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Moving in with Daddy Ch. 02

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Jessica wanted Daddy to know it had aroused her to take pictures of herself and text him while she was studying with her study group at the library. Jessica went to the bathroom and took a picture of her wet cunt and rubbed herself to show Daddy where she wanted his touch, with his fingers, or tongue or cock. Jessica’s panties were soaked, so she took them off. When she went back to her desk, she squirmed a little in her seat, her bare thighs and pussy rubbing up against each other. She’d have to spend the next couple of hours naked under her dress, and the arousal that flushed through her entire body. Jessica’s nipples longed to be pulled and sucked on, it was almost achy. Her little clit was jumping in anticipation of what Daddy would do to it when she got home from study group. She texted Daddy, telling him all of this.

Daddy sends Jessica a text. It’s an image of his very hard cock. Jessica begin to drool. She wants to feel his cock sliding against her tongue, hitting the back of her throat as she takes Daddy deep, and she wants to feel his hand on the back of her head guiding her up and down his wonderful cock. Jessica texted him back, telling him this. Jessica tells Daddy she can’t wait to get home to kiss him and his cock goodnight. Daddy tells her he hopes for more than a kiss good night. Jessica’s clit jumps and she becomes a little bit wetter, good thing she has a sweater to tie around her waist. Otherwise everyone is going to see the evidence of her dripping pussy.

When Jessica gets home, she goes into her shared room with Daddy. He is waiting, naked and hard there for her. She strips off her dress and releases her large tits from the confines of her tight dress. Her nipples are hard and pointing out that they need Daddy’s lips and hands to work them halkalı eve gelen escort over.

Daddy tells Jessica that she’s been a bad girl for sending him a picture of her wet cunt when he couldn’t fill it with his tongue. Daddy takes Jessica over his knee, slides his hand over the supple skin of her gorgeous ass. He pulls his hand back and then slaps her right cheek. “That’s for sending naughty pictures to your Daddy,” he said. Then he slaps her hard on the left cheek as Jessica lets out a moan. “That’s for making Daddy hard when you weren’t close enough to suck my cock.” Jessica’s ass is tingling from the spanks, she turns and smiles at her Daddy.

“I’m sorry Daddy,” she smirked. “I can suck your cock now.”

Daddy smacks her ass again, Jessica can feel her juices slide down her inner thighs. “You like when Daddy punishes you babygirl?”

Jessica gladly tells him that she loves his punishment and thinks she should have more. Daddy smiles at Jessica, rubs her reddening skin, pulls his hand back and smacks her juicy ass again and again. He can now feel how wet this is making his little girl.

Daddy suggests Jessica sit on his face because she is making a mess of herself with the amount of honey coming from that sweet cunt. She smiles and says fuck yeah.

Jessica climbs up the bed toward him and tells Daddy he can have her hot cunt if she can suck his cock that she’s been craving all evening. Daddy has that twinkle in his eye that says oh boy, yes that’s what I want right now. They 69’d until Jessica came and gushed her sweet juice into Daddy’s very willing mouth. It was so hot.

Daddy rolled Jessica very and got between her legs and put his fat cock in her slick tunnel. Daddy fucked halkalı grup yapan escort her slow for a few minutes and then started pounding harder and faster. It felt so good! Jessica rolled her fingers around her clit until she came on Daddy’ cock.

Jessica got on top and rode her Daddy, sliding her hot hole down hard on Daddy’s rod. They fucked for probably 20 minutes. Then Daddy had Jessica lay on her stomach and he straddles her legs to fuck Jessica from behind. