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God of Whores Ch. 05

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Hey all! I’m giving you an especially long story segment today that actually spans three chapters of the book. This is because the first two are short and I don’t want to deny you a major sex scene after such a long delay in this release. I hope you all enjoy, and will get in touch with me via the contacts page with questions, comments, or heck, even some praise if you’re into that sort of thing, I know I am!


For the months that followed, Pericles’ life fell into a satisfying, if not sometimes difficult routine. He lost track of days for weeks, and then weeks for month, ultimately unsure how long he spent in the education and toil that the temple had to offer, but it became clear quite early on that the goal of virtually everything he did, from eating to working to fucking were all designed to mold him into the perfect fucking machine. Of course he’d entered the temple thinking he already was exactly that, but the words of the Matriarchs and Aphrodite herself had given him cause to doubt himself. It was a double-edged sword; doubt meant that he was indeed imperfect, yet it also gave him hope that he had somewhere to go, new plateaus to reach in skilled lovemaking.

His schedule each day was the same:


Morning was easily Pericles’ favorite part of the day. The first time it happened it utterly startled him; he woke from apparently pleasant dreams to the sensation of tongues wandering his cock. Looking down he saw two acolytes slavishly giving him oral service. They would lick and flick at his humongous morning-wood before taking turns practicing deep-throating him. While the two girls on his first day could not handle all of him, he was surprised to find through the weeks that every few days he was blessed with presence of one who could, usually a full priestess or even one of the Matriarchs a time or two.

For the girls, it was a test of their ability to please a man, to learn to deepthroat, and a general fun sort of chore; it was training for them as much as it was for Pericles. For his part, he was commanded by whoever was servicing him to NOT cum. He found this surprisingly difficult at first; even with his legendary stamina that made it downright challenging to get off when he wanted to, the acolytes and priestesses of the temple were just so skilled he couldn’t help but want to unload when they swiftly brought him to the brink.

One thing that shocked him was just how nasty the girls would get. He was used to women trying every trick they had to please him when they wanted a piece of his bull-cock, yet the girls of the temple were beyond thorough. No blowjob was complete until they’d spent a long time polishing his balls to a slobber-gleaming shine, his taint had been totally coated in saliva, and even his ass needed to be eaten out. Since the girls always came in pairs he felt they had an unfair advantage in how they’d team up against him, perhaps one taking his nuts throat deep while the other would use her huge tits to jack his cock off into their mouth.

But, over time, Pericles found he was able to hold out in spite of the spectacular head. Even if it was just one more minute a day, it didn’t take long for those little gains to become hours, and it was with smug satisfaction he found more girls tapping out due to jaw strain or tongue-fatigue, though he did selfishly allow himself one earlier orgasm per week, just to reward himself for progress. With this regimen of dedication, it soon became a serious effort for even the combination of Zoey and Xenia to get Pericles off until he wanted it to end.


After the morning blowjob (which Pericles would sometimes finish in the bath if he’d lasted long enough) it was off to the common dining area. The food in the temple was plentiful, and always sprinkled with exotic spices designed not only to enhance the flavor of the meals, but also to increase his virility, pack muscle onto his frame, and keep him resistant to illness or fatigue. In time he learned that locals would constantly bring sacrifices of the food he ate to the temple in exchange for anything from blessings to love potions to copulation with a priest or priestess.

The Temple did not consider any of its members to be prostitutes however; rather, sacrifices were made without specific requests, and those who chose to bestow the blessing of sexual congress to show the Goddess’s thanks were smiled upon by the temple, but never required. There was no price or negotiation, only choice and freedom and above all, always, love.

Following breakfast, Pericles would join with the others in prayers and ceremonies. While the rituals of the temple had their titillating aspects and sexual imagery was heavy throughout, this was always the hardest thing for Pericles to master. His attention span had never been the best, and he was so constantly geared up for more sex it was difficult to stop fantasizing enough to say the right words at the right times, but as the weeks Bycasino dragged on, Pericles grew to speak the rites so reflexively it no longer mattered that he wasn’t the best student.

