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Mistress Kym Ch. 02

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This is a dedication to the beautiful Mistress Kym. It is about a male submissive worshiping and serving her. Please read the story tags before reading. I hope you enjoy.

Dedicated to Mistress Kym.

“In another life, I was hers.”

“My World part 2”

Mistress Kym’s Country House.

My locked cock aches and strains against its metal cage as I finish shaving Mistress Kym’s heavenly vagina.

Her light brown skin embellishing her vagina is now shinny and gleaming as my lucky face sits just a couple inches away; my mouth is salivating at her slightly gaped, very tight, and fragrant opening.

Her rose bud is standing out and I want to suck it, I want to taste it, I want to service my mistress, but I know that I will be denied this delicacy.

Mistress Kym’s property, formerly known as my penis, is straining hard against its confinement.

My dog collar rattles as I rush to retrieve Mistress Kym’s dress, panties, shoes, and purse from the closet.

I have retrieved a couple of different combinations of outfits and will need to lay them out on the bed in a manner that will make it easy for her to identify the sexiest yet most comfortable combination for her date this afternoon.

Today is Saturday and I absolutely love Saturday because I usually get to serve Mistress and be in her presence for many more hours than a regular day during the work week.

I am near her bed when I hear the blow dryer stop and mistress snap her fingers.

My body tingles and my hands shake as I rush to her side and see her finger point to the tile floor behind her.

I obediently take my place naked, on my knees with my face pointed down, my entire head is covered with my black hood.

Mistress Kym finally snaps again and points to her perfect backside and I am afforded a special treat, I waste zero time and plunge my tongue straight between her round cheeks.

I swirl my tongue and move it back-n-forth piercing her tight and delicious hole, I suck, lick, and probe with passion just as Mistress has trained me to do.

Not only is Mistress Kym beautiful she is also highly intelligent; she speaks five languages and is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

She is far superior to me in every way, I worship the ground she walks on, I pray and thank my creators every night before bed and every morning when I wake, that she allows me near her.

Today I am allowed about 10 minutes of cleaning mistresses beautiful ass as she prepares for her Saturday afternoon date, and I take full advantage of every second she has granted me.

I can bursa eskort see Mistresses gorgeous face in the mirror from an angle while on my knees and she is concentrating on her applying her lipstick. Foolishly, I take that moment to greedily rub my horny and caged cock on her tile floor as her perfect ass is driving me wild.

I am immediately ashamed of myself as I hope that mistress didn’t notice my disgusting behavior. Guilt encompasses my mind; I know my dick is off limits to me as it is mistress property.

I think of confessing my sin, but I quickly change my mind as I don’t want to upset her and spoil her date, so I keep quiet and hold my guilt inside while punishing myself mentally for my selfish behavior.

While struggling with my inner conflict I look up at mistress and marvel at her shinny Jet black hair as she blows it dry, her black crop top and sexy form fitting brown thong intensifies the growing lust happening inside me.

Mistress continues to dry her hair as she reaches back and shoves my head deeper into her perfection- each time she does this I get shivers down my spine.

Mistress chooses black panties and I almost ejaculate when putting them on her, she uses my head for balance as I slide them up her super model- runway legs.

She then chose a black dress that rests about mid-calf, the beautiful dress has what I can best describe as a tropical plant type print that is cream colored and the print covers the entire dress.

It is breathtaking on her; her natural beauty makes the dress look like it worth a million dollars.

She chooses black boots that rest just past her sexy ankles and a black leather purse that is round, it looks like a small drum and has a zipper near the top on the back side that zips the length of the purse. The zipper has a black leather lanyard, and the shoulder strap is adorned in stainless steel studs.

Her taste is exquisite as I stare at her, taking in her strength, my jaw is hanging down underneath my hood drooling; mistress kicks my balls then slaps my face telling me to be a good boy as she leaves.

I am always terribly sad when I must watch mistress pull away and today is no exception as I pace back n forth staring out the window – hoping she will come back.

After an hour of pacing and pouting, I finally realize I have chores that need to be completed before Mistress Kym returns home.

Today is the first day in many weeks that I am not completely naked.

I am allowed to pull some unsightly weeds in her yard, this is a privilege and I need to make sure I complete this task perfectly bursa escort as my generous mistress is allowing me to do this chore without her supervision.

