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As I saw Cheryl’s legs begin to quiver, I thought not for the first time, that this might not be a good idea. Though it was far too late to do anything about it now. After all, I was fastened motionless to a chair with a ball gag in my mouth. Whether or not my wife survived this night was totally out of my control.

I watched helplessly as Mwenga pounded his massive black cock in and out of Cheryl’s anal passage, gripping her hip with one hand and holding her head underwater with the other.

Mwenga was an incredible specimen of a man. He was straight out of Africa, so black he was almost blue. His head was shaved bald and his whole body rippled with muscles. His entire demeanor conveyed utter confidence and control.

‘Three and a half to four minutes’ I thought. That’s what Sebastian had promised. “Once Mwenga gets going, that’s all he needs to finish.” Sebastian had told me during a phone conversation when I really began seriously entertaining this insane event.

We had timed it many times. Cheryl was able to hold her breath for four minutes, barely. But of course that was under ideal circumstances, not being held bent over with her head underwater while her ass was being ravaged by a modern-day Mandingo and her pussy being licked by the expert tongue of a raven-haired beauty.

We knew Cheryl was going to be sodomized during this event, after all that was what this spectacle was all about. Her head would be held underwater while Mwenga fucked her ass. Only when he climaxed would she be lifted up and allowed to breathe again. What we didn’t know was that there was going to be a girl kneeling between her legs licking her pussy at the same time.

Cheryl is a very orgasmic girl and especially responsive to oral stimulation and the girl between her legs looked to be an expert. ‘Can Cheryl hold her breath while having an orgasm?’ I wondered as her legs began to shudder. As the seconds dragged on, I thought back to how this whole situation came about.

Sebastian was been a business associate who I had gotten to know through a series of phone conversations over the past few years. He was a guarded, quiet, thoughtful person who rarely offered more information than was necessary.

Sebastian and I first met face to face in my office. He had come to finalize a business deal we had been working on. He was very distinguished looking, trim with close cropped black hair that had just a touch of grey. His steel blue eyes locked on the picture of my wife on my desk as he entered my office. I could see the uncertainty on his face. At 27, Cheryl is 20 years younger than I.

“My wife, Cheryl.” I said, dispelling his curiosity.

“She’s absolutely stunning.” Sebastian said as he examined the picture closer.

Cheryl is a natural beauty with deep blue eyes and long honey blonde hair.

Sebastian never took his eyes off the picture as he said, “I find that younger women are more… adventurous these days, and often quite submissive, in the hands of the right man.”

“Well,” I said, choosing my words carefully, “Cheryl is certainly open minded.”

“Open minded can mean many different things.” He said, his eyes finally meeting mine.

Sebastian was quite a mystery and I must admit that he had some very intriguing qualities about him. Anyone else I would have no doubt dismissed and shifted the discussion onto more solid ground, but I found myself continuing the conversation down the course that he had set. “What I mean to say is that Cheryl is a very sexual girl, and she’s not afraid to experiment.”

“Is that so?” he asked as he reached into his pocket and retrieved his wallet and pulled out a business card. He then snapped a pen from his pocket and wrote something on the card, then handed it to me.

The card contained a web address that I didn’t recognize and below it Sebastian had written a long series of letters and numbers.

“That will get you into the site,” he said, “look it over, I think you’ll find it interesting. I’m guessing though that either your wife is not quite as adventurous as you claim, or that you do not have the amount of influence over her that you think you have.”

I smiled to myself, Sebastian did not know who he was dealing with. I could fill a book with all the wild sexual adventures Cheryl and I have had. We were a perfect match, I had a wickedly devious imagination and she had a nearly insatiable sexual appetite. Together we had done things that would make a trucker blush. I assured Sebastian that I would look over his little website. We then went on to conduct the business at hand.

After our meeting concluded Sebastian left to make some other appointments. I had a few business issues to take care of but as soon as I could I punched the website address into my computer. I was met with a blank screen with just a rectangular white box with the cursor blinking on the left side of the box. I entered the sequence of letters and numbers Sebastian had written on the card.

Welcome to the Society Betturkey for Sexual Debauchery, the screen flashed. I clicked on the word Enter. I spent the next hour reading about the most incredible organization I had ever seen.

