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Moaning Lisa – Insuring a Good Time

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Note: Yes, there’s a difference between insure and ensure, by reading the story you’ll understand. Call it artistic license, if you will. As always, comments pro and con, are appreciated. Thanks for reading!


Having recently arrived in Dallas it was time to complete all the little things that make one a permanent Texas resident. Not to mention it was required by law, so prior to going to DMV I needed to insure the car. A friend had suggested a particular office of a well-known national company, so late one afternoon I arrived at the firm’s address. Having been welcomed by the gracious receptionist, I explained my current situation and needs. She smiled and picked up the phone, spoke softly, and no more than thirty seconds later a lovely woman in a bright print dress displaying long, tanned legs appeared and introduced herself as Lisa. After exchanging pleasantries she requested I follow her to her office, which I happily did.

I immediately noticed her facial resemblance to Kim Basinger, although Lisa’s body was a little fuller in the hips, and smaller breasts than I recall from the remake of Getaway. But she certainly had the same facial features, and I’d guessed she was in her mid-thirties. As we entered her office I noticed her name, “Lisa Cox,” on the door, and as she stepped behind her desk I chuckled when noticing a sports cup with the University of Cincinnati Bearcats logo – a “C” with a crown above it. The chauvinist in me quickly thought, no way she’s a Bearcats fan, and simply has the cup because the “C” matched her last name.

I couldn’t help myself and just had to ask, “Are you a Bearcats fan?”

Looking up from some papers she’d pulled from her desk drawer, she replied with a, “Hmmm? Bear claws?”

“Bearcats,” I repeated while pointing to the cup. “Are you a University of Cincinnati fan?”

Looking at the cup, first with a puzzled look, then a wry smile she said, “No, I just thought it made my initials, or my last name initial, look majestic. Are you?”


“No silly, a Bearcats fan? Or a Cincy alum? Maybe from the Cincinnati area?”

“None of those, just a college basketball fan and they used to be really good,” I explained.

She just smiled, nodded and then replied, “You know they have some pretty good teams in the area. As you’re no doubt aware this is football country. Extremely so. But the basketball teams are usually competitive and when football season is over those fans need something to focus on. It can get pretty crazy here, especially when the city is hosting the tournament.”

I was impressed, a lady who knew her sports. As she was talking she had placed her hands under her chin, resting on interlocked fingers and leaning forward onto the desk. No ring, I noticed, despite other conservatively attractive jewelry on her ears, wrist and around her neck. She was becoming more attractive with each passing moment.

I just smiled.

She returned the smile, showing her very bright, white teeth, and then began to get down to the business of insuring my 760Li. With the number of wealthy people in the area I’m certain Lisa was used to writing up contracts on expensive vehicles, and didn’t appear particularly enthused with mine – not that I bought it to impress the ladies, but as a reward for a fruitful career. And to enjoy the comfort of a well-made car when I needed it.

Seems we were nearing the completion of the process when Lisa asked, “Anyone else need to be on the coverage?”

“No, just me,” I replied.

Cutting her eyes up from the paperwork, she again asked, “No one? No spouse, partner, significant other?”

“Nope, just me.”

“What’s wrong with you, are you broken or something?” she asked as she sat back in her chair.

I found her directness, coupled with her Southern charm, somewhat entertaining so I played along.

“Not broken, unless housebroken qualifies,” I said with a smile.

“Hmmm, funny,” she replied.

We stared at each other momentarily, both smiling, before she continued.

“Are you gay?”

With a slight chuckle I said, “No, I have a very strong preference for women.”

“Then why?”

“Why what?”

“Why no wife or girlfriend? I mean, you seem to have some very attractive qualities, I would think women of all ages would be fawning over you,” she said.

“Well, thank you. But I just moved here,” I replied.


“Didn’t know there was an ‘and’,” I said. Continuing, “I’m new here, just finding my way around. And right now I’m not starved for attention, so I guess that’s the reason.”

“And so you’re not really hungry then?” she asked somewhat surprisingly.

Again, stifling a laugh, I replied, “I’ve never turned down an appetizing meal.”

“Mmmm hmmm,” she sort of said as she went about completing the paperwork.

“So what about you?” I asked.

“Hmmm? What about me?” She asked, looking up from the desk.

