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Mom’s Halloween Swingers’ Dance #01

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 18.


Tiffany attends a Halloween swingers’ dance with her son

“Hello, how are you? My name is Larry. I’m so pleased to meet you and you are,” he said smiling and holding out his hand while staring down at her as if undressing her with his eyes and indeed he was.

Surprising even herself that she could be so sexually aroused so quickly, the leer of his stare heated her libido to that of a low grade fever. It had been a long time since a man looked at her in the way that this man was obviously lusting over her. Being that she was a beautiful woman, she wasn’t a stranger to being lusted over but married so very long, she’s been unappreciated and ignored by her husband. Before she was married, men routinely lusted over her. Now that she has a 23-year-old son, she feels as if life has past her by and that she has no reason to expect to ever have a full sex life again, not that she ever had a full sex life with her husband always cheating on her.

Having met plenty of men like him before, she knew in the way that he was leaning over her while leering at her that he could see down her loosely, open peasant blouse. Normally, if she knew that she was showing and someone was looking, she would have put a hand to close her blouse and kept it there to block his view. Now, not having felt these sexual feelings in such a very long time, it excited her to be so wanted and desired. If only to see what he could see of her breasts in the down blouse view that she was giving him, she wished she could have an out of body experience to see what he could see of her.

In the way she was sitting with her arms folded across her breasts and leaning forward while people watching, she wasn’t embarrassed to show him her long line of cleavage and even more of her big breasts whenever she moved her arms away. Having practiced her moves at home while leaning forward and looking at herself in the mirror, she knew that her areolas and nipples were on public display and clearly visible to his horny eyes whenever she moved one way or the other and/or leaned too far forward. An exhibitionist who loved to show whenever there was a man watching, she loved showing her breasts, especially when her flashing appeared accidental in the way that she imagined him thinking that her flashing him her tits appeared accidental now. Right place at the right time, no doubt he thought he was just lucky to be standing there staring down her open top at her tits. If only he knew how much she loved her big tits and how much she loved showing her big tits, wouldn’t he be surprised.

“Hi Larry, please to meet you. I’m Tiffany,” she said looking up at him with her big, blue eyes.

She unfolded her arms to move her long, blonde hair behind her ear before offering him her hand. The movement of her arm showed him even more of her breasts. While looking up at him, she acted oblivious to him staring down at her open top and at her big tits. Moving her hand to his chest, he took her hand in both his hands and held it as if he was warming her hand from the cold. Horny, nervous, and sexually excited as soon as she picked her seat at the swingers’ dance, the warm sensation of his soft hands made her imagine making love to him. In the way that he was holding her hand, she imagined his soft hands holding her breasts before reaching around her lift her short skirt for him to cup her ass through her sheer panties.

So erotically sensual, as if she was leaving to catch a bus, a train, or a plane, enveloping her hand within his and not letting her go, he held her hand in his as if he was making love to her hand. The warm sensation of his soft hands gave her a warm sensation between her legs. Definitely, he was a lover and a sexual admirer of women. No doubt, he fashioned himself as a Don Juan which translated today as a swinger. Having never met a swinger before and with so much sexual interest lacking in her marriage, she was impressed by his attentiveness and how sensual he was.

Briefly making eye contact with her, he shook her hand and smiled seductively when he looked away from her pretty face to continue his voyeuristic surveillance of her abundant C cup breasts. Not accustomed to having any man staring at her for so long and at all that she was showing and at all that he could see of her, with him so focused on her breasts, he was making her a little bit uncomfortable. Her first swingers’ social, not a whore or even a slut but a divorced woman with a grown son, hoping this wasn’t an orgy, she was more than a little nervous about attending the swingers’ Halloween dance.

Except for having forbidden sex with her son, her ex-husband was the only man she had been sexually intimate with in twenty-five years, since her senior year in high school, when she became pregnant with her son. Now jumping from the frying pan to the fire, she was about to have sex with a stranger or strangers. She was about to have sex with swingers. Her worst nightmare but ataköy masöz escort her most titillating sexual fantasy, bad enough that she was willing to have sex with a man she just met, she couldn’t imagine herself having group sex or a gangbang. She wondered if group sex or a gangbang was a swingers’ initiation ritual and required for her to be accepted as a swinger.

