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Hot Neighbor Inspires Leadership

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My story begins on a bit of a down note. My company did some downsizing, and I made it to the last round but then got cut. Word around the water cooler was that it came down to me and one other guy, and they picked the other guy because he was a more forceful manager. Actually he was more of an asshole, but I didn’t raise a stink. With the job market being slow, I decided to live on the severance package for the summer and spend some time writing the great American novel. Turns out the novel got derailed by an unexpected distraction.

The distraction came in the form of my young neighbor. The small study where I do my writing overlooks the backyard of my neighbors, Bob and Jean Martin, and they had recently put in a backyard pool. Since I was usually at work during the day I hadn’t noticed the view from my desk. I could lean back in my chair and gaze out over the yard and enjoy the relaxing view of the sunlight sparkling on the blue water. Which was much easier than writing the great American novel, so I spent the first two hours of my first Monday unemployed watching the Martins’ water sparkle. Then the view got more interesting.

What made it more interesting was the appearance of Martin’s daughter Amanda, their college aged daughter. Her long shapely legs carried her across the yard like a model taking the catwalk, and when she stopped beside her chair and shrugged off her cover up my heart nearly stopped. She looked amazing, and her dark blue bikini left little to the imagination—though my imagination was in high gear. For the rest of the day, I sat there in the chair, watching my stunning neighbor lay out in the sun and occasionally take a dip in the pool. I spent about 10% of the time doing any writing.

The next day it was more of the same. Amanda came out about 11 am, dressed this time in an equally stunning yellow bikini, and had the sun not gone behind a cloud at 3 pm would’ve completely captivated my entire Tuesday. In addition to swimming and sunning, I noticed that she always had her laptop computer with her, which I guessed she was checking email on from time to time.

Wednesday I resolved to end my obsession and get some work done, but it was also the day I remembered I had some binoculars in the closet, and when my sexy young neighbor came out in a bright red bikini, I thought better of any work. It was a torturous distraction that had created an internal struggle of productivity vs. the enjoyment of beauty, and productivity was losing. By this time I had recollected that Amanda was 18, likely out of school for the summer. I also remembered that she was an only child and both of her parents were workaholics, so I knew she was home alone. While I was old enough to be her father, I couldn’t help having fantasies that involved peeling that stunning red bikini off and ravishing her incredible body.

It was in the second hour of zero productivity that I saw Amanda get up and walk inside the house, and as fate would have it I was walking to the mail box when I saw her pull out in her car. We exchanged the usual friendly wave between neighbors, and I watched her drive off thinking that at last I could get some work done.

I went back up to the study and got back to the business of staring at the monitor, when I noticed a low roll of thunder and a darkening of the skies. Before long it started to rain, slowly at first and then more steadily. As I looked out at the rain falling in the neighbor’s pool, I suddenly realized that Amanda had left her laptop outside by her chair. It wouldn’t be long before it would be a useless heap of soggy electronics.

Without thinking, I jumped up, ran downstairs and out the backdoor, through the adjoining hedges and into the Martin’s backyard. I grabbed up the laptop and headed for shelter under their partially covered deck. I set the laptop down on a table, flipped it open and watched it pop to life. I expected she would be mighty pleased with me for rescuing her computer. I was starting to fantasize about how pleased she would be when another thought train came through. How exactly was I going to explain how I had seen that her laptop was out? She would know I had been watching her from next door. As I contemplated this, I looked down to the screen and noticed that the window was open to Craig’s List—the Missed Connections section. I chuckled to myself, as I thought about how I always looked at the section myself, it was always interesting to read about people trying to hook up.

The sound of the rain easing up jolted me back to the reality of the situation. I decided to take a chance that the rain was stopping. I grabbed a dry towel off the table, wrapped it around the laptop, put it back where it was under the chair, and prayed she wouldn’t notice.

I went back through the hedges and up to the study, where I watched the skies apprehensively, expecting more rain, but luckily it cleared up. By the time Amanda walked back out into the backyard, the skies were blue. I held my breath nervously, but she seemed to be oblivious to the fact that the laptop bursa escort had somehow run up to the deck, grabbed a towel and wrapped itself up to stay dry. Teenagers.

