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Gorgeous Grace

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Until I’d met Grace, I’d never really been sexually attractive to an older woman, especially those old enough to be my mother. Sure, plenty of older women are attractive, or in some cases, far sexier than their younger counterparts. Perhaps it’s an age and confidence thing, I don’t really know.

In her mid forties Grace certainly was old enough to be my mother and I suppose her face wasn’t quite as smooth as it likely was in her youth, but to me she was absolutely gorgeous. I had watched her from afar for quite some time, although with my apartment balcony overlooking her front yard that was probably unavoidable. That front yard, always well tended, grass neatly cut and trimmed was probably the reason I first noticed her. Most weekends she would be out tending to it, always wearing these tiny shorts which left nothing to the imagination as they ended barely below her butt. Those, and a variety of old, faded but blissfully tight, figure hugging t-shirts.

Knowing her much better and quite intimately these days, I can tell you she was originally from Cambodia, having moved her with an Australian man she’d married, then had two kids to, and since divorced about 7 years ago. Violence and disrespect being the main cause, and she was quite glad to be free of him. From the photo’s I’d seen of them both, her 5 foot 7, strikingly svelte, dark person was far too good for the likes of him. She’s not what you’d call curvy, being quite thin and straight up and down with not much to speak of in the breasts department, but I’d dare you to look on her and not feel something stirring. Black haired of course, with the most even brown skin you’ve seen. Of course she had the odd wrinkle on her brow and around the corners of her eyes, but I guess in your mid-forties that can’t be avoided.

It added character as far as I was concerned, and I’d say I was smitten from that first day I saw her as I reclined, feet up on my balcony and a cool beer in hand as I watched her bending, stretching and working her way around her garden in the 30 degree heat of the day. The bug eyed shades she always wore were kind of silly, but I was far more interested in the curves of her body as she would squat down to weed. From that point on I always had time to sit outside she was about rather than watch TV of doing other things equally as pointless.

After a couple of months viewing, I woke up late with a hangover on Saturday after a big night out the day before. Luckily for my headache it was pouring with rain, but of course that meant it was unlikely Grace would be going through the motions across the road. After fixing myself up an especially strong coffee and then another, I adjourned to the balcony for some fresh air.

The rain was absolutely teeming down at this point, with little rivers running down gutters and paths, and from the looks of the horizon, no let up in sight. We hadn’t had anything like this sort of weather in a long time and I decided my ever growing pile of washing could wait until another day. With no plans and not much to do I decided to take it easy and put my feet up, sipping on my coffee and sparking up a cigarette.

Only after a few drags did I even think on Grace again, and glanced over to her place, immediately noticing that her car in the driveway had both the drivers side windows wound all the way down, and likely the other side as well. No doubt it was already soaked through well and truly by now, but if not it could only get worse.

What to do though? I wasn’t really all that motivated at that point, feeling sluggish and un-coordinated from the combination of too much beer and wine from the night before, but then who knows, maybe it was a good time to speak with her in person. I didn’t for one second think that me saving her car from being soaked through would lead to her inviting me in, getting naked and fucking me like the pool boy in so many shockingly repetitive c-grade porn movies, but then I suppose it couldn’t hurt to help out a woman I was quite infatuated with. At least I’d get to see her up close I thought, and with a sigh, put my coffee down and my cigarette out and changed into a more respectable t-shirt and shorts before heading downstairs and out in to the pouring rain.

It took her a few moments after I knocked on her door before it swung open and there she was. I was more impressed that I had imagined when I saw her face close up, oval, tanned and with the brownest almond shaped eyes I think I’d seen before.

“Hello,” she said with only a slight accent.

About 10 different thoughts entered my head at once. The most prominent being – Hello, you are amazingly hot thing I think I’ve ever seen, could I fuck your brains out please?

She just stood there looking at me expectantly, and I realised all of a sudden that I was the one knocking or her door, not the other way around, hence maybe I should spit out the reason as to why I was here and standing on her patio.

“Oh, hi,” I managed to stammer out eventually, “I live across the road, and I just happened to notice you’d left your windows down and…well..it’s raining and all and it would be getting soaked.”

Recognition Starzbet dawned on her face immediately, her mouth making an O shape as her eyes went wide.

