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Mom, My Sister, and Me Ch. 02

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When I opened my eyes, it took me a moment to remember where I was. I turned my head to the side. Mom was still asleep. She was on her side, facing me, her breasts gently moving up and down with each breath she took.

I sensed a movement at the foot of the bed and turning my head, I was startled to see Brenda standing there, staring down at me. Her blonde hair hung limply from her head, glistening with moisture. Evidently, she had just stepped out of the shower. She was wearing my bathrobe, a gray, terrycloth robe that reached down to her knees. She held the front of the bathrobe together with her hands, one at the top of the robe, the other at her waist.

Returning Brenda’s gaze, I realized I was naked, my legs spread apart and my flaccid cock resting on my stomach. My first thought was to grab the sheet to cover myself, but for some reason I didn’t. I continued to stare into her eyes, wondering how long she’d been standing there, watching me.

A full minute seemed to pass with neither one of us moving, neither one of us saying a word. Then, I saw a slight motion in one of Brenda’s hands. She released her hand from the top of the bathrobe, and the two sides of it parted slightly, exposing a narrow strip of skin; from her neck, down the valley between her breasts, all the way to her stomach.

Still holding the robe closed at her waist, she used her other hand to slowly draw apart the two sides of the bathrobe. She slid each side of the robe off her shoulders, and with a shrug, the top of the loose robe slid down her arms, fully exposing her large breasts. Despite their size, they stood out firm and full from her body, and the nipples at the center of each large, round areole seemed to point slightly upward.

As Brenda moved her hand to one breast and slowly ran her finger in little circles around its nipple, I could feel a twitching sensation in my cock. And when she began to pinch and twist her nipple lightly between her fingers, I could feel my cock slowly begin to harden. Brenda continued to watch me, staring into my eyes, and then lower, as she watched my cock come to life.

There was a slight motion on the bed beside me, and with a quick glance to my side, I suddenly realized mom’s eyes were wide open, her gaze alternating back and forth between Brenda and me. Maybe my sister didn’t notice mom watching, or maybe she didn’t care, I’m not sure which, but she now moved her hand to her other breast, and taking her nipple between her thumb and forefinger, she let out a little moan as she pulled her nipple away from her body, distorting her breast into a long, distended cone.

My cock was now hard, pointing up from my crotch at a forty-five degree angle. I watched as Brenda’s hand left her breast and moved slowly to her stomach, where it made large, caressing, circular strokes over her stomach and abdomen. Brenda released her other hand, and the bottom of the gown fell open, and with a wiggle of her upper body, the gown slid to the floor.

Now, my sister stood in front of me, her legs slightly parted, her entire body naked and exposed to my view. My eyes left her stomach and traveled lower. Below her waist, her hips swelled out, round and firm and full. Her inner thighs were white, and looked soft and inviting. And at the upper juncture of her thighs, I could see the mounds of her pussy and the little valley in the middle. Higher, her little tuft hair of pubic hair was so light and golden blonde it was barely visible

As Brenda’s hand slowly moved to her pussy, I glanced at mom again. She continued to stare, unblinking, at her daughter.

Suddenly, Brenda bent over and put her hands on my inner thighs, spreading my legs far apart. Lowering her head, she extended her tongue and starting at my balls, ran her tongue over the entire length of my cock, and then back down again until I could feel her warm breath on my balls. With her lips, she nibbled at my hairy ball sack, sucking the loose skin into her mouth, tickling it with her tongue. Opening her mouth wide, she took one of my balls fully into her mouth and gently sucked on it, massaging it with her tongue. Then alternating from one of my balls to the other, she took them between her lips and moved her head from side to side, pulling and twisting as she held my balls firmly in her mouth. I let out a loud, uncontrollable moan, partly a moan of pain, and partly a moan of pleasure.

Brenda released my balls from her mouth and stepped to the side of the bed. She crawled beside me, and kneeling, slowly moved her face toward my crotch until I felt her wet, warm mouth engulf the head of my cock. And then, her head slowly began to bob up and down, causing my throbbing cock to push deep in and out of her mouth.

Facing away from me, Brenda’s full, round ass loomed in front of my face. I cupped her asscheeks with my hands and ran my fingers across their smooth, firm surface. Then I gently caressed her inner thighs, the skin there as soft as silk. As Brenda continued to suck my cock deep into her mouth, the warm, musky smell of her sex filled my nostrils with each breath I took, and uncontrollably, I put my hand avcılar grup yapan escort on her inner thigh and pulled her leg across my body until she straddled me, her legs on either side of my body.

