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Her Bizarre Craving

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“Do you want to stop at Subway for lunch?”

“Yeah, I’m really hungry.”

Stacy and I were driving back toward the office after a meeting on the other side of town. We were in different divisions but had worked together on a few projects.

Stacy was a 24-year-old strawberry blond who had a cute face behind her somewhat nerdy glasses. She usually wore conservative business attire that made it hard to tell much about her figure; she seemed to have pretty big tits and was not overweight. But recently her wardrobe had changed, and I’d been seeing a lot more of Stacy’s body. She was five months pregnant.

Soon we were sitting in a booth at Subway, chatting over our sandwiches. Stacy was wearing a dark blue polka-dotted blouse that buttoned down the front and had a wide collar and short sleeves. It had a blue ribbon that cinched just below her bust, allowing the blouse to hang loosely over her belly, but pulling it pretty tightly across her breasts, which looked enormous.

“How are you feeling?” I asked.

“Good, really. I’m awfully glad I haven’t had any nausea or morning sickness.”

“Have you started craving any strange foods?” I asked. “I noticed you didn’t order extra pickles on your sandwich.”

“Oh. Um…” Stacy suddenly looked really embarrassed.

“What? I won’t make fun. Is it something really weird?”

“Yeah.” Stacy was looking studiously at her sandwich.


Stacy looked around to see if anyone else was listening. Then she leaned forward and whispered one word.


“What? Did you say…”

She nodded her head. “Like, from a man. For the last couple weeks, I’ve been craving the taste of that. And, uh, the feel of it. Like, all the time. It’s like I’m hungry and that’s the only thing I want.”

“It’s just so bizarre,” Stacy continued. “Usually I’m, well, I don’t mind it, but it’s not like I really like it a whole lot. But now…I mean, every morning with Jim, I, uh…I get some from Jim. And then as soon as he comes home from work. And then sometimes I try again right before bed, but there’s usually not very much left.”

“And it’s just not enough. I still end up thinking about it all day. I can hardly get any work done. I’m just…” Stacy shook her head and sucked her lips into her mouth.

“So…yeah. I’ve got cravings. Is that weird enough for you?”

“Wow. I’ve never heard of that one before.”

Stacy leaned forward and dropped her voice again, “And it’s not even really a sexual thing, I mean, for me, at least. Jim thinks he’s died and gone to heaven. ‘Though I’m afraid he’s getting a little worn out. A couple nights ago, I woke him up in the middle of the night trying to get one more taste. Like I said, it’s like I’m hungry all the time and can’t think about anything else.”

Stacy took a great big bite of her sandwich. We both sat, silently chewing, for a minute.

“Y’know,” I said at last, “I might have some I could donate.”

Stacy looked down at the table. “To be honest, I was kinda hoping you might be interested in that. I wasn’t going to tell you–or anyone!–about this. But then when you asked I thought maybe…” Stacy stopped and looked up at me. “Being around guys makes it worse. Whenever I see a man these days, there’s only one thing I think about.”

Stacy licked her lips and her eyes moved down to where she would have been staring at my crotch, if the table hadn’t been in the way. Then she closed her eyes. “Ohmygod, I can’t believe I’m acting this way. I’m not like this.”

“Hey, it’s okay! You’re pregnant. It’s okay to act weird. You’re just supposed to do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself.”

“Well, I think maybe what I need is this. If you’re serious, it might really help me get through the day.” Stacy looked up at me with a shy smile, “I’d be willing to do my best to make sure you enjoy your, uh, donation.”

I chuckled and shook my head, “I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with that! Are you done eating? It might be easier to talk about this in the car.”

“I’m done with my sandwich. But I’m still really hungry.”

Walking to the car, Stacy said, “Do you know that little conference room in the 440 building? I’m in charge of keeping the schedule for it, and it’s almost never used. There’s no windows, and it has a lock on the door. And a lot of the offices on that floor are empty. There’s hardly anyone up there.”

“Hey, that sounds perfect.”

I opened the car door for Stacy and walked around to the driver’s side. When we were in the car, she said, “Thank you so much for speaking up. I thought about just asking you directly, but I don’t think I could have done it. I can’t believe I just sat there in Subway and told you all about sucking off my husband twice a day.”

“Or three times, the lucky bastard.”

“I’ve never done anything like this before. Well, at least since I got married. You’re a nice, attractive guy, Steve, but, six months ago, if you’d offered me,” Stacy lowered her voice to a whisper, “…if you’d offered me a mouthful of your cum,” and resumed izmir escort in a normal voice, “I would’ve slapped you in the face. Now I’m practically leaping over the table at you to get it.”

