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Mike Ch. 02: The Gym

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That Friday had been a bitch. I had to stay late for a meeting, which ran long, and then there was corporate drinks and chatting afterwards. I was going to skip the gym that night, but the prospect of another Friday night with the wife had me turning off my path to the gym. It’s a local place named Jim’s; don’t know if that’s a joke or there really is/was a Jim. It’s just off the way home in a string of stores that always seem closed or empty. With the location and covid, it hasn’t been too busy lately, which is fine by me.

I parked the MINI, grabbed my gym bag from the boot, and started walking in. As I passed the car door, my fingers trailed over it thinking of Ryan. I had his number, but my calls go to voicemail and I can’t leave one to call back. Well, maybe another lunch I’ll see him. I went in and used the app to sign in.

“Hey, Mike.”

‘Hey, pete.” Pete was on duty tonite. He was young, must have been a decade behind me. Short, dark haired guy with biceps stretching out the short sleeves of his white polo. The front was stretched over a wide, pumped chest and the waist of it drifted free above his belt. He must be wearing a size down to get that look. His slim cut, black jeans fit snugly, too. A full basket was presented at front. Thighs stretched the denim and his calves showed this was no chicken legs. He turned to grab a pen and there was that ass. It curved out, high and tight. The seam of the jeans rode in his crack, showing off the two firm globes. His narrow waist flared up to wide shoulders. All of his muscle was rounded, like they still had a layer of baby fat over them.

I changed into nylon shorts and a T. I had forgotten briefs to wear under the shorts, but it was nice to swing free sometimes. I looked around as I stretched. Pretty empty, just a couple of women left on the floor. Looked liked Pete was the only one on duty as well. Fridays were slow. I started with a quick run on the treadmill to get my heart going and then did some work on my upper body with free weights.

I was zoning out in the mirror, curling a barbell. I was looking at my biceps, which led to thinking about Ryan’s biceps and my mind wandered over that lunch from there. My train of thought was interrupted by Pete coming up behind me saying “Nice form, Mike. But keep your back and hips isolated during the curl”. I couldn’t tell him my hips were swaying because I was remembering Ryan fucking my ass. I looked at my form in the mirror; my dick was getting free ahard at the memory. It wasn’t fully hard and tenting out the shorts, but it swung, thickened and arched out, the shaft outlined and the head defined under the nylon. Folks could tell I was cut.

As I curled the weight up, he reached in and placed one hand at my lower back and the other just above my shorts in front. He lightly braced me to correct the slight sway.

“Thanks, Pete.”

“No prob, that’s my job. Do another.

Good. One more and hold it up there. His hand had dropped in front, below the waistband, which pulled up the slack. I could feel the nylon whisper over the head of my dick. There was no denying what was in those shorts now.

“Keep it up,” He said and dropped his hands. As he did, I felt it skim over my dick, which jumped in response. As he walked away, I stood, stunned, and looked in the mirror for witnesses. I saw no one except Pete. I watched his firm butt walk away. It must have been an accident, I figured. He probably didnt even notice. Tho I doubt he would have missed it with the tighter shorts and then having it knock against his hand. Now it was definitely tenting out the shorts. Lowering the bar in front, I used it to hide my excitement and took it to the rack. I reached in and adjusted so it was held back by the waistband. I made sure the shirt covered it as well.

I went to the leg curl machine, hands casually in front of me. I didn’t notice anyone else on the floor; it was nearing closing time. I set the weight, on the lighter side I admit, and lay down on my stomach. It helped me center and to hide my errant dick, still half hard at this point. I could feel it pressed beneath me. Eyes shut, focused on my legs, I started the curls. I did about five when I heard Pete’s voice beside me.

“You’re cheating. Those hips are lifting again and you’re raising that ass to make contact sooner. Stop humping, buddy, and push your hips flat. Think of screwing your junk into the pad.” I did not want to think of screwing the pad. He came up on my left and placed his hand on the small of my back, pushing me down onto the padding. His hand rocked me to get better purchase, grinding my junk against the pad. “Okay now curl up, slowly.” I curled up my legs, grateful I’d gone for a lesser weight. It was a tougher curl and I felt it m*ore in my lower back and butt.

“No. Stay flat.” He pushed my hips down again and I realized his hand was half under the waistband of my shorts. The thumb and the index spread above the crack of my ass, but not low enough to be covering it. I felt myself harden into the pad.

“Okay. Hold that curl Pendik Escort at the top. Come on, tighten that butt. “

“It’s tight,” I said between clenched teeth.

