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Mediterranean Cruise

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The steel door of the inside state room emanates two sharp beats from the guest service clerk on the other side. The single woman in the room opens the door only slightly, peering around the door to make sure it’s her expected visitor. He gives her a beaming smile when he sees her eyes peering just around the edge. When the identity is confirmed, she smiles ambiguously and opens the door wider to show her skimly clad muscular frame. Though not of great height, her powerful frame shows prowess in her domain even under the baggy t-shirt. She appears to be wearing nothing more, and it’s not far from the truth. Her unsupported breast let her nipples show through the white t-shirt, and only a slim g-string covers her shaved sex, but is covered by the hanging cloth.

The clerk is not surprised to see the woman in pajamas at this hour, but the lack of pajama covering gives a jolt of butterflies when he sees her smooth, bare legs. Much like her in all but one respect, he is noticeably muscular; the elastic cuffs of his sleeves stretch over his biceps. He stands a full six feet tall though, dwarfing the room’s woman.

“So glad you could make it so quickly,” the mistress says stepping aside to allow the man inside her cabin. He is reluctant though. He though he was only here to deliver the dish of food under the silver covering on the tray in his hand. The woman clarifies, “Please, come in. I seem to have a problem in the bathroom if you can help me.”

Looking her over her body again, the man couldn’t say no.

“Of course,” he replies with a gleeful snap to his voice.

“Thank you so much,” she continues, “you see, I was taking a shower in here, and I guess I got a little carried away — you know ‘playing’ and all — and the tub has just overflowed through the bathroom.”

A little shocked by the blatant reference her recent masturbation, the attendant is at a loss for words. “Ok” is all he has to say. She takes the initiative again, and takes the tray from his hand. “I’ll just move this if you want to look at it,” she says as she takes the tray over to the cabin table.

The clerk moves toward the small bathroom to see that the doorway has been shut off from the seeping water by one of the bath towels. The floor was flooded by the overflowing shower stall. The lip of the tub is only about three inches high and the drainage isn’t always perfect so the problem was not unreasonable. He steps into the bathroom and grabs another towel, and crouches down to push aside back the water on the floor. There is only one more towel left and they won’t be able to hold all the water on the floor. He would have to go down to guest services and get more, but before he turns around to explain his predicament, the woman speaks again. “O, and if it’s not too much of a trouble, is there anyway to turn down the temp in here?” This is the Mediterranean in July, and even the nights can be grueling.

“Or am I just supposed to walk around like this?” comes another question. He slowly turns, half expecting what he’s about to see. The woman is standing by the dish which has been uncovered — on it is a glass bowl containing a fudge covered ice cream sundae with a bottle of whipped cream and chocolate syrup on the side. The woman has also been uncovered. She is standing in only the white g-string with her hands on her hips. Her pert breasts are hanging bare above a slender and defined midsection.

He is taken aback, and stares open-mouthed at the spectacle. “I’m sorry, ma’am…. uhh.. the whole deck is controlled… uhhh together.” He stumbles over his words waiting for instruction because he can’t think of what he’s supposed to do next. What she wants should be obvious, but he’s in total shock.

“Ok, well, you keep working on that. This looks delicious,” indicating the dessert at her hip, and picking up the spoon. He reluctantly turns back, and picks up the wet towel again. Grabbing the third and final towel, he mops up what he can completely distracted by the clink of the spoon on glass, and the spray of whipped cream. He picks up both towels, and throws them in the slowly draining tub. He only once looks back to see the mistress bent over the table facing away from him. Her perfectly round ass jiggles slightly, as she enjoys her sugary treat. Her cheeks are nicely separated by the white string in her crack, and the cloth grows just enough to cover the top of her mound, but her outer lips are barely visible between her legs. He turns back to his work, wondering if she noticed.

The spoon lands with a crash on the sincan escort aluminum platter, and the whipped cream bottle sprays once, twice more. “That was quite delicious, but I wanted something a little sweeter, and I thought you would want some too.” The clerk turns to see yet another surprise, the woman has covered both her nipples with the frothy whipped cream and is removing her finger from the chocolaty concoction. She brings it to her mouth, and seductively sucks it clean with an expression of pure joy on her face.

She removes her finger, opens her eyes, and uses it to beckon him over to her. He stands and turns fully toward her, and slowly proceeds in her direction. She nods in success, and her mouth opens in a hungry smile.

“Would you like a treat for your hard work?” she asks while proffering her right breast, pushing her chest out at him. He can’t resist. His eyes are attached to the sugar-coated sweet. He slowly leans forward, grabbing her breast in his large hand, and pulling the candy to his mouth. He engulfs the cream and much more, quickly sucking off the sugar. She throws back her head with a pleasureful sigh as he continues to massage the now-exposed pink. He moves to the other side to clean her other perfect breast. “mmm…” she moans and puts her left hand on the back of his neck and her right on her moistened nipple. He uses his lips, tongue, and teeth skillfully while he holds her slender waist.

She gently pushes away reminding him, “I’m still hungry, too.” She pushes him back only a couple feet to the outside wall of the bathroom. Putting a hand on his firm chest to keep him there, she leans up to meet his mouth coming down. They connect in a passionate kiss, while her free hand ventures downward giving the bulge in his pants a firm tug. His hands are up in mock-surrender, right where she wants them. She grabs a hold of the hem of his while polo shirt, untucks it from his belt and pull it over his head. She discards the shirt and picks up the whipped cream can. She sprays two dabs in the same place she had put on herself and proceeds to gently lick the sugar off his nipples. It’s usually not his thing, but his nipples are sensitive and the eroticism is enjoyable.

She’s now cleaned both pecs, so she draws a line down his defined abs trailing off just before her final destination. She licks away bit by bit, until she is past his navel. His hands are still glued to the wall in fear of spoiling the moment. Fortunately, NCL does not require employees to wear belts so she easily slides open the button and fly of his khaki Dockers with one hand. Using both hands now, she pulls at the waist on each hip, pulling down pants and boxers to his knees exposing an impressive growing erection. She utilizes the condiments again spraying a line down his hardening cock.

With one lick, she takes it all off from his head to his (courteously shaved) base. His cock now stands enough to see the underside from her position on her knees. She adds more spray to his balls and the head of his cock. She cleans of his head taking the whole portion into her mouth, then licks and kisses down to his sack where she sucks each one into her mouth gently using her tongue to lick off the sugary cream.

She tosses the can aside and brings her hand into play. She lifts his cock up as she licks the length of his underside, then engulfs his top half in her hot, wet mouth. Bobbing her head up and down, and using her hand in unison, she brings her guest close to a climax of surprised pleasure, but he regains control in time. She uses her tongue to play with his head inside her mouth, and also slides down his shafting, taking as much as possible into the back of her throat. She controls her gag reflex and continues to face fuck herself, pulling him in with her hands on his hips.

After pulling his dick out of her mouth gagging with a trail of saliva, she licks his head once more, then stands, and moves over to the table. She grabs the bottle of chocolate syrup, and walks over toward the bed. He is told to stay where he is, and remove the rest of his clothing. While he kneels to untie his shoes, she leans over putting her hands on the bed, and spreads her legs giving a full view of her sex barely covered by the white cloth which is now sheer from her wetness seeping through it. She sways her hips back and forth showing all the angles of her cute butt and her puckered anus not-so-covered by the white strap between her spread cheeks.

She looks back at him over her shoulder, and reaches back, pulling the sincan escort bayan g-string down with her thumbs almost to see her twat, but she pulls it back up again teasing her viewer just a little. When she sees he’s removed his shoes and is stepping out of his pants, she pulls down again, this time not stopping, but pulling the thong all the way the floor, all the while keeping her legs straight. She pauses as she has the string around her ankles, almost beckoning him to her pristine backside. Before he can move though, she steps out of the thong, and jumps on the bed landing on her back making her tits jiggle as she settles on the mattress. She has her legs spread along the bed which has been stripped to the last sheet. Now completely naked, he moves over to the foot of the bed to get a better view of her shaved pussy opened wide between her legs. She picks up the chocolate she had left on the bed, uncaps it, and begins to turn herself into a chocolaty sweet. He watches in amazement as she trails the brown stream between her breasts, down her flat abdomen, all the way over her spread lips. She puts down the bottle and replaces it with her hand.

She uses her middle finger to trace from her clit up her chocolate happy trail, then picks up the finger and sucks of the chocolate goodness, trailing much saliva on her finger. She moves it back down, and begins to slowly work her clit getting more natural juices flowing. She parts her lips with two fingers, then slides her middle finger inside her juicy peach as she closes her eyes and rolls her head back on the pillow. He can’t help but take his member in his hand and play a bit on his own. She enters another finger into her tight, wet hole. She increases her speed and starts to dig deeper when she open her eyes, and looks at her lucky visitor.

He knows what she wants, so he crawls his way to her on the bed. He places himself between her legs grabbing the outside of her thighs and burying his face in the underside of her pussy to get the trail of her chocolate drip. He uses a broad flat tongue to lick over her entire pussy ending just over her clit. He pulls his tongue down, pointed, and digs between her folds letting her nectar drip into his mouth. He rubs his tongue in and out of her hole along the connection to her clit, then moves upward using short, quick strokes over her love button. She begins to moan in ecstasy. Her eyes are closed and her head rolled to the side. Her hands wander her own body, from her erect nipples to back of the man’s head. When he sucks her clit into his mouth and continues to tug with his tongue, she lets out a scream and reaches climax as he releases her clit. Hoping to spread her lips a bit more, he grabs the back her legs just above her knees and pushes them back and out. Her pussy is lifted up and her tight anus is exposed between her spread ass cheeks. He resumes massaging her soft sex, also venturing down to rub his wet tongue on her other hole; an erotic pleasure the mistress does not often receive. He focuses the tip of his speeding tongue on her clit once more. Her folds are slightly spread showing her love button. He vibrates his tongue over her sensitive clit as she begins to moan in her pleasure. Once again, her climax is punctuated with a vocal announcement.