“How exactly do you want to do this?”

Stacy put a hand on my leg and rubbed it up and down my inner thigh.

“Once we get in that conference room and lock the door, I’ll do anything you want to get you off. I’ll even…I’ll even let you fuck me. I mean, if you promise to stop in time to come in my mouth.”

I was pretty shocked to hear Stacy talk this way. But she took my stunned silence the wrong way. “Oh, god,” she said, “I’m sorry, you must think I’m a total slut.”

“Whoa, no. I’m just surprised. Surprised and really aroused.” I took her hand and pulled it up to my crotch so she could feel for herself.

“Is this really what want?” I asked. “I kinda feel like I’m taking advantage of your situation here.”

“No you’re not. You’re being very sweet and kind to a needy pregnant woman.” Stacy’s fingers were exploring my cock through my pants, and I was getting very erect. “This is definitely what I want. It’s not your fault my pregnancy hormones or whatever is messing me up. I may end up feeling guilty about this later, but right now I want to taste your cum so bad that I just don’t care. And if I’m gonna do it, I might as well go all the way and really enjoy it.”

“I used to be pretty wild in college,” Stacy continued, “before I got married. “I think I kinda miss it. The idea of sneaking off with you and hiding in a conference room to suck your cock, this hard cock right here, is really turning me on. And y’know, I haven’t been fucked for almost a month.”

“A month!”

“Well, Jim was already kind of shy about having sex with the baby in there, even though the doctor says it’s completely safe, and now lately I’ve been sucking his cock every chance I get. Sometimes he’ll eat me or we’ll do a 69, but that’s not really the same, and a lot of times I’m so desperate for his cum I don’t really give him the chance. So if you wanted to fuck me, I would love to feel this big thing inside me.” Stacy gave my cock a squeeze and continued rubbing me through my pants.

“I’d…well, actually…” I was driving down the road, and next to me my cute co-worker, who had never even flirted with me before, was stroking my cock, offering to fuck me, and practically begging me to come in her mouth. I wasn’t feeling very articulate.

“Shit. What am I saying?” Stacy took her hand off my lap. “You’re not gonna want to fuck some big, fat, gross cow.”

“Stacy! No! That’s not what I’m thinking at all. I was…look, I think you’re very attractive, pregnant or not. Isn’t it obvious you’re turning me on here? There’s no way I’d refuse the chance to have sex with you. But…well, damn it, I have two meetings this afternoon that I can’t get out of. I might have time for something quick, but not nearly enough time to give you the fucking you deserve. Maybe tomorrow?”

“Oh, Steve, that’s fine. I’m sorry to be such a psycho.” Stacy’s hand returned to my crotch. “So, would you at least have time for a blowjob? If I could just have some cum, the rest could wait.”

“You’ve got this all backwards. I’m supposed to be begging you for a blow job. ‘Please, Stacy? If I can’t fuck you, can I at least come in your mouth just this once? You don’t have to swallow if you don’t want to. Please?'”

Stacy laughed. “Ohmygod. That sounds so much like this guy I dated once.”

“Really? So, did you do it?”

“What? None of your business!” Stacy silently rubbed the bulge in my pants for a moment. “But, yeah, I did. I sucked his dick. And when he told me he was coming, I just kept sucking and let him come. And I swallowed all of it.”

“We were sitting in a car, just like this, except parked somewhere dark and deserted. I had my hands in his lap, like this.” Stacy started rubbing my thighs with her other hand. “Feeling him get hard in his pants. Except, I don’t think he was quite this big.”

“Stacy, I love the way you’re touching me. It’s getting me very excited.”

“Yeah? It feels like I’m doing something right. I undid his pants and pulled his cock out and was stroking it with both hands.” Stacy tugged once on my belt, but to my relief did not actually try to take off my pants while I was driving.

“That’s when he basically started begging me to go down on him. He was actually kinda sweet about it. Not pushing me, just telling me what he wanted. I’d already decided I was gonna do it, but I waited because I enjoyed hearing how badly he wanted it.”

“Was he touching you?”

“At first, when we were kissing, his hands were all over me. I unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra so I could feel his hands on my breasts. Once I got my head down in his lap, he just had a hand under my chest, kinda playing with one of my breasts while I sucked on him.”

I heard Stacy’s seatbelt unbuckle and she put her head in my lap. I guess she couldn’t bend at the waist very well, so she leaned over on alsancak escort her side with her back to me. But she still managed to get her face right on my cock.

