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Misti: Surprise Party Ch. 2

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I was a little pissed that I had to work on my birthday, but my landlord wasn’t offering free rent. Lesley knew I was in a bad mood and tried to make it better; every time she walked by I’ll feel her hand on my ass or her fingernails trailing up my ribs. At one point about halfway through our shift Lesley pushed me into the little bathroom and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue into my mouth roughly. I sucked in my breath when she worked one of her legs in between mine and started rubbing at my crotch with her thigh.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” Lesley whispered, licking at my ear, then bit down hard on the side of my neck. She grasped my hair with one hand, pulling my head away so I was forced to watch as she sensuously licked at the middle finger of her opposite hand.

“What is it?” I asked, glad I’d come to work after all.

Lesley spun me around roughly and bent me over the sink, then moved the strap of my G-string from between my cheeks and slid her slick finger right up my unprepared butt! I moaned and straightened up instantly. Lesley’s lips were at my ear. “Your friend Jason came in the other night when you weren’t working,” she hissed. Her finger worked in and out of my ass and I found myself prepared to spend the rest of the night in the restroom! “He was disappointed that you weren’t here; he told me about your little slut fest the other day!”

Jason had told her about me taking him on him and his friend at the same time! I was so pissed at him — but the reminder of Jason pumping my ass while Russ fucked my pussy was making me even hotter. “I was jealous,” Lesley said, pausing to lick the side of my neck. “But I decided you could make it up to me for your birthday. How would you like to be MY slut for your birthday?” She poked my butt extra hard a few times for emphasis. I just nodded. Lesley fingered my eager little bum for a bit longer before pulling her finger out and nipping me on the ear once more. “Be ready to go as soon as that clock hits two,” she said, and slipped out the door.

Needless to say, the rest of the shift went slower than hell. I spent the entire night thinking about what Lesley had in mind for me. By the time my last set came around I was so hot I was frantically trying to get myself off on the pole in the middle of the stage. When two o’clock hit I practically flew to the dressing room, throwing on my shorts and a thin t-shirt. I decided to forget the bra, hoping my stiff nipples sticking out through the cotton would turn Lesley on even more.

“Where’re we going?” I asked as I climbed into Lesley’s car. She just smiled and reached over to squeeze one of my tits. Then she produced a thick, black blindfolded and motioned for me to put it on. I did while she started the car, then sat quietly while she drove.

“Take your clothes off,” Lesley told me after we’d driven a few minutes.

“In the car?” I asked. Hot as I was, I didn’t want to get thrown in jail for public indecency!

“Now!” she said, and I obeyed. Lesley turned the air conditioner on full blast and pointed the vents right at my chest! It didn’t take long for my nipples to get rock hard. Luckily, the ride didn’t last very long beyond that. Lesley pulled the car to a halt and got out, then opened my door and pulled me along. I was a little nervous, standing totally naked in God knows where, but I was still excited enough that my pussy was literally dripping. I heard another door open, then I felt carpet underneath my feet.

“In here,” said Lesley. Taking me by the hand, she led me through into another room, this one with a tile floor. I heard the shower turn on, then she was helping me step into a bathtub. Warm water splashed down on me — it felt great after dancing and being pawed at for seven hours. Lesley joined me in the tub, her small breasts rubbing up and down my back, crotch sliding against the cheeks of my ass. The water changed to one thick stream and started moving up and down my body; the shower had one of those water-wand thingies. antalya escort Lesley took my blindfold off with her free hand and tossed it out of the shower, then pushed me forward so I was bent slightly at the waist, palms flat against the shower wall.

The wand sprayed a hot trail of water down my back and circled teasingly on the cheeks of my ass. Lesley dropped to her knees behind me and I felt her tongue and lips go straight for my pussy. She started lapping at my juicy slot while the stream of water reached around and tickled my clit from the front. After hours of dancing and thinking about Lesley’s beautiful body against mine, I was ready to cum in an instant. Her tongue stabbed past my outer lips and started laving the inside of my pussy, the tip of her nose bumping up against my little ass pucker. With Lesley’s face buried in my pussy and the water stroking my clit, I came in a heartbeat. Lesley lapped my juices up eagerly, like she was trying to get her hole face inside my slot. In a moment she stood back up and I turned around, plastering my lips to hers so I could taste my own cum in her mouth.

“Do you want me to do you?” I asked. Lesley shook her head.

“Not yet,” she told me. Her smile told me she was hiding something.

“I thought I was going to be your slut tonight,” I teased. She played the stream of water across my nipple.

“Not just mine,” Lesley said, and led me out of the bathroom, still dripping wet. I cried out involuntarily when I saw what was in the next room.