Later that afternoon I was bored and looking through the Missed Connections listings and had a crazy idea. Using an anonymous contact email (don’t we all have one of those!) I posted the following ad: Blue Monday, Yellow on Tuesday, Wednesday in Red, what will Thursday’s waterfront fashion show bring? I didn’t post it with the idea of anything coming of it, even if she saw it, the wording was so convoluted it was unlikely she’d notice it. It was mostly just to rile up my fantasies.

Later that night, I checked back and someone had posted a response on the Missed Connections: Brown or Green? it read.

I chuckled to myself, thinking that someone was just humoring me. Just for kicks, I typed a response that said: Green sounds good.

The next day, right around 11 am, I was at my usual post not doing any writing, and Amanda strode out the back door and walked over to her tanning chair, where she struck a pose for a second standing there. Then she shrugged off her robe, and my heart jumped. She was wearing a green suit.

A flood of thoughts hit me, all at once and very hard. Was the green suit just a coincidence? If not, did she know it was me who posted the ad? And did she know that I had been watching her? Also, was I in big trouble?

I still had plausible deniability at this point, if I didn’t respond at all there would be no verification. But something inside me had to know if she had worn the green suit as I had requested, or just randomly. She had her laptop out there with her, so if I posted something else, and she responded, it would end all doubt. It took me a few hours to gin up the courage, but I finally posted again: That green looks divine, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the brown now. The ad posted around noon, and I watched her with apprehension every time she flipped open the laptop.

Around 12:30, she went inside. Time dragged on, and after about an hour I had decided, almost with relief, that the green suit had been a coincidence. Then she came out again, wearing the robe, walked over to the pool, stepped up gingerly onto the diving board, let the robe fall away, and gracefully dived into the pool—wearing a lovely brown bikini.

My heart stopped this time, and my head filled again. She was definitely reading the posts and acting on them, but did she know who she was talking to, and that the person she was talking to was watching her?

I watched her swim around for awhile, and then get out. She didn’t look up my way, and I was fairly certain that she would not be able to see me looking at her.

I watched her sit down and flip up the laptop. This time the message came directly to my anonymous email.

So what do you think?

I briefly thought about the implications of flirting with the neighbor’s daughter, then decided the hell with it.

“Brown is beautiful,” I emailed back.

“Wow, so it really is you, are you watching me right now?”

ME: Yes, I’m sorry, I hope you aren’t creeped out or anything, I just couldn’t help but notice…

Amanda: So, you like to watch? LOL.

ME(sweating and shaking by now): Yes, watching beauty is a favorite pastime.

Amanda: Ah… you’re sweet.

It was pretty wild watching her type and then seeing her responses. I was too freaked out at this point to push the conversation anywhere, and I was still wondering if she knew was talking to me. We chatted back and forth for a while, just chit chat kind of stuff, and about mid afternoon she packed up and went inside.

It wasn’t until later that night that I got another email from her.

Amanda: What do you want me to wear tomorrow?

ME: Hmm. The red one is my favorite, how ’bout that one?

Amanda: Ok. I’m glad you didn’t pick another color, I’m out of suits!

I didn’t sleep well that night, mulling over everything that had happened and thinking about what would happen tomorrow. Clearly, she was flirting with me, but it was not at all clear that she knew who I was.

I didn’t sleep much, but I was wide awake at 11 am when Amanda made her way out to the chair in her hot red bikini. She settled down on a towel and pulled out her laptop.

Amanda: So what do you think?

ME: Love it. You look awesome.

Amanda: Thanks. I like it that you watch.

ME: (couldn’t think or type)

Amanda: Do you like how I’m sitting?

ME: Absolutely. You look … very nice

She lifted her arm up above her head and spread her legs a little.

Amanda: Do you like this better?

ME: (couldn’t think or type)

Amanda: I like it when you tell me what to do.

ME: (couldn’t think or type or breath)

I was being given free reign to ask anything. I decided to try it out.

ME: Put both hands above your head (she did). Cross your legs (she did) Touch your breast (she hesitated, then she did)

Now it was my turn to hesitate. bursa escort bayan Was I really ready to do this? Typing it was so easy.

