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Jenny Ch. 02

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Between afternoon appointments I wondered if Jenny would accept our offer or if I should be prepared for a call from my shocked daughter. Was it really wise to open up to her like I had? Well, I mused, I can’t change anything now. At five I headed home.

As I walked in the door, Sue greeted me in her robe. She had just stepped out of the shower. She gave me a kiss and asked, “Hear anything more from Jenny?”

“No,” I replied, “not a word. Maybe this dirty old man scared her away.”

Sue laughed. “Well, the girl will never know what she’s missing.” Sue squeezed my cock and gave me a sensual kiss.

“Hey lady, save it for later,” I quipped. “Now I’ll need to take that cold shower I told Jenny she needed. I’ll go get ready.” Extricating myself from her embrace I headed to the walk-in shower in our master bath. With the water and the exhaust fan running, I didn’t hear the doorbell.

Sue answered the door. “Hi Mrs. G,” Jenny said. “Did Mr. G say anything to you about me possibly going with you to the Fort tonight?”

“Please come in, Jenny,” Sue replied. “Yes, Tom mentioned he had talked to you. And if you’re going to the Fort with us you’ll have to learn to call us Sue and Tom.”

“Sorry, Mrs G — er Sue. Force of habit, I guess.”

“Tom said he didn’t know if you’d go to the Fort with us or just take a cold shower instead,” Sue laughed.

“Well, a shower might be what I should have done in the end,” Jenny sighed. “I just don’t know. I mean, I’m just questioning how you two can be so open with each other to allow each other to have sex with others.”

“Well, we didn’t get to this stage overnight. A lot of people, married or in a relationship, equate sex with love and we did too when we were first married. But as we’ve talked about it over the years, we came to realize those are two separate things. Don’t get me wrong, when you have sex with someone you deeply love, there’s a whole new level of intimacy that opens up. It becomes a secret place only you two know about. But we look at our playing as just another type of hobby we both like. I know Tom loves sex and he knows I do too. It’s just the pleasure we can share with each other, watching each other in the act with someone else. After all is said and done, we end the night with each other and that’s a comforting feeling. I guess, it’s hard for me to explain,” replied Sue.

Jenny said, “I was always raised that it was one partner exclusively after you were married. To even think about someone else was a sin.”

“We both know how that feels,” replied Sue. “It took us a long time to discuss our feelings. Initially, there were some feelings of jealousy and guilt. But we always talked about it. We’ve seen too many couples where there isn’t really frank communication. One partner wants to try the lifestyle and pushes the other too fast. That inevitably damages the relationship, usually irretrievably. When we started down this path we decided we were going to travel it together or not at all. We set rules for this part of the relationship and that allowed us to be a little more relaxed about it. Being able to talk it out without recrimination has really helped us get to where we are. And we’re still evolving. Some things we would never have considered at first are now a fun part of our lifestyle. The drive down is about an hour and we’d be happy to answer cihangir escort any question you have, no matter how wild you think it might be.”

“Tom’s in the shower right now. So if you feel a shower would be better, you’re welcome to join him,” Sue winked. “He’d probably like someone to wash his back.”

Jenny laughed. “He’d probably like that. Either that or I’d shock the hell out of him.”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out,” Sue said as she led Jenny to our bedroom.

I had just finished shaving my play areas and had begun washing my hair. My eyes were squeezed shut to keep the shampoo out when I felt a hand on my cock. I felt my cock begin to swell. “Hey babe, better save it for the club,” I said. “You’re going to make us late.” Now I was at full mast.

“Wow,” I heard a whisper. “You’re twice as thick and a couple inches longer than Andrew.”

In shock, I opened my eyes and immediately shut them again due to the stinging shampoo. But I caught a glimpse of Jenny’s naked body. “What the …?” I exclaimed as I rinsed the shampoo from my head.

Jenny laughed. “You said earlier I might need a cold shower. I figured a warm one would be more relaxing.”

I looked over her shoulder to see Sue standing there with a camera. She was smiling as she filmed our little encounter. Rivulets of water coursed down Jenny’s tight little body, her perky small breasts channeling the water down towards her shaved pussy.