“Is it?” he asked. His hand slid into my shorts and he grasped my right cheek, his thumb nosing into the crack, his spread fingers palming me like a basketball and grasping the skin. “Yeah, that’s tight. Keep up that tension and lower your legs. Slowly.” He kept his hand in place as I let my legs down. “Do it again.”

His hand squeezing my butt, I curled the weight up. He’d shifted lower, cupping the cheek with his thumb resting in the crease, inches from my butthole. Behind him I heard voices and opened my eyes to see two women walking out from the lockers. His position blocked their view of his action.

“Night, Peg. Ellen.” He called over his shoulder. His hand withdrew, sliding on the skin. “Do five more. You’re doing well.” He grasped my waistband in his right fist and pulled the back of the shorts fully below my butt and slapped it firmly. “You got a great ass, Mike. Keep curling.” He let go and the elastic snapped the base of my ass, leaving me mooning the room. Burning with a blush, I fumbled back and pulled them into place. I did four more, thinking of the crunch and willing my hard-on to go down. I was partly successful.

I went to the abduction machine. As I walked over I found the proof: wet smears on my shorts. I’ll pretend they’re sweat. Dick sweat.

I had the weights set and settled in to a split on the machine to work my inner thighs. I had succeeded in dismantling my tent and tucking the pole down along my leg. Before I could start, I heard Pete again.

“You can do better than that, Mike,” he said. He had the machine wrench my legs open further. I breathed deeply, trying to relax into the new stretch.

He stepped between my legs. “You see, you want to work the whole adductor; from here,” he put his fingers above my knees on the inside of my legs. “Up to here.” He trailed his fingers up my inner thighs to the bottom of my shorts. “You need to focus on the whole muscle, Mike. They go all the way up.” With both hands, he hiked up one leg of shorts to the top of my leg and then pushes the second up . All very business like, a trainer at work. Luckily my cock got bundled back with the fabric. I felt his knuckles push against it as he tucked the nylon under my leg to keep the short up. His face gave no clue that he was groping me on purpose. He stepped back and gestured me to proceed.

I began drawing my legs in, weaker at the full extension but gaining strength as I closed them. He made me hold it, my butt squirming in the seat. I let my legs part slowly and, as I neared the full split, my cock flopped from the shorts. I kept my focus front, watching him watch my split; there was no way he was not seeing my dick. He stepped in at my side and put a hand on my knee.

“See, you can feel it from here,” again at my knee. “Up into here.” And his hand slid up my leg towards my crotch. I held my breath as both his hand and my cock rose. The back of his fingers brushed the soft skin of the shaft. He paused, his hand on my upper thigh, my cock hovering beside his hand. He was looking me in the eye, no drop of his gaze as my erection bobbed up against the rough back of his fingers. He grasped my inner thigh and his knuckles knocked me into a sway. “good, but do more. And breathe, buddy, you look like you’re gonna pass out.” I exhaled as he stepped away, acting, if not actually, unaware of me sitting there with a hard-on. “We’re the last ones here and it’s near closing. I’m going to shut the front. Take your time. Finish up. Shower. I’ll let you out when you’re done.”

Without a glance back, walked away to the front. I did more exercises. I left my cock out, half afraid if I touched it I’d cum. The other half, yeah, okay, it was kinda hot having my dick out in the gym. I tried not to think of his tight, round ass sitting on my cock, his muscled shoulders to mine. The taste of his tongue in my mouth. So much for not thinking about it; if I didn’t stop, I was going to cum.

Finished, I pulled the legs of my shorts back down and headed to the lockers, my cock pointing the way. I peeled off my shirt and dropped the shorts. The water turned on in the shower room. I looked around and saw the white polo and black jeans tossed on the bench by an open locker. I heard the water splattering on a body. Pete’s body. Pete’s naked body. I wrapped a towel around my waist, and walked to the showers.

They’re open style, three nozzles facing three in the tiled room. Pete stood in the water, his back to me. The water ran over his smooth back and down to that pert ass, white and foamy with soap. He turned to me. He was hairless, except for the shadow of pubic hair growing in above a fat, white cock. It had to be 8 inches and wasn’t fully erect, though growing. The suds were dripping off it.

“Drop the towel, Mike.”. He smiled. “I’ve already seen it hard.”

I blushed, the heat crawling down to my Tuzla Escort chest, and released the cloth. I hung it on a hook and let it wag over to the shower opposite him. He stood facing me, the water bouncing off his back. His cock was stiff. It was about 9 and the pink head was already poking from his foreskin. The shaft widened from the head and then narrowed at the root. His balls were large and heavy, swinging in a stubbly sack between hairless legs. He stepped beside the stream of water and squatted down to a kit on the floor and dug out a can that spit a mound of foam into his hand.

“I need a shave.” He stood and his hand dropped, smearing his crotch with the soap, leaving his firm, white shaft clear. He returned the can and took out a disposable razor. I hadn’t even turned on the water. I just stood there and watched as he drew it across, scraping stubble off his pubic area, pushing his erection aside.

“Hey. Lend me a hand and hold this out of my way, ok? Mike?”. My eyes went up from his crotch to meet his gaze. “Mike, come here.” I walked over and he took my hand and placed it on the head. As I gently grasped it, he moved my hand to the side, clearing an area to shave. The blade scraped up the side of his balls as he stretched it with the other hand. He pressed my hand so it held his warm, twitching, cock flat against his abs and focused on his nuts. He carefully scraped the stubble from the skin stretched over his large balls. He rinsed the blade in the shower between each sqipe. Pete kept glancing up into my face, grinning at me.

“You didn’t know what to do on the floor. I honestly thought you were gonna cum when your cock shot out of your shorts.”

“I almost did when it rubbed on your hand.”

“Well, I kind of rubbed my hand on it first. You got a nice cock. And a great ass; tight as a drum.” He kept shaving, moving my hand and his cock to get good access. He had me hold it out straight to get the hairs at the base. “Hold this.” He handed me the razor and turned his junk under the spray to rinse off. He squatted back to the bag and got another handful of foam. He grinned up at me and turned to assume the position on the wall, his legs spread, his ass pushed out, he reached between and smeared the cream into his buttcrack.

“Shave my ass, Mike.”


“Mike, you’ve been staring at it for months. You’re staring at it now. Squat down and get it hairless for me. Please.”

I squatted, his ass spread wide with his hands before me. Pale white, never seen the sun. I caressed it with my hand; so smooth and firm. The balls dangled below and foam dripped onto them. I ran my finger down the middle and found the twist of his asshole; cleared that so I didn’t slice him. I smoothly drew the razor down the inside of one cheek, rinsing it in the shower beside us as foam built up. I shaved down the other side, leaving only the strip down the middle. That was the hard part, shaving each side to the inner crease without cutting him. I was very careful when I reached his asshole, he winked it at me as I worked. I cleared it all off with a wet hand, watching the hairs and foam drip down off his balls. It stood waiting, like a peach split open.

I took his balls in hand first, trimming off the few hairs Pete missed. His nuts were heavy in my hand, the skin smooth and soft. I leaned and sucked one into mouth, rolling over it with my tongue. Pete moaned quietly. I took the second in and go let their firmness with my teeth. I sucked them in, stretching them away from his cock, which I felt bobbing in response. I let them slide out.

I spread my tongue on the taint, glided up over the bud, and slid up to the knob at the base of the spine. It was a smooth run, the flesh slick under my tongue with a taste of salt and soap. I licked again, but stopped at the puckered twist and swirled my tongue around the ridges.

Pete sighed as I burrowed in, wetting the ring. I pushed his hands away and reached around to hold the rigid meat and grasp the heavy sack. I pulled Pete in, hungry, tasting ass for the first time, savoring the musky taste through the soap. I felt the cheeks pressing at my face, smothering me in his firm and pliant butt. I nipped at the smooth skin on the inside of his cheek; he writhed around my face, moaned, and pushed back further into me. My tongue wormed it’s way in, parting him, screwing it’s way deeper, tasting the dark meat nestled in these smooth, white globes. My hands moved on his ass, squeezing the globes. The muscle of his ring tightened on my tongue and relaxed. I slapped his ass and he whimpered, his hole fluttering as his cheeks ground into me. He was humping my face, riding my tongue. I slid a finger up to begin prying him open further.

He pulled away and dug into his kit, showing off the dusky bud, glistening with spit, between flushed cheeks. He grabbed a tube and handed it back to me. Lube. I knew what he wanted; I knew what I needed. I squeezed some onto my fingers and slathered it on the waiting hole. I slowly prodded one finger Anadolu Yakası Escort in, he gasped as it pushed through and the muscle sucked at my digit. I finger-fucked him, burying to my hand, sliding on the lube. I added another finger and crossed them. as I fucked deeper, I bumped the walnut of his prostate and he shuddered around my hand. I stroked it, circled it.

