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Golfing – Hawaiian Style

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As we all meet in the clubhouse for this particular new and exciting round of golf Hawaiian style, we await the final participants to arrive. As most of us are already there but not quite everyone. Still to arrive are the girls of ARAS, Angel, Anastasia, Rio and Sutan as well as Simone, Lourdes, Ty, and Monica.

Michael, Dan, Passion and myself are already present. Going over the rules in which the rule book is blank as there are no rules. It’s basically hit the ball and come up with something fun for everyone to enjoy since the golf course here is closed off to other players.

As we wait for the girls to show up. I walk up to Dan and talk with him for alittle bit. Learning much about him he asks how this round of golf is to be played. I begin to tell him that when everyone shows up we’ll break up into 4 groups of 3. This way each group can follow the others as we play the round of 18 holes adding some fun played in the game.

For each birdie, there will be a special surprise and for an Eagle and even better one. If on the off chance there is a hole in one then, everything goes! For each Par stroke there is always some kind of fun included just in that.

In talking with Dan, since he is the winner of the contest in the group. I decide to do something more personal for him as we sit in the lounge waiting. I kneel down and move to him, moving between his thighs I begin to unzip his jeans. His hands immediately move to my boobs as he cups them under my loose top and feels my nipples stiffening up. His fingertips runs over the hard nubs as they push against the fabric of my shirt.

I push my hand into his jeans and feel his semi hard cock. Massaging him without pulling his length out yet feels great as he it’s very warm inside there. Once he’s growing harder, I pull his cock out and hold it into my hand. I find him pleasantly shaved and smooth. I run my fingertip over the slit which is beginning to ooze out the first droplets of precum. I smear it over the head as I begin to stroke him in my hand.

I grip the base of his shaft as a low moan emanates from him. I move in closer as I tease the crown with the tip of my tongue before pushing half his length into my mouth. His cock is thick as my fingers won’t touch as I hold the base of his shaft. I move my tongue over the head and down the sides, to the underside then back over the side and along the top of his shaft. His cock growing nicely, so hard and thick in my hand and on my tongue.

I engulf him into my mouth and begin moving on his shaft slowly. Tightening my lips around his muscle I move slowly as I can feel his hips moving with me. I suck the length as my tongue moves along the underside and over the top. I pull his cock out so only the fat head is in my mouth. I close my lips around it and suck as it is was an ice cream cone. Licking upwards as my fingers tease his ball sac.

Moving over hs cockhead, I take him into my throat. His length flowing down my throat easily as my chin lies flat against his balls. I repeat the motion as I can feel his eyes on me, watching me deep throating his shaft repeatedly. I can feel his hands move to my head as his finger grab and handful of my dark hair. I feel the urgency now as his hips begin to pump my face.

Moving over his shaft faster and faster, my hand not pumping him but only holding the base of his shaft. It’s my mouth and tongue doing the magic on his cock as I await for him to fill my mouth with the first many cumshots. His hand reaches down and pinches my nipple just as I moan around his cock and with a sudden thrust of his hips, I feel the first of several spurts of sticky white hot cum filling my mouth.

Swallowing and sucking, it is followed by another then another. I take his full load deep in my mouth and swallow, letting my throat muscles massage the head of his cock as I suck what his balls will give me. I swallow his cock one more time before pulling him from my throat. Tapping my tongue against the tip of his cock, I look up into your eyes and thank you for my breakfast. You instead thank me for the gift of my pleasure.

As I stand up from my kneeling position. Looking up I see Michael and Passion standing in the doorway of the clubhouse. An obvious tent forming in Michael’s pants as they had been watching me for some time I’m guessing. As I walk past them both, I drop my hands and grab each of their crotches and ask why they didn’t indulge in each other of they’re so turned on as Passion’s nipples were very visible thru her top.

Looking around, I ask where the hell are they! Nobody dares answers as silence falls upon the room. I turn around looking at my watch wondering what the heck is going on. Out of the corner of my eye I see Michael sitting down next to Dan talking with him. Passion is sitting on the arm of the chair next to Michael as his hand is under her skirt caressing her legs. I find a chair in the other room but still within eye sight of them both and watch.

