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Mother , Son Have Oral Sex Ch. 07

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over 18-years-old. This story directly relates to my previous story, Mom’s First, Blind, Internet Date.


Mother & Son Have Oral Sex, Ch. 07

Emma propositions her son and makes him a sexually and incestuous off that he can’t refuse. She’ll teach him how to finger and lick her pussy if he teaches her how to stroke and suck his cock. Allowing him to cum in her mouth, she’ll even swallow his cum.


Continued from Chapter 06:

Incorrigible for his lust in older women, especially those older women who looked like his mother, he suddenly thought about his sexy stepmother, Sarah, giving his father a blowjob. He suddenly thought about his sexy stepmother topless and on her knees giving him a blowjob too while he felt her big tits and fingered her erect nipples. Only, if he hoped to receive a blowjob from anyone, he’d much rather receive a blowjob from his mother than from his stepmother. He’d much rather see his mother topless and on her knees sucking his cock while he felt her big tits and fingered her erect nipples.

‘Blow me, Mom. Suck my cock,’ he imagined saying to his mother while imagining himself putting a gentle hand to the back of her pretty head to hump her beautiful mouth.

Even though his stepmother resembled his mother somewhat, he’d much rather see his MILF of a mother on her knees in front of him instead of seeing his whore of a stepmother on her knees in front of him. He’d much rather see his mother naked than to see his stepmother naked. He’d much rather have his wicked sexual way with his mother’s naked body than with any woman’s naked body including his stepmother, Sarah, and/or even his ex-girlfriend, Ginger. There was just something about the thoughts of having incestuous sex with is mother that drove him wild with sexual desire.

With them getting back to their routine when home with one another for the first time in a long time on a Saturday night, they moved to the living room. Emma flopped herself on the couch while Michael sat across from her and made himself comfortable in the Queen Anne chair. From his higher vantage point, if his mother relaxed her modesty some and parted her knees just a little bit, he’d see a flash of her white panties. Having never seen her panties while she wore them, he’d loved to see what Vincent no doubt saw of her while on their date. Only, with her always crossing her legs, just as she never relaxed her modesty, she’d never part her knees to deliberately or even accidentally flash him her panties.

Instead, after what he said about her not giving blowjobs, she looked at him pensively as if the reason why her husband cheated on her and subsequently divorced her had never occurred to her. Of course, she was well aware of the reason why her husband divorced her, if only by all of the arguments she had with her husband over her not giving him oral sex. Having heard them arguing plenty of times when he was younger, Michael knew the reason why they divorced too. Yet, surely, just because she didn’t suck cock wasn’t a good enough reason to get a divorce. A judge would laugh him out of divorce court if using that reason for a divorce. He imagined his father pleading his case.

‘Your Honor, I want a divorce from my wife because she refuses to suck my cock but my sexy, secretary, Sarah, who I plan on marrying after my divorce is final will gladly suck my cock. She even allows me to cum in her mouth and she swallows my cum,’ Michael imagined his father pleading his reason for wanting a divorce to the judge.

Michael imagined his father turning to his secretary sitting in the courtroom looking so young and so pretty, much younger and much prettier than his mother. He imagined his now stepmother raising her hand to her mouth and pushing her cheek out with her tongue as if she was sucking his father’s cock in court.

‘My wife won’t blow me and has never blown me but Sarah has blown me many times,’ Michael imagined his father continuing his divorce plea. ‘All I wanted to do, Your Honor, was to cum in my wife’s mouth and watch her swallow my cum. That’s it and that’s all. Is that too much of a husband to ask of his wife? Yet, by her not blowing me, she drove me to another woman.’

With her falling so pensively quiet, he wondered what his mother was thinking. He wondered if she was thinking about what he had just said to her about her husband, his father, leaving her because she didn’t suck his cock and his sexy, secretary obviously did. Then, especially after the reality check she had with Vincent, he wondered if his mother would ever change her mind about not giving him a blowjob. He’d love nothing more than for his mother to blow him. He’d love nothing more than to see his mother with his stiff prick in her mouth while staring up at him with her brown eyes.

