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Granddaughter-in-law! Pt. 06

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GrandDaughter In Law Pt VI

The Banker!

The three were a sight to behold as Opa had a woman on each side as they neared the work trailer and entered.

Upon entering the trailer, the trio was greeted by Opa’s banker, Ed. Ed was a big man in stature and was in his late seventies. He still oversaw Opa’s business accounts and one of Nana and Opa’s accounts.

Cindy was a bit shy being nude in front of Ed as he owned the bank where she and Dewayne had their account.


Ed and Opa went to Opa’s office so they could discuss some business.

Nana and Cindy busied themselves with paperwork and sorting invoices.

After about thirty minutes of Opa and Ed discussing business, the intercom on Cindy’s desk buzzed.

Cindy answered the intercom. Opa instructed her to come to his office.

Cindy entered Opa’s office, and Opa ordered Cindy to assume the position of inspection.

Cindy spread her legs a bit more than shoulder width, had her finger interlaced behind her head, and was looking straight ahead.

Opa said, “Ed as you can see Cindy is coming along nicely! You may want to reconsider the home loan she and Dewayne sought to get from your bank a few months back. Cindy’s income has over doubled since they applied.”

Ed glanced at Cindy standing at inspection and back to Opa as he asked, “May I?”

Opa replied, “Help yourself, Ed.”

Ed rose from the chair and walked up to Cindy who was fifty-four years younger than himself and began examining her. He took her right breast into his hand and then began suckling her nipple.

Ed was rewarded with the taste of sweet milk as his left hand sought out Cindy’s pussy. Ed felt Cindy’s wetness as well as a bit of Opa’s cum still leaking from her pussy.

Ed drank his fill of Cindy’s sweet milk as he finger fucked her pussy.

Opa could tell Cindy was becoming excited and ordered Cindy to her knees and to suck Ed’s cock.

Cindy did so without a word.

Nana entered the office as Cindy was wrestling with Ed’s belt to free his already hard cock.

Nana walked up to Opa and dropped to her knees and began sucking his cock as Opa watched Cindy easily take Ed’s six-inch cock.

Cindy was deep-throating him easily as she was rubbing her clit to get a quick cum in.

Opa said, “Ed you need to rail Cindy’s ass.”

Ed reached down and took Cindy by the hand and had her bend over Opa’s Desk.

Cindy easily took Ed’s cock into her ass after Carlos and Opa had already pounded her ass earlier in the day at the studio barn.

Opa took Nana by the hand and bent her over his desk facing Cindy and Ed.

Opa slipped his Cock into Nana’s pussy and began fucking her in long measured strokes as Nana rubbed her elongated clit.

Nana grabbed the back of Cindy’s head and kissed her deeply. She then began to suckle Cindy’s nipples.

Ed wasted little time cumming in Cindy’s ass.

With Ed’s cum leaking from her ass, Cindy climbed up onto the desk and got on her back, and moved into a 69 position with Nana as Opa was still fucking Nana.

Ed sat back to enjoy the rest of the show.

Soon Opa began pumping his seed deep into Nana’s pussy as she was cumming from Cindy’s tongue and Opa’s cock.

Nana welcomed more of Cindy’s tongue as Opa’s cock slipped from her cum filled pussy.

Nana was now able to concentrate on getting the cum leaking from Cindy’s ass.

Opa and Ed watched the two girls gobbling up their cum and watched as first Nana came again on Cindy’s tongue and then as Cindy came on Nana’s tongue.

When Nana raised she told Cindy, ” Go get with Opa.” as she walked over to Ed.

Nana took Ed’s limp cock into her mouth and began nursing him back to having a hard cock.

Opa had Cindy doing the same thing with him as he and Ed continued to discuss business.

Opa directed the question of Cindy and Magosa Escort Dewayne’s house loan again at Ed as Nana was deep-throating him and using her tongue on the underside of Ed’s balls.

Ed said, ” Being that Cindy is working for you here and has agreed to work in your other enterprises, I believe that they can afford more of a house than they originally applied for.”

Opa said, “750 to a million?”

Ed said, “I think I can do that with a special interest rate paid by the young slut.”

Opa glanced down at Cindy sucking his cock and she vigorously shook her head in the affirmative.

Opa said, “I think we have a deal, Ed.”

Nana was soon on her back as Ed was fucking her just as Opa was fucking Cindy.

Nana soon had Ed’s second load in her pussy and Cindy soon had Opa’s second load in her young fertile pussy.

Before Opa slipped out of Cindy’s pussy, He reached into his desk and pulled out a nice size anal plug that he slipped into Cindy’s cum filled pussy.

Cindy was now positive that Opa intended to breed her and instead of being put off by it she had a mini orgasm from clenching down on the plug in her pussy.

Opa said, “Ed, Cindy will be by to sign the note next week.”

