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Lockdown Desperation

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How much longer could this go on, I understood why we had to stay in and do what was asked of us, but it was getting unbearable now. I had used every trick in the book to satisfy my needs, but now found myself running out of ideas.

The first two week were fine, I had a few toys that kept me entertained and porn worked for a bit, but there’s only so much porn you can watch. Also, I couldn’t exactly let myself go at any point as my dad and my little sister were always around, always! Not one moment in the house alone where I could have a screaming orgasm to release some tension, I always had to contain myself so no one heard me.

This third week had been unbearable, nothing seemed to work, I was constantly horny. I was 20 years old and would normally be out most weekends, hooking up with my friends, someone normally there to give me what I needed, male or female. I was always careful, I just liked to have fun.

Things steadily worsened through the week and I started looking at my dad and sister in a different light, we were quite an open family, so happy to be naked or at least half naked around each other, the odd towel covering our modesty.

I walked in on Hannah, my 18 year old sister, a couple of days ago just getting out of the shower, and almost creamed in my pants instantly, her petite skinny body, all glistening and slender, her wet long dark hair clinging to her small firm breasts, her pussy just waiting to be touched. How I stopped myself I’ll never know, stuttering my excuses and leaving. I’m pretty sure she noticed my distress and lingering looks.

My dad had been strolling around the house in his boxers, his body had already been good for his age, and now because of the lockdown he has been working out more, his body is now perfectly toned, good enough to want to run my hands over whilst bouncing up and down on that cock.

The worst bit was last night, I had the filthiest dream that I was being double teamed by my dad and my little sister, my dad pounding in and out of my pussy whilst my sister had a strap on in my ass. If this didn’t end soon then I could see this fantasy being my lockdown goal.

I was currently lying in the garden, topping up my tan, my sister lying next to me, my dad inside. I looked down at my toned body, my ample breasts squeezed into my bikini top, my flat toned stomach and thin waist, narrow hips, my long slender legs leading up to my aching cunt.

I rolled onto my side, brushing my long dark hair behind my ear and looked over my sister, lying next to me in her even smaller bikini, wanting to run my hands down over her body, caressing her thighs, my hand sliding up that thigh gap. A warm tingling feeling spread through my pussy, my hand desperate to explore.

“You okay Steph?” My sister said, making me jump, she was looking at me, her head tilted my way.

“Er yeah, sorry I was miles away there,” I replied. It was obvious I had been looking her over. “Was just thinking how much you have grown up.”

“Oh okay,” she said.

“How are you coping?” I asked.

“Yeah not bad,” she said, “I miss my friends, and not going out with them, I miss some other things too.” Hannah blushed slightly and looked away.

“Like what?” I asked, intrigued.

Hannah looked around making sure dad wasn’t around. “I suppose it’s intimacy, hugs from friends, the occasional hook up.” She blushed even more, making her look incredibly cute.

“Regular occurrence is it?” I jokingly asked.

“No not at all,” Hannah said quickly, “but the odd fumble at the weekend is always good.”

“And more?” I asked. We were quite close and we always talked, I knew a bit about Hannahs sex life, she wouldn’t always go into enough details, but I knew she had a bit of experience. I usually told her everything about mine, partly just to see how uncomfortable she would become.

“Sometimes,” she said smiling. “How are you coping?”

“I’m not,” I said, “I’m hornier than a nymphomaniac rabbit, if I don’t get out soon I’ll be jumping you.” I laughed making it sound like a joke, but the wetness in my cunt told a different story.

A brief look flashed across her face, was it excitement, I couldn’t tell, it was so brief I almost thought I had made it up. She laughed, it sounded a bit forced, “oh god, that wouldn’t be right.”

“Yeah I know,” I said weakly, my eyes drawn to her flat stomach, her ribs visible through her soft skin. “Anyway, I’m here if you need a hug, a fumble might be pushing it,” I added smiling.

She laughed, “you could put some suntan lotion on my back, that will have to do,” she said.

“Okay,” I said, jumping up a bit too eagerly as Hannah rolled over. I picked up the sunscreen, and squirted some on her back, my hands touching her soft skin and running over her slender back.

Hannah pulled her long dark hair off her neck and I spread cream on her thin neck, moving over her protruding shoulder blades and around the string of her bikini. I moved down her soft glistening aksaray escort skin to her thin waist, the sexy small of her back.