Realizing where she was, she wasn’t sitting in church after all, sitting on the grass in the park, or sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. A place she’s never been to before, she was seated at a table at Halloween swingers’ dance. What did she expect from the horny men who attended such a function and who leered at her as if she was sitting there naked instead of being fully dressed? As if she was a ripe piece of fruit waiting to be plucked, picked, and eaten, she never felt so alive.

“I like your Halloween costume,” said Larry using his compliment as his excuse to stare longer and harder down her open peasant blouse at her tits. “What are you supposed to be?”

As if he didn’t know what she was dressed as, obviously he was just trying to engage her in conversation longer to delay his departure.

“I’m a wench,” she said striking a sexy pose and pulling down her blouse to show him even more of her breasts. “Don’t I look like a wench?”

She looked down at her big tits before putting her hands beneath her braless breasts. Lifting them up as if her palms were the cups of a pushup bra, she smiled at him while giving him a sexy look.

“You make for a beautiful wench Tiffany,” he said with a laugh while still staring at her mostly exposed breasts. “If this was the 17th century, I’d want to have sex with you,” he said with a laugh. “Actually,” he said with a slight pause, “being that this is the 21st century, I still want to have sex with you.” Enjoying his little joke, he laughed even louder this time.

“Thank you, I think,” she said giving him a sexy and inviting smile while laughing. “If this was a swingers’ Halloween costume party, I’d want to have sex with you too,” she said. “Oh wait, this is a swingers’ Halloween costume party,” she said laughing while giving him a sexy look.

“Are you here alone?”

He looked behind her to see if there was any man claiming her before refocusing his stare to her pretty face and to her beautiful breasts. Obviously hoping she was unescorted, he gave her a big smile that he lost as soon as she told him she was there with someone.

“No, I’m not alone. I’m here with someone,” she said.

“Oh? He gave her his best cavalier look of disinterest. “Who’s your escort?”

In the way that he leered at her, she knew better. She knew he was interested in knowing who had accompanied her to the dance. Maybe he was hoping that she was here with another woman but a look of disappointment flashed across his face when she told him that she wasn’t alone or with another woman. His lurid look instantly changed to confusion with what she said next.

“I’m here with my son,” she said seemingly uncomfortable that she confessed to him that she took her son to a swingers’ function.

Seriously she imagined him thinking, what mother brings her son to a swingers’ Halloween dance?

“Your son?” Her confession put Larry back on his heels and he looked at her with surprise. “Really?”

“Why not? What’s wrong with inviting my son to escort me to the dance? It’s just a Halloween dance,” she said defensively with a half shrug. “We can just dance, have a bit of dinner, a few drinks and leave. Neither of us have to partake in the orgy room later, after the dance,” she said. “This dance doesn’t have to be sexual. It could be just a dance. For us, for a mother with her adult son, it could be more of a social gathering than a sexual gathering,” she said defensively and feeling even more awkward by what she sensed was his disapproving look.

“There’s nothing wrong with using your son as an escort,” he said backpedaling his comment. “Trust me, I’m not one to judge anyone’s peccadilloes, especially when it comes to sex. God only knows, I have plenty of my own,” he said with a hearty laugh while waving his hands as if he was trying to stop traffic. “Only…”

“Only what?”

Sensing that one was coming, she readied herself for his inappropriate comment. Accustomed to men making inappropriate sexual advances and lewdly lascivious comments, why would she think she’d receive less of that here at a swingers’ dance? If anything, she’d receive more sexual comments at a swingers dance, especially in the way that she was dressed with her tits out on display. Men are men after all, no matter where they’re assembled, in a garage, in a church, at a baseball game, or at a swingers’ dance, especially at a swingers’ dance.

“You make me wonder why I didn’t think to ask my daughter to accompany me,” he said with a dirty laugh. “You could have had sex with me while your son had sex with my daughter,” he said.

Making her feel more comfortable ataköy otele gelen escort and accepted, she felt relieved by his humorous comment about a mother with her son and a father with his daughter.

“And what role would your wife play?” She looked over at the woman at the next table staring at her while smiling at her.