“Oh shit!,” she exclaimed, and I stepped back as she stuck her head out through the door to see for herself. “Thank you, thank you,” she went on distractedly as she bent down and grabbed a pair of shoes by the front door, and slipped then on before stepping past me and running out to her car in the pouring rain.

It only took a moment for her to close the windows, lock the car and run back to the cover of the patio where I stood waiting. Even in that brief moment, the torrential rain had soaked her through to the skin and her t-shirt clung to her heavily, outlining her delicate upper body. Her chest was as flat as I’d assumed, but she had very prominent nipples, large and sharp, pressing against the wet fabric.

Her hand touched my arm briefly, snapping my lingering gaze back from her chest to her face.

“Thank you. Hi, I’m Grace by the way,” she said with a genial smile on her face. “It’s already pretty wet, but at least it’s locked up now.”

It wasn’t hard to smile back when a woman that you desire is thanking you, so I replied with an easy grin, “No problem. I’ve David, please to meet you,” I said as we shook hands. “I’ve had that happen to me before.”

We chatted for a few minutes, Grace thanking me repeatedly with me assuring her it was of no concern. I pointed out my apartment, and commented on the fact that at least she kept her place neat and tidy unlike so many of her neighbours, to which she told me she had the garden under control, but that there were a few things about the house still needing fixing up that she would never get around to, like the railing just behind me being loose, same with some brickwork out the back. She knew gardens, she told me, but since she’d been divorced hadn’t been able to keep up with the structural maintenance of the place. Seeing the place up close I could see what she meant, with the railing on the patio for example, rusting and with its fixing bolts working loose.

Before I realised what I was saying, I told her that if she needed a hand to let me know, as I had a fair bit of experience with home maintenance. Grace raised an eyebrow at that, and mentioned that next time she had money spare, she might do just that.

I took my leave then, my brain swarming with images of her and rather explicit thoughts. Much like before except I had a close up image to go with them. Sure enough, minutes later I was stretched out on my bed, naked, hand around my cock as I brought myself to hugely satisfying climax, before drifting off to a vary short but contented sleep.

It was only three days later when I saw her again as I walked back from the local club. Grace was sweating in her delectable gardening outfit, crouched over the unfortunately spindly roses in the front corner of her yard. Her butt arched up and staring me invitingly in the face as I walked by.

“Hi Grace,” I said, waving as I walked down the footpath.

She turned, still on her haunches, her surprised look changing to a smile as she recognised me.

“Hi, how are you?” she answered, standing and turning towards me.

“Good, and you?” I answered as pleasantly as I could.

She replied that she’d almost had enough of gardening for the day, but wanted to get the side rose bed finished before quitting. Remembering the shoddy railing out the front which we’d spoken of earlier I asked how it was going, and sighing as she brushed some dirt from her shapely legs and shorts told me it had finally come loose. Always looking for an opening like that I told her I could have the supports re-fixed in probably an hour or so if she wanted and had nothing better to be doing. She considered it for a moment, and then seemed on the point of turning me down before happily she agreed.

Smiling inwardly, knowing I’d have a great opportunity to be checking her out for at least a while; it took me no more than 5 minutes to get changed into something more appropriate for outdoors work, grab my tools and begin setting up.

Unfortunately it was getting hotter by the moment, and if it wasn’t for Graces lovely figure for me to gaze on as I worked I would have really been regretting stopping by. 2 o’clock became 3, and then 4 and I was by now feeling pretty worn out. Sweating, dirt, grit and flaking paint jammed under my fingernails, knee’s nearly worn through and with a thirty plus degree sun hammering down above me, well and truly done for the day despite not even being half finished with the railing, like I said I would, when I heard Grace directly behind me.

“David, why don’t you finish up now? It’s too hot to keep going for me.”

I turned to see her standing behind me, her knees covered in dirt, her shirt soaked in sweat which also glistened on her face behind those ridiculous bug eyed glassed. Damn she looked hot.

“Yeah,” I replied, only too happy to agree. “I reckon I’m done for the day.”

Grace swatted a fly away from her face before she continued, Starzbet Giriş “I’ll get us a cold drink. I don’t have any beer sorry, but do you want a glass of wine?”

Beer would have been ideal, wine however is always good. Although red might have been a bit rough considering the temperature. Of course, Grace could have served me up boiling oil and I’d have drunk it down and asked for seconds.

