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Mile High Club

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Word spread quickly in the small town of Piney Branch, Maryland — Meredith D. had applied for a passport. It’s not an every day occurrence, going down to the local post office to submit an passport application, especially if you’ve just turned 18 in tidewater Maryland.

All she would say was that she had a new boyfriend that she met on the Internet last year, they kept in touch, and they were going to Europe for the summer, as soon as school let out.

Denis had said, “Keep it simple. Don’t give a lot of detail. Don’t lie or make up stuff.”

The back story is a bit complicated, but I’ll try to be brief. Denis Diderot, is a marine biologist. He was doing a project on crabs and oysters in Chesapeake Bay, and one night he wandered over to Piney Branch for dinner. He met Merry’s mother in the restaurant lounge and after a two week courtship and much hot sweaty sex, proposed marriage. He was husband number three.

Meredith, her buxom daughter, had just turned 15. She was just starting her Goth phase, her pretty blonde hair dyed jet black, cut spiky, with red streaks -lots of chain and a black dog collar around her neck. Denis fell in love with his pretty daughter immediately. But the marriage to Merry’s mom didn’t last. Within six months they history.

Diderot kept in touch with his short-term step-daughter, by email and telephone. She related to Diderot her string of boyfriends, and the occasional girl, over the next three years. She frequently made bad choices in men, but Diderot held his tongue and not criticize his step-daughter’s choices. Denis Diderot for his part, vowed to fuck his buxom step-daughter as soon as turned 18.

He sent a car for her, all the down to Piney Branch and back, a black Lincoln town car with a driver in uniform. Pretty classy! The ride to Dulles International Airport was just over 100 miles — two hours and 15 minutes. She was dropped off at the International terminal and that driver helped with her bag.

Denis was waiting inside the terminal. “Daddy,” she called out as she ran to him. There first kiss was anything but paternal — lots of tongue as Merry ground her exceptional tits into her boyfriend’s chest.

On the long ride to the airport, Merry decided to fuck her step-father they first chance she got. “He’s got to be better then than guys I go down. All they want is for me to their cocks, and fuck me in the ass when I’m the rag,” Merry thought to herself.

At the airport, they were a spectacular couple. It wasn’t only the difference in their age, but also their appearance. He was in his 50s, about 5’9″, 150 pounds. She had just turned 18, only 5’4″, but she weighed almost as much as he did. Both were dress in black. He was fit and trim, she was all tits and ass.

Denis was wearing a black Italian T-shirt and black silk trousers, black loafer, no socks. Both his beard and hair were trimmed short, and his pale blue eyes sparkled.

Merry was wearing a sheer black silk blouse, izmir escort bayan with a lavender demi-bra underneath, and matching tong. Her black skirt was short and tight, showing off her very sexy, very fuckable ass. She was also wearing black fishnet stocking, and low high heel black boots with very pointy toes. The fishnets were held up by a black garter belt, and her skirt ended about two inches north of her stockings tops. Her black shoulder length hair was streaked with red highlights, and her eyes were also blue, but more silver that Denis’s. He finger nails were long, and painted with a shiny black lacquer.

Given the difference in their ages, it wasn’t clear if they were Dad / daughter combo, or just some older guy who had the hots for young Goth chicks. But all in all, they were a spectacular couple.

“We will be flying British Airways First Class to London, on a 747,” he told her. “And if you’re a very good girl and do exactly what I tell you, by the time this flight is over, you’ll be a new member of the Mile High Club. In the old days, it was an adventure to fuck at 5,000 feet, but now my guess is we’ll do it at 42,000.”

Merry had only flown two or three time before, to visit her grandparents in Florida, but never First Class. So the trip was starting out as an adventure.

After they cleared passport control, they waited in the First Class lounge until boarding time. It would be an overnight flight to London, with plenty of time for sleep and covert sex, Denis told her. Merry was getting wet just thinking of the possibilities — sucking Daddy’s cock under a blanket, being finger fucked to orgasm and trying not to cry out, and then fucking in a cramped airplane toilet.

The plane was later coming in, so they boarded 15 minutes behind schedule. Immediately the very pretty flight attendant came to take their drink orders.

“Champaign for me and my daughter,” Denis ordered, before Merry had a chance to speak. She was his step-daughter, really, which explained the different last names on the passports.

They planned to meet Merry’s mom in London. When they couldn’t find her in London, they would go on to Paris, then to the south of France, fucking and sucking along the way. Maybe she would be in Berlin, or Athens, or Istanbul, or on the Isle of Lesbos in the Aegean Sea. Who knows when a woman gets the wanderlust?

They had another round of drinks with their meal, and brandy and coffee afterwards. Although she was a heavy drinker in High School, Merry was getting a grade-A buzz. Then Denis leaned over to kiss her neck and tongue her ear. Merry shivered in anticipation.

“When they turned down the cabin lights, you can suck my cock and I’ll give you a cream for desert.”

“Mmmm,” was the horny teen’s response.

Finally they turned down the cabin light. The First Class seats were as long and comfortable a single beds, and with the arms rests up, Merry could snuggly with her Daddy under escort izmir the blankets.

“Open you blouse,” Daddy requested, “I want to play with your big tits.” Merry was a 38-C so the black demi-bra barely contained her massive jugs. Her nipples were hard with anticipation, and her Daddy pinched and squeezed them through the sheer fabric.

“Mmmmmm,” from Merry.