I put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed it while she kissed and rubbed her cheek on the bulge in my pants. My constricted erection felt like it was straining to get free of my pants, and the weight of Stacy’s head only added to this tantalizing frustration. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Stacy undo one of the buttons on her blouse. She took my hand and placed it on bare skin just below her collar bone. I could feel the soft beginning to the slope of her breast under my fingertips.

Stacy was obviously inviting me to reach into her bra and fondle her tits, and I wanted to very badly, but there was something wonderfully enticing about just holding my hand there where she had placed it, so close to her breast. I spread my fingers and felt a little bit more of each breast under my thumb and fingers.

Taking a deep breath, Stacy thrust her chest out and my hand slipped deeper into her cleavage.

“Do you really think I’m desirable, Steve?”

I slid my hand inside Stacy’s bra and grabbed her breast. “Look Stacy, why don’t I just drive us to my house? I’ll call in sick. Then I can take off all your clothes and see your beautiful body. I love touching you like this. Your breast feels so wonderful. So sexy. I want to touch you and kiss you and lick you: your tits, your legs, your thighs, your ass, your stomach, your pussy. All of you. Everywhere. I want to shove my cock into you. Into your pussy, into your mouth. I want you so bad, Stacy.” I was squeezing her soft breast as I spoke, and her nipple was hard in the palm of my hand.

“Oh, god. I want you, too, Steve. You’re making me really hot. But I don’t want to screw things up for you at work. Why don’t you just let me suck you off. You can put this big dick in my mouth and I’ll give you the best blowjob I can. I think you’ll like it. Then maybe tomorrow we can do more?”

“Like it? I can’t believe this. I’d give anything for you do that.” I felt so horny that I was ready to agree to anything she said. It was amazing to be driving down the road with Stacy’s head in my lap, feeling her hands groping my cock, her face rubbing against it. And to reach around her body and inside her clothes to fondle a breast I’d never seen.

I played with her erect nipple a bit then pulled my hand out of her blouse and stroked her arm, letting my fingers slip up into her sleeve to caress her bare shoulder. “We’re going to be getting close to the office soon. You should probably sit up before someone sees us.”

“Okay.” Stacy gave my crotch a loud, smacking kiss then sat up. She adjusted her bra, buttoned up her blouse, and put her seatbelt back on, all with one hand still in my lap, rubbing my penis the whole time. She continued to squeeze and stroke me through my pants until we were in sight of the office, talking all the while about how eager she was to suck my cock and how badly she wanted to taste my cum.

I pulled up to the door of our building to let Stacy out.

“I’ll park and then run into my office to check my messages. Unless there’s something literally on fire and burning to the ground, I’ll call you and we can head right over there. ‘Cause if we’re talking metaphorically on fire, ain’t nothing gonna be burning as hot as I am right now.”

Stacy laughed. “You’re sweet Steve. And, believe me, I’m going to show you just how much I appreciate it.”

As I expected, the only emergency was my own urgent need to get over to that conference room and get my dick into Stacy’s mouth. I was afraid she might change her mind, but when I called her office, I was forwarded to her cell phone. She was already over there! Stacy said something coy about wanting to get moving on our new project, but she sounded about as eager as I felt.

“Oh, and Steve, I am *really* thirsty. If you could bring me something to drink, I’d appreciate it *very* much.”

I was pretty sure Stacy was teasing me, but I grabbed a bottle of water from a vending machine just in case. When I got next door, I took the stairs two at a time up to the third floor. It was deserted, just as Stacy had predicted.

Stacy was sitting in one of the conference room’s plush swivel chairs that had been pushed back against the wall. She had a big bed pillow on her lap.

“What’s with the pillow,” I asked?

“It’s for me to kneel on. Pregnant women are allowed to carry pillows around to help them get comfortable, y’know?”

“Little did I know they were actually for giving blowjobs to their co-workers.”

While I locked the door, Stacy got up and leaned against the table next to me. She gave me a seductive look over the top of her glasses and asked, “Now what can I do to get you really turned on?”

“Too late,” I said. I put a hand on her shoulder and kissed her lips.

“Mmm. I’m so glad you’re here.” Stacy took off her glasses and set them on the table.

“Did you need this?” I handed buca escort her the water bottle I’d brought.

