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Janet Helps the Fantasy

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I had been enjoying the delight of just how satisfying it has been to bring a woman to a toe scrunching, knee twitching, fist clenching, jaw tightening and open throated gasping orgasm while licking and sucking on her clitoris. Oh, the legs closing, that so very tight grasping of my head, as I nuzzled and licked was all part of the joy for me. As I pulled away, gently, and looked at her face and totally relaxed body, I felt a grand sense of personal accomplishment in a job well done. Oh, yes, it is a job. A job that must be taken very seriously, not approached with any of the “lick and a promise” type of attitude. One must deliver if one is in this position. Must deliver.

Janet laid there, a slight after effect being a shudder of pleasure as the body returns to its normal heart rate and breathing. The rosy glow of blood infused tissue still evident and the skin slick with moisture of “la petite morte” only added to my pleasure. And now I hear the soft groan of pleasure from her lips, a sort of hissing sound, a barely audible signal of enjoyment and satisfaction.

It had been a most delightful time, one filled with joy for both parties, which is the way it should be. Women seem able to retain an interest in sex after an orgasm far more often then men. When a man ejaculates and becomes immobile for a while his recovery seems to lack any further interest in sexual activity. At least I have often felt that way. It is for that reason that I like to satisfy my woman first. That way I am sure she has enjoyed our get together as much as I and would be interested in a return engagement. And I most definitely wanted a return engagement.

The next activities did not require much in the way of active involvement on Janet’s part. She had to verbally participate, physically be present, but mostly for the teasing and erotic words she would deliver.

While engaged in the previous activity I had been wearing a bra and panties, almost making it a lesbian experiment, though she had no lesbian desires. The facts seem to support the idea that women are for more able to just enjoy the pleasures with either sex and not be offended or inhibited by same sex sexual activity as most men in our western culture seem to be. I have been told by a number of women how they had had sex with other women. Sometimes nothing more than kissing and feeling the breasts of their partners. Others include oral sex. Most konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort are said with the attitude of “why would anyone think this not acceptable?” thus thwarting any questions of why would you do this.

The interesting fact is, when told that I had had sexual activity with another man they expressed a totally different attitude, one of just how strange that seems. A total reversal of their acceptance of their own behavior and rejecting of mine. I suppose that is part of the joy of some things, doing the forbidden.

I like to wear women’s lingerie, panties, bras and even a slip now and then. I do like the feel of the material, soft, silky nylon or even cotton. To be caught wearing such items would subject any male to ridicule, shame and derision from both men and women. It is definitely not an accepted practice. Where a woman can wear men’s clothing with complete acceptance men are not granted the same latitude. Which is OK by me. Were it to be otherwise I seriously doubt that I would get the same thrill wearing panties and bras. And it most definitely would preclude the following activity.

After about ten minutes, Janet raised herself on her elbow, looked at me and said, “thank you, panty boy, I sure did enjoy that.” She put her hand down to her swollen labia, stuck a few fingers in her vagina and brought the sweet nectar to her lips, tasting it and commenting, “I sure enjoyed that.” Repeating the action she then put her fingers in my mouth, “I just know how much you like that. Now put my panties back on me. I want the crotch to absorb my juices for you.”

I pulled the full back Vanity Fair panties up her legs and around her hips. She put her hand between her legs and rubbed the cotton lined panty crotch against her vagina, making sure the gusset was wet and stained with her copious juices.

“I know you will want to play with these later. Tell, me, what will you do with them? Will you sniff them? Or put them on your head with the gusset over your nose while you jack off? Will you wrap the gusset around your penis and stroke? Tell me, panty boy, what will you do?”

All of this previous described activity was a follow up to the lead in of my fantasy. When Janet had arrived at my house we just sat and talked for a while. Just visiting, talking about things in general and she asked me konyaaltı otele gelen escort what was in the bag next to the chair in the living room. Without a word she got up from her chair and picked up the bag, sat down with it on her knees and began looking through it. She pulled out the bra that was on top. Then the panties, a panty girdle, more panties, another bra and the silicon breasts that filled the bra.

