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Incestuous Human Toilet

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 years of age and older.

I’m laying with my head suspended under a special chair, my face flush with the seat. This chair is designed to allow someone to use me as a human toilet. They can relieve themselves directly in my mouth. I don’t know who will use me yet today, but I’m about to get the surprise of a lifetime.

My sister walks into the bathroom and takes a quick glance at me before turning her back to me. Is my sister really about to use the bathroom in my mouth? My very attractive older sister peels down her tight leggings and panties giving me a momentarily unobstructed view of her plump sexy ass. She then sits that lovely ass down on my face!

My open and waiting mouth is met by her lovely pussy. Without any hesitation she begins to piss in my mouth. I swallow every drop for the full minute she pisses. I am in shock that not only did I just touch her pussy with my lips, but she also pissed in my mouth. Surely I’m dreaming. But no, it’s real.

She shifts her ass forward a couple inches and suddenly her asshole is over my mouth. Is she going to take a shit too? She sits there for a few moments, and then begins to push. I can feel her asshole pucker out against my lips as she slowly starts to shit in my mouth.

It’s only a small soft turd that comes out in my mouth first. I swallow it whole and wait for more. I hear her stomach growl and feel a gust of air in my mouth as she farts. She pushes out another turd, slightly bigger but still soft and I swallow it too. Moments later she suddenly shits a stream of diarrhea into my mouth.

I’m swallowing fast, but barely keeping up. She isn’t stopping. She shits a steady stream of foul diarrhea for a solid minute and a half directly into my mouth. I try not to gag as I swallow repeatedly trying to get it all down. I’m loving every second of this. When the diarrhea finally stops, she pushes out one last solid turd and leans forward to wipe bursa escort her ass.

After wiping she throws the paper in the real toilet beside me and sits back on my face. She’s browsing marketplace on her phone, just sitting there on my face for at least 20 minutes before a knock at the door gets her up. She slowly pulls up her panties then stretches her leggings back over her amazing ass, washes her hands, and walks out the door.

I immediately find out who knocked when in walks my 18 year old niece. She’s gorgeous, and barely of legal age. She apologizes to her mom for rushing her, then runs to the chair. She doesnt even glance at me. She yanks down her pants and thong in one movement and is pissing almost before her ass touches my face.

I gladly drink down her piss, loving the feel of her pussy on my lips. She pisses for about a minute. When she stops she immediately wiggles forward some. She almost lines up her asshole with my mouth but is partially on my lower lip. She starts to push and I feel her tiny asshole start to open up against my lip as shit begins working it’s way out.

She pushes out a long slender turd that rubs my bottom lip the whole way out. I break it into pieces with my tongue and swallow while she repositions herself again. Now her asshole is right over my open mouth and she just shits like she would on a real toilet. Pushing constantly, one turd after another slides out of her asshole to fill my mouth.

It isn’t long before I can’t keep up with her and my mouth is full. Thankfully she appears to be done shitting, as she raises up and wipes her ass. Tossing the toilet paper in the real toilet, she stands up and pulls up her thong and pants swiftly. What an experience. The two women that are off limits due to being family just used my mouth as their toilet. And I loved it all. I’ve often imagined such a thing happening but never thought it really would.

Sometimes I wish my sister wasn’t really related to me so görükle escort I wouldn’t feel weird when I end up dreaming of fucking her. She just has the perfect ass for doggy style. I want to actually do it after she sat on my mouth to piss and shit. I wish I could fuck my sister.

When I climb out of the chair and walk out to the bedroom I see her standing there looking so sexy and I want to beg her to fuck me. She must’ve seen it on my face because she ask me, “After being my toilet you want to fuck me don’t you?”

I embarassedly nod my head yes.

Sissy smiles at me and says, “It’s been over a year for both of us, come here and get your reward for being mine and my daughters toilet. Fuck your own sister.”

I don’t believe my eyes as she slips out of her leggings and panties in front of me.

“Come here, let me undress you,” she says.

So I walk to my almost naked sister and let her undo my belt and help me out of my pants and underwear. She turns away from me and crawls up onto the bed with that sexy ass sticking up at me. I follow her and within seconds have my rock hard dick inside her pussy.

I get her off a couple times, when I get close I tell her I’m about to cum.

She says, “Cum in my ass please? I want you to fill my ass up then let me shit it back out in your mouth.”

I pull out of her pussy and slowly work my way into her very tight ass. Once I’m all the way in, fighting not to cum immediately, I begin to fuck my sisters ass. It only takes a minute before I cum violently in her ass. She clenches her asshole with me still inside it and it feels so good. I pull out slowly, savoring every second.

As soon as I’m out she says, “You came a lot, get in the chair before it starts leaking out.”

So I lay back under that toilet chair and she sits that beautiful ass on my face. She pushes my cum out of her asshole into my mouth and I swallow it happily. Once she’s done she gets up and escort bayan thanks me.

“No, thank you sissy. I’ve wanted to do that forever. I love you.” I say to her.

She doesnt bother getting dressed, just walks to the kitchen naked for a drink.

My niece sees this and says, “Mom, did you and uncle have sex just now? I heard you. Listening to you two fuck made me horny too.”

“Well,” my sister says, “you’re already pregnant, go fuck him too.”

My niece looks at her in astonishment for a moment before she walks in the bedroom where I’m standing, still naked too.

“Mom said I can fuck you too. I want to feel my own uncle cum in my pussy. Please?” my 18 year old neice asks.

I didnt think it was possible this fast, but I’m already hard again at the thought of fucking my niece and filling her pussy with cum.

I walk to her and ask, “Are you sure? You want me to fuck you, right after I fucked your mom?”

She simply drops her pants and jumps into my arms. She’s so light, i line her up over my hard dick and lower her down onto it.

I’m buried inside my own niece’s pussy, her legs around my waist, so I carry her to the bed. I lay her down without separating us and begin thrusting in and out of her pussy.

I’ve worked up to a pounding rhythm and she’s raising up to meet every thrust when she suddenly cums and the force of her pussy contracting makes me explode inside her at the same time.

I pull out and ask her if she’d like me to get under the chair and suck the cum back out of her pussy. She does, so I lay down and she plops on my face. I lick and suck at her pussy till she cums again sitting on me, then stop.

She shifts around a bit and leans back in the chair, still on my face, and just relaxes for a few minutes. Eventually she gets up and tells me it was amazing. I agree with her.

I just had my sister then my niece piss and shit in my mouth, and then got to fuck them both. This has been an amazing day I’ll never forget.

Thanks for everything you two. I wonder who will piss and shit in my mouth next, and whether it’ll be someone as taboo as it was today. Perhaps one of my sexy ass cousins will visit and use me next time.

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