A short while later I was sitting comfortably in the backyard under her veranda, slowly cooling down and watching the heat haze shimmering as it rose from the neighbours red tiled roof. I heard Grace approaching from the clink of glass on glass and turned to see her walking towards me, a bottle of white wine in one hand, and two glasses in the other, which she placed down on the table before seating herself across from me.

She’d thrown on a fresh shirt, white and buttoned, but only until the third from the top. The awkwardly hot breeze flicked the open collar back and forth baring her luxuriously brown skin occasionally down to the slight swell of her breasts. Relaxed and now comfortable, I watched as her pour us both a glass of wine, Pinot Grigio, her slender wrists shaking so slightly from her earlier exertions.

“Thanks Grace, Pinot is one of my favourites,” I told her as I took a sip.

“No problem,” she replied as she took her glass in hand.

Grace sat back in her chair with a sigh and took a deep swallow on the pale liquid, and then another, draining the glass completelty. I was stunned, but impressed, and said nothing as she refilled her glass once more and took another sip.

“Sorry,” I she said looking at me sheepishly, “I don’t usually drink a lot, but it’s soooo hot today.”

It was indeed, and the Pinot Grigio was just the answer to that problem. Perhaps seeking to cover up her embarrassment, and perhaps looking to show off, I downed my glass in one swallow.

“It is hot isn’t it,” I said nonplussed, “I could sit her drinking this all day.”

She smiled but didn’t reply as she refilled both glasses. We talked out the usual small talk, about the garden, the repairs I was doing, how Pinot Grigio beats Chardonnay and Semillon any day. Several glasses of wine went by before we slowed down half way through the second bottle.

Grace was quite clearly tipsy, if not getting to the point of being drunk, as was I. Not surprisingly, the conversation about what I had to still do around the house turned to her useless, fuckwit, cheating husband who should have done it in the first place. As usual I didn’t say much, just let her go on.

Ten minutes later, two glasses of wine and lots of complaining about her ex, I was struck utterly speechless when she said, “If only I’d known that fuck to be what he was and met someone like you.”

I was completely struck speechless, and there was Grace looking straight at me. I don’t think I’ve ever blushed or become more awkward before at that point. And then her hand came to rest on mine as it held my glass on the table. She didn’t say anything further, just looked straight at me. We were both drunk, and I was definitely horny, as I always am around her, but for some reason I couldn’t think of anything to say.

It seemed I didn’t need to. Her index finger began to delicately trace mine, up and down, and then over the top of my hand as she stared at me, and me at her. I didn’t move for a moment, just enjoyed the electric sensation she was giving me.

“If only.” I found my voice. “You really are a beautiful woman, Grace. I might be a bit younger than you, but don’t think I haven’t enjoyed spending time here with you.”

She smiled a wide grin at the compliment as she replied.

“I thought there was a reason you were being so nice to an old lady like me.”

“Old?” I replied instantly. “No, beautiful, sexy…”

I couldn’t think of anything more to say, it was just the two of us waiting for the other to speak. And then we were both all over each other. We both stood at the same time with Grace knocking her glass clean off the table to shatter on the tiles underneath. She turned me back to her as I looked down at it and it was immediately forgotten as her slim arms wrapped around my waist to grip my butt as I did likewise with her, our bodies pressed hard together and my hard cock stretched up against my stomach between us. We kissed passionately, and deep, our tongues lashing around each others mouth and my hands began to wander around her back as her hands squeezed my ass cheeks quite hard.

Grace pulled away from our kiss suddenly, gasping for breath and with a wild, aggressive look in her eyes.

“Make love to me please!”She breathed, nearly begging. “It’s been so long.”

Hearing this usually well spoken, respectable woman plainly asking me to fuck her had me all worked up and I immediately agreed without hesitation.

“Then follow me,” she said, taking my hand and leading me inside and straight to the bedroom, where she dived childishly face first on to the bed.

I followed a little more sedately, lying hard against her as she Starzbet Güncel Giriş turned over to face me and we resumed our kissing from earlier. With much easier access to her now, I reached up and cupped one of her breasts through her shirt. The nipple was amazingly large for such a small chested woman, longer than it was wide, which made it so easy to tweak through the fabric. She began moaning into my mouth as I worked at one breast and then the other.