Touching her body made the ache between my legs burn with wanting need, I was close to touching myself, to feel how wet I was.

I moved down to Hannahs legs, squirting a good amount of suncream on both legs, starting at her calfs I worked my way up her skinny legs, reaching her firm thighs, fuck she felt so good in my hands, so soft and tender.

I stared at her pert ass, her bikini just covering her ass cheeks. Her legs were closed but her skinny legs had a noticeable and sexy thigh gap, giving me a great view of the crotch of her bikini bottoms, how they had pushed slightly between her pussy lips. My hands had slipped inside this thigh gap, applying lotion, rubbing, teasing higher.

Hannah groaned as one of my fingers brushed the fabric of her bikini bottoms, rubbing cream into her groin. A small wet patch had appeared on her yellow crotch, and I couldn’t help myself, my own cunt on fire with lust. I touched my sister’s pussy, pressing down on the wet patch, pressing the fabric between her swollen hot pussy lips. Hannah groaned loudly, grinding her pelvis into the sunbed.

I pushed the crotch of her bikini to the side, running a finger between her pussy lips, Hannah shivered. She was so wet, I wanted to desperately run my tongue up it.

Suddenly, the back door swung open with a bang, making us both jump, my hands instantly moving down Hannahs thighs.

“Hey girls,” our dad said, his back to us, he was coming through the door backwards, “I’ve got drinks.” I watched as he spun around, his hands full with three tall glasses of Lemonade. He walked over wearing just his swimming trunks, his muscular abs hard and taut, I found myself staring way too hard.

I looked down at Hannah, she was staring at me staring at my dad, she smiled at me then rolled onto her side.

“Thanks daddy,” Hannah said, propping herself up on her elbow.

“Yeah thanks dad,” I said. Fuck, I was on fire between my legs, so wet and wanting, why did our dad have to come out now. Maybe it was a good thing though, not sure incest with my younger sister was the best idea.

Our dad gave us our drinks and I sat back down on the lounger, drinking my Lemonade quickly. I was going to have to make my excuses in a minute and take care of this burning itch, before I did something else I might regret.

Dad settled on the third lounger next to Hannah’s and stretched out onto his back, closing his eyes, I followed the contours of his chest and stomach with my eyes, stopping lower on the bulge in his shorts.

“You girls okay?” he asked, “this lockdowns getting a bit tedious isn’t it?”

“Just a little,” Hannah said, “could do with some excitement.” She looked at me and blushed slightly, and I grunted in agreement, not daring myself to speak.

“Yeah sorry girls,” our dad said, “wish I knew how to make it better for you.”

You could get that cock out for a start, I managed not to say. “You’re doing what you can daddy,” I said, “it’ll be over at some point, it’s just good we get to spend quality time together.”

“That’s true,” he said, “well if either of you need anything or want to talk just let me know.”

“We will,” I said, getting up, “I’m just going to pop inside for a bit, get out the sun.” My ache needed some attention quickly.

I hurried inside and up to my room, jumping on the bed, and rolling onto my back. I spread my legs and pulled the crotch of my bikini bottoms over, pushing two fingers straight into me, letting out a long groan, the relief flowing out of me.

The fingers slid in easy to my dripping cunt, squelching as I pushed them in deep and rubbed inside, feeling around for my most sensitive area, groaning loudly when I found it. I slid my fingers out, now covered in my juices and moved up to my clit, groaning as I touched it, my back arching as my hips pushed hard onto my fingers, I started rubbing, an orgasm already building.

I thought of my dad sliding into me as Hannah lowered herself onto my face, her legs wide, my tongue tasting her. My dad starting to pound into me

“Oh daddy,” I groaned, a bit to loudly, “fuck your little girl.”

My fingers were dancing fast on my clit now, my other hand squeezing my breasts as they spilled out of my bikini topped.

I was already close, groaning loudly. “faster daddy,” I said, breathlessly, vigorously rubbing my clit, pressing down hard. My juices were soaking my hand and inner thighs as I reached climax.

“Fuck,” I screamed, as I came hard, juices flooded my cunt as my thighs bucked. I clamped my legs shut over my hand, pressing my fingers into my contracting cunt. I rolled over onto my side, my eyes shut, groaning as the orgasm continued to send pleasure through my body.

I heard a creak and my eyes flew open, looking quickly to my door where I caught anadolu yakası escort the sight of movement. Fuck, I had left the door ajar. I didn’t make out who it was, they had moved too fast. I bet it was my sister, she knew I had been horny after the suncream incident, hopefully she enjoyed the show.