ME: Touch your pussy. Make yourself feel good.

I watched Amanda do as she was told, lightly stroking herself at first, and then pushing her hand inside her bikini bottom and vigorously fingering herself. She had her laptop set up beside the chair, so she could periodically check to see what I wanted.

ME: Go in the house, get something to eat, and eat it in an erotic way.

Amanda sat up in the chair thinking for a minute, then went in the house. She came out with the perfect erotic food, the banana, and treated me to a long, slow peeling of the world’s luckiest banana, which was then treated to a luscious mouth massage that forced me to loosen my pants.

For the next hour, I had the amazing experience of having all my typed requests enthusiastically fulfilled by my beautiful young neighbor. Being a creative type, I had all kinds of good ideas. Eventually, I got around to the inevitable request to undo her top.

Amanda: I’d better not. If someone else sees they might tell my parents.

ME: (jarred back to reality): right, never mind on that one

I watched her thinking for a minute, then typing again.

Amanda: You could come over, they won’t be home for hours. I could do it then.

ME: You sure? (please, please, please)

Amanda: I’ll see you at the front door in a little while.

I nearly fell over myself getting through the house and out the door. I didn’t want to rush over to Amanda’s front door, but I had a hard time holding back to. I hardly had a chance to think before I rang the doorbell, and then I had a flood of apprehension and nerves.

Amanda opened the front door in her red bikini, looking incredibly sexy….and seemed surprised to see me. In fact, she seemed to look behind me to see if there was anyone behind me. With a flood of horror, I realized she was expecting someone else.

As panicked as I was, I somehow came up with a face saving resolution. “Ah, hi Amanda, do you… ah, have any … ah… butter?”

She stared at me blankly, I could tell she was trying to figure out what was going on. I could sense that she was coming to the realization that I had been the one talking to her, which was coming as a shock. My only thought was trying to save face for everybody involved.

“I’m making some cookies, and I need some butter,” I said awkwardly.

“Oh,” she said, still trying to get her head around it. I noticed that a slight smile was coming onto her face, and all I could think about was getting out of there before she started laughing at me.

“So, how much butter do you need?” she asked.

My mind went blank. I’m not a cook, I have no idea how much butter it takes.

“How much do you have?” I asked unsteadily.

She turned and walked back into the kitchen, and despite my shame I was entranced watching her beautiful shape walking away. In a moment she was back with a box of four sticks of butter and a sly smile. At least she wasn’t freaking out, I thought. She held out the box.

“Thanks,” I said, taking all four sticks of butter. I didn’t care how ridiculous it looked, I just wanted to get out of there. As I walked away, I thought I heard her mumble something about making a whole lot of cookies.

I walked back home with my tail between my legs. I felt horribly foolish and embarrassed. I trudged back up to my study and plopped down on chair, throwing the butter on the desk. I looked out the window just in time to see Amanda standing in the backyard, looking up at my house, and then turning and looking at the house on the other side of her. Suddenly I realized, she had thought it was someone in the other house looking at her. I remembered there was a boy about her age that lived there. That’s who she thought she was chatting with.

I put my head in my hands and felt like an old fool.

It was ten o’clock that night, seven hours since my embarrassing revelation, and I was getting ready to go to bed. I was walking by my computer and noticed an email message, from Amanda.

Amanda: Did you get enough butter?

Me: (embarrassed, trying to keep it short) Yes

Amanda: I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was you

ME: Easy mistake. I’m sorry, let’s just forget it.

The next day I overslept, which is hard to do for someone who is unemployed. I showered, ate a good breakfast and resolved to pull down the shade on the study and really get some work done. But the first thing I noticed on the computer was an email from Amanda.

Amanda: So, what color do you want me to wear today?

I blinked once, twice, tried to collect myself. I checked the time and date on the email, it was indeed today, sent at 10:30 am. It was 11 am now. I checked the time and date again, and reread the email. Then thought some more.

Finally, I decided what to do.

ME: Blue

Ten minutes later, Amanda came sauntering across the backyard, wearing the usual escort bursa robe, going through the same ritual. When the robe came off, the suit was blue.

So now I’m doubly flustered. Was she just making friendly, or did she want to pick up where we left off. I decided to go midway.