“Damn it, Mike. Stop playing and fuck me!”

I stood and slicked up my drooling cock, swollen in hardness, blood pounding. I pressed the flared head to the slight gap and gently plowed my way in, feeling the tunnel open around me and grasp me in tight wetness. He pushed back against it and took all of my tool deep inside him. My pubes were scraping his ass when I grabbed the slim hips and humped, stirring the hot tunnel sliding around me, bouncing off that firm butt. I slid back out until I saw the edge of the helmet, then drove myself back in with one solid fuck. Pete’s face and shoulders pressed against the wall. I felt a hunger, a wildness in my pelvis and began humping the boy’s ass, the wet slap of skin echoing in the tiled room, the hot cunt of ass clamped around me. My grunts rose to match Pete’s as I tried to drive my entire self into him, pounding the boys tight hole, feeling the cushion of his ass agains me. I felt my cock swell larger and balls pull up tight.

“I’m gonna cum,” i warned. “I can’t stop it. Do you want me…”

“Cum in me Mike. I want to feel your spunk filling me. Fuck me raw, Mike. Do it!”

My balls pulled up tight to my shaft. My hips drove him against the wall and slid him up off his feet. I locked my arms around his wet torso, found a nipple hard under my hand and pinched it tight. My mouth locked on his shoulder, biting on the skin as I tried to hold off until rope after rope of hot spunk shot through my cock and spat up into the young man’s belly. My hips screwed his cock against the tile as another wave released into that firm cushion of his pale, pliant ass. I kept fucking, feeling the splash inside him as my own cum lubed him further. I was shuddering as my body tried to cum more, my balls empty.

I slowed and we stood a minute, locked together by my shaft. I began to soften, and withdrew with a wet pop of lube and cum. I turned Pete around and saw him flushed, mouth agape, and his cock still hard. I drove my mouth onto his, drinking him in as I fed him my tongue. My mouth worked down to his jaw, his neck, a hard nipple on muscled pecs, down his smooth chest and belly, to his hard prick. I took him into my mouth, the hood of foreskin already peeled back from the head leaking precum in a stream. Pete hissed as my teeth grazed over the sensitive head. I bathed the bloated knob with my tongue and began sucking my way down the fat shaft, my lips pulling me along over the widening meat. Pete’s hands rested on my head, not pushing, just comforting as I devoured his long, thick, white shaft. I took a deep breath when the fat head nudged the back of my mouth and, before the gag reflex kicked in, swallowed cock like a snake. I impaled my throat on it. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I strained to reach the stubbled root before me. I couldn’t reach it and pulled back, feeling him slide up my throat and out. I dove back on, concentrating on the first half, and pumping the back half, slick with the spit from my throat. Pete’s fingers knotted in my hair as he rocked against me. He fucked my face, his pelvis knocking my hand as he struggled to stab my throat. My hand dropped and he pushed forth, driving deep into my throat and pumping his hips repeatedly against my face. I felt light-headed as his cock swelled in the tight, wet confines of my mouth. Pete groaned and pulled back. I inhaled as cum poured forth, wave after wave filling my mouth. He was salty and sweet, thick and rich on my tongue. I swallowed him down even as I felt more splash over my lips. He pulled out and his cock spat onto my face. He wiped the wet head on me and fed it to me again to suck the last drops of jizz out. He slid down the wall and kissed me, his tongue sharing in his taste still coating my mouth.

He released me and my ass slapped on the wet tile floor. I was drained and lowered my back to lie bent-kneed before him as I panted to recover. Pete stroked his shaved cock, staring at me. I watched as his youth kicked in and his meat started rising again. The hunger in his eyes was undeniable and he grabbed my calves and pushed them up, sliding me towards him until my ass was facing him, resting against his belly, open and vulnerable.

Pete spat a heavy bullseye and used his thumb to roll it over the rosebud. He spat again,. He scraped the cum and drool off his cock and spread it on my hole. He stirred it against me with his index finger and pressed deeper. I gasped at the pain and my inhale must have opened me deeper as his finger dove into me. His dry skin chafed my hole as he spit again, wetting me down. He grabbed at the lube and squirted a puddle onto my burning hole. He twisted his finger around, adding a second as I grew slippery. I watched as he added a third and he could feel his hard rod against my back. His eyes were glazed as he stared at me, his fingers in me, twisting and spreading. He slid me down, pulled out his fingers and used them to slick his erect tool. He levered it down and pressed the head to my wet hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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