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Morning Coffee

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Big Dick

My day began like any other. Actually that’s not quite correct; each day always has some aspect to it that you can never normally foresee. Some days you just can’t predict what’s going to happen. Some things you take in your stride, others catch you completely off guard. |Sometimes it can be good, other times it can be bad. I didn’t know it yet but today was going to be one of those days. But in as much as I was going to start the day with a fresh cup off coffee and a “danish”, this day was going to plan, and today was going to be a good day.

I approached the counter; the smell of the fresh ground coffee greeted me as I opened the door, as did the warmth from the interior from the coffee shop. I’d only gone from the car to the door, a matter of minutes but the cold was already biting through my fleece. I normally don’t like to make coffee myself in the mornings before I go to work; I usually screw it up and regret having ever made such a foul tasting substance. The coffee shop I go to is sufficiently close to my work for me to have my breakfast such as it is there, and this morning was no exception.

The room was elongated, with sofas on one side by the big bay windows, with the counter and the checkout in the far corner. Jean the owner was talking to someone who I couldn’t see who was seated behind the cash register. Both were taking advantage of “the calm before the storm”, as Jean liked to put it. She was an attractive platinum blonde with short cropped hair, which gave her a severe appearance which belied her true persona. About 5′ 6″, in her early forties, lightly tanned from a sun bed, and generally speaking looks after herself training in a gym several times a week. After they opened up last year we got chatting and became friends. I even did the photographs for the shop interior. Before and after set of pictures to put on the wall of the shop itself, that would fit in nicely with the “loft style” appearance of the place.

After Gemma (my lady of three years), left me six months ago, I went to pieces for a while and my business suffered. It was Jean who took me under her wing and sorted me out. Apparently Gem’ reckoned that I spent too much time in the studio putting all my energies into photography, and not paying enough attention to her. By the time I’d realised what was going on, all that was left of our relationship was a note in the kitchen saying goodbye! Jean said she was right! She’d seen the long hours I’d been putting in and wouldn’t have stood for it either! She and her husband John had taken care of me during that period, and we’d been friends ever since.

“Morning Nick?” she shouted over, already putting her own coffee aside and moving toward the machine.

“Mornin, coffee ready yet?” I shouted down the length of the room.

“Give me a chance, you’ve only just walked in!” She replied, and turning towards the till, and said in a loud enough voice so that I could hear, “Men… always wanting things yesterday!”

The person behind the till said something to Jean I couldn’t hear. Jean looked up at me and smiled, then said, “Yeah I s’pose, if that’s your type,” and then added to me, “Looks like you have an admirer Nick!”

As I approached the check out I could see who Jean was talking to. Seated behind the till was a woman in her early thirties who was now beginning to blush after her last comment had been made public, which she hadn’t expected.

“Nick this is Pris. Pris… Nick.” Jean said, making the introductions whilst animatedly waving an empty coffee cup in the air in our respective directions. “Pris is staying with us and helping me out for the summer before she goes back to collage in the autumn. I think my jaw must have dropped to the floor, or at least that’s how it felt. Pris was a stunning woman of Asian origin, mocha coloured skin. She too had short cropped hair, but hers was dark almost black with reddish brown highlights through it. She had brown eyes that were almost Egyptian in appearance. The sort that are reminiscent of how you would imagine Cleopatra would have looked, with immaculately done eyeliner to accentuate them. As a got closer I could see her more clearly seated behind the till nursing her mud of coffee cupped in both hands as if she were warming them, with her elbows tucked in to her chest and resting on her knees as she blew the surface of the drink, giving her something to do whilst she dealt with her embarrassment.

“Don’t mind her” I said extending my hand in her direction, “I’ll take it as a compliment, whatever it was.” Her full lips involuntarily pouted, whilst she mentally composed her answer. After a second or two they formed into a smile,

“I said that you looked tasty!” she responded, regaining her confidence again. Now it was my turn to blush. I don’t mind women being direct; I just didn’t expect it at this early hour from a gorgeous looking complete stranger. She spoke with a British accent, probably from the south of England. Not harshly accented, just correctly spoken. She took my hand, and shook it politely once with a surprisingly firm grip. “Pleased to meet you,” she said regaining her composure remarkably quickly. Her eyes never broke contact with mine, and were only brought back to the real world by Jean arriving with my coffee and Danish. I released Pris’s hand and went for my wallet.

“No don’t bother, breakfast is on me.” She said, “It’s the least I can do for the job you did on these.” She pointed to the prints covering the wall. “But don’t think you’ll get breakfast every day, I’m just in a particularly good mood this morning.”

“What she means… ” Pris interjected with a smile on her face, “… is that she got laid this morning!” This earned her a friendly slap about şişli escort the back of her head from Jean, who started to laugh.