I lay there for a while getting over my orgasm, feeling my sensitive areas, exploring my drenched pussy with my fingers, whilst trying to keep an eye on the door.

After a while I headed back downstairs to find Hannah and my dad by the pool, neither of them said anything, or gave any indication who had seen me wanking off.

I jumped straight in the pool to cool off, and clean off the cum on my inner thighs.

Hannah joined me after a while, jumping in the pool. I swam over to her. She had her back to the side, I rested on my arms on the side, facing my dad.

“Did you enjoy the show?” I said, making sure our dad didn’t hear.

“What show?” she asked genuinely puzzled.

“It wasn’t you who was watching me playing with myself upstairs,” I said, completely unashamed, a girl had needs you know, and I knew Hannah understood that.

“No not me,” she said, “must have been dad, bit risky in the middle of the day though.”

“It was your fault,” she said, defensively.

“My fault,” Hannah said, smiling, “you were only supposed to put suntan lotion on, how’s that my fault?”

“Well you shouldn’t have such a tempting body,” I said.

“I’m your sister Steph,” she said, “you shouldn’t be tempted.”

“Oh come on,” I said, “we could be stuck like this for fucking months, it’s already been way too fucking long. I’m on the verge of humping the pillows every 2 seconds, and I know you’re the same, I can tell, we need to look after each other, that’s what families do.”

“They don’t have sex,” Hannah said.

“I bet they do if it’s this boring, and dry as fuck in the bedroom department,” I said.

“What about dad?” she asked, slowly coming round to my argument.

“Well it looks like he just witnessed me masturbating and calling out his name,” I said, “and I bet he was joining in too.” A little embellishment on my part.

“No way,” Hannah said, looking over at dad.

“Yes way,” I said, “which means he’s getting desperate too, so it probably won’t be long before I get both of you fucking me.” I smiled my best evil grin.

“Steph!” Hannah said loudly. Our dad looked up.

“What are you two up too?” he said.

“Nothing dad,” we both said at the same time, in our most innocent voices, making us laugh. Our dad smiled and rolled his eyes.

I pushed off of the side and started swimming, smiling to myself. I had planted the seeds in my sisters head, and I knew they would grow.

The rest of the afternoon went quickly and without incident, and I soon found myself later that evening sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, with my sister and our dad, ready for another family film night.

I was sitting on the sofa with my dad to my right, my sister was lying down to my left, on her back her face turned sideways to watch the tv, her legs were stretched over me, her pert bottom pressed against my thigh. I was enjoying the contact, any sensation of touch from another person was welcome, especially from my hot little sister.

I was wearing a short pair of denim shorts and a tight blue t-shirt, my ample breasts squeezed in tight. I looked over Hannah, who was staring at the TV, she was wearing a red flowery summer dress, riding high on her thighs, tight against her flat stomach, small pert breasts, and skinny frame. Her slender shoulders and neck impossible to ignore. Tiny goosebumps had appeared on her arms, her hands resting on her stomach.

“You girls warm enough?” Dad asked, making me jump. It was still cold in the evenings. “Do you want a blanket?”

“Yes please,” Hannah asked, and dad reached down the side of the sofa and threw a blanket over us, covering my lap, and to my disappointment, Hannah’s fit body.

After about an hour I heard the usual heavy breathing from dad, and looked to see him asleep.

“Everytime,” I said, smiling. Hannah looked over, grinned and then went back to watching the film. I realised then my hands were resting on her legs, my left hand high on her thigh. She felt so smooth and soft, and I couldn’t help but squeeze her thigh slightly.

I had no control as I started slowly caressing her legs, my right hand moving up between her thigh gap, sliding up her skirt, closing in on the crotch of her panties.

Hannah turned to look at me, her large brown eyes wide, thought for a second, then she conceded, nodded and parted her legs slightly, a look of pure want on her face.

My hand slid between her legs, pushing the fabric of her underwear into her. I watched her close her eyes, a small groan escaped her.

I pushed the crotch of her panties into her tight pussy lips, feeling the dampness ataköy escort spread on my fingers. I rubbed softly, feeling her lips part, inviting me in. My own pussy was now on fire with lust, I needed to feel her, to explore her inside.

I moved the crotch of her panties over and pushed my middle finger into her tight cunt, slick with her juices. I ran my left hand over her tight young body and squeezed her right breast, feeling her erect nipple on my palm, I started hungrily kneading both breasts, tweaking the nipples.

I moved my fingers to her clit, applying pressure through the fabric, making her groan once more, Hannah stuffed some of the cover in her mouth, biting down hard, her body stiffened in pleasure.

I started to build a rhythm on Hannah’s clit, as I reached to the button on my denim shorts, deftly undoing it with my fingers, and then I pushed my hand into the waistband, sliding into my pants and between my legs. I plunged two finger into me, stifling a groan of my own, as I started to finger fuck my cunt, juices squeezing out of my pussy and over my pants.

I moved back to Hannah’s opening and pushed a couple of fingers in, feeling around inside my little sister, exploring her drenched pussy, my fingers squeezed by her tight cunt. I felt the top of her cavity pushing hard and she groaned, pushing her hips onto my fingers, spreading her legs a bit wider.

Hannah had her head back and her eyes closed, absorbed in the pleasure rippling through her body, I was desperate to see her being fingered.

I checked our dad was still asleep and took my hand out my shorts, I peeled the sheet up over Hannah’s legs, Hannah’s eyes opened and she shook her head, knowing full well if our dad woke he would get a full view of her legs wide, with my fingers getting her off. I responded by pulling my fingers out and pushing down on her clit, squeezing it between two fingers, my sister groaned loudly into her sheet, closing her eyes once more. I felt our dad stir beside us, but carried on wanking off my sister, the sofa rocking slightly with the motion.

Her skirt was up around her waist, her skinny legs parted widely, her thighs covered slick and glistening with her juice. It was such a beautiful sight.

I built up a rhythm on her clit, my drenched fingers slipping quick over her, I could feel her orgasm building in the tension of her body. I returned my fingers to my own pussy, rubbing my clit in my shorts. I let out a groan, a bit too loud, but I didn’t care now.

I heard a faint gasp to my right, my head flicked quickly to my dad, he was awake, his eyes wide open at the dirty scene before him, my fingers skimming over his youngest daughter’s clit, his oldest with her hand inside her tiny denim shorts, her hand bulging the crotch as she wanked herself off.

He stared unable to take his eyes away, his cock tenting in his shorts. Hannah was groaning quietly now, unable to keep completely quiet as she started to reach her climax.

She reached it quick, cumming hard, her narrow hips lifting, her juices flooding her pussy. Hannah’s thighs shook and spasmed, the orgasm ripping through her body.

I let go of my sister’s pussy and reached over to my dad, rubbing his hard member through his shorts. He looked at me shaking his head, mouthing the word no, not wanting Hannah to see he was awake and aroused.

I just smiled and nodded, he felt big underneath his shorts, just what I needed right now. I forced my hand into his shorts and boxers, grabbing his throbbing cock.

Hannah was still recovering from her orgasm as I slowly wanked my dad off inside his shorts. His time in lockdown had obviously affected him too, unable to resist the touch, his cock rock solid. I pulled my hand out and eased his shorts down at the waist band, my dad helped lifting his hips and pulling his shorts down, his cock pinging up, standing tall.

I groaned as I saw the glistening head of a 7 inch, thick beauty, I shivered at the thought of it entering my pussy. I pushed my left hand into my shorts, wetting my fingers inside me and then attacking my clit again.

My hand pulled the skin down on my dad’s cock, and back up again, stroking him gently, a groan escaping his lips.

It was Hannah’s turn to be shocked, she opened her eyes and her mouth dropped, “shit,” she said, snapping her legs shut, pulling the sheet over herself and scrabbling back, her eyes shot to my hand wanking him off slowly. I smiled at her.

“It’s okay,” I said, “as I said earlier, we’re all family, we have to look after each other at a time like this.”

“This is wrong,” our dad said, not taking his eyes from my hand in my shorts.

“Normally I might agree Daddy,” I said, “but these are desperate times, and as they say they call for desperate measures. I’m going to be honest I need cock, and unless you’re going to let me out to find some, then you’re my only option.” I stood up, letting go of my dad’s cock, I stood in front of him, facing him, my hand still playing with my clit.

I took my hand out and pulled my top over my head and threw it on the floor, next I unclasped my bra, dropping it to the floor, exposing my good sized firm breasts. I bent down pulling down my shorts and pants in one move. I stood there naked, my hand returning to my pussy, pushing my fingers into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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