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Mommy’s Milk Ch. 01

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Beautiful Cock

For months now, my son and I had been lovers. We enjoyed a mutually satisfying sex life. We were open with each other about everything and did all the things we had ever wanted to do. Then one day he came to me and told me he wanted to be breast fed again.

I paused for a moment, looking at him in surprise.

“I have done the research and all I have to do is start sucking on your nipple for an hour a day maybe 5 or 6 times a day and you should start to produce milk again.”

“You really want this?”

“I do, I want you to fill my belly with your yummy milk!”

I couldn’t deny I liked the idea, having him sucking on my nipples and getting me full of milk to feed him. “I have to think about it, I have never heard of an adult woman feeding an adult male.” He smiled and put his laptop on the counter and started showing me videos. The woman were moaning and asking is baby wanted Mama to feed them. It was sexy and with each new video I found myself getting more and more excited.

I took the time to do some research on my own and found that I could lactate again but it could take a couple months with him just sucking on my nipples. I didn’t answer him and a couple weeks had gone by when he ask again. I told him beylikdüzü ucuz escort I was still thinking about it. I just hadn’t told him I had been sneaking off and using a breast pump 6 times a day. When my baby started sucking I wanted him to be surprised.

It took a full month before I started producing milk and then it didn’t take long for my breast to be filled with milk. He had gone off to a concert with his friends and wasn’t back yet, and I hoped he would be soon. My tits were starting to hurt I needed him. Picking up my phone I texted him and ask how long before he would be home. He told me they were 20 minutes away. I said good and I hope you’re hungry. He was true to his word and within 20 minutes walked in the door. I was sitting on the sofa watching tv.

“You ask if I was hungry I don’t smell food!” I smiled.

“Come here baby, mommy has a special treat for you!” When I opened my shirt he saw how big my tits were and looked shocked. “Baby Mommy needs you to help her out. Come lay down here” I patted the sofa beside me. “Mom your tits are huge!”

Squeezing my boob milk shot out and he moaned. “Mmmm mommy feed me.”

Lying down on the couch he took my beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort nipple in his mouth and started to suck as I ran my fingers through his hair. It felt so good, I could feel myself getting excited.

“Does it taste good baby?’

“Mmm very good.” The sucking and slurping sounds he made were so erotic and wonderful. We locked eyes and stared deeply at each other. When one was empty he moved to the other and this time his cock was getting hard.

“Mmmm baby do you like mommy’s milk!” each time I spoke he sucked harder.

When my breast were empty he laid in my lap a little longer. “Mmm Mommy that was so good!”

I smiled down him and ran my fingers through his hair. “You made mommy feel so much better. I’m gonna go and make some real dinner now. I have to eat well so my baby is getting lots of good stuff.”

I fixed dinner and we sat and talked. He said he was going to go and get a shower and off he went. Just a couple hours later I was full again. I went to the bedroom “Baby mommy has more milk for you!” He moaned his approval and came and knelt in front of me and started sucking again. It felt so good. I couldn’t help beyoğlu escort but moan. I brought my foot up and started rubbing his cock and he was moaning now too.

It had been weeks and every few hours I needed him to come and suck my tits. I loved it, and it seemed to make us even closer. “mmm baby I love it when you suck on my boobies and get all that yummy milk.” He started to massage my other breast and the milk began squirting out and running down his hand and it seem to excite him even more and he began sucking harder, his slurping and sucking was making me so wet.

“Oh baby you’re making me so wet. You look so sweet and sexy.” He stopped sucking and smiled. “I love it, I’m so happy right now.” He finished one and went to the other and soon it was dry.

“I’m so hard, I can’t stand it!” I moaned as he stood and kissed me. He turned me around and pulled my robe up and pushed into me hard and we both moaned loudly.

“Oh fuck you’re so wet, damn it’s so good.”

“Oh baby, I love it. Don’t stop please don’t stop!” My tits were hanging down and flopping around and he grabbed them and held on to them.

“Mmm mine!” he moaned.

“Oh yes they are. All of me is yours baby.”

It didn’t take either of us long being so excited. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum” he moaned.

“Don’t stop baby I’m so close, please.” I said almost breathless. Just as we came we heard the front door slam and a voice call out. James straightened his clothes and went down while I go clothes on. One thing I didn’t do was walk around in front of his friends without being properly dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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