In the way his mother, Emma, looked so sexy, her not sucking cock was like buying a brand new car that didn’t run. Her not giving blowjobs was like buying an expensive dairy cow that didn’t give milk. Her not giving blowjobs during esenyurt ucuz escort her Honeymoon and all through her marriage was akin to a soldier being a conscientious objector when suddenly finding himself on the battlefield. A wife who doesn’t suck cock was doomed to lose her man to a woman who did. All men are willing to support a woman, buy them a house, a new car, and fill their wardrobe with clothes and shoes, as long as that woman will blow them. No man wants to be with a woman who doesn’t suck cock.

Michael imagined a good looking man with a fat, ugly girlfriend. He imagined the conversation that man had to endure from his friends.

‘Why are you with her? She’s so fat and so ugly?’

‘She gives great head. She’s the best cocksucker I ever had. The sexy, beautiful women that I was with before don’t suck cock in the way my fat, ugly girlfriend does.’

‘Wow,’ he imagined his friend saying. ‘Does she have a sister?’

### MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore ###

“You know, sadly and unfortunately, now that I think more about it, you’re probably right about your father leaving me because I didn’t give him what he wanted sexually, specifically oral sex. Yet, with men today expecting blowjobs at the end of a first date, how am I not only going to attract a man but also keep a man when I don’t give oral sex? If I don’t put out on the first date, he’d never call me again. Only, between a rock and a hard place, if I do put out on the first date, he’d no doubt think me a whore.”

She looked at her son with curiosity. Obviously with his mother talking about blowjobs and with Michael thinking about blowjobs, they both had oral sex on their minds. Not knowing what else to say but guilty because he was a man who expected women he dated to suck his cock, all he could do was to apologize for what men expected of women.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” he said really not meaning it. “I’m afraid that most men, whether young or old, all want the same thing, a blowjob.”

Berating himself for his inappropriate, incestuous thoughts, nonetheless, he still wished his other would blow him. He still wanted his mother to suck his cock. He still wanted to cum in her mouth while feeling her naked breasts and fingering her nipples. He still wanted to look down at her looking up at him with her big, brown, beautiful eyes, while she swallowed his cum.

“In case he’s the one or as my way to entice him to be the one, am I supposed to blow every man I date? Am I supposed to become a cocksucker to attract and keep a man? Am I supposed to take every man’s cock in my hand before taking it in my mouth? Am I supposed become every man’s cocksucking whore?”

He shrugged. As if he was a pinball machine that his mother just tilted, his mind was stuck thinking of his mother saying cocksucker. He couldn’t believe his mother said cocksucker. If she was to be anyone’s cocksucker, he’d want his MILF of a mother to be his personal, private cocksucker. If she was going to suck anyone’s cock, he hoped she’d suck his cock.

“I’m sure there are plenty of men who appreciate a good woman more than they do a good blowjob,” he said with a laugh.

She looked at the clock on the wall.

“It just occurred to me, what are you doing home on a Saturday night? It’s only 10:00 pm. I figured you’d be staying overnight with Ginger.”

He hung his head in embarrassment before looking up at her with shame.

“I’m afraid that we’re both abandoned and lost to sea in the same sexual boat before being tossed overboard,” he said with a sad, little laugh. “The same thing that happened to you tonight with you not wanting to give your date oral sex, happened to me tonight with Ginger,” he said.

Chapter 07:

She looked at him with curiosity.

“What do you mean the same thing that happened to me happened to you tonight?”

He sighed loudly and gave her an uncomfortable look before continuing.

“Normally, I’d be uncomfortable talking about sex with you but being that you told me what happened sexually with your date, I feel as if I can tell you want sexually happened with my date. Normally, I wouldn’t say what I’m about to tell but being that we’re both so open and honest tonight about our sexual relationships or lack thereof, I’d like to share with you what happened with mine.”

Michael paused while the sadness that he had for Ginger dumping him replaced the sexual excitement that he secretly harbored for his mother. A long shot in her agreeing to have incestuous sex with him, but if his mother was going to be his consolation prize, she’d make for a good consolation prize. Only the sexual interest of his mother could get him through the loss of his girlfriend but for her to do that, she’d have to be more physical with him. She’d have to be more intimate with him. She’d have to give him sex. Realistically, even though it was a good sexual fantasy for him to have, he knew him having sex with his mother would never happen.

“Tell me what happened with Ginger, Michael,” she said looking at her son with curiosity. esenyurt üniversiteli escort “I’m interested to know.”