“I need this inside me now Mr. G — er, Tom,” she said as she turned around and braced herself against the side of the shower. Her cute ass was pushed out.

Sue spoke up. “Show her what I can get any time I want,” she laughed.

Taking my cock in my hand, I slowly ran it up the outside of Jenny’s pussy lips.

“Don’t tease me, Tom,” Jenny whined. “I need to be fucked hard.”

I reached around her body and with one hand I fondled one of those delicious looking tits as my other hand drifted down to her pussy. I gently grazed her clit and felt her body shiver. A low moan escaped her. Her pussy felt drenched and it wasn’t the shower that was causing it. “You want my cock here?” I said as I plunged a finger into her pussy.

Her pussy clenched my finger hard and her body shivered again. “Oh God, yes,” she whispered. “Please fuck me Tom. God I’m so damned horny,” she moaned as she humped my finger.

“Yes, babe,” Sue said. “Put that cock I love into her pussy. Give her a treat.”

I looked back at Sue. She was rubbing her pussy as she filmed us. “Well, if you insist beautiful,” I replied. Opening Jenny’s pussy lips I slowly entered her hot pussy. Jenny gave a deep guttural moan. As I continued to feed my cock into her pussy the sound became one long low moan. Finally, I was buried to the hilt. I could feel her pussy spasming around my cock. I grazed her clit with my finger and her body shook. “Mmmmm, your pussy feels so nice, Jenny,” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh God, I’ve never felt this full,” Jenny moaned. “Fuck me, Tom. Fuck me hard.”

With that I began fucking her, slowly at first then picking up the pace. Her pussy was so tight it felt like a warm wet glove around my cock. I was stroking her clit as I fucked her. Jenny was moaning continuously now.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she hissed. Suddenly she wailed and esenyurt escort I felt her pussy grip my cock like a vise. Her entire body was spasming as the orgasm overcame her. I stopped fucking her and just kept still as her pussy vibrated around my cock. It was almost all I could do to keep from cumming. She was gasping. I looked over at Sue and saw her broad smile. She now had two fingers plunging into her pussy and had placed the camera on the counter.

“Isn’t Tom’s cock wonderful, Jenny?” she asked.

“Oh my God, yes,” panted Jenny. “I want more. I want it hard and fast, Tom.”

“Oh, do you?” I growled. I placed both hands on her hips. “Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, yes, Tom. Fuck me hard with that gorgeous cock of yours,” Jenny panted.

“Okay, your wish is my command,” I said as I pulled out to the tip. Then I slammed it back into her pussy.

Jenny yelped. “Yes, just like that,” she gasped.

With my hands on her hips for leverage I began slamming into her cute bald pussy. The sound of our bodies slapping together was beautiful. Jenny began wailing, low at first but rising in pitch with each stroke. “Should I pull out when I’m ready to cum, Jenny?” I asked.

“No, I’m safe,” she panted. “I want your cum in my pussy, Tom. Cum in my pussy, cum in my pussy,” she began chanting. With a shriek her orgasm washed over her and her pussy clenched my cock so hard I began cumming. She milked my cock dry as she collapsed against the shower wall. If not for my hands, she would have slid to the floor. I reveled in the final spasms of her pussy. Then I carefully carried her over to the built-in seat that Sue used to sit on when she shaved her legs. Soft moans were emanating from Jenny as she sat there with her legs splayed.

“My turn,” Sue said as she moved the shower mat over in front of the bench. My cum had begun dripping out of Jenny’s pussy. Sue knelt down in front of Jenny and began licking my cum out of her pussy.

“Oh God,” groaned Jenny.