We kept this up for a few moments, before me in my highly worked up state which couldn’t take such mundane foreplay much longer, pulled away from her, leaving Grace with a petulant look on her gorgeous face. Her frown quickly changed to a wicked smile as I began undoing her shirt from the top, and when done, flicked it open to reveal her pert little tits. I hadn’t been wrong about the nipples, which stood dark and erect just short of an inch. Appetising as they were I immediately ducked my head down and began to lick, suck and then gently nibble on them, eliciting instant sounds of satisfaction from my lover.

“Oh, it’s been so long since anyone has done that,” she said with a sigh while I enjoyed my meal.

I was hoping to progress things a long a bit quicker than they were going though, and she didn’t complain when I sat her up and slipped her shirt over her shoulders and threw it into a corner of the room, before doing the same with my own t-shirt.

She was keen to repay the favour from earlier and quickly her warm, wet lips brushed over and around my far smaller nipples. It always feels great I think, and Grace was really into it, so I let her go for a while until her hand, unseen to me came to rest on my throbbing cock jammed uncomfortably in my jeans. I unintentionally let out a sound of delight. Grace pulled back from my chest and looked me square in the eyes.

“Oh, my, someone is horny. Can I see it,” she purred sweetly.

“Hmmm, if you show me yours, I’ll show mine,” I said teasing.

Without a word she hiked herself up onto her knees and began unbuttoning her shorts, so I did the same, but while she had hers kicked off in a moment, my jeans weren’t co-operating, so I stood, unfortunately having to take my eyes of that delectable woman. In the brief moments it took me to slip my pants and boxer shorts to the floor, Grace was stark naked and laying back on the bed, her head resting on a pillow staring at my cock which bounced elastically in front of my.

“Wow! I wasn’t expecting that,” she exclaimed with an excited look on her face.

I flushed from her compliment as I sprang on to the bed in front of her.

“Thanks, but I think it’s only like this because of you, beautiful,” I told her, leaning forward to plant a kiss square on her lips.

She tried to wrap an arm around me but I pulled back, staring at her bushy pussy, just a foot below me. I’ve always had a thing for girls who don’t shave so much, and Grace, whilst she obviously trimmed her patch, didn’t go overboard. My hand seemed to find its way down to her thigh on its own, and I ran my thumb straight down the line of her snatch which had immediate impressive results, a shudder and moan from the woman below me. Looking up at her , I went down between her legs slowly and began kissing up the inside of her leg from her left knee, all the way up to just below her pussy, but then switched to the other side and worked my way down to the other knee.

Grace was mewing away from above me, and as I made another circuit teasing her, she just said,

“Please!” and I knew it was time, and I licked her in one continual stroke from her knee, straight up to her already moist pussy.

She sort of kicked both legs bucked her butt up off the bed as I began to run my tongue up and down the line of her snatch and her fingers touched my head, twisting into my hair. She tasted quite good, considering the sweaty work from earlier in the day, so I firmed up my tongue and darted in through her fold, exciting a bunch of “Oohs!” and “Ahhs!” from her. Soon I my face was buried well and truly in her pussy, smelling that all familiar musk like smell with my nose sitting just over her clit, and she was loving it.

She liked to talk, and little expressions of pleasure constantly fell from her lips in between her short and sharply in drawn breath. Seeing as she was having so much fun I moved things a long a little and went for her clit, pushing back the its hood and stroking my tongue continually along the her little bud until it ran out.

“Oh, that’s so good,” she moaned and her legs began to clamp around my head as I firmly began to work her clit over, occasionally pressing back into her snatch here and there which was becoming considerably soaked by the minute.

Usually I’m not the most enthusiastic guy around when it comes to oral sex, but I wanted to really make this woman feel better than she had in the sack before and just kept working at her, until I thought she might just be close to her orgasm. I didn’t want to miss out myself and my cock, still hard through out the encounter, was feeling left out. With a final kiss on her pussy lips, I crawled up her body, lingering to take her nipples and tits in my mouth briefly. Looking up from my work I could see Grace looking down at me, grinning like a Cheshire cat. She pulled me up to her and we locked lips again, Grace aggressively pulling my head into her reach and forcing her tongue into my eager mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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