Already at peace with Ginger dumping him, something he never expected but figured would happen after he puked all over her beautiful pussy, just as he couldn’t believe she broke up with him, he couldn’t believe he vomited on her. The first thing he did when he got home was to shower and change his clothes. Now, in the way he always has, as if his mother, Emma, was the answer to all of his prayers, he looked to his mother with hopefulness. He looked to his mother as if she was the answer to all of his relationship problems.

“I’m embarrassed to say this but, apparently, I don’t sexually excite Ginger,” he said with a shrug while suddenly looking at his mother with sadness before looking at her with sexual lust. With his mother hopefully replacing his girlfriend in his mind as his new fuck buddy, in the sexually expectant way he looked at his ex-girlfriend he looked at his mother. “She broke up with me tonight.”

No doubt thinking that his relationship with his girlfriend was on solid ground, by the horrified look on her face, she obviously thought they’d get married. She obviously thought, they’d give her grandchildren. She obviously thought where her marriage had failed, her son would have a much happier marriage with Ginger. In the way there was another woman as her husband’s reason wanting a divorce, she asked the obvious question.

“Was there another man? Especially with someone so young and as beautiful as Ginger, there’s always another man,” she said. “With you only seeing her on the weekends and with her so very pretty and so very sexy, she probably met someone else. Is that it? She dumped you for another man?”

He slowly shook his head from side-to-side.

“Another man? No, not that I know of. I don’t blame her for breaking up on me,” he said with a sad, little laugh. “It was my fault our relationship ended.”

She gave him her motherly look.

“I don’t understand then,” she said. “What did she say?”

Now, with the reality that Ginger was no longer in his life, he looked at his mother as if he was about to cry. As if he was sitting on the toilet instead of on a chair in the living room, he leaned forward in his chair. As if deep in thought, his head down drooped down and his hands were folded on his knees. Finally, after remaining silent for a long minute, he looked up at his mother.

“She said that she doesn’t see stars or hear fireworks when with me sexually.” He paused another long minute before speaking again. “Being that you’re the one who brought up blowjobs, may I be equally blunt and sexually candid with you as you were with me?”

She gave him a motherly smile while looking at him with as much sexual interest as she looked at him with curiosity.

“Of course, Michael. We have no secrets between us,” she said. “I promise not to judge you. You can tell me anything. You know that,” she said giving her son her motherly assurance.

If only his mother knew how much he was sexually attracted to her, wouldn’t she be surprised. Yet, with him loving blowjobs and with her not giving blowjobs, he was sure his secret lust for her would not be well received. If only his mother knew how important oral sex was to him in a relationship, in the way she never gave his father oral sex, she’d never give him oral sex. Twofold, he was not only a man with a cock who needed it to be sucked but also he was her son and she’d never have incestuous sex with him.

Alas, with his mother not very sexual, especially when it came to sucking cock, and with them not on the same page when it came to oral sex, he didn’t think she’d understand what he was about to tell her. How could she possibly understand Ginger’s reason for breaking up with him was because of his inability to give her cunnilingus? Although with his mother not giving blowjobs, maybe she’d understand his reasons for not giving Ginger cunnilingus. Ordinarily, even though he didn’t know what the Hell he was doing when eating a woman’s pussy, he enjoyed going down on a woman but just not Ginger.

Yet, with his mother unable to give his father fellatio, perhaps, if anyone could understand that oral sex played such an important role in the end of their relationship, she’d be the one to understand. Then again, even though she was his mother and he was her son, with her a woman and him a man, she’d probably side with Ginger instead of with him. Still, in the way his mother never discussed her reason for not sucking cock, until tonight, even though she opened up that topic for discussion, he struggled to say what he needed to say. Not wanting to turn off or insult his mother, he remained silent while thinking of what he not only needed to say but also how to say it.

“To be honest and I’m ashamed to say this but, so selfish of me, I can’t remember when I gave Ginger an oral orgasm last. Please forgive me for being so graphically blunt, and feel free to stop me at any time if I’m making you feel etiler escort uncomfortable but when I’m eating her, I honestly don’t know what the Hell I’m doing. I’m lost,” he said looking at his mother to see her reaction to what he had said.