It was a group of men and women who were obviously chosen for their attractiveness and their appetite for sexual deviancy. I saw pictures and descriptions of every type of debauchery imaginable being performed by the hottest women I’d ever seen. I was totally fascinated. These were definitely my kind of people.

I then read about the initiation. There was a picture of statuesque nude black man with his arms folded in front of him, standing next to a water trough. The text described the ordeal and finished with “…and if she survives, the couple is welcomed into our society.”

‘If she survives?’ I thought, that must just be some kind of bravado to scare off the fakes and wannabes. They wouldn’t seriously put the girl at risk. I picked up the phone and dialed Sebastian’s cell number. He was as evasive as ever. “If you don’t think she can do it, I wouldn’t try, that is if you can even talk her into giving it a try.” He had a way of always including a little dig into the conversation.

I was no clearer on the initiation after the conversation than I was before it. Though as the hours passed and I read more about the society, I became more and more determined that I wanted to become a member.

A murmur went through the crowd as Cheryl’s legs began convulsing. Her legs remained spread wide though, due to being fastened by the ankle cuffs she was wearing to steel posts protruding from the floor in front of the trough. I wasn’t sure if her convulsions were from an orgasm or from desperation caused from losing her breath.

I scanned the room to see if anyone else was concerned or about to go to her aid. All I saw were expressions of lust and desire. Some of the couples were stroking each other as they watched. Others were standing or sitting with the girl in front and her man behind her moving in rhythm with each other, obviously engaged in some not-so discrete sex.

I looked back to Cheryl. Mwenga was increasing his pace and the girl between her legs continued licking. If either of them had any concerns, they didn’t show it.

As soon as I got home I told Cheryl about my discussion with Sebastian and the society. She sat at the computer while I punched the website and the password into the computer. Cheryl’s eyes lit up as she read about the society and looked at the pictures.

I watched her face as she linked to the page describing the initiation, her expression changed from one of eager fascination to one of apprehensive concern. “if she survives?” she read aloud.

“Sebastian says he’s like a machine, he always cums in three and a half to four minutes, lets time you.” I said removing my watch and putting it in stopwatch mode. . “OK, take three deep breaths and hold the last.”

Cheryl did as I instructed and I started timing. I was disheartened when not quite at the three-minute mark she blew out the air she was holding and took a deep breath. “How long was that?” she asked as she caught her breath. I handed her my watch dejectedly. She saw the disappointment on my face. “Let me try again.”

This time she took deeper breaths and managed to hold it for three minutes and fifteen seconds. “That’s quite an improvement,” I said, “maybe there’s exercises you can do to improve your performance.

We did a web search and found that there were indeed techniques practiced by free-divers to increase one’s lung capacity. Cheryl looked up at me as I leaned over her reading enthusiastically from one of the websites. “Ron, I’m still not sure about this, I mean, what if I don’t make it?”

I looked down into her eyes. “It’s your decision, and I don’t even want you to try unless I’m confident you can do it, but I really want to get into that group.”

She looked into my eyes for another few moments and then began reading about the breathing techniques again.

After a couple weeks of practice, Cheryl was consistently topping the four-minute mark. “Do you really want me to do this?” she asked one evening as we embraced.

“I can’t lie, I know it’s a lot to ask and it’s totally up to you, but yes, I really want it.

She studied my face. “OK, set it up.” she finally said.

I smiled and kissed her deeply.

The address Sebastian gave me was far outside of town. Cheryl sat nervously quiet as we made our way through the darkness on the long drive out there. Arriving at our destination I turned onto a long winding driveway before being stopped by a gate.

A flashlight was shined into my eyes. “Names?” a deep voice called out.

Ron and Cheryl Anderson.”

The light flashed on Cheryl’s face and then to a folder the man was holding. “Drive up to the house, a valet will meet you there.” The gate opened and I drove on.

The house was large and the exterior Betturkey Giriş was well lit. Two uniformed men met us and opened our doors as I stopped in front of the house. Another greeted us at the door to the house and showed us in.

After a couple minutes Sebastian met us in the foyer. He drank in Cheryl. She was wearing a knee-length black dress that hugged every curve of her 34c-22-36 body. “So good to meet you.” He said hugging and kissing her. He then shook my hand, “Ron, good to see you again.”

