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Journey Resumed Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: Just Us

“Emma, this was a delicious dinner, thanks so much.” Francesca drained the last of her wine, just as a loud, …very loud, clap of thunder rattled the windows of Emma’s fifteenth floor apartment. The wind howled around them, as they sat securely in the warm glow of the fireplace open to both sides between the dining room and living room.

‘Yeeeek! Oh, God, I hate thunder. It still scares the hell out of me, even at my age, Frannie. Remember how you always made me sing loud to drown out the fear when you slept over? Those were the days!” Her cheerful, infectious laugh ended abruptly with the next brilliant flash followed by the hollow boom of the nearby lightning strike. “Ohmigod, did that hit this building???”

“Emma, for heavens sake, calm down, it’s nothing. Look, isn’t it beautiful, the sheets of rain blown by the wind, the great white and blue flashes of lightning on the other buildings? This is a perfect prairie storm, big and bold, reaching to the sky! Enjoy it! We’re safe inside, a warm fire, a glass of wine, errr, at least, I had a glass of wine, ..and my best friend! What more is there in life?” Francesca soothed her.

“What makes you so sure the wind won’t break the windows? Look at them shiver and shake!” Emma was not comforted at all. She laughed bravely, “what if it blows the building down, for god’s sake? Then what will you say? ” She smiled at her own words now, but once again her laugh was cut short by a huge thunderclap and sky-splitting bolt of lightning cutting its jagged way from the clouds to the cityscape below.

“Frannie, will you stay over tonight? Charlie is out of town; I’d really like the company! It’s a terrible storm out there. Come on, be a friend. We can have a pajama party just like when we were kids! OK?”

Francesca couldn’t really think why not; she didn’t have to go to work, and it would be fun to have the whole night to talk and laugh. She agreed, talking right through the biggest thunderclap yet and she saw Emma start and nearly jump out of her chair.

“Oh, great, come on, let’s have coffee in the other room, you can watch the damned storm from there and I’ll just sit and shudder and hide my head under my arm! What about some brandy, as well?”

“Ummmm, sounds good, but I’m getting a little tipsy, I’m liable to fall asleep on you.” she laughed and following Em to the other room. Em turned out the lights and lighted a candle for large glass coffee table, low and sleek between two bright yellow sofas. They looked inviting, deep and comfortable. The room was cast in a warm glow by the shimmering light of the fireplace and the candle. The brandy was warm and silky.

Emma closed most of the drapes, and then made sure she was facing away from the windows and the storm. They sat talking, solving the problems of the world, exposing still more of their own lives, fears and laughs, in the detail that only close friends can.

“You know, Frannie, Charlie and I really enjoyed having you to dinner last week, it was so much fun. We talked about it a lot. He likes you as much as I do, I think. ‘Cept of course, with me it’s love, ……. More than ‘like.’ She gave that luscious smile, turned on the couch and planted a big rather wet kiss on Francesca’s surprised lips. “Like I always say: I love you, buddy!”

Emma sat back with her knees up, arms folded over them and peered at Francesca. She was really very pretty and looked cute, now perched on the arm of the couch. Francesca recalled that was Emma’s favorite spot, skirt slipped up into her lap. The crotch of her white panties gleamed in the bright light of the fire. Francesca noticed that she had grown up though, now wearing nearly transparent sheer nylon undies.

“Oh, Em, I really feel the same way. It is so good being together with the two of you. I ask you, how often in life do you meet the husband of a good friend and find you like both of them? Most of the time it just doesn’t work that way and you end up wondering what they see each other. With you, I feel completely open and free. It’s wonderful! That’s all there is, after all. In the end, we just want to be close, to find those who just love you for you. Those who let you be yourself and love you as you are.”

“Wow, Francesca, that is such a pretty thought. True, too, I think. I think you just got philosophical on me, eh?”

Francesca laughed. “I guess so, Em, but I’ve thought a lot about it, lately. Something you said just reminded me of it. The only thing any of us want is intimacy. That feeling you find with maybe half a dozen people in a lifetime. We keep those moments inside and polish them and when we take them out, they make the sun shine all over again. It’s magic! Know what I mean?”