Stacy gave me a puzzled look and then laughed. “I was actually hoping for something hot to drink. Hot and gooey, and salty, and kinda bitter. Yum. But this is probably a good idea too.” Stacy opened the bottle and put it to her lips. In my aroused state, the bottle seemed very phallic and it was very erotic watching the liquid pouring into Stacy’s mouth, watching her gulp it down.

Stacy must’ve been reading my mind, because she gave me a devilish grin and then ran her tongue around the rim of the bottle. Twice. Looking me straight in the eyes, she put her lips around the bottle’s neck and pushed it in and out of her mouth, basically fucking her own mouth with it.

I was mesmerized. And I guess I had my jaw hanging open or some other silly look on my face, because Stacy burst out laughing.

“Well,” I finally managed to say, “I’m glad to see we’re on the same page here.”

“Yeah, it’s a real coincidence, finding a guy who’s interested blow jobs. What are the odds?”

“And not only that, but I’m one of those rare guys who likes boobs, too.”

“Boobs and blowjobs. Awesome.” Stacy’s laugh sounded relaxed and cheerful. She seemed to have set aside her earlier insecurities. I guess it was pretty clear by now that I found her extremely attractive.

“Would you like to see mine?” she asked.

“Yes, I really would.”

“Help yourself,” Stacy said, stretching her arms back behind her and leaning on the table.

I untied the bow in the ribbon under Stacy’s breasts. Her buttons were large and widely spaced. I only had to undo a couple to see the cleavage between two huge tits held together by a functional beige bra.

“Have they gotten bigger?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ve had to start wearing larger bras. Sorry this one’s not very sexy.”

I placed my hand on the bare flesh below her neck and began to feel the exposed bits of her breasts. “It’s what’s inside your bra that interests me, and that does look very sexy.” I slipped a bra strap off her shoulder. “Are they tender? Do I need to be more gentle? I didn’t think about that in the car.”

“No, not really. I’d rather you didn’t pinch or bite them, but you can squeeze them all you want. Thanks for asking. And I love having my nipples sucked, if you want to do that. I’ve actually found it a lot more exciting than usual lately.” Stacy shook her head. “If it keeps up, I think I’m gonna be having orgasms all the time when I start nursing.”

I slid my hand down into the cup of her bra. Her breast was soft and heavy in my hand. I lifted it out. The areola around Stacy’s nipple was very large, a dark brown circle two or three inches across.

Stacy hurriedly unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and let it fall to the floor. I rested a hand lightly on her bare belly. It was huge, but she didn’t look fat. She just looked pregnant.

“Is this OK?” I asked.

“It better be. Total strangers do it all the time. It’s like my body is community property now.”

“Oh no, you’ve still got your own personal space, it’s just this one part of you that’s sticking out a little bit into the common area. International waters. Now, if I do this,”–I reached into the other side of her bra and gave her breast a squeeze–“it still feels like I’m invading your private space.” Stacy hummed with pleasure and reached back to unhook her bra. Her breasts spilled out, sagging just a bit as they were released.

“Wow,” I said. “They’re so beautiful. You’re so beautiful.”

I helped Stacy finish pulling off her bra, caressing the bare skin along the length of her arms. She shuddered as my fingers grazed her forearms, causing her breasts to shake back and forth a bit.

“Oh, I like that. Do it again!” I slid my hands slowly up and down her arms, making her quiver with pleasure. Her huge areola crinkled as her nipples hardened in the cool office air.

“Time to invade your private space,” Stacy said. She placed her hand on the front of my pants and felt around, finding my erection and tracing the outline with her fingers. “Mmm. You’re hard again. Is this really for me? I really enjoyed touching you in the car.” Stacy moved closer, brought her lips to my ear, and whispered, “I want to suck it for you and get you off. I just can’t wait to taste your cum.” She kissed my ear and my neck while rubbing my cock through my pants.

I held both of her tits while Stacy unbuckled my belt and undid my pants. They were so big they hardly fit in my hands. It was like they wanted to flow up out of my grasp when I squeezed them. They felt so soft. I pushed her tits together and imagined how great they would feel rubbing against my penis.

“Oh, it’s big! I love big cocks! I haven’t swallowed one this big since I was in college. I hope I can still do it.”

Stacy had pushed my pants and shorts down and was lightly holding my erect member between the fingers of both hands. She wrapped both hands around it and gently squeezed, as if testing the thickness and hardness of my cock. Stacy looked up at me and I kissed her on the lips. She opened her mouth and I pushed my tongue into it. We kissed passionately, with both my hands on her tits and both her hands on my cock. Then I leaned over and licked all around one of her nipples, enjoying the crinkly texture of her areola.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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