He then led us to a ballroom filled with couples, all talking and drinking. The women were beautiful and the men were all very distinguished looking. “Can I please have your attention?” Sebastian called out. The room grew quiet. “I’d like to introduce Ron and Cheryl Anderson, they are candidates for membership and tonight we are going to perform their initiation.”

All the eyes in the room fell on Cheryl. There were many hushed comments. “Can I have a volunteer to help with the preparation and perform during the initiation?” Sebastian asked. Several women immediately raised their hand. “Desiree.” He said pointing to a very pretty Goth type girl with pale skin and long black hair wearing a long flowing black dress.

Desiree smiled and stepped forward. She took Cheryl by the hand. “This way.” She said as she started leading Cheryl away.

Cheryl stopped and turned to face me. “Kiss me Ron.” She closed her eyes and turned her head up. I felt her trembling as I held her and gave her a long deep kiss. “I love you.” She said.

“I love you too, you’ll do great.” I told her, trying to build her confidence, but the uncertain look on her face did not change. Desiree then led her out of the room.

Sebastian led the large group down to the cavernous basement and into a large room. This was the room I had seen on the website, with the large trough of water in the center. The walls and floor were cement and the perimeter of the room was lined with wooden chairs and benches.

The group spread around the room. I was led to a wooden chair that had wide flat armrests. Leather buckles were attached At the end of the armrests. I saw similar buckles on the legs of the chair.

“We want to make sure that you are not tempted to interfere with the proceedings.” Sebastian told me as he sat me down and fastened the buckles to my arms and legs. He then placed a ball gag in my mouth and fastened it behind my head. Lastly a belt was buckled around my waist.

No one seemed to give this much attention, I guessed it must be part of the routine. I tried to move but found that I was quite immobile. As I looked around noticed that there was an eager anticipation in the room.

Sebastian told me the Goth girl’s name is Desiree and that she was getting Cheryl into the proper attire and preparing her with lube.

After almost a half hour a side door to the room opened and Desiree and Cheryl emerged. Several of the men and women made appreciative comments and whistles as they admired Cheryl’s nude body. Her hair was pulled back and tied in a ponytail and her arms were folded behind her and bound together with thick rope. This pulled her shoulders back and made her magnificent breasts stand out even more proudly.

Desiree positioned Cheryl facing the trough and knelt down to fasten the leather buckle on her right ankle to the steel post. She then supported Cheryl as she spread her legs wide to bring her left foot beside the other post protruding from the cement floor. Desiree then knelt down and attached that ankle.

Couples moved around the room to get a view of my beautiful wife from all angles. Cheryl nervously scanned the room and the crowd and the water trough in front of her. I was behind and a bit to the side of her. She gave me a weak smile as her eyes found mine.

The room erupted in cheers as Mwenga entered. He was totally nude also and strode in with an air of supreme confidence. He had to be well over six feet tall with very broad shoulders. Muscles bulged and rippled from every portion of his body. He had the eyes of a hunter, quick and sharp. He smiled broadly as he examined Cheryl’s nude obscenely exposed body.

Mwenga walked up to Cheryl and took his time exploring her body. First he pawed her breasts and squeezed her nipples, he then ran his hand down her flat stomach. Cheryl stiffened visibly as he lowered his hand and probed between her legs. The room was silent as all eyes intently watched this erotic display.

Mwenga’s cock began to stiffen. I thought this could be a positive thing. The more turned-on he was, the quicker he would cum, ending the event. Heaven knows that Cheryl’s exquisite body had on many occasions caused me to climax sooner than I had intended.

When he finished his exploration, Mwenga turned to face Desiree, opening his stance and placing his hands on his hips. On cue, Desiree dropped to her knees and began licking his growing member as he looked down at her with an arrogant Betturkey Güncel Giriş expression on his face.

Cheryl was watching from over her shoulder, studying the size of Mwenga’s expanding cock.

When his cock reached it’s full length of at least eight inches, Desiree took it between her blood red lips and began sucking it intently. Desiree’s oral performance was masterful, she was able to take his entire length into her mouth and maintained an impressive pace. I thought for a minute that he might cum just from her stimulation.