ME: Maybe you should put on some suntan lotion, looks hot today

Amanda: I will. Thanks

Oh shit, she thought I was talking about her being hot. Before I could get more embarrassed, my email ringed in again.

Amanda: btw, I’m glad it was you.

She turned and looked up at my window, slowly rubbing in the lotion. My hand was slowly doing some rubbing of its own, and I watched as she reached down to type out another message.

ME: You thought I was someone else.

Amanda: Yes, I thought you were my other neighbor, he’s always flirting with me. But he’s like a silly child.

ME: Oh.

Amanda: I didn’t know it was you, but I’m glad it was you. I like the way you tell me what to do.

ME: Oh. Well be sure to put enough lotion on young lady.

Amanda: LOL. I can’t reach my back though …

The three dots were clearly in there for a reason. There was a world of interpretation in three little dots.

ME: If you come over here, I could help you out with that.

Amanda typed something up on the computer and then stood up and looked toward my window. She leaned down and pushed the send button.

Amanda: I thought you’d never ask

She stood there looking at me

ME: I didn’t ask.

I watched her smile and then walk into the house. Five minutes later, after repeatedly pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I heard a soft knock on the door. Amanda was standing there in her mid thigh length robe, and I assumed the blue bikini underneath. She had also taken the liberty of donning some black heels, which made her long gorgeous legs even more impressive. She stood in front of me in the entry foyer, and not a word was spoken between us for several moments. She broke the silence.

“I like it when you tell me what to do,” she said.

Talk about your dreams come true. Smoking hot girl, half my age, telling me to tell her what to do. The mind reeled with options.

“Untie your robe,” I said as steadily as I could manage.

Amanda looked down, slipped a long sexy finger into the loose knot, and pushed it all the way loose. The tie fell apart and the robe opened up, revealing her tanned toned body and the shiny blue swimsuit.

“Did you bring the lotion over?” I asked.

“No, I ran out,” she said with a smile. She reached into her robe pocket and pulled something out to show me. “But I did bring some oil.”

“Well then, bring that over here and take off your robe so I can save you from the sun’s harmful rays,” I replied.

She sauntered slowly over, slipping the robe off her lovely shoulders. “I need some on my back,” she said. “Wouldn’t want any damage back there.”

She handed me the oil and turned her back to me, standing so close I could smell the lotion she already had on. I took a deep breath and steadied myself before pouring out some oil onto her shoulders. She leaned forward to be more accommodating, and I felt her ass coming close to me. I started to slowly and carefully rub in the oil, and I could just barely hear the low moans of satisfaction. I rubbed her muscles a bit harder, and moved my hands down until they were just above her ass, and as my hands moved around to massage the sides of her hips she bent forward more, and then pushed her ass back into my groin, where she no doubt felt my interest mounting. It was epic seeing her body up close like this, after watching from afar for over a week. Watching her grinding backwards into me as I groped her lovely body was putting me in danger of losing my load though, so I eased her away and she turned to face me.

I pulled my shirt over my head, leaving me with just my shorts on, and as I watched her appreciative eyes I thanked myself for staying fit. “Take off your top,” I said. “Show me.”

Amanda stood their smiling for a moment, she really knew how to create tension. Then she reached up and popped the clasp on her top, and then ever so slowly pulled back the sides, exposing tan lines and the finest pair of breasts I’d ever seen. Standing there looking at her I briefly reflected on my belief that nothing makes a woman more confident than looking sexy. Amanda was hot, and she knew it.

“Take off my shorts,” I said with increasing confidence.

Amanda came over and kneeled down in front of me, not something I had told her to do but in retrospect, something I should have. She had my shorts around my ankles quickly, and her face was level with and fixated on my now throbbing cock. She looked at it mesmerized, then up at me, then back down.

“I wonder what you want me to do next,” she said, licking her lips and moving closer.

“Kiss it,” I said simply.

Eager to please, she leaned in and kissed the sides of my throbbing cock, then the front, and finally the top.

“Lick it,” I said simply.

Following my mental script perfectly, she licked the same places that she had kissed, slowly and passionately, occasionally looking up at my approving eyes.

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