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“Mom, can I borrow some cash. I’m not earning enough for my trip to Los Angeles,” Gina pleaded. Fit and trim, Gina had always been an avid sportswoman but her first love was drama. Gina loved to be in front of the camera. Any time a camera turned in her, she out in her best side and brightened up. Blonde, and with pale blue eyes, Gina has a reputation as quite the model and aspiring actress. A trip to Los Angeles was going to be a key milestone in her budding acting career.

Of course, Gina’s mom, Sophia and her stepdad, Tony, thought Gina should focus on her studies. The trip to Los Angeles was something that they put up with on sufferance. At eighteen, they couldn’t control what Gina did but they could control the supply of money. The result was a deal. Gina could go to Los Angeles if she could raised the money. Sophia and Tony would support Gina’s money-making efforts in any way to encourage the girls entrepreneurial development.

“No, Gina,” Sophia replied, her blue eyes flashing. Sophia has the same striking blue eyes as Gina but had dark hair and a fuller figure. Where Gina was lean, Sophia was buxom. “You’ve got several months,” Sophia added. “You’ll just need to try harder.”

“But I’m working all the time and I’m still not making enough,” Gina complained.

“No. You know the rules. Be your best and you’ll…”

“…Ace the test,” Gina finished the saying she’d been brought up on. “But mom, work isn’t a test.”

“There’s always a way to be number one at anything you do, whether it’s tests or work,” Sophia replied. “Are you sure you’re trying your best?”

Gina fell silent.

“I thought so. I always taught you to be number one and, if you’re not, go find out how to get to number one. We can’t subsidise you if you’re not already putting your best in.” Sophia slipped into an apron and tied it around her waist. She clattered pots and utensils as she cleared a space on the bench. She turned to Gina and said, “the promise still stands. Whatever you do, we’ll support you but…,” she paused, “…you have to try to be number one.” Sophia picked up an onion, slapped it onto the chopping board and started slicing, the rhythmic sound marking the end of the discussion.

Gina returned to her room, and didn’t come out for several hours.

In fact, this became a pattern. When Gina wasn’t out at her job in the restaurant, she was in her room.

All the time.

Sophia became increasingly worried. After seeing her daughter disappear in through her bedroom door yet again, Sophia slipped down the garage where Tony, Sophia’s new husband and Gina’s stepdad, was working out.

“Tony, I’m worried about Gina. Have we been too hard on her? She’s got her heart set on this Los Angeles thing but I don’t see the effort anymore. She spends all her time in her room.”

Tony finished the reps, slow and controlled only speaking once the weight was lowered. “If she’s not putting in the effort, then I don’t see why we should help. Maybe it’s a phase?”

“It’s been going on too long to be a phase. I almost like she’s given up trying,” Sophia said, her eyes on Tony’s shoulders as he picked up another set of weights.

Tony paused. “Do you think I should talk to her?”

Sophia paused. “No, I’m her mom. I’ll do it.”

Tony returned to his reps, his biceps bulging under his tee-shirt as he pumped the weights.

Sophia walked slowly through the house, her mind preoccupied with the discussion she needed to have with her daughter. She stood outside the door to her daughter’s room and raised her hand to knock. The soft sound of muffled jazz music drifted through the door. Sophia looked down to see that Gina hadn’t closed ataköy escort the door properly. She gave it a small push and the door soundlessly opened a crack. No longer muffled through the door, the sultry jazz music filled the hall.

Sophia peered through the crack and her heart sank. Gina wasn’t working, she lay in her bed naked. The sheets and duvet were piled on the floor next to the bed as she lay on top, her legs spread wide and her fingers at her crotch. Sophia stared transfixed as her daughter lifted her knees up and back, spreading her legs wider as she did so, all the time her fingers on her cunt. Sophia was shocked to see Sophia has a neatly trimmed Brazilian. A thin strip of black above her swollen pussy lips. Gina lifted her head and looked down, as if at someone, licking her lips invitingly.

Shocked that someone could be in the room, Sophia shifted position and through the thin strip of the door, saw no one else in the room, only the laptop open at the foot of Gina’s bed. Sophia’s eyebrows knitted, her daughter, who should be working, was masturbating to porn. Not wanting to interrupt her daughter, she waited.

Gina groaned and shuddered and her hips ground as she played with her spread pussy. Eventually, with a loud moaning, Gina came hard.

Sophia put her hand on the door to push it open just as Gina shifted position, back into her stomach. She reached out, dragged a keyboard towards her and started typing, the clatter of keys mixing with the music. Sophias face turned red. Not only was Gina not working, she was wasting time with some boy. Furious, Sophia ran through the conversations in her head. All her planning went out the window as Gina shifted positions yet again, on her side this time, with one knee up, exposing her to the camera. One hand snaked down to Gina’s crotch, the other typing. Gina pressed hard against her cunt and two finger slipped inside just as she moaned.

Sophia pushed the door opened and stormed in. “You should be ashamed, Gina Marie Rogers,” she yelled.

Gina snapped her legs together as her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened in shock.


“You tell us you’re working but you spend all your time playing on the internet, with some boy.” She picked up the laptop. Instead in staring into the face of some teenage boy, the screen showed a wall of text. A string of inappropriate comments with the flashing red text “IN PRIVATE SHOW” on top. At the top left was a camera screen showing Sophia’s shocked face.

A line of text appeared, “hey Jasmine, is that your mom, rotflmao.”

Another line followed, “your mom’s hot, Jasmine, or was that Gina?”

Then, “I’m paying for this show, I wanna see pussy.”

Gina grabbed the laptop off Sophia and put it down in front of her and started typing.

“What’s going on Gina?” Sophia asked. “And who is Jasmine.”

“Don’t you knock mom?” Gina cried, her face beet red as she typed furiously.

“What’s going on, Gina?”

Without pausing on the keyboard, Gina replied. “I’m trying to make some money here. It’s a webcam service and you’ve blown my reputation.” Gina’s face screwed up in disappointment. “It took weeks to build that reputation and now it’s all blown. If I don’t save what I can my rate goes way down,” she said. “Why can’t you just knock like normal moms.”

Sophia watched as Gina typed. ‘No, she’ll be gone soon,’ and ‘hey, don’t go,’ and ‘my pussy aches for you baby.’

Lines of reply came back, mostly laughing at Gina’s expense. A single line seared into Sophia’s consciousness, ‘your mom’s hot, I’ll give you double to see her naked.” Sophia’s pussy glowed with sudden ataköy eve gelen escort heat and flooded with wetness as her nipples hardened. Her throat went dry as her chest tightened. “Gina,” she rasped, her throat dry.

“Mom, please.”

For Sophia, some dam burst. Some boy, watching her daughter masturbate wanted to see Sophia naked. Her core flooded with heat as her pussy swelled and dripped. “Gina, I’ll do it,” She said.

“Mom,” Gina whined as she typed. “Can’t you see…”

“Gina,” Sophia snapped. “Go tell bluballs557 that I’ll do it. If he gives double, I’ll get naked.”

Gina paused. Then looked at the screen. Then typed, ‘who wants to see my mom get naked in a private show?”

A flurry of text appeared. Perhaps a quarter of the users logged off but the rest were with her. Gina hit the private show button and the users greyed out coming back as they paid to enter the private show. She got twenty viewers, a great take. She turned the camera on her mother.

Sophia grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head chucking it to one side.

“Mom. You’re not getting changed. Put some sass into it.” She turned back to the keyboard. ‘Hold on guys while I teach my mom how to strip,’ she typed, generating a flurry of encouraging responses.

Gina focused the camera on Sophia then stood up next to her mom. “Mom, you need to put some rhythm into it. It’s a show.” She grabbed her mom and moved her squarely in front of the camera. “You need to sway, like you’re dancing.”

Sophia jerked about.

“Mom, I know you can dance,” Gina said. “Here, try this.” Gina moved in close like they were at a nightclub and Sophia’s movements changed from jerky and uncomfortable to smooth and sensual.

“Look at the camera, mom.”

Sophia stared at the camera as she danced.

“Smoulder, mom. Smoulder.”

Sophia ripped her head down and to the side until she was looking sidelong into the camera. Smoking hot and electric, she danced.

“Bra mom. Bra.”

Holding her pose and shifting her body in time to the music, Sophia unhooked her bra and let it fall away from her generous tits. Gina pulled in close, pressing her body against her mother’s, one eye on the lines of text now scrolling up the screen.

‘Hot mama’

‘I wanna suck on those tits’

‘Get it all off.’ They were getting impatient.

“Mom, jeans.”

When Sophia reached for her jeans, all sense of rhythm stopped. Gina slapped Sophia’s hands away.

“Just dance, mom,” Gina said.