She is breathing heavy when he inserts two fat fingers into her dripping pussy. He finger fucks her all the way in to her g-spot while he licks at her clit like a human vibrator. He twiddles her g-spot between his fingers pushing her to a g-spot orgasm almost immediately. The pleasure on her clit and g-spot give an ultimate orgasm which she marks with a high moan. As the white fluids flow out of her pussy, he removes his fingers, cleans them in his mouth then starts his trace of her chocolate trail up her body.

He licks piece by piece as he crawls up over her. Her hands move to his back coaxing him up to her. When he gets the last strip of chocolate between her breasts, he brings his mouth to meet her. Their lips part instantly and she begins to lick off her own nectar from his mouth, mixed in sweet chocolate flavor. He lowers himself on to her, and their bodies stick from all the sugar they have cleaned off each other. They kiss fervently; his hand reaches down to grab her left ass cheek and pull her leg up over him. His fingers spread on the perfectly smooth buttock, and he can feel the wetness he has left behind in her crotch with his little finger. Using his hand as a guide from around her leg, he slowly slides the head of his patient cock into her tight escort sincan hole. He begins to drive inward with his hips, and she lets out a shrill whine as he stretches her around his cock. He has pushed all the way in now, balls deep, and he begins increasing his rhythm.

She lifts her other leg, and crosses them behind his back, pulling him in as he thrusts into her. He begins to pound her pussy furiously when she begins to moan in painful pleasure. She can’t hold the kiss because of the pleasure so she leans back and lets it all out as he fucks her. “Oooohhhh… yeahhh.. uh-huh uh-huh,” she screams letting him know of his good work. Her legs lose their grip behind him, and fall to the bed carelessly. He leans back and picks them up in much the same fashion as when he was eating her. He grabs her ankles and pushes them an impressive distance above her. Now on his knees, her elevated pussy creates an upward angle into her forcing the head of his cock to collide with her g-spot with each thrust. The rough force on her g-spot excites her voice, and she become louder. “yeah, yeah, yeaaahh!” she screams as she reaches her climax.

He releases her ankles and leans back in to her. Taking one breast in his hand, he plays with it while kissing her neck, and continuing a slow stroke into her cunt. He slides both hands underneath her, and lifts her comparatively small body up with him as he gets off the side of the bed. Without pulling out of her, he aligns them in a standing position with her hands around his neck, and thrusts his fuck up into her. He bounces her on his shaft, watching her perfect tits bounce in unison. Feeling her loss of grip around his waist, he moves his arms under her legs and holds her stretched ass. Putting his legs into his fuck, her pussy comes crashing down on the base of his cock with each thrust.

She leans back and stares at him watching her bounce. The expression of pleasure in his face gives her enough to send her over the top again. Feeling her juices run down his cock again, he takes her off his dick, and sets her on the floor. She chooses the next position, and he is glad for it. She turns from him, and puts her hands down on the bed with her legs spread. She reaches under herself and plays with her clit showing him how he has destroyed her pussy. He gets a brilliant idea, and picks up the discarded whipped cream. He sprays a large strip along her ass crack, then begins to lick it off. Finishing the white cream, he gets his tongue on her sugary asshole and digs around it. He leaves it wet with spittle, and inserts one finger tightly. Craning his hand, he makes room for his cock which he shoves into her waiting pussy again. He thrusts into her violently causing her head to be thrown forward into to bed on recoil. She leaves it there to take the pounding. He briefly pulls out, and pushes his middle finger quickly into her dripping pussy. He quickly replaces it with his cock, filling her again. He uses the moistened finger to squeeze into her anus alongside his index finger. Filling both holes at once, she cannot contain herself. “Oh, fuck yes!” she exclaims as she matches his thrust, forcing him deeper into both holes. He continues a rough pace into her pussy while digging deeper and deeper into the forbidden hole.

Clearly excited by her anal attention today, she lets him know where she wants it, almost screaming, “Yeah! Fuck me in the ass!” Gladly obeying, he pulls out of her now-stretched pussy, gives a good spit on her worked asshole, and starts to push the head of his lubricated cock inside. She moans as he splits her once again. Her anus is much tighter than her pussy, but the natural lubricants aid his way inside. Slowly but surely, he buries himself almost all the way inside. “Ohh.. yeah! Fuck Me!” she demands, and he begins to thrust. Cautiously at first, he strokes in and out. As her anus begins to loosen around his cock, he pushes deeper and faster. With both hands on her hips, he pulls her back to meet him hard with each thrust. The small hole rubs firmly on the head of his dick inside. He has been close to orgasm all night, but the friction is too great. He gets closer and closer with each thrust, and with a loud moan he explodes filling her ass with his cum. He pumps his juice into with slow deliberate thrusts.

He pulls out, and his cum drips out of her gaping anus. Clearly pleased with his performance, the woman turns around smiling broadly. She pulls his head down to hers where they make out for a minute while he recovers. She reaches back to her ass, and rubs inner thigh, wiping off more of the cum that is seeping out of her asshole. She brings the cum up to her mouth after breaking the kiss and licks it off playfully.

She looks up at him with a satisfied but still wanton smile. “I can’t send you back to work like this, now can I? We’re gonna have to get you cleaned up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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