Now it was my turn to film. I love to see Sue with another woman. I know she loves the taste and feel of another woman and it turns me on to see her enjoying herself so much. Hearing Jenny’s continuous moans and watching Sue lick her pussy was making me hard again. I put the camera down and knelt behind Sue. “God you look beautiful, babe,” I whispered in her ear. Sue moaned in reply and that vibration caused Jenny to gasp. I slid my cock into Sue’s dripping pussy and she wiggled her ass against me. I took my time as I fucked her slowly. Damn, it was hot watching the scene in front of me. I must have fucked her for ten minutes with Sue’s moans and Jenny’s soft yelps urging me on.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!” Jenny screamed as she came again. At that, I shot into Sue and felt her pussy spasm around my cock. Jenny had sat up as she came, then collapsed back against the shower wall. It looked like she had passed out. I pulled out of Sue and she turned around and took my softening cock in her mouth. She cleaned my cock and looked up at me.

“I think she enjoyed it,” Sue giggled. “Let’s get her dried off and put her in the bed where she’ll be a bit more comfortable.” We toweled off Jenny and I carried her into the bedroom and laid her down carefully.

Jenny sleepily opened her etiler escort eyes. “I think I have to rest a little,” she whispered. Then, closing her eyes again, she drifted off to sleep.

“Doesn’t look like we’ll make it to the club tonight,” I commented to Sue.

“That’s fine by me,” Sue replied. “I’ve already had a night’s worth of fun.”

We pulled the covers over Jenny and tiptoed out of the room. Pouring ourselves a glass of wine, we sat in the living room and looked at each other. “Well, that was totally unexpected,” I said.

Sue laughed. “Mary told me back when she was in high school that the girls liked you. I guess I didn’t realize how much they liked you!”

I smiled. “If we knew then what we know now…”

“We wouldn’t have done a thing because they were underage,” Sue finished winking at me.

“True, true,” I replied. “But we could have done some interesting role play and fantasy.”

“She and I chatted for a bit when she got here. I could tell she was interested but I didn’t think it would go this far, this fast!” Sue replied.

“It looked like she enjoyed it,” I mused.

“You think?” Sue replied sarcastically. “I know I enjoyed that delectable little pussy of hers.”

“Yeah, maybe I’ll get to try that out one of these days. That is, if she’s not so embarrassed about what happened that she runs out of here screaming when she wakes up.”

Sue drained her glass. “How about we go to bed?” she asked.

“Really?” I exclaimed.

“To sleep, you nympho!” Sue replied.

“Oh,” I said crestfallen. “Here I’ll be in a bed with two gorgeous babes and you want me to sleep.”

Sue laughed. “It’s for your own good,” she said. “I want you to be ready for tomorrow. Maybe we’ll get to the club then.”

We headed off to bed. Jenny was still sleeping soundly as we climbed into our king-sized bed. Sue rolled over on her side and I spooned her with my arm draped over her. We were asleep in record time.

Since I’m an older guy, I had to get up in the middle of the night to relieve myself. I groggily stumbled to the bathroom and did so. As I came back into the bedroom I heard some soft moans coming from the bed. Looking over, I saw Jenny on top of Sue with her cute little ass staring at me. They were having a 69 session. I saw Sue’s tongue working over Jenny’s pussy. In an instant, I was hard as a rock and wide awake. I grabbed some lube and coated my cock. Then I knelt on the bed and slid my cock into Jenny’s pussy. Her head jerked up and a moan escaped her lips. I began fucking her pussy as Sue licked it. Sue would occasionally flick her tongue on my shaft as I withdrew. Jenny had now stopped licking Sue’s pussy entirely.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, so fucking good,” she moaned softly. I could feel her pussy clenching my cock as the orgasm overtook her. She was panting heavily as I continued to fuck her and Sue continued to lick her. Within minutes another orgasm washed over her. “OH FUCK!” she cried. I was now pounding into her pussy, the slapping of our bodies filling the room. As she began a loud wail I unloaded into her again. Her whole body jerked and rippled violently causing my cock to pop out. Sue kept licking her pussy as my cum dripped out of it. “No more, no more, too sensitive,” Jenny gasped. She rolled off of Sue. I could hear her crying softly. “I never knew sex could be this good,” she whispered. Sue turned around and gently stroked Jenny’s arm.

“When you have someone who cares about your pleasure and not their own, that’s when it becomes great,” Sue replied. “You need to rest now.” Sue spooned Jenny holding her tenderly. I could see a faint smile as Jenny fell back asleep.

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