I feigned a wince and said, “Aw please, I haven’t had my breakfast yet, that’s way too much information at this time of day!”

“Well at least I’m getting some!” Jean retorted in my direction.

“Now that’s cold! I said trying to appear as hurt as I could fake. “Now I’m going to take my celibate ass over there, read my mail and sulk for a while! OK?” They both started laughing as I slowly walked to the sofa by the wall, milking the hurt little boy act as I did.

From the seat I could see that they were both speaking closely as women sometimes do when they have some gossip or a secret they want to share. Jean in particular was stood in a way that would stop me from seeing her lips. Almost as if she were trying to stop me from reading what she was saying. Pris on the other hand occasionally glanced in my direction when she thought I was engrossed in my bills. Whilst all this was going on I was afforded a longer more leisurely look at Pris’s reflection in the window. She was wearing a white t-shirt that was tight and figure hugging, possibly lycra, which was tucked into her jeans beneath her apron. She wore no bra, not that she needed to. Her breasts appeared firm and toned, as did the rest of her body. Her nipples I couldn’t help but notice were visible through the tight material. At which point I smiled to my self at thinking that I didn’t think it was that cold in here. I found myself mesmerised by the sight of her and physically had to check myself to refrain from staring. As she sat, there was a standard issue green apron resting on her lap covering a pair of faded blue jeans, the type that most of these coffee houses use. The jeans were figure hugging, and it was becoming self evident that she had a toned supple body beneath the confines of her cloths, and wasn’t afraid to show it off. On her feet she wore a pair of running sandals. The type that you get in sports shops or outward bound centres. Her toes nails were painted a metallic bronze colour, and around her left ankle a gold chain was just visible beneath the hem of her jeans.

She glanced over again, and this time our eyes met, and to my horror realised that she’d caught me staring. I blushed again!

After about ten minutes she’d finished her conversation with Jean and came over with the coffee pot.

“Would you like another?” She asked politely

“I’ve not really finished this,” I motioned to my half full cup, “but you can top it up for me if you like!” She proceeded to pour and asked about the prints on the wall.

“Jean says you’re a photographer, are all these yours?”

I shook my head, “The interiors are mine, but the figure studies aren’t. I used to do portraits and stuff, but I’ve found I tend to do a lot of commercial work for industry, it tends to pay better.”

“You don’t do portraits at all then? Hmm, that’s a shame; Jean seemed to think that you would.” She pouted a little.

I looked in the direction of the counter to see Jean beaming like a Cheshire cat. When she saw me looking, she quickly went back to drying a mug whether it needed it or not. I was starting to smell a setup, albeit a very pleasurable one! And Pris did indeed smell gorgeous. I didn’t know what scent she was using, but its fragrance was intoxicating.

What the hell I thought. “Well look, if you’d like some photo’s doing for a boyfriend or someth… “

“Oh I don’t have a boyfriend.” She interjected quickly, and let the statement hang in the air for effect. Now I can be slow on the uptake but even I couldn’t miss that! So I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and said,

“I’ll tell you what, why don’t you come up to my studio sometime and… “

I broke off mid sentence, as she started to smile. “What’s wrong, what did I say?” and suddenly realised I’d unintentionally just hit her with what is probably one of the cheesiest lines in the book!

“Well that was original!” she chided.

“No, no, I meant… I mean I didn’t… what I meant to say was… ” She started laughing out loud. Not a mocking cruel laugh, but genuine one that would normally be reserved for a friend.

“I’d love to.” She said after catching her breath. “Is now ok?”

“What about work, and Jean? I asked being practical.

“Oh she’ll be ok! Pris said casually, “She’s known me for years and knows I’ll put the time in, and anyhow if it gets busy I’m not far away, and anyway the other two staff come on at 10am.” She beamed at me. “You’re only just up the road aren’t you?”

“Yeah” I said dumbfounded “I suppose if you put it like that and my diary is empty today. I’d planned on doing some paperwork, c’mon lets go.”

“Great, I’ll just get my bag, and let Jean know where I am, just in case.

She walked back to the counter. She was about 5′ 6″, but her long legs made her look taller. As I followed her with my eyes back to the counter I could see that she knew how to carry herself. I was also treated to a view of an ass that couldn’t be more perfect. Her jeans must also be made of some similar fabric to the shirt; either that or they were sprayed on! From the rear with no apron to spoil the view, her body looked stunningly gorgeous and was acutely aware that I was now starting to feel horny, not to mention a little uncomfortable. I quickly finished my coffee and stood, discreetly adjusting myself as I did so. My cock was now hard as a telegraph pole. I hadn’t been so turned on for ages. I managed to keep my composure as Pris appeared from behind the staff area wearing a denim jacket, closely followed by Jean, the two smiling and giggling. taksim escort Jean patted Pris on the butt as she passed through the hatch way, saying to us both in her best motherly voice, “Now you children go play nicely and share your toys!”