“No pictures of family in your office, no ring on your finger. Sort of indicates no husband, bahis siteleri boyfriend or life partner.”

“My, that’s quite observant of you,” Lisa said. A wry smile appeared as she continued, “I’m taking a break. But since you asked, I was engaged once. Seemingly forever. It was a good thing we didn’t follow through…,” she seemed to leave the last bit unfinished.

With a raised eyebrow, I replied, “And…?”

“Let’s just say chemistry can get explosive if you’re not paying attention,” Lisa said with a hint of a smile. “I should have paid closer attention. Oh well, a life lesson well learned. Now, let’s get this wrapped up and get you out of here.”

No doubt, I was finding Lisa a very interesting person.

After the formalities were over and the check written, naturally I had to inquire about area restaurants. I’m sure I saw Lisa’s eyes light up as she said, “Oh, I think I can help with that. We have so many fun choices, some close and others just a little drive away. Wait, are you dining alone or meeting someone?”

“As I said earlier, new to town and haven’t met anyone to take out,” I replied.

“Tell you what, I know a really good place. Allow me to drive us over in your new car,” she continued with a devilish grin, “Just so I can report the vehicle is new and in good working order.”

While I knew that was just an excuse to drive my car, I didn’t hesitate to play along. “Sure,” I replied, “Where will we be going?”

“Somewhere stress free where music is playing and I’m the only thing on your mind,” Lisa said as she moved close to me and grasped my hand, while looking deeply into my eyes.

After what had transpired over the last hour or so I shouldn’t have been surprised by her bold nature when she pulled the remote fob from my hand, laughed and turned towards the door. I sensed this was going to be a fun evening, with a lot of playful teasing. And with her flirtatious manner she didn’t have to work very hard to ensure she was, indeed, the only thing on my mind.

Arriving at the car, I opened the door for her and watched intently as she sat down, slipping her long, slender legs inside. I then walked around and climbed into the passenger seat, watching as she ran her fingers over the leather dash and upholstery.

Tilting her head back against the headrest and closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply and then said, “God, I just love the smell of new leather. Reminds me of a man’s fragrance. Smells like desire, don’t you think?” Lisa asked as she turned her head, looking at me while reaching over and gently laying her hand on mine.

Her blue eyes had a sultry look, as her blonde hair softly framed her face.

“I think desire takes many forms and fragrances,” I replied. “And I believe I see the look of desire right now, here beside me.”

I heard her softly exhale through pursed lips, before leaning over and kissing me tenderly, bringing her hand to my cheek as if to hold me in place.

No need for that, as I turned more towards her, as much as the bucket seats and console would allow, and pressed my lips firmly against hers, my mouth welcoming her sweet probing tongue. The delicate purring sound emanating from her seemed to heighten my passion as I placed my hand on her side, just below her shoulder, feeling the fullness of her breast, before sliding down slowly to her hip where I could feel the heat radiating from her body.

Slowly pulling her mouth from mine, she sank back down into the seat. “Well, that was interesting,” she said with a smile. “Must be the leather, and that new car smell. I’m usually not that forward.”

“I didn’t mind at all, obviously,” I replied. “In fact, I could stay in here all night if that’s what’s for dinner,” I said with a mischievous grin.

“Mmmm,” was her response as she turned towards the steering wheel and started the car.

“Oooh,” she quickly said as she squirmed in her seat before turning to face me. “I can feel the engine through the seat!”

She revved the engine quickly a couple of times before holding the pedal down for about ten seconds. “Wow, every woman should drive a car made like this,” Lisa spoke as she sat back against the seat, eyes closed. “I swear there’s a vibrator placed in here!”

I laughed out loud.

“I’m serious,” she said purposefully. “This is amazing.”

“Well, so much for dining out,” I said. I’ll just leave you two alone,” I remarked, pulling on the door handle in a playful attempt to exit.

“Very funny,” Lisa said matter of factly, reaching over and hooking my arm in her right hand to make sure I didn’t leave. “Oh no you don’t, we’re not even close to being done with the evening,” she softly said as I swear I saw a twinkle in her brilliant blue eyes.

Securely seated in the car, Lisa drove us north of town on the tollway towards the Addison area, where we parked outside a restaurant-style jazz club. Inside, the intimate setting allowed us to get to know one another better over drinks and lite fare with minimal interruption. Lisa ordered canlı bahis siteleri a cosmopolitan while I nursed a good bourbon as a small band played in the background.