I watch as Michael moves his hand up higher Bayan Escort Gaziantep as Passion parts her thighs. I can see her foot rubbing against his cock. I slide 2 fingers into myself and begin a slow pumping action as I caress my boobs thru the fabric of my shirt. Unbuttoning my shirt, I pull the lapel down and expose my left boob to him as I tease and pull my nipple.

Michael begins to rub Passion’s pussy as I see her head fall backwards. His fingers rubbing her clit as her foot rubs his cock harder. Not being able to see Dan during this I can only imagine what he’s feeling watching this between them both. Thinking to myself if his cock is hard once more after sucking him so good or is he hoping to take Passion from behind when she decides to suck on Michael’s cock.

I continue to massage my pussy, I hear movement behind me as the bartender has come around from the bar. Not even looking up, I ask her if she wants to have some fun. Not hearing her answer I just tell her to move to around to the front of me and drop her slacks and climb up to my face. There is no movement from her as I’m hoping she takes me up on my offer.

I’ve known the bartender here for several months now, she is a beautiful long legged dark haired woman with firm large breasts and a personality that is unmatched by anyone I know. She’s the sweetest lil thing and has always been curious about the female to female aspect. She’s caught the attention of both Michael and I on many occasions.

Still watching Michael as he plays with Passion’s pussy. I can see her trying to hold a conversation with Dan but it’s getting more difficult for her to focus. As Michael’s fingers massage her pussy, I watch as she tilts her head to the side and her eyes close. She bites down on her lower lip as I know that she is having her orgasm. Michael’s fingers working in and out of her and rubbing her hard clit.

Passion slides off the armchair and kneels down between Michael’s thighs. She unzips his pants and pulls his cock from his jeans. She immediately gets to work sucking and licking the shaft, he sits there watching her then looking up at me. I’m just about to cum when the bartender moves in front of me, blocking my view of Passion devouring Michael’s cock.

I watch the pretty woman move over me and place a long bare leg onto the arm of the chair, she thrusts her pelvis at me as I move forward and slip my tongue over her smooth hairless mound. I begin to tongue her wet slit that she had been rubbing. Parting her lips with my tongue, I lap at the wet slit while moving down and into her. Lapping all over the tiny entrance as I slip my tongue in and out of her. Licking upwards, I find her clit shrouded in the hood. I suck gently as I release the nub from it’s confines.

She’s moaning and pushing her hips into my face. My fingers massaging myself as I hold her steady with my other hand. Her hands are massaging her boobs and pinching the nipples. I can hear her moans as my tongue expertly flicks over her clit and wet lips. I peek around her as Passion is sucking on Michael.

Turning my deliberate focus on this beauty, I begin to lap at her clit harder and faster. I feel her hand on my head as I lick and suck her lips into my mouth. Moving my tongue up and down the wet slit bouncing from her tight entrance to her clit. I feel her tremble as her legs tighten, caressing her thigh as I hold it steady. She lets out a weak moan as I feel the sweet warmth coursing down my chin. Lapping faster her orgasm explodes as she holds my head in her hand and grinds herself against my tongue.

Licking as fast as I can, her hips thrusting against my tongue, mouth and chin. Riding my face like only a woman can. She peels back off of me, leans down and gives me a sweet kiss on the lips. She smiles and says thanks as I watch her sweet ass move away. Licking my lips again I can taste the scent of her and Dan still on them.

Looking back at Passion. I see her with her mouth still on Michael but this time Dan has moved behind her and is driving into her pussy with a force notable by his desire to fuck her hard and deep. I can pickup the faint moans by Passion as they escape around Michael’s thick shaft. Dan is pounding hard on Passion as she sucks hard on Michael. I can see Michael’s hips moving in and out of her mouth as Passion reaches back between her thighs to massage her clit.

Michael’s head falls back just as Passions begins pumping his thick shaft. Her mouth covering the head as she pumps him. Knowing Michael is filling her mouth, Passion sucks harder. Just then, Dan pulls out from Passion and explodes up her back. Pumping his cock, his cock spurts ribbons of cum onto her ass and back. Passion sucking Michael and taking what his balls can give.

Passion sucks Michael again before pulling his cock form her mouth. Dan walks to the side of Passion as she sits back onto her feet. Passion takes Dan cock into her mouth and sucks him clean. She releases him and recomposes herself by standing up and straightening out her dress and excusing herself to use the restroom to check her makeup.