“OK mom we will.” Pris called back, and grinned at me. While she’d been in the back she had touched up her lips, which made them appear glossy and a little fuller, not to mention very kissable. Jean smiled at me and winked as if reading my thoughts.

As we arrived at the studio, I started to unlock the door. The timers for the heating in my building had kicked in a couple of hours ago, so the whole place was warm and welcoming, Pris made herself right at home and wasted no time in taking off her jacket and hung it on a hat stand in the hallway. The short walk in the cold had had its natural effect on her body, her nipples were now straining at the material even more than before.

“Let me switch on the studio lights so we can see what were doing.” She followed me through in to the studio. Examples of my work were all around the walls, and corridors for clients to see. Pris stopped at a series of pictures.

“I thought you said you didn’t do portraits? These are great! I love this one. ” She pointed to one of the few nudes I have on general display.

It was a private commission I’d done a few years earlier for a model who wanted to surprise her boyfriend.

“I’ll bet he was surprised! Pris said admiringly. Do you have any more like this?”

“Yeah, as a matter of fact I do, in the end they were so pleased that they came back at a later date and had posed nude together! Would you like to see those?” I said in a conspiratorial manner.

She giggled a little and said “Mmm, that’ll be fun.” I rummaged in the filing cabinet in the studio annex.

“Here.” I said handing her a portfolio of photographs. “I don’t normally keep prints around, not enough storage space. But these were a one off and a little different from what I normally do. You never know when someone will walk through the door and ask for the same sort of photos, and its nice to have a sample of your work.” She sat on the chaise lon on the edge of the studio, and studied the portfolio, and then said,

“These are great, and very sexy. Did you get turned on doing them?”

“Well I am human!” I said, “But I try to be professional about these things, and it wouldn’t do to start seducing the clients. And anyway I think her boyfriend may have had something to say about.”

“Oh I don’t know,” she said, “a threesome would’ve made for some great pictures!” She winked at me, and gave a mischievous smile. As she sat on the Chaise Lon I noticed that she opened her legs slightly and wriggled as if she was a little uncomfortable.

“Ah `yes but who would’ve taken the photographs?” I countered.

“Hmm… good point.” She conceded and held her hand out for me to join her. I took her hand and sat down next to her. The warmth of her body next to mine was electrifying, and we looked through the photographs of the couple together.

“Didn’t he get a hard on posing with her like that?” She exclaimed at one of the pictures.

“Yeah, at first I was just careful about how I posed them, trying not to be too explicit. But after a while they got so into it and turned on that I didn’t bother and just shot them as it happened so to speak!”

“Aw , you poor baby, all that work and you weren’t allowed to play with them.” Her lips pouted a little as she leaned closer. For the first time I noticed that round her slender neck was a small crucifix on a thin rope-chain made of gold, together with a slightly bigger one with nothing on it. The gold colour of the chains complimented her mocha coloured skin. I could feel her breath on my face. I turned to kiss her and her lips met mine. To my relief she returned the kiss, her tongue searching my mouth. She tasted as sweet as she smelled. We wrapped our arms around each other, and I pulled her close. Now feeling her hard nipples rub against my chest, even through my shirt. I let my left hand wander down her back and rested it on her waist, letting my thumb caress her abdomen. She shivered a little, and I broke from our kiss.

“You’re not cold are you?” I enquired,

“No,” she replied, “Your fingers just made me shudder.”