Suddenly Mwenga pushed Desiree away and moved behind Cheryl and grabbed her ponytail in his hand, wrapping it around his fist. He then pushed her forward so that her face was hovering just above the water. Desiree scrambled to her shift her position alongside the couple and taking Mwenga’s cock in her hand, guided him to Cheryl’s puckered asshole.

A soft moan escaped Cheryl’s lips as Mwenga entered her. He kept pressing steadily until his cock was buried inside her totally. He then withdrew it almost completely before again switching directions and pushing into her fully.

Without warning, Mwenga suddenly pushed Cheryl’s head below the water and began fucking her ass with a swift pace. My heart sank, Cheryl didn’t have any time to prepare, to take some deep breaths. During our tests she always knew exactly when we were going to begin and exactly when to fill her lungs with air. For the first time in this entire ordeal, I was truly concerned for her life.

Desiree moved between Cheryl’s legs and pressed her mouth to her pussy. I saw Cheryl’s legs twitch as Desiree tongue found its target.

As the time slowly passed, in spite of my growing sense of dread, I couldn’t help but become aroused by this strangely erotic display. Everyone in the room seemed to be swaying in unison with Mwenga’s strokes. Couples began groping and fondling and stroking each other but no one took their eyes from Cheryl and Mwenga.

Desiree tried several different angles before she found a position that gave her the best access to Cheryl’s pussy. She then wrapped her arms around Cheryl’s hips and pressed her mouth tighter against her.

My heart sank further as I saw Cheryl’s legs shake. My line of sight was too low to see the water in the trough from my vantage point so I wasn’t able to tell of air bubbles were rising signaling that Cheryl could no longer hold her breath, or whether she was shuddering from an orgasm, or perhaps both. In either case, Mwenga never stopper his assault on her ass and Desiree never slowed her efforts on Cheryl’s pussy.

‘Was it possible to hold your breath during an orgasm?’ I wondered. I had never tried. I doubt that it would be easy, even under the best of conditions and these were certainly not the best conditions. I looked to see if there was any other motion from Cheryl’s legs but they were now still. I struggled once again against my bindings but it was useless.

‘She must be conserving her strength’ I thought, the less motion, the less blood was necessary to feed the muscles and the less oxygen you needed. Surely Cheryl knew this and would be keeping absolutely still in order to expend as little energy as possible. That had to be it. I hoped that was it.

Each second seemed like an eternity. Mwenga was steadily increasing his pace and the sexual electricity in the room intensified. Soft sighs coming from around the room were now becoming passionate moans as the carnal display carried on and on.

I had never felt such frustration in my entire life. The woman I loved was possibly dying right in front of my eyes and I was helpless to do a single thing. I frantically looked around the room trying to make eye contact with someone to get their attention, to relay my distress, but all eyes were fixed on the lewd exhibition.

Mwenga threw his head back. ‘Cum already!’ my mind screamed, ‘just cum!’

Mwenga let out what could best be described as a roar and bucked violently into Cheryl’s ass. Scattered cheers congratulated him followed by more moans and grunts from others. Mwenga slowed to a stop and smiled around the room.

“Lift her up! Please, lift her up already!” I screamed into my gag but only garbled sounds came out. Mwenga looked around the room, smiling and nodding.

Finally Mwenga rocked back and finally pulled Cheryl’s head up by the fistful of hair in his hand. For an agonizing second there was no sound, then she coughed and gasped repeatedly. ‘She’s alive!’ I realized, ‘thank God, she’s alive!’

Mwenga disengaged himself received hugs and kisses by some of the women in the room. Sebastian came to me and unfastened one of the buckles holding my arm. Once I had one arm free I quickly undid the rest of my restraints and removed the gag.

I ran to Cheryl to support her as Desiree unfastened her ankles. She was still coughing. Someone handed me a large towel and I wrapped it around Cheryl and carried her to a bench, sitting down with her on my lap.

I held her tightly as people came by and congratulated us. Cheryl seemed to be in a daze but she returned my hug and pressed her head into my shoulder. Once the crowd died down and Cheryl’s breathing returned to normal, I looked into her eyes. “Are you alright?” I asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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