşevler Escort her face.

Reaching over the headboard she let her wrist bang against the wall three times to make sure he was listening.

“Yes!” Bang.

“Yes!” Bang.

“Yes!!” Bang.

She heard what sounded like a polite knock on the wall, and so she knew she had his attention. She was about to come – it was now or never! Kaylee clamped her thighs together, trapping Sam’s head, muffling his hearing.

“Yes! Yes! Oh God, Rick! …”

She released Sam so he could hear her cum.

“…fuck me!”

Sam emerged from under the covers and slipped into her in one fluid motion. Now they were fucking in earnest, and she forgot about her teasing game with the neighbor and just enjoyed the ride.

Sam pulled back until just the tip was in her, then forward again as far as he could go, slowly picking up rhythm. He started pistoning up and down like a machine. She felt another wave crash over her. She grabbed him in a tight hug, he held her back. Their bodies motionless, fused together as little ripples slowly died down. Finally, she released him from her constraining embrace.

Sam wasn’t done, though. His boyish exuberance was what made him such a great fuck buddy. Looking her in the eyes he slowly began sliding his dick against her lips. Heating her back up.

Then suddenly she felt the head of his dick pressing against her ass hole.

“No!”, she practically screamed.

“That’s not for you,” reaching down she redirected his shaft back into her yearning pussy.

The next day she was standing in Rick’s bedroom. His face was stern and hard.

“I came home last night, and my bed wasn’t made,” his tone was even but firm.

“Yes, sir.”

“And what was one of my shirts doing on the bed? We had an agreement. I’m paying the electric bill here, but once a week you clean this place. Regardless of your other work schedule, once a week, your ass is mine!”

“Yes, sir.”

“You owe me.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, how do we fix this?”

She’d prepared for this. This was the moment she’d been waiting for. The reason she’d worn her best come-fuck-me pumps and not taken them off at the door. The reason she’d left her panties at home. This was the moment of truth – she bit her lip, then decided to go all in.

She turned and bent over His bed. She flipped her skirt up, exposing her bare ass to Him.

“Once a week my ass is yours… Sir.”

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