And there, just inches from my face, was my sister’s pussy. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and spreading them apart, began to caress them gently. Her pinkish-brown anus stared down at me like a little puckered eye. Lower, the red lips of her pussy folded out from either side of her opening, as if guarding the passage there. As her pussy lips curved delicately upward and met at the top, I could see her clitoris trying to poke its head out from between the puffy folds of skin. And still higher was her tuft of pubic hair, as golden blonde as the hair on her head.

I doubled up the pillow under my head, and extended my tongue until it brushed against one side of her pussy, then with a gently sucking motion, brought the protruding fold of skin into my mouth. I nibbled at it with my lips, and caressed it with my tongue as I sucked it gently into my mouth. Brenda’s head abruptly jerked up, and my cock slipped out of her mouth.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped, “Oh, my God! No! Tom, no! You don’t have to!”

My only reply was to extend my tongue further, to push it into her cunt as deep as I possibly could. By now, her pussy was soaking wet, and I could feel a drop of her juices running down my cheek. She let out a small moaning sound and took my cock back in her mouth. I continued probing deep into her pussy, massaging the lips on either side with my tongue, sucking them into my mouth.

Meanwhile, I felt a slight movement beside me. With my face pushed hard against Brenda’s cunt, it was impossible for me to see mom, but suddenly, I felt her hands grasping my right arm. Pulling on my wrist, she brought my hand toward her, until I felt it brush against her pubic hair. She guided it lower, and let out a little whimper as she brought my fingers into contact with her wet pussy. As if she was holding some inanimate object, she pressed my hand flat against her pussy and holding tight on my wrist, she guided my hand up and down against her wet opening.

Meanwhile, I used the tip of my tongue to spread apart the folds of Brenda’s pussy lips until I could move my tongue in little circles around her clitoris. Again, her head flew off my cock and she let out a loud, deep moan. Unable to keep her mouth on my cock, Brenda grasped it in her fist and began slow up and down strokes.

Beside me, mom took three of my fingers in her fist and guided them into her opening, then she placed her hand on the back of mine and pushed, causing my fingers to slip deep and hard into her cunt. A soft whimper came out of her mouth as I felt her hips moving up and down against my hand. With her hand still on top of mine, holding my fingers inside her, her other hand was in constant motion, her fingers furiously stroking her clitoris.

Now, I began moving my head up and down against Brenda, causing my tongue and my open mouth to stroke the full length of her pussy. I felt a motion in her hips, and suddenly, Brenda was pushing back against me, and her hips began a slow, steady, back and forth motion against my face. A wet mixture of my saliva and her juices covered my face and dripped down my cheeks and now, Brenda was grinding herself hard into my face, her hips rocking slowly back and forth.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” she screamed out, her hand still tight around my cock.

She pressed her clitoris against my outstretched tongue and ground herself against me, then, rotating her hips, she slid her open cunt across my face, and further, until my mouth pushed hard against her perineum, then further, until my tongue was pressed against her ass. I thrust my tongue out until it pushed its way into her tight anal opening.

“Oh, my God!” she screamed, “Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

She held her ass against my face as I drove my tongue in and out of her asshole. Little whimpering moans came out of her mouth as I spread her anus open with my tongue. Then, she threw her hips back until her clitoris was pressed hard against my face. I slid my free hand across her ass and pressed my finger against the entrance to her asshole, tracing small circles around it.

Meanwhile, beside me, mom was using my hand like it was some kind of dildo, forcing my fingers in and out of her cunt as her hips bucked up and down and the fingers of her other hand continued to stroke her clitoris.

Brenda’s hand still held hard onto my cock, pumping up and down. Her head flew from side to side as little whimpering sounds came out of her throat, and her breathing was now nothing more than short, sharp gasps.

I slowly pushed the tip of my finger into her ass and Brenda screamed. Now, her hips began rocking faster, causing her soaking cunt to ride up and down against my face. I tried to keep my tongue extended, but my now, Brenda was simply fucking my face, pushing herself hard against me, sliding her open cunt up and down against my face.

And then I felt the tingle, starting avcılar masöz escort in my balls and running up my cock, and I knew I was about to cum. A moan formed deep in my throat, and made its way out of my mouth only to be muffled in the wetness of Brenda’s pussy. I felt a spasm in my cock as the first spurt of cum sprayed out.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck!” she cried out as I felt another blast of cum gush out.