Figuring she’d have a negative reaction, he was surprised when she didn’t. Instead, allowing him to speak without interruption, she nodded her head as if she was his psychiatrist. Obviously, he could say anything to his mother without worrying that she’d think less of him.

“I see,” she said while listening to him intently.

With his mother willing to listen without judging him or taking Ginger’s side, he continued.

“Most times, I’m down there so long that I have lockjaw,” he said with a shrug of dejection. “I always have a stiff neck the next day,” he said rubbing the back of his neck from the stiff neck that he had from eating Ginger before vomiting on her. “I’m embarrassed to ask my friends for advice for fear that they’d laugh at me. No doubt, they all wished they had a girlfriend who looked like Ginger,” he said before briefly falling silent. “Perhaps if Dad was still around, I could ask him for advice. Only, I don’t feel as comfortable talking to him about anything, especially about sex, as I am with you,” he said obviously still looking embarrassed.

She nodded her head while seemingly digesting all that her son had just said.

“I see,” she said. “If it’s any consolation to you, your father wouldn’t be much help. He wasn’t big on giving me oral sex either, probably because I refused to give him oral sex,” she said with obvious sadness. “Unfortunately, in the way that it was with us, oral sex wasn’t part of our marriage. Every time our friends talked about giving one another oral sex, I cringed and your father would pour himself another drink.”

With his mother willing to talk about her not giving any man oral sex, he felt better talking to her about him not giving Ginger oral sex. It was odd that they had that in common. His mother didn’t suck cock in the way he didn’t lick Ginger’s pussy. Yet, maybe they just had the wrong partners. Maybe if they had someone that they wanted to suck or lick, they’d no longer have oral sex issues.

Had Ginger not had those squirting issues, he wouldn’t have had a problem eating her. With her beautiful pussy an extension of her, it was natural for him to want to pleasure her orally. He needed to be with a woman who didn’t squirt. Only, squirting or not, he’d still have the issue of not knowing what he was doing when going down on a woman. If only there was a course he could take in eating pussy, he’d take it.

“Even more than not knowing how to orally please a woman, a big issue for me,” he said pausing again to look at his mother with embarrassment and shame. “She, um, ejaculates this huge amount of fluid,” he said looking down at the floor instead of looking up at his mother. “The first time she did that, I thought she had peed in my mouth,” he said looking up at her to see her reaction to what he had just said.

As if each were thinking of what happened to them tonight, both mother and son remained quiet before his mother spoke again, this time with a little chuckle. She looked at her son with kind understanding while he looked at her with incestuous lust. Only, as soon as he talked about eating Ginger, he saw an involuntarily spark of sexual excitement flash in his mother’s eyes. Hoping he was reading her correctly, as if she was becoming sexually excited by his words, her sexual arousal briefly took hold of the emotions that showed on her face.

“Allow me to paraphrase what you just said so that I understand and don’t misinterpret your words,” she said before quoting him. “When you’re having oral sex with Ginger, she ejaculates this huge amount of fluid when becoming sexually excited. The first time she did that, you thought she had peed in your mouth.” She looked at him. “Is that the gist of what you said?”

Michael looked at his mother as if she was his psychiatrist.

“Yes, that’s correct,” he said.

Emma nodded her head.

“So, what you’re saying is that Ginger squirts when sexually excited and you thought she peed in your mouth? Is that it?”

His mother chuckled.

“Yes,” he said throwing his hands in the hair with confusion. “Why? Especially with enough liquid to fill a small cup, that’s not normal for a woman to squirt like that and with that much liquid, is it?”

Embarrassed airing his sexual, dirty laundry to his mother, of all people, he felt selfishly foolish that he didn’t reciprocate the oral sex his girlfriend gave him. If he was any other man, he should have accepted the good with the bad. With Ginger giving him the best blowjobs, he should have reciprocated no matter how much fluid she squirted. Yet, too late now, as if punctuating his dislike for eating her, he paid her the worst insult that he could but throwing up on her pussy.

“Oh, you poor, silly man,” said his mother laughing. She looked at her son with insight in readiness to enlighten him. “Did you know that women who squirt not only have bigger orgasms but also are more sexual than women who don’t squirt?” Emma looked at her son and smiled. “You had a real live one with her. She must have been a passionate lover for her to keep you interested enough to forgive her squirting, not that squirting is a reason for a man to break up with such a beautiful and sexy woman.”

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