-Early Afternoon-

While the chores that came with the post-prayer hours were hard labor, Pericles found he truly didn’t mind them. He’d always been comfortable with his body and muscle seemed to form on him easily enough, though things were difficult at first. When he started, it was his task to haul heavy sacks of grain from where the parishioners would leave them and take them the long walk to the kitchen stores. Initially, he could barely make the long with a single big sack, his muscles feeling fatigued after just one trip, but in time he found himself able to take two such sacks, then four, getting just a bit stronger every time he did.

What really got him through it was the pleasant ogling many of the acolytes and priestesses would pay him; their lurid gazes that lingered on his bulging biceps or thick calves was a sort of fuel that kept him going no matter how much he wanted to stop or collapse from the labor. He also noticed that he seemed to be developing a bit faster than the other guys he labored with, many of them only making half his progress in twice the time; this made him feel that Aphrodite’s blessing was truly upon him.

-Sex Education-

Easily the best part of Pericles’ day every day was the actual training in the art of making love. Part of the classes were merely lecture, a patriarch or matriarch talking the students through details of anatomy, the nature of the penis, the vagina, the testicles and the breasts were all covered of course, but also how almost any other part of the body could be made erogenous under the right circumstances or employing the right techniques. Pericles was especially surprised when he learned how to bring a woman to the brink of orgasm simply using his fingernails on the span between the wrist and elbow!

He was also shocked to learn just why his penis had the effect it did on women. He’d never really given it serious thought, just assuming “more penis” meant “more sex” and therefore that was the cause of his ability to stimulate women so effectively. Instead he learned, the reason his cock got results was because of its girth, particularly in how the sheer mass of it would put pressure on the clitoris from other side. Lesser endowed men had to find other ways of addressing the needy, greedy little button at the heart of the female orgasm, their own weapons just didn’t do enough to put pressure on it. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that when he applied what he learned and applied his fingers or other toys to the front of the clitoris as well he could bring about even bigger climaxes.

The part of the class that wasn’t instructive, was demonstrative… teachers would pair members of the class up or even personally demonstrate specific techniques, and there seemed to be something of value to learn from each of them.

From Zoey he learned how to truly devour pussy; he’d always relished the experience, but with her careful guidance he learned much more about the timing, when to switch from direct stimulation to more circular motions and back again, when to insert a tongue or finger, how to read his partner’s reactions to gauge what she wanted or needed.

From Xenia he learned just how to treat a magnificent pair of breasts, particularly the nipples, learning that it was good to focus in more and grow harsher on them increasingly the closer a woman got to orgasm. He had no idea the sensitive little nubs liked a little biting from time-to-time or that despite this they couldn’t be treated carelessly either.

Best of all was Kassandra. She wouldn’t let him have his way with her of course, but on the rare days she taught the girls, he was frequently the model she liked to use for her students to practice techniques on. His massive size and easy attitude made him the perfect candidate for bouts of oral sex, hand-jobs and even exercises for strengthening the kegal muscles. Kassandra liked to joke that it was important to pick someone so even the people in the back of the room could see, which made Pericles perfect since his cock was basically visible from the top of Olympus.

The only problem with the sexual training was that all the men were, as usual, forbidden from coming throughout. Those that were unlucky or unfocussed enough and ended up dropping their loads by mistake were banished for the rest of the day. Nothing could hold you back in learning more than having a hair-trigger, and as frustrating as having to hold off could be, Pericles was never more grateful for his impressive stamina, and even then he was banished for firing early a time or few in his days.

Still, as the months went on, the techniques being taught would test Pericles more and more. He learned new positions for congress he’d never considered, as well as numerous athletic feats that could Bycasino giriş greatly enhance or surprise his partners, anything from fucking while swinging on whatever happened to be handy to fucking in a full-bridge while making his pelvis vibrate at a frequency only men with his spectacular musculature could be capable of.