For the past two months, this sexy young girl next Lisi had been sending me email. She usually included an image or movie file of herself in her bedroom, playing with one toy or another. I always got off on watching her wiggle around with a giant dildo up her slot or a vibrator in her ass. In fact, last week when Jason and Russ had come over to doubleteam my pussy and ass, I’d been watching an avi of Lisi with a two-ended dildo working on her own young holes. At the end of the video clip she’d told me “Happy Birthday”, which confused me at the time — I’d never mentioned on my web page or email when my birthday is.

Lisi climbed off the bed and approached me, her wicked little eyes glinting and her lithe, naked body looking sexier than I remembered from the computer. Behind me, Lesley squeezed my ass with both hands and whispered in my ear, “Lisi flew in yesterday. She found me at the club and introduced herself.”

Lisi embraced me from the front and I felt her hands reach around, seeking Lesley’s tits. “I’m going to lick you dry,” Lisi told me, “then you’re going to give me and Lesley both your birthday present.”

Something in her logic didn’t make sense, but I didn’t complain as Lesley dropped to her knees and lifted one of my feet. Her pink tongue slipped out and began stroking the top of my feet, working in between my toes, and tickling my soles. She looked up at me with sultry eyes as her lips closed around my big toe, then her mouth started working upward. Lesley’s hands reached around and stroked at my nipples, then she disappeared while Lisi continued lapping at my wet skin.

By the time Lisi reached my breasts I was ready to cum again. Lesley returned, pressing up against me from behind. A large, warm, rubber object nestled in between the cheeks of my ass. I knew what it was — Lesley had put on her strap-on dildo. She’d told me about it a number of times, teasing me with threats of tying me down and fucking both my pussy and ass with it. Lisi finished up with my tits and quickly covered my neck before standing on her tiptoes to slide her tongue into my mouth. “Now,” she said, somewhat breathlessly, “I want you to eat my pussy.”

I was more than ready to comply. Lisi sat down in the armchair near the motel room door and leaned back, raising her legs and setting them over the arms of the chair. Her pussy was totally clean shaven like mine. I kneeled in front of her right away and leaned forward. I thought I’d die after that first lick lara escort — she tasted sweeter than anyone I’d eaten before, even Lesley. Lisi put both hands on the sides of my head and pulled me even closer to her sex, forcing me so close I thought I might suffocate. Behind me, I felt the head of Lesley’s rubber toy probing at my hungry slot.

“Oh, eat me! Suck on my pussy, you little slut!” Lisi rocked against my mouth, her voice turning me on even more. “Make me cum on your lips, slut! Shove that tongue all the way up my pussy!”

I gasped into Lisi’s slit as Lesley buried that rubber cock all the way to the hilt. “Oh, yes!” cried Lisi. “Fuck her, Lesley! Shove her face into my cunt!”

Lesley obliged without hesitation. She fucked me harder than most guys do, plunging that giant strap-on in and out of my pussy. My face was pushed harder and harder into Lisi’s slit. One of her hands left my head to rub at her clit, and she was soon cumming on my tongue. A flood of sweet juice filled my mouth and I swallowed greedily. My own slot was convulsing around that big toy, but my attention was all on Lisi as she shook and rolled her pussy against my mouth.

“You’re as sexy in person as you are online,” Lisi told me, smiling wickedly as I looked up with her juice shining on my face. Lesley pulled the strap-on out of my slot and I moaned in protest. My co-worker, however, ignored me.

“How’d you like to fuck her tight little ass?” Lesley asked Lisi, walked over to stand next to Lisi’s chair. I stayed on my hands and knees, looking up at them while Lisi reached over with one hand and stroked Lesley’s toy like she was wanking a boyfriend. Never taking her eyes from me, Lisi bent over and slid her lips down the length of the huge toy.

“Is there anything in particular you want?” Lisi said to Lesley. She stood up, started undoing the straps from Lesley’s waist.

“Of course! I think Misty even knows what it is.” Lesley smiled down at me, and I knew right away what she was referring to. I watched her fit the rubber cock onto Lisi, then lay back on the bed at Lesley’s direction. Lesley then kneeled down over my head, facing my feet as Lisi crawled onto the matress between my legs. Lisi had found a bottle of lubrication somewhere and was rubbing some onto the toy. Lesley sat there with her pussy a tantilizing twelve inches above my mouth, little drops of moisture beading her upper lips.

“Is this what you want?” Lesley teased. She rubbed her hand up and down the length of her pussy, spreading the lips and pinching her tiny clit.

“Let me lick it!” I begged, but Lesley just laughed. I felt hands on my ankles and then my legs were being lifted up, onto Lisi’s shoulders. The tip of the rubber cock probed at my excited bum gently — I gave a quick, silent thanks that she wasn’t going to just shove that whole thing into my ass.