“My wife? Yes, of course. That’s my wife, Gloria,” he said nodding his head at her and smiling. “As I do, she likes to watch too,” he said with a dirty laugh.

“Actually, my excuse, with my husband no longer in the picture, I didn’t want to come alone,” she said looking seemingly uncomfortable that she was at a swingers’ Halloween costume party with her son. “Being that this is my first time attending one of these swinger socials and not knowing what to expect, I was nervous. That’s why I asked my son, Robert, to accompany me.”

“I see. Well, there’s nothing to be nervous about Tiffany. We’re all just people, albeit horny, sexy, sexual people,” he said with a laugh while talking to her big tits. “You’re very pretty. And if there’s someone bothering you, someone you’d rather not be with, all you need to do is to say no. No means no. The protocol is to just politely decline their invitation and they’ll go away.”

“And if they persist and don’t go away?” She looked at him as if she was about to say no to his sexual advances. “What do I do if they continue bothering me and harassing me to have sex with them?”

“With plenty of pussies and penises to go around, that’s a rarity when someone insists themselves upon you but that can definitely happen if someone is so enamored with you, is sexually frustrated or horny, and/or has had too much to drink. If that does happen, all you need to do is to tell the hostess and she’ll ask them to leave,” he said with a curious smile as if checking to see if she was implying that he was bothering her. “We do have security at the door.”

“Thank you,” she said suddenly looking embarrassed.

She was embarrassed not so much that most of her breasts were on display but, as if he was a man dying of thirst for milk, she was embarrassed by the way that he continued leering at her down her open blouse at her breasts. As if he was a teenage boy and had never seen naked breasts before, she hasn’t had anyone look at her in that purely sexual way since she deliberately flashed the pizza delivery man her naked body with a dropped towel. In the way that he was looking at her now was the way that her son looked at her when she stepped from the shower naked in front of him when he barged in on her to pee. In the way that he was looking at her now was the way that her son looked at her when she came to his room later that night for sex.

A single mom, a church going, Christen woman, and a member of her PTA when her son was in public school, she was a good woman albeit with an overactive libido. After having sex with her 23-year-old son, now she could add an incestuous mother to the list. Here she was sitting at a table at a swingers’ dance, if only her Catholic nuns from high school could see her now and to see how far this little angel has fallen in her need for sex. She wondered what they’d say. She wondered how many Hail Mary’s that Father Mike would give her as her penance after confessing all the sins she was about to do here tonight.

Evidently, until she looked down at herself to see all that she was showing and all that he was seeing of her, she didn’t realize how much of her was exposed. All of her cleavage and most of her breasts were exposed. So much of her breasts were exposed that she aroused even herself with her exhibitionistic display of sexuality. Then with her every little move she made, especially when she leaned forward or turned to the side, she showed him her areolas and nipples. Her nipples were already erect by the thought of him fingering her nipples and sucking her nipples before she sucked his cock.

“Pardon me for the question but being that you’re here with your son, just wondering and forgive me if I’m insulting you, but have you or are you having sexual relations with your son?”

“Sex with my son?” She looked at him as if he was crazy. “How dare you ask me such a question? Of course I’m not having sex with my son,” she said appearing shocked that he’d even ask her such a question. “Why would you even think that?” Feeling guilty that he somehow knew that she’s had sex with her son, she blurted a nervous little laugh while fanning herself with the swingers’ Halloween dance invitation.

* * * * *

Hoping to learn something about swingers and about what happens at a swingers’ dance, Jennifer sat in her living room while watching the pornographic movie, Swingers’ Halloween Dance with great intensity. Reminding her of herself, she liked Tiffany’s character. She had rented the movie more for information than for entertainment and was surprised by the incestuous sex scenes with mother and son. Now that she knew what happened at a swingers’ dance, ataköy rus escort she was even more sexually excited than before about attending the swingers’ Halloween dance.

She couldn’t wait to attend the dance. She couldn’t wait to sexually experience another man. In the way that Tiffany’s son, Robert, attended the dance with his mother, Jennifer wondered if her son, Michael, would attend the dance with her. Afraid to even broach the subject with him, how would she even ask him to the swingers’ social?

