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Hotel Room

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Big Dicks

Are you thinking about me? I can feel your lips on mine as you brush them softly across my lips…then taking my lower lip and very gently sucking on it, hummmm I loved that — the gentle tug with your teeth — you then move up and give me a long deep passionate kiss..Your tongue goes in and searches for mine, as they meet they begin to move together, you then search for my tongue with your lips and begin to suck as though it was the sweetest piece of fruit. – We have just entered our hotel room and I am so hard for you — you have teased me all the way here. Our bodies are close together as I pull you even closer…I kiss your cheeks and your chin, kissing down your neck and around the sides I reach your ear…I whisper in your ear just how much I want you…how hot you make me…how much I want you.

As you undo one button at a time followed by a kiss on my chest, you take my shirt off, you run your hand over my hard shoulders and down the fur of my chest, taking your fingers and lightly pinching my nipples…you lean forward and lick them gently on each one and then take the hard morsel in your mouth and start to suck them..I urge you on with a moan my hands are on the back of your head…my fingers are in your hair. Do I smell a little different? I used a different cologne, but I don’t spray there — I wonder if my scent is different — because I am much hotter now — and you are fanning the flames even more. You step back for a minute….I kiss you again on the lips..I now begin to unbutton your blouse, knowing that you just bought it on Tuesday for me, I slip it off your shoulders…taking control again — aware of your every breath – every move —I bend my head down and kiss your swell of your breasts right above your bra, I reach Escort bayan around you and unhook it, then slide it off, it falls to the floor…your breasts are bare for me…I hear a slight moan escape from your lips — this is even better then before – the bra not still there — I know you are proud of your breast and enjoy sharing them with me — I love the way you give to me

I put my hands on your breast as I lift one nipple to my mouth. I take my tongue and lick your nipple feeling them start to grow hard from your excitement, mmmm, I flick my tongue across the tips…you hear from my lips moans of pleasure in an echo of yours. You stop me and put your arms around me to pull me close to you…our half naked bodies touching for the first time today – your body is warm — the air in the room is cool – the shades drawn closed – dimly lit – your eyes on mine before we kiss again — so much is said in just a look – the electricity between our bodies — your breast are smashed into my chest as we both can’t get close enough—we want to be one. I feel the room warm up a bit as the heat radiates from our bodies. We step back…as we look into each other eyes again—we see passion, desire — and wanton lust – but most of all we both acknowledge the love that is there. I sit down on the bed as I reach out to your waist you pull you to me…I bend forward and kiss your belly and then move on down to your pussy — — loving all of you — wanting you to know that I find EVERYTHING about you beautiful. You can feel my warm breath through your panties as I begin to kiss you, I pull and help you step out of your panties – you are naked except for your stockings and garters — God how I love looking at you. You take your foot and put Bayan Escort it up on the bed next to me…. Your pussy is spread open and so close to waiting mouth. I stick my tongue in – parting your lips then flick it across your clit. You look down and your hand goes to the back of my head.as if to offer your pussy to me – eager for me to stop the teasing, I hear you moan with pleasure! My tongue searches your depths…. tasting your juices. I put my hands on your ass as I pull you closer, closer still, as I get deeper inside of your pussy. As you taste and lick and explore your depth of your pussy…I hear your breathing is getting faster and your moans are getting more excited…… I slap your pussy to make you snap too — then start licking and tasting again.

After tasting your cum in my mouth I offer you my cock – you see a small drop of pre-cum on the tip…You reach with your tongue to lick it and then move your tongue very slowly across the head….. I watch as the cum strings from me to your tongue. You put your tongue back in your mouth and taste my cum for the first time…..UMMMM! Yes this is what you want your senses are on fire.

You open your mouth up–you put the head of my cock in your mouth, you look up at me an see that I am watching you, You move your head closer to me as my cock slides deep in your warm mouth. You keep sucking on my cock you love the way you make me sooo hard!

You reach down and begin to stroke your pussy at the same time, your clit is hard to the touch and your pussy is very wet. I can see you slide one finger in your pussy and begin to fuck yourself with it.

You reach up then and take your fingers to my mouth and begin to let me suck on your pussy soaked fingers.

Our Escort passion builds – and I must be inside you now.

I lay you down on the bed as I crawl between your legs. Your legs start to spread wide; you can feel my cock rest against your pussy as I slide up your body. I am on top of you, kissing you deeply. You then reach down and slip my cock in your pussy for the first time tonight — and feel me stretching you…you let out a very loud moan. You are getting me so Hot.

I bend your knees as I start to fuck you…your pussy is so wet as we begin to fuck. We move together in rhythm as we both move our hips up and down at the same time.

Your hands and nails grip my back as hold myself above you on my hands. We gaze deep into each other’s eyes, seeing the passion grow between us.

I roll us over; my cock is still inside your very warm and wet pussy. You are now on top as you sit up and straddle my hips, My cock still deep in your pussy. You start to move your hips around and around then back and forth and up and down, riding me so hard as you grind your pussy in to me. Wanting every last inch of my cock deep inside you. I reach up and start to rub and pinch your nipples; the room is filled with our sounds from our excitement and the smell of our passion. We are both so close to orgasms I want you to scream out my name. I tell you to fuck me harder and faster. I then tell you I want to have my hot cum to explode deep inside your pussy. You can feel my cock start to throb as my cum is building up. We both explode in a fit of ecstasy; you feel your pussy start throbbing around my cock, setting me off. You now lean down and lay on top of my chest, we are both sweaty, our heartbeats fast, my cock begins to shrink as our juices flow over me and down on my balls. So warm and so wet!

I then move to your side as I Cradle you in my arms, spooning each other, holding each other tight, we talk then order our pizza – have a drink and do it all over again!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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