She has dressed me in a light blue long sleeve cotton shirt with a hoodie that rests above my shoulders and grey Hurley shorts with Navy-Blue pin-striping down each seam, the clothes feel strange as it has been a while since I have worn any.

I finished my outside chores which I took my time doing because I need for her yard to be just right so she will be able to enjoy it on Sunday.

I panicked as I realized that I took too much time completing the outside chore, so I rushed inside to vacuum the floors and clean the toilets which I finished in record time.

I am now heading for mistress’s kitchen; it is a beautiful kitchen and I need to clean the dishes from the breakfast I cooked her this morning.

The walls of the kitchen have a white plaster type base with brown and grey stones embedded inside. The support beams are a grayish in color and the floor is a very dark charcoal – almost black tile with tan or white grout.

There is a light-colored rug with rope ends and grayish blue striping that I am standing on while laboring over the sink. On the wall next to me there is a steel hanging rack with one oven heat pad hanging down while a clock sits above the rack.

My heart flutters and my body chills over as I hear the door open, the clock on the wall says it is exactly 5:34PM and 43 seconds.

I immediately drop to my knees, hands behind my back and I bow my head while trying to control my excitement.

Mistress Kym hangs up her purse and seductively walks to the entryway’s door-frame; she then snaps her fingers and I leap forward feeling her touch, she allows me to stand hunched over for a moment as she inspects my black face mask.

Her touch is electrifying sending volts throughout me as she pushes my head down, I am back on my knees with my mouth front and center.

She lifts her dress and allows me to take in her power for a moment before pulling her black panties down enough for me to access her paradise.

She then pushed my face forward giving me the honor of cleaning her, the honor of washing away all her events from the afternoon with my tongue.

I don’t dare ask if she had a man for lunch, it is not my place to ask a superior being such petty questions.

I love her with all my heart, and I hope that she did not, but I don’t want to upset her or anger her with my jealousies.

If she told me yes, she was with another man, would it change anything?

The bursa escort bayan answer is: I would be very sad and jealous but no it wouldn’t change anything because I can’t live without her, I can’t even bear the thought of it.

Mistress deserves and should have whatever and whomever she wants or needs to satisfy her desires, as her lowly sub I only want what makes her happy.

Mistress holds the back of my head and thrusts into my face, I feel like I am in a dream as I clean her shaved pussy with my mouth, it is wet, hot, and sticky – it smells and taste like sweet Hawaiian Plumeria.

Mistress Kym suddenly stop’s and pushes my head away as she completely removes her panties, the black thong got stuck on her right heel briefly and I regret not reaching over and removing them – I was transfixed on her freshly denuded sex.

Mistress now has her left boot on my shoulder and her right boot firmly planted on the ground between my knees as I squat.

She motions me forward with hunger in her beautiful almond eyes, her long slender legs slightly flexing as she resumes fucking my face.

She then plants both feet on the ground for better traction and picks up the pace.

Mistress pulled my head away again and leaned forward to let her delicious saliva leak from her mouth in a long string and splash into mine.

I greedily swallow every drop feeling its strength as it slides down my throat, the moment is short lived though as she pushed my head forward and I resumed my worship.

She hissed at me through clenched teeth in what I believe was French as she came in my mouth, not once but twice and I kept sucking diligently trying for thrice.

She pulled back and dried her majestic pussy on my mask and the hood of my shirt, I kept my mouth completely shut trying to preserve her flavor and sent for as long as possible.

When Mistress was finished with my mouth, I started towards the kitchen to prepare her dinner.

However, instead of the kitchen I found myself naked and handcuffed under the staircase while standing straight up. Mistress’s crop was laying into my backside at a steady pace as I squirmed and jumped but couldn’t escape.

Mistress somehow saw (Mistress Kym knows everything) when I shamefully pressed her property against the tile floor in her bathroom while servicing her divine bottom.

I know better as it is strictly forbidden for me to touch her property without her permission and supervision. I deserve my punishment; I deserve all my lessons as Mistress is trying to help me serve her better. I really don’t deserve her.

Her property is aching and longing for her caress when suddenly I tremble, I see something in my peripheral vision inside one of mistress’s toy boxes, right on top lies a brand-new strap on dildo and a fresh bottle of lube.

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