“Michael, there’s a dance, a swinger’s dance and I was wondering—”

“A swingers’ dance?” He looked at her as if she had lost her mind. You’re not a swinger Mom, are you?” Now he looked at her as if she was one of the women he picked up at the bar.

“No, but with your father entertaining himself with other woman, always lonely and sexually frustrated, I just thought that, perhaps, I could find some male companionship,” she said embarrassed with enough humiliation to last her a lifetime.

If this was a real conversation with her son, she couldn’t imagine herself telling her son that she was sexually frustrated.

“And you want me to escort you? Is that it?” His questions were all very innocent, that is, until she imagined him copping an attitude. “You want me to be your pimp and wait in the lobby while you have sex with swingers in your room?”

She couldn’t do it, there was just no way that she could ask her son to accompany her to a swingers’ dance. There was just no way she could ask that of her son in the way that Tiffany asked that of her son. The difference was, in the movie, Tiffany was already incestuously intimate with her son, a whole different story. The most she’s ever done with her son is to quickly flash him a few down blouses of her bra, down nightgowns of her breasts, up skirts of her panties, and up nightgowns of her pussy. If only for masturbation fodder later, flashing her son made her so very sexually excited. Yet, having sex with her own son is a huge leap from just flashing him.

Inspired by what happened before Tiffany decided to attend a swingers’ Halloween dance with her son, the movie progressed with a flashback. The flashback showed Tiffany pretending she was drunk and asleep on the couch with her nightgown in disarray while waiting for her son to come home from a late night party. With an empty wine bottle on the coffee table with an empty glass, the back of her nightgown was moved up high enough to expose her ass and pussy and the front of her nightgown pulled low enough to expose her breasts to her leering son. She was practically naked for the sexual excitement of her son’s horny eyes.

Inspiring Jennifer in the way that the scene inspired Tiffany, a good idea on the surface, Jennifer wondered if she could expose so much of herself to her son while pretending she was drunk and asleep on the couch. Even though the thought of showing so very much of her naked body to her son was so sexually exciting, she wondered if she could seduce her son in the way that Tiffany was about to seduce her son. Perhaps after having sex with her son, Jennifer wondered if this was a way, the only way, that her son would escort her to a swingers’ dance. With her mind filled with incestuous lust for her son, Michael, Jennifer watched the rest of the movie with Tiffany seducing her son, Robert.

Coming home from a late night party to find his mother practically naked and asleep drunk on the couch, the story showed Robert standing over his mother while staring at all that she was showing. Jennifer watched the scene while imagining it was her on the couch instead of Tiffany and Michael standing over her instead of Robert. She wondered what her son would do if he saw her so vulnerably exposed. Then, boldly going where no son should ever go with his mother, they showed Robert touching, feeling, and fondling Tiffany’s ass with one hand and caressing her breasts with the other. When she didn’t stir, he stripped off his clothes and filled his mother’s hand with his cock.

As if dreaming about a hardening cock in her hand, Tiffany fondled her son’s big prick with her fingertips before wrapping her fingers around him to stroke him. Then, letting go of her son’s cock to pretend that she was still very drunk and too tired to stay awake, Robert used that as his opportunity to slide his cock across his mother’s sleeping lips. Although expected as part of the progression of the porn movie’s incestuous scene, it was shocking for Jennifer to watch Tiffany flick out her tongue to lick her son’s prick before opening her mouth to take himself. Tiffany was giving her son a drunken, sleeping blowjob and she didn’t stop sucking him until her son exploded his incestuous lust for his mother in her mouth. Wondering if she could suck her son, Jennifer imagined that it was her giving her son a blowjob instead of Tiffany.

With his cum oozing out of Tiffany’s mouth, enough to awaken her, once Robert ejaculated in his mothers’ mouth, mildly protesting him taking sexual advantage of her, she tried to sit up while fixing her nightgown. Yet, not taking no for an answer, in one quick swipe and a hard pull he had her nightgown over her head and off. Naked, his mother was naked. Feebly, she covered her nakedness with her hands and forearms. When Tiffany’s son stripped his mother naked, Jennifer imagined her son stripping her naked.

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