After the classes, he would join the rest of the students for another round of prayers and rituals, and finally relax into the dining hall for more great feasts. In the temple of Aphrodite, every night was a celebration of life, and love and everything that makes the world a great place to be.

After dinner, Pericles would be treated to wondrous full-body massages most days. These were reserved for the students showing the most excellent progress, which he generally was. The Massage parlor was on the fringe of the third ring, bordering the well-guarded entrance to the fourth, and he suspected that its positioning was no accident. Everything about the temple was meant to be inspirational for further progress.

The Priestesses who staffed the parlor were incredibly skilled at their task having forsaken other pleasures of the flesh to focus entirely on pleasuring bodies with their hands. Of course many of the happy endings he enjoyed in massage would culminate in sex, but sometimes he just liked to lay back and let them rub him down with their fingers, hands and tits in the amazing array of sensual oils they had to offer.

There was one little cabinet in the corner of the room he asked about one day, but was told the contents were only for those most favored by the temple. Still, the girl mused as she stroked her well-lubricated hands up and down his towering length, she had a feeling he’d be deemed worthy in time. Pericles could only hope that she was right as he moaned and melted into the sensual experience. If the massage finished without him cumming he would generally invite the priestesses back to his room for an all-night fuck-fest, finally emptying his bloated balls before the morning blow-job trials would begin his tests yet again.

Unbeknownst to Pericles, Kassandra would spend much time gathering information on his progress. She found herself increasingly pleased with it as the months went by and she could begin to tabulate very specific points of his improvement.

To start with, his stamina had become truly god-like! One morning she unleashed two of her elite handmaidens, specialized for their oral skills to give him his morning blowjob and when they returned they looked dismayed that they’d been unable to get him to climax even once despite hours of trying. He’d even hammered their throats to the point it became a challenge for them to stay at it and marked his territory by thoroughly teabagging them before taking his leave. Kassandra was able to reassure them that it was not their skills faltering, but rather the remarkable progress of an extraordinary young man.

In addition to this, his muscles had become like those of a seasoned warrior, bulging and powerful from every part of his frame. His broad shoulders could easily heft one of the temple’s stone tables without aid, his biceps and forearms were so swollen with might that he could carry the sacks of grain as though they were feathers, easily juggling them if he was bored as he walked. The food promoted more extensive change as well, bringing the already tall lad to a towering 6-foot-8 height.

And while the Temple encouraged stamina and generally forbid orgasms during the day, she took reports from the massage-priestesses he would fuck at night that he was putting out veritable gallons of cum a week. One even slit a wine-skin and let him fill it with his load, bringing the result to Kassandra. She was impressed by the volume and treated herself to it as a drink, finding his flavor to be the perfect combination of sweet and manly to incite her desire.

It was on the last day of his eighth month with the temple that Kassandra received a most intriguing report. Apparently, Zoey had called on Pericles to help her demonstrate some secrets of female stamina for the members of the sex education class, and apparently he’d fucked her both into unconsciousness in record time, as well as into a Zoey-shaped crater his heavy fuck-slams had worn into the temple’s stone floor.

When Kassandra heard this, she decided he was ready.

-Demonstrations can be Deceptive-

Pericles awoke to another day and another blowjob, smiling as he sleepily beamed down at the two girls servicing him, one blonde and busty, the other raven-haired and radiant. He let them go about their business for a while, still waking up and reveling in his triumph over Zoey in front of the class the day before. He could see the poor things tiring at last however, jaws obviously straining and aching to accommodate his fat cockhead, tongues getting gentler as they swabbed across his balls. He reached down affectionately and stroked both girls’ Bycasino güncel giriş hair.

“Hey, you guys are incredible, but I think you’ve made your point. I’m not going to cum and I don’t want you to hurt yourselves. Do you wanna knock off?”

The looked at each other and exchanged a mischievous wink,

“Okay. Would you let us fuck you a little before we go?”