We each discussed our early lives, schools, careers and the different paths we chose as the proverbial forks in the road appeared at differing times, as well as a little about each other’s personal life. By the time desert was offered we both had a pretty good idea of one another’s preference for the opposite sex. She was drawn to men who were intelligent, bold decision makers who also exhibited a sense of humor and wasn’t domineering outside the bedroom. Physically, she preferred men around six feet tall, and in the intimate area she favored width over length.

Those qualities closely mirrored my likes and dislikes when it came to women: intelligent, charming, witty, and decisive without being overbearing. Body type was less of a concern as long as health and hygiene were not an issue.

“It seems we might be a good match,” I told Lisa as I rose from the table, grasped her hand and asked her to join me on the dance floor.

A series of slow, sensual songs performed primarily by the saxophone player seemed made for us we pulled one another close in a comfortable embrace, her mouth and warm breath against my neck as the clean, fresh smell of her hair filled my senses. As we moved slowly together I could feel Lisa grinding, hopefully imperceptibly to others who may be watching, against me. Keeping one hand just above the curvature of her ass, I raised the other to her mid-back and pulled her breasts tighter against my chest, eliciting a soft moan from her.

“You feel and smell so good,” I said as I placed my hands just behind her ears and pulled away far enough to look into her now-opened eyes.

Simultaneously, we pulled each other closer where our lips met in an ever-growing passionate kiss, our tongues softly, but urgently, exploring one another’s mouth. Her pelvis pressed harder against mine where she no doubt felt evidence of my arousal, as the sweetness of her “lady drink” combined with the caramel/vanilla spice of my bourbon to make an exhilarating mixture. It seemed we couldn’t get enough of each other.

Not wanting to appear in public like two teenagers going at it after the prom, I suggested we go somewhere with a little more privacy.

“My place,” Lisa said in a serious tone before smiling, “And I drive.”

“Well of course, I have no idea where we’re going,” I replied. “Plus, you still have the key.”

Arriving at Lisa’s apartment, I’m standing near her furnishings when she asked if I’d like a drink.

“No, I’m feeling pretty good right now and would like to keep it at a heightened level, if you know what I mean.”

“Mmmm, I like that,” she said as she walked over to me and pressed her body against mine while running her right hand down between us, along the front of my pants as well as the length of my shaft. “One thing an aroused woman hates is whiskey dick. I don’t think we have that problem here,” she continued as she rose up on her toes and placed her lips firmly against mine.

I found her combination of humor and boldness to be charming.

Reaching around, I slid the dress’s zipper down her back, and then slipped the fabric off her shoulders where it fell and gathered around her feet. Stepping back from our warm, wet kiss I placed my hands on her bra-covered breasts squeezing them together and watching them rise majestically within the cups, with the nipples shielded by the material.

She moaned softly as I kissed the tops of her tanned mounds before reaching behind her to release the twins from their confines. Don’t know if it was the cold air on her now-exposed nipples, her aroused state, or a combination of the two, but I couldn’t resist placing my lips on one hardened nub while rolling the other pink tip against my thumb, causing Lisa to tilt her head back and softly say, “Oh yes. Mmmmm, that’s so nice. Mmmm, run your tongue over the other one. Yes, just like that. Ooooh.”

Her skin was smooth and warm, and I was suddenly overcome with a desire to chase the light perfume across her body. Softly licking and kissing all over, around and under her perky nipples I knelt down and then began to kiss below her ribs, across her upper stomach, moving progressively lower at a teasingly slow pace which elicited almost endless “Ooohs and ahhhhs” from Lisa.

While my lips and tongue lightly danced across her abdomen my hands were busy playing with her breasts, squeezing her firm ass or running up and down her hips and thighs. My fingers found the top of her panties and I teasingly pulled them over her hips, kissing across her lower abdomen as I went along. Lisa, again with her head tilted back and eyes closed, would alternately moan softly and inhale sharply, before letting out a relaxed exhale through parted lips as her hands rested lightly on my head.