Above me, Lesley shifted position slightly and reached back to spread her own ass with both hands. I knew what was coming — Lesley had said for months that she wanted me to eat her ass. The muscles in her thighs flexed as she lowered that little muscle toward my waiting mouth, and I reached out tentatively to tongue her butt. I sighed as an inch or two of Lisi’s strap-on invaded my rear and swirled my tongue around Lesley’s pretty backside. She had a clean, fresh taste from the recent shower and I pushed a little harder, getting just the tip of my tongue inside her ass. Lesley squealed and let go of her ass; I reached up to hold her cheeks apart with my own hands. Meanwhile, Lisi was steadily working more and more of that rubber monster in and out of my own bum. Lesley’s fingers moved to my clit and the sensations were just overwhelming.

In one quick thrust I shoved my tongue as far as it could go up Lesley’s ass. She started bouncing up and down on my face slowly, fucking her ass on my mouth. My own butt must have relaxed some because Lisi was picking up the pace, fucking me with the strap-on with side escort great enthusiasm. At one point I set my lips around Lesley’s pucker and sucked hard, pulling her anal ring into my mouth while shoving my tongue through it. Lesley was practically screaming, but her words were pretty much incoherent. Lisi gave an extra hard push and I cried out against Lesley’s asshole, feeling my own rear spread wide as the base of that huge toy make its way inside my body.

“Misty, you should just see yourself!” Lesley started making sense again and her asshole clamped shut suddenly on my tongue holding me inside her butt. “Your little butthole is all stretched out around that monster cock…” Lesley’s anus unclenched again and I swirled my tongue around just inside the rim of her butt. “It looks soooo tight down there; Lisi’s got fucking your little bum all the way to the hilt! I think I’ll stick a finger in there with it!”

This was too much for me. I knew I couldn’t take her finger in my ass along with the toy, but the thought had me cumming in an instant. It must’ve had the same effect on Lesley, because my chin abruptly felt moist. Her ass twitched uncontrollably on my mouth, and she cried out in unison with the tremors going through her body. Lisi continued to pound away at my ass while Lesley and I shared an orgasm, then Lesley dismounted from my face.

Looking up through my spread legs, I saw Lisi’s face just shining with lust. Lesley crawled over to her on all fours and the two of them kissed for a moment. “You’ve never had your ass eaten, have you?” Lesley asked. Lisi shook her head. “Well, now’s your chance.” Lesley grinned at me wickedly. “You’d just love to get your tongue up her tight little butt, wouldn’t you?” I nodded, of course.

“Leave that here,” Lesley instructed as Lisi started to pull the strap-on out of my butt. I groaned as Lesley tapped hard on the shaft, making it vibrate inside my rear. My friend helped Lisi unstrap the toy and shift around on the bed, then my field of vision was filled with Lisi’s beautiful bum being lowered to my face. I went to work on her immediately, illiciting a sharp cry when I drove my tongue straight up that tight little tunnel. Lesley had begun working her toy in and out of me again with her hand, and had slipped three fingers into my pussy. I pushed my lower body against her, begging to have my slit fucked deeper and harder.

Lisi’s bumhole was more sensitive than I could’ve imagined. She bucked and writhed above me, forcing me to hold onto her hips so I could continue working my lips and tongue against her butt. She was crying out again and again, grinding her butt against my mouth and wiggling crazily. All of the sudden I felt Lesley’s lips clamp down around my clit and the soft pressure of her tongue hit me like a tidal wave. I rammed my own tongue as far into Lisi’s rear as I could and screamed, the sound muffled by her soft, young cheeks. I heard Lisi’s voice cry, “Oh!”, then she pulled away from me and propped herself up on her hands and knees. The cock in my ass slid all the way out and then all the way back in one quick motion, and I gasped out loud when I saw Lisi reach back and thrust two of her own fingers up her butt! With short, hard strokes she fingered her own ass, stopping only when her entire body convulsed with an orgasm! I came myself just from seeing the intensity (although Lesley’s mouth on my clit didn’t hurt…)

After Lisi’s little performance Lesley pulled the dildo from me in one quick motion. The three of us collapsed limply on the bed, a pile of sweaty, sticky flesh. I’d never cum so many times in such a short time! My butt was a little sore, though, from the pounding I’d gotten from that strap-on.

Lisi, wicked little bitch that she is, must have read my thoughts. “I’ll bet your ass is a little tender,” she said, licking softly across my mouth and staring into my eyes. I nodded. “Well,” she said, sliding her tongue across her own lips in an exaggerated motion, “after we’ve rested for a bit, I might be persuaded to give you a REAL birthday present.” She grinned and glanced downward, making my pussy twitch involuntarily. “I’ve never eaten someone else’s butt, but maybe you can let me try out on yours?”

It turned out she was a natural.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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