Now, Brenda was grinding her crotch into my face, and for a moment, I couldn’t breathe as her wet cunt pressed hard against my mouth and nose.

She screamed again, and I felt my cock spasm once more and then again, as her hand pumped up and down, and my hips flew up off the bed as my cock released its last load of cum. And then, I felt a little tremor run through her body. And the tremor intensified, until I felt her entire body shaking on top of me.

“Oh, my God!” she screamed, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

She ground her cunt hard against my face and one last spasm went through her, and she froze, motionless, until a moment later, her body went limp and she collapsed on top of me. I could feel her head on my now softening cock, and the red, swollen lips of her cunt rested just inches in front of my face.

Finally, she slid off me and knelt at the side of the bed. Her face was covered with my cum. As she turned toward me, a long string of it dripped down from her chin. One of her eyes was hidden under a pool of white liquid. Another strand hung from her nose. She drew the back of her hand across her face to wipe her eye, then she looked down at me. Her face moved closer to mine, until our lips met, our open mouths pushing against each other, our tongues making contact, and I could taste my cum on her wet lips.

Beside me, mom’s breathing had become more labored. Each gasp for breath alternated with a little whimpering moan from the back of her throat. Suddenly, she released my hand from her grip, and in one slow, fluid motion, she raised her leg and rolled on top of me, positioning her body so her open cuntlips were pressed against my cum-covered cock. Brenda momentarily pulled her head away from mine, and I looked up at mom as she straddled me. Her eyes were half shut, with a glazed-over look to them.

Reaching down, she took my now flaccid cock in her hand and roughly stuffed it into her gaping cunt. Her other hand went to her clitoris, and I could see the muscles in her thighs and ass contracting as her hips began to buck up and down, pounding her pelvis against my body. Her breasts flew in wild circles against her chest as she continued to grind her cunt against me.

A visible tremor shook through her body and suddenly her head flew back and her mouth opened wide as a long, high-pitched, whimpering moan escaped from deep in the back of her throat. Her entire body was now shaking uncontrollably as her fingers pushed hard against her clit. She moaned again, and then her body gradually became motionless and her breathing returned to normal. She slowly rolled off me, my cock slipping out of her cunt with an audible plopping sound.

Lying on her back beside me, mom took my hand and rested it lightly on her cunt. Meanwhile, on the other side, Brenda slid closer to me until her breasts rested against my shoulder. She reached out and gently held my soft cock in her hand.

Exhausted from our exertions, the three of us fell into a sound sleep until the alarm clock woke us an hour later.


It was almost ten and we were just finishing dinner. I’d agreed to meet mom and Brenda at the hotel where their trade show was being held. They’d been held up at a seminar that hadn’t ended until eight o’clock, so we agreed over the phone to eat at the hotel restaurant. There was a young Asian woman with them when they caught up with me in the restaurant bar.

“Tom, this is Trish,” mom said, “She’s here alone, so we invited her to have dinner with us.”

“Glad to meet you, Trish,” I said, shaking her hand. Trish was probably about the same age as Brenda, I figured. Maybe twenty-two or twenty-three. But all similarities between the two ended there. She was probably four inches shorter than Brenda. And in sharp contrast to Brenda and mom, with their full hips and large breasts, Trish had a very petite figure. Her waist looked small enough to put my hands around, and the fluffy sweater she wore barely changed its contour as it moved over her breasts.

Trish was a newly hired assistant manager at a store in Texas, mom explained, and the owner had sent her to learn a little more about the business. At first, I’d been a little disappointed they’d invited her, the three of us hadn’t said a word about what had happened between us, and I figured dinner would be a good time to discuss it, to make sure no one was upset.

As it turned out, I’m glad they’d asked her along. Trish was a wonderful dinner companion. Her eyes seemed to have a constant sparkle to them as she talked, she had an infectious laugh, and she had a way of looking at you as if everything you said was important to her.

“So, can I ask what avcılar otele gelen escort your heritage is?” I asked Trish as the waiter cleared the table.

“Oh, darn! So you noticed,” Trish said with a giggle, “why don’t you guess.”

“Well, I’d say you were born in the United States, because you don’t have an accent, but beyond that, I’m not sure.”

“You have to guess,” she said.