Running a flattened tongue across her shaved mons, I suddenly changed direction and while pulling canlı bahis her panties down her thighs and below her knees, my mouth and tongue found her ever-dampening cleft. Lisa quickly moved her hands to my shoulders as she spread her legs further apart – as far as her now-stretched panties would allow. It was obvious her remaining clothing was inhibiting her pleasure seeking, so I promptly yanked them down to her ankles and told her to step out of them; she promptly complied.

Standing quickly, I lifted her in my arms as she breathless said, “Oh my!,” and carried her over and onto the couch.

Turning her so that her back was resting on the back cushion and feet on the floor, I deftly knelt down while spreading her knees apart. Quickly realizing where this was going, she leaned further back and brought her feet up onto the sofa. Her pink prize glistened as it opened like a flower before me, the petals calling me closer. I eagerly, yet gently, obliged by kissing the top of her cleft, moving to her thighs while dragging my nose gently across the wetness of her molten center, inhaling her sweet fragrance. Her hands, which had rested lightly on my head, began to urgently pull me back to her fire.

All the while I’d started to notice Lisa was not, at least to this point, a vocal person when in the early throes of passion. Which is not to say she was silent, just not talkative. Instead, she would moan her approval or disapproval, and one could definitely tell whether she was pleased, or not. I thought it my mission to ensure almost all moaning was a positive response, and any disappointing response was only due to my teasing her.

The wetter her pussy became the more I wanted to drink from her sweet fountain, my tongue probing and sweeping in and across her sex. Licking and sucking on and around her engorged bud caused her to moan even louder, while placing her hands firmly on the back of my head.

With my lips and tongue focused on her clitoris, I gently ran a finger over her opening before sliding it down and over her rosebud. I felt her inhale sharply as she softly bucked her hips against my mouth and finger before I brought it back up and slowly inserted it into her love canal.

“Mmmmm, oh, oh, mmmmm,” she cried out as I moved my finger around inside her.

I continue my loving assault on her button as my finger moved in and out, her hands now pressing my face firmly against her sex, her ass seemingly rising off and back down onto the couch as her “Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,” sounds increased in pitch.

With an, “Ahhh, yessss!” the dam burst as her knees clamped against my head. I gently lapped up her ambrosia while alternately breathing through my mouth as my nose was pushed against her mons. I think the slow hot breath against her sex added to her pleasure since she would rock her legs from side to side while still pressing against my ears.

She finally said, “Please, please…no more. No more, mmmmm,” as she slowly pushed my head away.

“Wow, that was intense,” she said as she laid her head back on the top of the couch, and facing the ceiling. “Mmmm, thank you, it’s been a while since anyone has even come close to bringing me that type of pleasure.”

“I totally enjoyed it as well,” I replied as I lightly kissed her knees and rubbed the tops of her thighs before Lisa took my left hand in her right one, and brought my fingers to her mouth.

After sucking the finger which had just been inside her, she said, “Mmmm, I just love how I taste on your finger. Much better than licking my vibrator after the big O.”

I smiled and said to her, “You are such a dirty little girl, are you always this descriptively talkative after sex?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said as she pulled me up to her where my still damp lips met hers in a deep, tongue-probing kiss.

“A good orgasm just makes me want to share it, does that make sense?” she asked, as she continued kissing around my mouth and licking over my chin.

“Mmm hmm,” I replied just as she reached down and began fondling my cock through my trousers.

“Why are you still dressed?” Lisa asked.

“Because you come first,” I said purposely, causing her to smile.

“Mmmm, yes. I love that,” she said as she began pulling on my belt.

“Tell you what,” I said to her. “You get those, and I’ll get the shirt.”

“Way ahead of you,” she retorted just as my pants and boxers fell onto my shoes.

She held my now-stiffened cock in one hand while cradling my balls in the other as I gingerly stepped out of my shoes and pants, before pushing both out of the way.

“You’re so warm, mmmm. I believe I’m really going to enjoy this,” Lisa said with a smile before sticking her tongue out and softly licking at the fluid seeping from the tip.

Continuing to hold her tongue out, she slowly pulled away from my cock, as a string of precum hung between us for a few seconds before falling away. Lisa then ran her tongue over the outside of her top lip, before bringing the tongue back inside her mouth, and then rubbing both lips together.

“Mmmm, yummy,” she said before placing those lips around the head of my cock.

“Mmm, my what moh off this,” she seemed to say while the tip remained in her mouth as she spoke.

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