Emma beşiktaş escort looked into her eyes, long and hard, as if thinking deeply about the question. “Yes, I do.” She smiled archly. “Let’s have another brandy.” She bounced down to get the bottle, then stopped beside her friend, knelt in front of her and leaned forward to kiss her again. Francesca felt Emma’s hands touch the sides of her breast, ever so lightly, as their lips met, tasted, parted, then returned for another peck. “Yes, I do.” She repeated, more softly this time, as in a whisper.

“Another would be good.” Francesca whispered, a little hoarsely. Her mind turned this over once or twice, and quietly and calmly suckled on the nugget of sweetness in the shared moment of tenderness.

They drank more quietly now, lost in thought, almost, and Francesca turned to slip her toes under Emma’s thigh in that familiar way from years ago. They drank the warming brandy in the flickering firelight as the storm entertained others with fireworks outside.

“Bedtime?” Emma smiled, the fire glinting in her eyes and a smile turning the sides of her mouth upward.

Francesca’s mind swirled a little bit, pondering the distinct excitement she had felt at the touch of another woman. She cocked her head to one side, half closed her eyes as she did when thinking hard. Then looked at herself in the mirror and nodded a little gesture of calm acceptance. It was Ok. Nothing could be wrong with this.

There was a knock.

“Francesca?” Emma had partially undressed and stood in the doorway. “Francesca, would you mind sleeping in our room? I’ll not get to sleep with this storm! Besides, we talked about a pajama party.” Her matching panties and bra were both sheer with little lace figures here and there. Francesca noticed the dark coins of her nipples through the nylon and also her natural brown curls forming a little triangle under the sheer fabric of her panties.

“Sure, can I borrow something to sleep in?” She followed into the large master bedroom. She noticed again the lovely natural curve of Emma’s bottom once again. “Funny that I find her body so beautiful.” she thought.

“I’ll get you one of Charlie’s pajama tops, I don’t think mine will fit that pair of bazooms of yours!” Emma laughed loudly.

“I haven’t been able to take a shower alone on a stormy night since I made the mistake of watching psycho!” Emma admitted. “Will you keep a watch out for Anthony Perkins?” She craned her arms back to loosen her bra and the cups came away from her pointed breasts reluctantly, leaving two lovely dark nipples jutting out from the mounds of her breasts. She quickly slipped the panties down her legs, stood on one leg to lift the garment with her toe and dropped it into the hamper.

“I’ll keep him out, sweetie, I’ll keep him out!” Francesca laughed as she unsnapped her own bra and slipped it down her arms. She noted ruefully that her nipples were rigid with excitement. They were quite rosy now as they became when she was sexually excited. Her breasts tingled, in that nice feeling she got when they were at last freed from the restriction of the bra cups. She longed to lift them with the little pleasureful massage she allowed herself each day at that moment. It felt so good; free at last, to have the tingle sort of rubbed out of them by lifting and separating them for a few moments. She thought that looked a little narcissistic in front of Emma and let the moment pass.

Emma slipped into the shower and the door was soon clouded with steam. “Hey Frannie, remember this?” Francesca turned to see two definite round circles and lower a round imprint of her tummy and then lower the outline of triangle of her mound pressed against the steamy door.

Their laughter echoed around the tiled walls of the large bathroom as the memories sprang back. Impulsively, Francesca opened the door. “Want me to wash your back?”

“Oh, yes! Haven’t had a back-washer in years!” She turned her back for the favor and passed the washcloth and soap.

Francesca soaped up and began covering Emma’s lovely back with copious suds. She made great swirls and then an exclamation point with the point being just above the crease of her bum. “There you are Madame, that would cost you a big tip at the club! Come on, my turn!”

Emma returned the favor with gusto, adding a large loofah to the mix, giving Francesca the added pleasure of the scratchy massage of the sea sponge. It gave her a delicious tingling sensation all over her back. “Oh, god, that’s great, more, more!”

“Oh, that looks good, Frannie, do me with the loofah, will you?”