“Uh…Let me think…” Then I had an idea. “You’re in Texas, right?”


“Were you born there?”


“A coastal town?”

She nodded.

“You’re Vietnamese.”

“Very good! Better than someone this morning who asked if I was from India!” she said with a laugh, “My parents arrived here shortly after the war and made their living shrimp fishing, like thousands of other Vietnamese. Is that how you figured it?”

I nodded my head.

“Hey guys,” Brenda said, “It looks like they’re closing down the restaurant. Want to have a nightcap in the bar?”

She looked at Trish.

“That’s fine with me,” Trish said, “as long as I’m not intruding on your private time together as a family.”

Mom glanced at me, an ironic smile on her face.


The bar was nearly empty. Maybe because it was a weeknight, I figured. We sat down around a little glass table in large, padded, wingback chairs that seemed to engulf our bodies. The waiter came to us immediately, as if he was relieved to finally have something to do.

“Merlot? Like at dinner?” I asked.

The ladies nodded.

“A bottle of Merlot, please,” I told the waiter.

“A bottle. I don’t know,” mom said, looking at me, “we already had two bottles at dinner.”

“Is anybody driving tonight?” I asked with a smile.

“It’s not driving I’m afraid of,” mom replied, “I just don’t want to lose control. Like…like last night.”

“I’ll keep my eye on you,” I said.

“That’s exactly what I’m afraid of,” mom replied.

“What happened last night?” Trish asked, “Don’t tell me a lady as sophisticated as you got drunk.” She smiled at mom.

Mom blushed.

“Uh, something like that,” she said.

“Wouldn’t life be easier, if there weren’t so many things that were bad for you? So many rules to obey?” Brenda asked with a sigh.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean all the limits placed on us. Alcohol, food, sun, even sex.”

“But those are self-imposed limitations,” mom said, “for our own well-being. There’s no law that says you can’t sit out in the sun all day.”

“Self-imposed limitations can be worse,” Brenda continued, “Because they’re self-imposed, they cause doubt, and guilt and insecurity.”

“I don’t understand,” Trish said.

“It has to do with personal responsibility and free will. If someone puts a gun to your head and commands you to eat a greasy hamburger,” Brenda explained, “you wouldn’t think twice, you’d eat the hamburger. It’s different though, if eating the hamburger is entirely your choice. You know you really want it, but you think about your waistline, and cholesterol and suddenly you feel guilty about having a desire for the hamburger, and you’re insecure about your willpower, and your mind becomes filled with self-doubt.”

“Wow, all that over a hamburger,” Trish said with a giggle.

“So what you’re saying,” mom said, “is if someone commands you to do something, even something enjoyable, you won’t feel guilty because you didn’t choose to do it out of your own free will.”

“Exactly,” Brenda said.

“Great!” mom exclaimed, “the next time we’re in a restaurant, Brenda, I want you to command me to order something especially fattening.”

“And Brenda,” I added, “command me to order another bottle of wine.”

“That’s why…” Brenda started to say, but abruptly stopped.

“Why what?” mom asked.

“Nothing,” Brenda said, blushing.

“Tell us.”

“I was only going to make the observation that’s why some women, when they’re, you know…fooling around, like to have the man command them. That way, they don’t have to feel responsible for their actions. If they do something out of character, they can blame it on their partner.”

“It sounds like you’re talking from experience,” mom said with a chuckle, “Do you like men to command you?”

Brenda blushed again.

“So what if I do?” she said.

I laughed and Brenda glared at me.

“So what? Do you think I’m weird?” she asked with a scowl on her face.

“No, I was just thinking your fantasy and mine are pretty compatible.”

“You like to be dominated, too?” Trish asked with a giggle.

“I think it’s a common fantasy for men, to want to have control over a woman,” I said, “To know she’ll do anything he wants.”

“Like she was hypnotized?” mom asked.

“No, that would take some of the allure away,” I answered, “It’s more exciting if the man knows the woman is willingly giving up control to him. Here’s the whole thing about it – there’s a big difference between a woman waking up and saying to herself, ‘I can’t believe what I did last night’, and ‘I can’t believe what he made me do last night’. The first sentence allows far more guilt to creep in than the second sentence. And it’s the same for the guy, too. ‘I only acted that way because it was a game. I was pretending to be in control, and she was pretending to obey me. That’s not the way either of us are in real life’ See, he’s off the hook too because he can blame it on ‘the game’.”

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