Michael and Dan walk into the bar area and sit down across from me. I’m just finishing massaging myself as I brought myself to a slow tumbling orgasm. I ask them both if they’re having a good time yet and both say oh yes.

Just then, the others walk into the bar. Looking flushed and hurried, I ask them what took them so long. They all pointed to Monica and said it was her fault. That she just needed to stop and play in the water near Little Beach. We all laughed cause we know that Monica doesn’t like water much but that they didn’t want to say why they were late.

Passion emerged from the restroom looking quite the happy go lucky woman. We all went to the desk and checked in as a group. We told the attendant that we needed 4 carts and that our game plan was 4 groups of 3. As we waited for the keys to the carts, we decided to choose who would be grouped in 3’s.

Michael, Dan and I made up one group. Anastasia, Angel and Passion was the second while Tyson, Monica and Simone was the 3rd group with Lourdes, Rio and Sutan making up the 4th and final group. We grabbed the keys and off we went. The attendant yelled that we forgot the scorecards but since this wasn’t about keeping score we grabbed one card so we would know what the par would be.

We grabbed a cart, loaded the rental clubs and away we went towards the first hole. It would be a long day for sure as a regular game usually takes about 3 hours but I highly doubt we’d be out that long let alone get passed the 5th hole. There was just too much sexual highs going on with everyone that it would be a good day however long or short it would be.

We approached the first hole. As we all got out of the carts, we each took our turns hitting the balls. Some went astray while others landed towards the trees. Only Dan, Michael and Tyson were able to the fairway on their first shots. Monica sucked badly as did Simone. It was a start of a long afternoon if none of the girls could hit a decent shot.

As the girls went to find their balls, Tyson went to help them as Michael, Dan and myself took the cart up the fairway. Knowing we had left the others way in the trees Michael and Dan took their second shots and each landed onto the green. I picked up my ball and threw it into the pond telling them I had enough.

We got into the cart again and drove on over to the green so that Michael and Dan could finish up. Both shot an even par of 3. Michael sat on the back of the cart as Dan stood next to him holding his putter. I walked around the cart then sat next to Michael on the back of the cart.

We waited for the others but we couldn’t see them anywhere. As we pondered what to do next, I began massaging Michael’s cock thru his jeans. I then reached out and began rubbing Dan’s cock as well as with Michael, the outline of the head tight against the pant leg was just too sexy.

I had Michael stand up as I knelt down between them both. I pulled out their cocks as their pants dropped around their ankles and moved back and forth from one cock to the other. Having my hands holding their shafts as I took turns sucking on Michael then on Dan.

I love having 2 cocks to suck on and being out in the open made the experience that much better. I moved between both men evenly. Spending equal time on each. It didn’t take long though for both to become so erect as I would pump the one I wasn’t sucking on and vice versa.

I then laid back on the green and pulled up my skirt. I ran my hands between my thighs and invited them to join me. Dan moved to my face and lowered his thick cock back into my mouth. Michael moved between my thighs and and began sucking my pussy while sliding a finger into my wet entrance. He licked my clit as I sucked on the head of Dan’s cock.

Michael moved his tongue inside my pussy while his other hand caressed my thighs. He started to tongue fuck my wet pussy as he fingered my clit. Rubbing it hard and in small circular motions. His tongue felt so good in my as I sucked harder n Dan’s cock. As I released his cock from my mouth, you could see the tight ring around his shaft from my lips holding him so tight.

Michael raised himself up and slid his cock into my pussy. I lifted my legs up as he grabbed onto my ankles and put them on his shoulders. He held onto my hips and slammed his thick cock into me. I sucked on Dan’s cock the best I could while tonguing his balls. Michael pumped me to my first orgasm as my juices coated his shaft. Michael then pulled out from my pussy and told Dan to switch.

I moved up onto all fours as Dan positioned himself behind me and entered my wet pussy. Michael pushed his sticky cock into my mouth as I sucked off my wetness from his glistening shaft. I love tasting myself on his cock. Dan thrusted into my pussy hard and fast, working his cock in and out of me with a fevered pace. Michael pumping my mouth as he pushed his cock into my throat.