“I love this temple,” Pericles responded as he leaned back with a satisfied sigh. The two ladies took turns mounting him for a while, cumming their brains out on his vast shaft. He didn’t really work much for it…he knew he could take the two acolytes to oblivion and back if he so chose, but he didn’t want to get them in trouble. Technically, blowjob time was only for testing, it wasn’t meant to be a time for gratification of either the giver or the recipients.

Suddenly, as the blonde was bouncing on him for the second time, her hands supporting her ample tits like she was ashamed of their voluptuousness, Pericles caught sight of a figure in the doorway and he panicked, lifting the girl up and bending her back so he was driving.

“Yeah, take it bitch! I couldn’t hold back! I just had to fuck you!” he was trying to take the heat off of them, concerned that Kassandra would harshly punish the two girls for violating protocol.

But the High Priestess seemed totally unconcerned with the transgression either way, only walking to the bed side and tapping Pericles’ brawny shoulder.

“Knock it off, super-stud, you’re being promoted. Your progress over the last two seasons has been very impressive and I have decided you are ready to be sworn into the order of Patriarchs. Congratulations!”

Pericles grinned and stood back from the still-spasming blonde, turning to Kassandra and bowing deeply in hilarious contrast to his upthrust, gigantic cock.

“Thank you, High Priestess! I am honored by the love of the Goddess!”

She placed a hand on him, bestowing her blessing before she spoke on, “This evening you will come to the ritual-hall across from the massage parlor to receive your new robes. Take the rest of today to do whatever you wish in the Third Circle, it will be your last full day here.”

“Yes, Priestess.”

Kassandra left him to it. Pericles, shockingly enough, chose to do nothing to change his routine. He’d come to adore his schedule, and even though he was dismissed from chores he still worked to help move the grain into the stores, still participated in morning and evening prayers, and still treated himself to his final massage as a mere priest. The attendant was surprised when he stayed her hand from stroking him off as usual, however.

“I’m saving myself for tonight,” he explained, then kissed her deeply to show his appreciation.

He then walked across the hall to the ritual chamber and waited to see what was next.

Before long, Kassandra entered and took just a moment looking him up and down appreciatively.

“Strip.” She commanded.

Pericles obliged her, dropping his priest robes to the ground for a final time, standing before her naked and proud, his bulging muscles only matched in potency by the sight of his heavy, limp cock, hanging down powerfully beyond his thighs. Inside he was rubbing his hands together with glee, knowing that he’d finally been deemed worthy of getting to fuck Kassandra. He waited for her to remove her clothing.

She did not.

“Follow me,” she commanded.

He obeyed, looking back longingly at the bed they were leaving behind, “But I thought…”

She looked back at him quizzically, “You thought what?”

“I thought it was time. I thought Aphrodite and you and me were going to do it!”

Kassandra laughed so hard her tits shook, “Oh Pericles, no. I only fuck men with big cocks.”

Pericles’ jaw dropped. If he didn’t know better, he’d swear he’d possibly added a little size there too since he’d started, and he was still the biggest he’d ever seen. Surely this was a joke. He scowled bitterly as they crossed the threshold, allowing him for the first time to see the 4th circle of the temple.

He didn’t even know how to take it all in. The floor and walls went from being hewn marble to another substance he couldn’t define, like metal but so layered in lacquer or polish that it shone with an eerie perfection that he couldn’t properly understand. Kassandra beamed at his obvious confusion.

“It’s Olympite, the metal of the gods, forged in a secret process known only to Hephaestus; it is the strongest substance on earth and never needs maintenance of any kind. If left alone, the temple would crumble in time, but this innermost circle will stand until the Titans themselves return and devour the world whole.”

He nodded, in awe and reverence. The statues here were so lifelike they frightened him, and they depicted endless forms of copulation, some of which he’d still never even imagined despite his long course of intense study in exactly that. Her swaying ass led him into a pair of adjoined communal halls, each of which housed opulent baths, the likes of which he’d never seen. Something made the whole room smell wonderfully sweet and he found himself just a little light-headed, overwhelmed by so much change so quickly.

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