Francesca scrubbed methodically over Emma’s back, and then taksim escort on a whim, moved the loofah between her outspread legs, eliciting a surprised little squeak, a sharp intake of breath came from Emma. Then, “no, that’s nice, go ahead, mmmmmmmn, nice. Thanks.” Francesca dropped the loofah and moved her hands over Emma’s body, loving the soapy feel. She knelt and washed her legs. Careful not to go to high, then throwing caution to the winds, she felt her hands, with a mind of their own slip upward until they touched the flat formed by the lips of Emma’s pussy. Emma stood very still, then purred softly. “MMMmmmmmmmm.”

“Turn around, Em.” Francesca washed again the columns of her legs, patted over her prominent mound, swirled circles around the globe of her belly and slowly moved toward the lovely twin peaks of her breasts. She smiled at the lovely white soap swirls she made as her hands explored Emma’s breasts, She felt the curving underside of them, lush with their own weight and slipping so comfortably into her hands. Their eyes met.

Emma’s hands found Francesca’s generous breasts. She silently scooped some of the soap from her own breasts and spread it over her friend’s wonderful velvety, firm breasts. She felt the large ruby nipples tickle her palms. Her hands slipped over the lower curves and lifted the lovely weight of them. She bent and kissed Francesca’s right nipple. Had she guessed that that was the more sensitive of the two or had Francesca told her? She couldn’t recall.

Slowly, she knelt in front of Francesca, her lips trailing along the smoothness of the gentle, strong, statuesque curves of her body. She kissed the copse of auburn hair protecting the elegantly sculpted mound of Venus pointing in a blunt triangle downward between her legs. Francesca gulped slightly, suddenly a little tense; she felt the tongue of her friend toy with the top of the crease of her body, then part her lips with its darting, tasting, kissing, little motion. Her legs parted slightly, seemingly of their own mind. Emma’s tongue found the erect, eager hardness of Francesca’s clitoris, rigid and bright pink with excitement. Now it was Francesca’s sharp intake of breath that echoed from the tile walls! She exhaled in a moan of pleasure, quiet, slow. “Ohhh, mmmmmmnh.” She lifted Emma to her feet with the trailing edge of the moan.

Their bodies met, slipping against each other; their kiss was long and intense, their tongues finding each other and playing together. Their breasts slipped over each other as they moved their bodies from side to side to enhance the teasing sensual pleasure.

At last, Francesca stepped slowly back, their lips still clinging, until at last a little spark passed between them as they parted. She took down the showerhead and sprayed it over Emma’s breasts. The suds coursed down the curves of her body, formed a watery icicle from the apex of her body and splashed onto the tile.

They shared their quiet smiles as the steam cleared and came together in another passionate kiss. They took turns toweling each other and looking at each other in the mirror. Watching their womanly opulent curves and shadows as their muscles moved to the task of toweling.

Emma had lighted a candle, making the bedroom erotic and golden in its flickering light. The storm was quieting down now, the thunderclaps further out on the lake, lightning flashes more subdued, broader in their light.

They slipped between the sheets together, meeting near the center, the pajama top and sleek nightie left forgotten on top of the bed.

The wind still howled outside, urging them to each other’s warmth. They shared each other’s breath, quietly, waiting for the warmth to engulf them. Slowly they explored each other’s bodies. Words didn’t seem necessary. Francesca tenderly cupped Emma’s breasts, kissing the nipples, slipping down between them, her tongue darting into the valley between their loveliness. Emma’s hand found the soft tangle of hair on Francesca’s mound, touched the wetness signaling the sensual pleasure mounting in her.

Francesca felt Emma’s middle finger slip smoothly between the creamy lips of her pussy, finding her clitoris immediately. She felt the tenderness with which Emma fondled it, knew it was now fully erect, loving this lovely attention, peeking out from between the lips that enfolded it. Emma urged her legs apart and Francesca felt her small hand cover and cup her mound.


Emma’s leg slipped between her own and raised to press against her pussy. Dimmly aware of the distant storm, Francesca moved her hips in a slow circular motion, feeling the warmth of Emma’s thigh.

Emma thought she was near an nişantaşı escort orgasm. A tiny shudder coursed through her. Francesca’s gentle fondling of her breasts had her very close already. How unlike the rush of a man, she thought. There was a knowing, thoughtful, giving aspect to the way her hands surrounded, lifted, cupped her breasts. The way her lips found Emma’s nipples and gave them something instead of taking. She liked the way Charlie played with her breasts, that was fun, ……….. but this was different; this was having your breasts fondled!!!!