Michael then told Dan to go for my tight ass. Dan pulled his cock from my pussy and placed the head of his thick cock against my tight backdoor. Not sure on his part to go slow, I slammed myself back onto his cock taking his length in one full backward slam til his balls were pressed against my pussy lips. I sucked harder on Michael as Michael is always the one embedded in my tight ass but since this was Dan’s time, he’d share.

Dan fucked my ass hard and deep. It felt so good to have a cock in my ass and in my mouth. I sucked Michael tightly as I felt Dan’s cock grow thicker with each push. I worked my body so as I pulled up on Dan’s cock, Michael’s cock went deeper into my throat and vice versa. I felt Dan’s body tense and a moan fill the air around. Feeling his hot cum spilling inside my hot ass was all I needed as I began to cum too.

Michael pulled his cock from my mouth and jerked himself as I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. He shot all over my tongue and cross my face and chin. I took his cockhead into my mouth and sucked the rest of his sweet white fluid into my mouth. Savoring the tasty sauce like a fine wine as his balls filled my mouth repeatedly. I was loving the whole thing.

Dan continued to pump my ass until he pulled out of me. I remained on all fours as I felt his cum ooze from my ass and down my pussy. I finished sucking Michael just as the other pulled up. I rolled onto my back and lifted my legs high into the air. I rubbed my clit with the slippery cum and brought myself to another orgasm.

As I rolled over to get up. Tyson came over to me and slid his cock into my pussy from behind. He held me up just under my thighs as he placed my feet onto the cart. I reached out and held onto the canopy of the cart as he pushed himself into me. It didn’t take long before I started to cum once again just as he started too.

He pushed his long cock deep into my pussy as I felt his release filling my walls. He held me tight and stopped thrusting as he injected me with his hot cum. Once his body stopped contracting did he help me down off the cart. My head was slightly spinning being taken so fast and furious but it was so great and I loved it.

Most of the girls were done with the golfing experience. But not everyone was. Dan and Michael was willing to finish it out although Tyson was wanting to stop as well. I made the suggestion of going back to the clubhouse and asked everyone if they would be willing to do that. Michael and Dan hesitated abit as men are always competitive!

With just a slight hesitation, Monica walked up to Michael while Anastasia went over to Dan. Each girl grabbed them by the crotch and said lets go back to the clubhouse and we’ll make it worth your time. Well, they didn’t have to be told twice. Dan went with Anastasia in her cart and Monica came with us in ours. All they way back to the clubhouse, Monica was sucking on Michael while Ana did the same to Dan.

Needless to say we took the long way back to the clubhouse to meet everyone there who went straight over after leaving the second hole. Everyone especially the guys were having a good time since they were the king of the links and had 2 women for each of their needs. While driving back I believe that both Michael and Dan shot off in their wenches mouths for who really knows how many times each have cum by now. It still wasn’t over as I knew that Michael was wanting to get ahold of the bartender back at the clubhouse ever since he watched me lick her sweet slit.

As unloaded the carts, the helpers came out and took the keys from us. They told us that everyone who already came back were in the bar area. We walked in after the guys has zipped up to a huge party of music and dancing. Seeing our friends dancing, flirting and teasing each other with body shots and the sexy bartender standing behind the bar taking it all in.

Tyson had Lourdes on a bar stool, he was sitting on it with her in his lap as she worked her legs up and down taking his length inside her sweet pussy. She was holding onto the bar for dear life as her moans could be heard over the loud music. When we walked in, the girls of ARAS grabbed Dan and led him over to a lone bar stool in the center of the room near the entrance way.

The music stopped as a raunchier version of a song that the girls are used to dancing too played. As Dan sat on his stool. Each girl appeared thru the doorway dressed in something sexy and holding some type of golf club. Angel was the first to emerge and dragged her long torso across Dan’s thighs and pressed her crotch into his knees.

She was followed by Sutan who came in wearing only a see thru sheath of a dress which she shed as walked up to Dan. Dan reaching out to caress to her breasts and nipple as Sutan remained in front of him. She began to unzip his jeans but walked away just short of pulling out his manhood. Rio was next who came out wearing a pulled up thong that straddled her smooth lips. Her nipples pointed upwards with excitement as she cupped her breasts and offered a taste to Dan as she climbed up on the first rung of his stool.

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