“Oh, are these your? Do you like to wear women’s underwear? Is that what you like? Are you wearing any now? Show me. Stand up and take off your shirt!”

I was wearing a bra, but without the falsies, but a very pretty pink Warner’s bra.

“Oh, how very pretty. Do you feel nice in your pink bra? I hope you do, bra boy. Take you pants off. I want to see what you have under there!”

I was wearing flesh colored spandex panties with my cock and balls tucked back, almost giving me a smooth mons pubis look. While I was getting sexually excited the tight confining garment kept things from protruding. I stood still, waiting, while Janet walked around me, patting various parts of my lower body, feeling my tits and, when she got in front of me tapping my hidden balls to get a reaction. I flinched, moved back a bit and she laughed.

“I see you really like to wear women’s panties and bras, panty boy. Do you sneak into hampers at ladies houses? Do you? Do you take out their panties and sniff them. Do you visit bathrooms and jack off in their panties? I bet you do. Lay on the floor. On your back.”

I do as I’m told and Janet then stands over my face, legs apart and tells me to look up her skirt, saying “I know what men like to do. Look at my panty covered pussy and just think how nice and warm it is. Do you want to sniff my panty covered pussy? My panties are getting wet thinking of how much you want to do that. Maybe I’ll let you play with them later, if you are a good boy. But, first you have to make me happy. Very happy.”

AS you have read, I did make her happy. She was now going to force me to make myself happy. By now she had recovered enough to get up off the bed and put her bra on. Then she pulled a light cotton dress over her head.

“What should I do now? Should I let you jack off for me? Should I just give you a little encouragement and jerk your cock a little bit, just to get you started? Do want konyaaltı rus escort to wear my panties?”

I stand there, bra filled with tits, panties tight with my erections, and starting to leak a little pre cum. She reached in the bag and brought out a pair of rather sheer Ecru colored Vanity Fair panties with a bit of lace, and told me to put them on. My erection was too stiff to tuck and laid flat against my stomach when I pulled the panties up.

“Why, that is pretty sexy, panty boy. I sure can tell you like that. Looks like you don’t need my panties after all. I’ll just rub it a little bit for fun.”

She stands in front of me, and with the back of her hand strokes so very lightly up and down my shaft. I twitch, jerk and step back just a bit. The feeling is electrifying, and so vey sexy.

“I bet I could make you cum in a hurry if I did that just a little bit more. But, I won’t. You have to do that. I am going to pretend I’m your mother and I just caught you in my hamper. How do you like that?”

I liked it just fine. I have had that fantasy for a long time. The whole idea is so verboten, forbidden and just plain sexy. While I had once or twice jerked off with my mother’s underwear, I had never had any desire to have any sexual involvement with her. But the forbidden aspect of such an encounter sure did get me excited.

With mocked surprise Janet shrieked, “Vinny, what are you doing in my underwear? Oh, my, what is going on? Tell me. Now.”

I know this is feigned, but it seems so real, I just stammer, “I…I…I just was looking…I…uh..”

“Don’t just stand there and stammer. Why are you wearing my panties? And my bra?”

“I just like them.”

“What do you like? The material? The soft sexy feeling? Do you want to have sex with your mother?”

“NO, I mean yes, …NO. I don’t want to have sex with my mother …you. I do like the feeling. They all feel so nice…”

“Do you masturbate with my panties, Vinny? Is that what you were doing with my panties and bras? I see you have an erection, and a dark spot at the tip of your penis. Are you ready to ejaculate Vinny? Do you want to have mommy watch you? Is that what you want?”

“Yes. I do.”

“OK, Vinny, show mommy what you do with her underwear. Show mommy how you ejaculate. How you cum in mommies panties. Show me, Vinny!”

I put my hand on my penis, just lightly, as it throbs against the panties and, without any further touching, spurts cum in mother’s panties. I am breathing hard, shuddering and reeling from a very intense orgasm. I stutter, wobble and sit in the chair behind me. I am done. For a while at least.

My mothers words register as she says, “The next time you get in my underwear, you better let me know.”

She turns and walks away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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