“Wonderful!” she breathed through half parted lips.

Francesca felt Emma pull slowly from her grasp. She let her fingers trail down Emma’s breasts until they just clung to her nipples, then slipped away. She watched as Emma knelt on the bed, turning, moving down her body, kissing gently as she went. Soft moist lips trailed over her breast, then the underside, deep under its heaviness, a light tongue slipped in her navel, kisses were planted lightly on the curly red patch of her mound. She held her breath. The touch of the tongue parting her lips in the shower came to mind. It had been the first. Now she waited. Held her breath.

Emma, felt the lush curls tickle her nose, felt their softness at her lips. She moved her head from side to side, enjoying the scent of her friend’s body. Her forehead touched Francesca’s thighs. Her lips pressed a soft, firm kiss against the beginning of the crease running between her legs, felt Francesca part her legs for her to enter. Emma put her hands under Francesca’s thighs, straddling her body now.

She kissed once more: deeper along the tender, now very wet furrow. She moved her head from side to side. Her tongue searched the creamy wetness of her friend for the first time. Francesca was very, very moist, Emma pressed her mouth against the folds of her pussy, seeking entry, then drinking deeply of the lovely sweet juices. She pressed her tongue to the very rim of Francesca’s love tunnel, tasting the sweet and sour flavor of her. Slowly, she explored the entire length of her sensual slit, pleasuring and taking pleasure. She heard her friend’s moan of pleasure, felt Francesca’s hands on her bottom, roaming, tickling, touching lightly, then pulling her close.

Francesca stared transfixed at the slim line of Emma’s pussy. There was a tuft of hair on her mound, but the lips were smooth, clean shaven, open to her kiss, waiting for her kiss.

“What would this be like?” she thought. “It is so pretty.” “What would it taste like?” She had sampled the taste of her own juices out of curiosity. Not an unpleasant taste, sometimes bitter, with some sweetness, too. Now she found herself wanting to taste her friend, wanting to explore this secret place of her friend.

Slowly she pulled Emma closer, felt her lower herself gently onto Francesca’s breasts, giving her self openly to her. Francesca kissed the mound before her, gently letting her tongue slip tentatively out to touch the smoothness of Emma’s pussy lips. The effect was electric, Emma exclaimed. “Oh! …….. ooooo yes, Frannie,”

Francesca felt Emma sucking her clitoris into her mouth; felt the heat of her tongue, its roughness toying with the rigid nub between her legs, felt Emma taste her, taste all along her openness, her wet, wet, warmth.

She found Emma’s little clitoris now rigid with pleasure. Her teeth found it, held it safely, nibbled gently, to be circled with her tongue. She felt Emma squirm against her mouth, felt a great shudder tense Emma’s legs around her head. She felt Emma insinuate her clit and vagina against her face, giving all her wetness to Francesca. Then a more violent shudder, followed by a relaxed, softness resting on top of her as Emma’s orgasm peaked and slowly subsided.

Emma’s tongue was so tender now, slipping there between Francesca’s legs, licking, bathing her, loving her, suckling her clit, nibbling gently. It was so different from having a man there, tasting her. So tender and gentle was the touch of Emma’s tongue.

It answered the question that had been in Francesca’s mind for several months. She had dared to fantasize about this moment, but had not actually made love with another woman. It had been so comfortable with Emma. She was shocked at how easy it had been. Who had seduced whom, she wondered.

Francesca felt her own orgasm begin shaking her body, felt its strength starting there at her clitoris. Her arms thrashed involuntarily, as the feeling captured her whole body, running up through her stomach, tingling in a wild finale at her nipples. She could feel the hair on her head seem to stand on end. Feeling crisp, needing to be scratched by hands running through her hair. It was exquisite. Her lips were wet with Emma’s taste. She licked her lips slowly, savoring it inquisitively.

Outside the storm subsided to a drizzle, its haze haloing the streetlights in the distance.

They slept cuddled together, just like the old days of their childhood.

End of Chapter Three

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