Ed was buttoning up his pants and said, “I look forward to Cindy’s visit next week.”

Ed left the office and Cindy looked at Opa and Nana as she said, “I do not understand how I can afford a million-dollar home.”

Nana walked up to Cindy and reached down and patted the plugin Cindy’s pussy as she said, “I think you do slut. Opa is going to breed you until you produce him a son.”

Cindy said, “How can I keep this hidden from Dewayne?”

Nana said, “You do not need to worry about that at all. Dewayne has a few skeletons in his closet as well slut.”

Cindy looked confused as Opa said, “You do not need to worry about a damn thing. This is a family tradition. Our second son is my papa’s and Nana’s son. Dewayne’s uncle John.”

Cindy said, “So Dewayne knows everything?”

Opa said, “Dewayne does not know everything. Not yet anyway. Is that a problem for you slut?”

Cindy replied, “No Sir, I trust you and Nana have this well handled.”

Nana again tapped the bottom of the plugin Cindy’s pussy as she said, “You can bet on that slut.”

Opa said, “You will only do anal and oral with everyone except me until you are pregnant by me. Do you understand slut?”

Cindy replied, “Yes Sir, I love the feeling of you cumming in me Opa. It is kinky as fuck and I love it.”

Nana said, “Opa is just getting started with you. The world of kink is just opening its door to you slowly. Opa has some big plans for you slut.”

Cindy replied, “The last two days have been wonderful. I have had more orgasms than I think I have had in my entire life in the last two days. I know I have been fucked by more people in the last two days than I had in my entire life And fuck the orgasms have been intense. More than I could have thought possible. And now Nana, you are telling me Opa is just getting started?”

Nana replied, “I remember what it was like to be a young slut and your Opa was with me every step of it training me and his Papa fucked me as Opa fucks you. Yes, you will love it even more as the levels are passed and the kinks increased.”

Cindy said, “I have already learned so much. How to do anal, how to deep throat cock, how to squirt and fuck I love it. The idea of some random guy fucking me is exciting now. I feel like a veil has been lifted.”

“I had no idea that I liked older men until Opa started fucking me. He is patient yet always in control of everything including me. He fucks like a young man with a world of knowledge and it is such a turn-on.”

Nana said, “You do realize Opa will pay you more for bringing a friend and especially if they become a breeder for himself. Kıbrıs Escort You also realize that if anything happens to me, it will be your duty to serve him until he names a replacement.”

Cindy replied, “I hope you do not mind Nana, but I can see myself fucking Opa very often even while you are still alive. He is just so powerful.”

Nana replied, “Cindy, Opa fucks who and when he wants, and that is not my place to decide, but I think you will find him willing to fuck you whenever and wherever he so chooses”.

Opa said, “Cindy, the plug in your pussy is to remain there 24 / 7 and it will only be removed when I remove it to refill your pussy with my cum.”

Cindy said, “Yes Sir.”

Nana said, “I can remove that plug to tongue fuck your cum filled pussy and to fist you as well.”

Cindy said, “Yes Mama. Will you fist me now, Please? I want a hard squirting orgasm before the end of the day again.”

Nana looked at Opa and he move his hand in an open gesture to the top of his desk.

Nana had Cindy get on top of Opa’s desk and she slowly began the process of building Cindy up for the release.

Nana’s hands were skilled with years of experience as she began tracing lines in and around areas of Cindy’s body. Cindy was soon begging Nana to fist her pussy as she continued to clench and release the anal plug in her pussy.

Opa walked around and placed his limp cock on Cindy’s face and she quickly began sucking Opa’s cock.

Nana slipped the anal plug from Cindy’s pussy and inserted three fingers easily into her young pussy.

Cindy was like an addict who needed their fix. Her pussy tried to clamp down on Nana’s three fingers but Nana was still able to move them easily.

Nana soon had her fist in Cindy’s pussy as she was sucking life back into Opa’s growing cock.

Cindy rather felt her entire body shake as she squirted and clenched Nana’s fist firmly against her G spot.

Opa was beginning to face fuck Cindy with his long measured strokes.

Opa instructed Nana to fist Cindy’s ass as well and she wasted no time in inserting three fingers into Cindy’s ass as Opa continued to face fuck the young slut on his office desk.

Nana soon had one fist in Cindy’s Pussy and the other in Cindy’s ass as she began fist fucking her in an attempt to get her to squirt even harder.

Opa continued to face fuck Cindy as he watched her body shudder for the fourth time in another squirting orgasm.

Opa leaned over and whispered into Nana’s ear, “The slut does not even know she is making it very easy to breed her each time she squirts she just opens up more and more.”

Soon Cindy was rolling in multiple nonstop orgasms as Opa moved from face fucking her to fucking her pussy with Nana’s fist still inside her pussy.