“Is that good or bad?” She moved closer still, almost melting into me, “Mmm… very… g-o-o-d.” She dragged out the word good, spreading it like warm honey over my senses. Pulling me to her she started to lick my lips with the tip of her tongue. Taking my hand, she placed it on her left breast. “Just in case you had any remaining doubts.” She whispered hoarsely in my ear, “When you walked in the shop this morning I was so-o-o-o horny. Jean had just finished telling me about how she had fucked John senseless on the counter before going to work. I was beginning to think I was going to have to play on my own in the restroom,” Our eyes met, ” … and then you turned up!” She kissed me on the lips, “Yum!” She leaned back a little crossing her arms and grasping the bottom of her T with both hands. In one swift motion she pulled it over her head and discarded it on the studio floor. Her breasts were firm and toned. I leaned forward and placed my lips over an erect nipple. Pris gasped and pulled my head closer as I french kissed the sweet flesh of bosom, altering the intensity of the kiss from time to time. After a while I traced the tip of my tongue around her, teasing the right nipple for a while, gently pulling it with my lips before moving to her left breast, which up until now I had been teasing with the thumb of my right hand. As I sucked, I felt Pris’s topkapı escort free hand caressing my back, exploring every contour until she came to the waist band of my jeans. She traced around my torso until she came to my belt buckle which she undid deftly, and with the minimum of fuss proceeded to undo the buttons on my levi’s. Her skilled hand quickly found my rampant cock inside my jeans. The warmth of her hands wrapped around my length made me gasp as she gently teased and stroked me inside the material. I moved my lips from her breasts and back to her luscious lips. We kissed again, a deep warm kiss. The butterflies in my stomach took off. I let my hand trace the side of her body, eventually coming to rest on her firm breast. As we kissed I played with her nipple, still slippery from the attentions of my tongue. I shifted my position on the chaise; reclining slightly with my back resting on the high back and let my hand continued its erotic journey down the front of her body. Following me down on the seat and leaning against my body Pris kept up her assault on my cock whist our tongues continued to explore each others mouths. My hand reached for the waist band of her jeans which had no belt. I undid her button and slipped my hand in to the warmth. Her zipper spread open as my fingers explored deeper into the warmth of her crotch. Her tongue lashed around on my mouth, my mind now racing with lust. My exploring fingers found the fine, wet lace of her panties, the gossamer material soaked through. My cock gave an involuntary twitch as I realised that her pussy was totally clean shaven. I stroked her pubic area, luxuriating in the feel of her smooth skin, gently moving towards her pelvic bone above her slit and applied a little pressure. Pris opened her legs inviting me to explore further. But I let my fingers continue to explore the exterior of her pussy, eventually stroking the flesh between her inner thigh and lips, applying just enough pressure so as not to tickle but to stimulate. Pris moved her hand that was on the back of my neck and thrust it into her jeans taking my hand she placed it over her damp patch of her panties and then pulled the material to one side as best she could with her jeans still on. I accepted her invitation and allowed my fingers to plunge into her. Gently at first, and then more deeply into her moist warmth. Pris moaned in my mouth and opened her legs wider. The palm of my hand was flat against her pelvis whilst two fingers penetrated her, the action of my hand causing them to rub against her clit on every stroke. Pris’s head moved down my body to my chest, and she pulled at my shirt, accidentally ripping away two buttons in the process. Her lips found my chest and started to kiss and lick my torso, gradually working her way up my chest. Her tongue darted from her mouth and made contact with my left nipple, the feeling was electrifying. It circled slowly leaving a trail of saliva. As she became more agitated she started to wank me faster, her hand motions and my own involuntary movements starting to force my jeans over my thighs. She now began to suck on the nipple, pulling away every so often to kiss it. We were both very turned on by now and my throbbing cock and Pris’s hand were over the top of my shorts which were by now being pushed to one side altogether. Pris stopped her attentions on my chest and looked up at me. Her brown eyes met mine full of lust. “”Stand up, “she commanded huskily. My hand slid forward again and fingers sank in to her, the two fingers pressing against the inside wall of her pussy. She closed her eyes and chewed her bottom lip. After a second or two she opened her eyes again and repeated the words, but this time with more emphasis. “Stand up NOW, I want to taste you.” I kept my fingers inside her for as long as possible, but eventually had to stand upright in front of her whilst she remained seated. She still had hold of my shaft as I stood infront of her, sliding her hand up and down its length. She watched as I licked her love juice from my wet fingers. “Nice?” she asked. I leaned forward so that my face was close to hers. “What do you think?” was my reply, and I kissed her sliding my tongue between her moist lips. “Mmm… yum! But I have something that will taste even better.” With that she wrapped her lips around my cock and took me in her mouth as far as she could. I don’t think she intended it, but I felt myself reach the back of her throat, which made her gag a little and I felt her throat spasm around the head of my cock. But she didn’t push me away; she just pulled back a little and started again. She sucked and licked gently at first, licking precum from its tip. Then she again impaled her head on my cock. The suction she was creating was incredible, and I was starting to have serious concerns about how long I could keep this up. Even the slurping noises coming from her lips were becoming louder as I looked down on this gorgeous woman who had me in her mouth with one goal in mind, to suck me dry. I gently held the back of her head moving in time with her body, my cock now sliding in and out of her mouth in a regular rhythm. God I wanted to cum! The though of seeing cum dribbling from her mouth was more than I could handle and I took a firmer grasp of her head and started to gently move my hips, so that I was now fucking my dusky lovers mouth. Pris responded to this by caressing my balls in one hand, and the other she put between her legs, sliding three fingers into her wet honey pot. The sucking on my aching cock seemed to get stronger. Pris removing her fingers from her pussy placed her hand on my buttocks, and with her cunt juice soaked middle finger started to probed my ass. The sensation was incredible, and I thought I would cum on the spot. I felt myself loosing all control, as Pris was no longer playing with my balls but was stroking my cock and urging me on between bouts of sucking for all she was worth! “Go on! That’s it!… Cum… Mmmm… .Mmmm… cum in my mouth! … Mmmmm… Yes… Ah-h-h Fuck my mouth!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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