“Slut,” from her Daddy.

Then Merry got under the blanket and started to work on the zipper of Daddy’s trousers. In a minute the talented cock sucker had him out in her pretty mouth.

She knew from his e-mails and telephone talk, Denis like lots of tongue, especially in and around pee hole. Daddy reached down and pulled her short skirt over her chubby hips. He pushed aside the tiny lavender thong and slipped two fingers into Merry’s tight wet saved cunt.

Merry responded by fucking Daddy’s cock with her face, her head moving up and down at 90 miles per hour. From his stifled moans, Merry knew he was close to orgasm.

At one point Daddy withdrew his fingers from her dripping cunt and inserted his thick thumb.

“Put them back,” Merry protested. “I’m almost there.”

Quickly Daddy jammed two fingers into his daughter’s cunt, and his thumb slick with her cunt juice up her ass. It only took a couple of strokes, squeezing the thin membrane between her vagina and rectum, to push Merry over the edge. Daddy came as suddenly, pressing down on the back of Merry’s head, making her deep throat him, making her swallow all of his cum.

When her orgasm finally subsided, Merry licked her Daddy clean, not wanting to waste a drop of his precious cum. She lifted the airline blanket off her and looked up to her Daddy and smiled.

“You like that,” she asked.

“Very much,” Denis responded, “you hot little slut. You like giving head as much as I like getting my cock sucked.”

Then Daddy leaned down and kissed Merry on the mouth. That was an elegant touch. The high school boys she regularly sucked off would never think of kissing of the lips after a blow job.

Finally Denis took his fingers and thumb from Merry’s cunt and asshole. The older man brushed his two fingers across her lips, and she licked his fingers greedily, tasting herself with pleasure. Then Daddy forced his thumb into her mouth, making her taste her funky asshole.

From his e-mails, Merry knew Denis liked to give and receive rim jobs. “The next time, I’ll give you an enema before I rim you,” Daddy told his pretty step-daughter. “Then I’ll fuck you very hard in the ass and you’ll feel it more when I shoot my hot cum in your sexy asshole.”


Merry dozed from a while, snuggled against her Daddy, feeling safe and secure. His hand, under the blanket, was on her breast, toys with her nipple through the thin under wired demi-bra.

“Mmmm, I like that, when you play with my tit.”

“And that,” as her Daddy squeezed her nipple.

“Mmmmmmm, yes. izmir escort Hander.”

Daddy continued to squeeze Merry’s swollen nipple harder and the horny young girl purred with pleasure. Then her Daddy tongued her ear lobe. He whispered, “I need to fuck you — now! Go to the toilet but don’t lock the door.”

Merry waited for her Daddy in the tiny airline toilet. She wriggled out of her lavender thong and pushed her mini-skirt above her hips and sitting on the closed toilet seating, stoking her engorge clitoris by the time her Daddy arrived.

“Couldn’t wait for me?” Denis joked.

“I’m so wet. I need you. In me!”

Denis unzipped himself and Merry leaned forward to suck and lick Daddy’s cock one more time.

“Do you want it your pussy or ass?” Daddy asked.

“In my pussy. Let’s make a baby for the Mile High Club.”

“Just this one time. After that, you can only have me in your pussy when you’re on the rag.”

“Meany” Merry blurted out between slurps of Daddy’s thick cock.

Merry stood up and put one foot on the toilet lid. Daddy was in her quickly, squeezing her meaty ass cheek for balance. His stokes were slow and regular, deep and long, and Merry was in heaven.

“Daddy, I love you,” Merry whispered against his neck. “I hope we can have a baby.”

Daddy picked up the pace, fucking Merry’s tight young cunt with increased vigor.

“I need to go in deeper. Turn around and bend over. Brace yourself against the toilet seat,” as Daddy withdrew from his daughter dripping wet cunt.

Merry turned around bend over as Daddy order.

“In my pussy, please,” Merry begged. “Not in my ass.”

Daddy rammed his hard thick cock into his step-daughter’s tight cunt, and Merry moaned in pleasure. He resisted the temptation to jamb his thumb up the inviting pucker of Merry’s asshole. Instead, he increased the tempo, grasping Merry’s chubby hips for balance.

“Play with you clit,” Daddy ordered.

Faster and faster Daddy fucked his daughter, deeper and deeper, as Merry rubbed her clit harder and harder. She could feel Daddy’s cock growing in length and thickness as they approached orgasm.

Merry came first, moaning and whimpering. Her cunt clichéd on Daddy’s thick cock. Her pussy burned with pain and pleasure.

“Ohhhhhh, Daddddddy. I love you.”

Two more deep stokes, hard and violent, and Denis was over the edge.

Oh, my G-d,” was all Daddy said as shot his hot load of jizz deep into his daughter’s womb.

Merry trembled for several minutes, the orgasm intense. Her young cunt was very sensitive to Daddy’s continued prodding. Daddy for his pat was caressing her buxom ass cheeks and the deep grove between.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Merry managed to whisper when it was finally over.

Daddy withdrew his limp prick, and Merry turned and sat on the toilet seat. With having to be told, Merry licked his cum and her cunt juice from Daddy’s organ. Daddy was starting to get hard again, when the emergency light came on in the cramped airline toilet.

Reluctantly, Merry stopped sucking Daddy’s beautiful penis.

“Now zip me up,” he ordered. “You’ve just become a member of the Mile High Club.”

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