Cindy thought she may die at that moment as Opa’s cock and Nana’s fist were both in her pussy as she came and squirted hard enough to pass out.

As Cindy rejoined the world Opa was fucking pounding her pussy and Nana was fisting her ass and playing with her breast.

Cindy cried out, ” Fuck me Opa! Breed this young slut!”

Nana rolled her fist up in Cindy’s ass and put pressure on Cindy’s G spot as Opa was still slamming in and out of Cindy’s pussy. The combination was again too much for Cindy she started to pass out, but Nana pinched her nipples very hard bringing her back.

It was the squirting on Opa’s chest that made him shoot yet another load of his cum deep against Cindy’s cervix as her orgasm washed dripping off his ball.

Opa stayed buried in Cindy’s pussy for a long few minutes feeling her naturally milking his cock of even more seed.

When Opa slipped from her pussy spent, He told Nana, “Eat all of my cum from that slut and plug her properly.”

Nana replied, “Yes Sir.”

Cindy mumbled, “Thank you, Sir” as Opa drug his Lefkoşa Escort spent cock across her lips.

Nana not only sucked and ate all the cum she could get out of Cindy’s pussy but fisted fucked her to another squirting orgasm and then promptly placed the anal plug back in Cindy’s well-used pussy.

Opa had Nana and Cindy get dressed in T-shirts and called and ordered pizza to be delivered to the office.

Opa, Nana, and Cindy sat back relaxing and making small talk. Opa instructed Nana to show Cindy how to properly tip the pizza guy or gal when they arrived.

Twenty minutes or so later there was a brief knock on the office door and the door was opened by the pizza delivery guy.

Nana and Cindy got up to greet the guy and it was at that moment that Cindy realized it was a guy she had gone to school with.

Cindy was not exactly sure what to do. If she sucked him off as Nana had said was an excellent way to give a proper tip, she could be exposed as an easy woman.

However, when Nana pulled the young man’s cock out, Cindy immediately forgot all about that. His black cock was bigger than Carlos’s cock or Opa’s.

Nana was holding the big black cock like a precious prize and Cindy was soon on her knees and trying desperately to get all of that cock in her throat.

Nana said, “Watch and learn, Cindy.” as she easily swallowed the entire length.

The young man looked at Cindy and said, ” Your grandmother is a real cock slut, is she training you?”

Cindy replied, “Opa and Nana are both training me. It is only my second day as their fuck toy slut.”

Dean said, “I always wanted to tear your ass up in school, so who do I have to talk to, Opa or Nana?”

Opa said, “That would be me, young man.”

Dean replied, “You own these sluts, Sir?”

Opa replied, “I do own them and their rights.”

Dean was trying to find his voice as Nana and Cindy were taking turns sucking his cock and his balls.

Dean said, ” I believe you know my uncle Quincy, Sir?”

Opa said, ” Your Uncle Quincy owns GBK?”

Dean said, “Yes Sir.”

Opa said, “Are you under contract with GBK?”

Dean replied, “No Sir, my mother does not want me involved with uncle Quincy and his boys.”

Opa said, ” When is your next day off young man?”

Dean replied, ” I am off the day after tomorrow, Sir.”

Opa glanced at his planner, and said, ” Can you meet with me at 10 AM on Thursday?”

Dean replied, ” I can meet you at any time Sir; Especially if I get to fuck these sluts.”

Opa replied, “Thursday at 10 AM, and we will see. Do you see your uncle regularly?”

Dean replied, ” I will see him when I get off work this evening, Sir.”

Opa replied, ” Tell your Uncle Quincy to call me tomorrow; Please.”

Dean replied, “Yes Sir.”

The entire time Nana and Cindy were switching back and forth between Dean’s balls and Cock. Cindy was still struggling to swallow all of Dean’s cock, but that did not matter as Dean began cumming in her throat and then painted Cindy and Nana’s faces.

Opa had watched the entire thing while eating pizza. Cindy looked up at Dean and said, “I am going to swallow that entire cock if it is the last thing I do.”

Nana said, ‘You will get there my young slut.”

Nana started to suck up Dean’s thick wads of cum from Cindy’s face when Opa said, “Leave it!”

Nana immediately stopped as she knew Opa well. Cindy was looking somewhat surprised. Nana leaned towards Cindy’s ear and whispered, “Opa loves seeing women covered in cum and will tell you that a woman is never more beautiful than when she is covered in cum except at one other time; when she is pregnant and especially when she is pregnant and covered in cum.”

Dean left returning to work with a smile and a drained cock.

Cindy and Nana spent the rest of the day going over invoices and Opa was working more on training plans for Cindy.

The afternoon seemed to drag on for Cindy. Dean’s cum was still on her face.

The end of the work day finally arrived and Opa excused Cindy to go home.

Opa and Nana spent a few more hours still working before they headed home for the night.

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