Gina tucked in behind the swaying Sophia then, reaching around, unclasped her mother’s jeans and slid them down her legs. Sophia kicked them off leaving just her panties. Gina didn’t stop, she hooked her thumbs through the waistband and slowly peeled them down to mid thigh. Sophia ground her hips against Gina as she leaned down to peel the panties all the way off revealing Sophia’s thick bush.

Gina’s expert eyes scanned the lines of text that scrolled up the screen.

“They need to see your pussy, mom.” Gina tapped Sophia’s ankles with her foot spreading her legs bit killing the older woman’s rhythm. Gina changed tack. “Get on the bed.”

Gina pushed Sophia onto her back on the bed, and repositioned the laptop so the camera pointed up between Sophia’s sprawled legs. She grabbed her mother’s hand and guided it down to Sophia’s spread crotch and guided her fingers over her swollen lips, just enough to tease them without hiding them.

“Like that, mom.”

Sophia ran her fingers up and down her slit as Gina reached over and typed furiously, catching up on messages and encouraging ataköy grup yapan escort viewers to give tips.

Gina’s typing suddenly stopped.

Sophia looked up. On the screen, a message from bluballs557 read, ‘1,000 tokens if you lick her slit.’

Sophia stared for a moment as the message sunk in. “What’s 1,000 tokens, dear?”

Gina’s voice was wooden, “that’s a lot.”

Sophia stretched her knee back exposing herself. “Do it,” she said.

Gina paused and looked at the line of text. The she turned back towards her mother lowered her head and, sticking out her tongue, ran it up her mother’s wet slit.

Sophia grabbed a fistful of her daughter’s hair and pressed hard, crushing the girl’s face against her pussy as she ground her hips. Her breathing quickened and she moaned as Gina struggled then settled in with her probing tongue. With Gina occupied, Sophia took control of the keyboard and monitoring the requests from the viewers.

She clacked out a quick response, then said to Gina, “stick your fingers inside.”


“Do it, it’s more tokens.”

“How many?” Gina asked.

“Do as you’re told,” she scolded.

Gina, from habit, shocked herself as she slipped two fingers inside her mom’s hairy cunt. Sophia groaned then grabbed Gina by the hair and pushed her face back in holding her there as she writhed her hips and moaned.

Releasing Gina, she reached over dragged the keyboard towards her and typed, ‘settle back and watch boys, momma’s going to take it from here.’

She tossed the keyboard off the bed and grabbed Gina’s head. “Keep those fingers pumping momma’s pussy,” she snarled then mashed Gina’s face into her cunt. She wrapped her legs around Gina and held the girl tight. Gina thrust and licked, even as she struggled. The lines of text on the laptop screen lit up but Sophia didn’t care. She was too close to the edge to give a fuck. The boys could enjoy the show, she was sure of that.

Waves of pleasure built inside her as Gina stimulated her clit with her tongue and probed to slick, wet insides with her fingers. Sophia’s legs tightened and Gina grunted at the pressure. Sophia reached out with her spare hand and clawed at the mattress even as her hips bucked. She imagined all those of eyes of young men, striking their cocks, on her, still desirable and still requested even next to her daughter.

Then she came, grinding her cunt into Gina’s face, her back arched and the whimpers of pleasure issuing from her throat. She bucked and clawed and her legs tightened around Gina’s body before she relaxed, spent, sweat beading on her forehead.

Released, Gina reached over the edge of the bed and grabbed the keyboard. She checked the status of the feed. “Shit, mom. We made two day’s worth inside thirty minutes,” she said excitedly. She typed furiously replying to all the comments of her viewer base.

Sophia rolled over and crawled up next to her. “Did you keep your reputation?”

“Yeah,” Gina replied. “Sure did.”

Sophia cast her eyes over the screen if the laptop. “What’s your rank, dear?”


“Yeah. Compared with other girls. Where do you rank? Is it there?” She pointed at the screen as a number changed from one to two.

“That’s how long since the last private show, mom. Rank’s down there.” Gina pointed to a number at the bottom of the screen.

“Three hundred and fifty-two? That’s your rank.” Sophia’s brows knitted together.

Gina replied while typing furiously. “I haven’t been tracking it, I’ve been more focused on building rep and making money and today was great for both.”

“You want to be first don’t you?”

Gina looked at her mother and paused. There was only one answer that wouldn’t lead to a fight. “Yeah,” she said. “Sure.” She looked back at the screen and frowned at the comment that displayed from bluballs557.

‘Your mom’s hot, when’s she on next?’ it read.

Sophia slapped Gina on the ass. “Tell them I’ll be back same time tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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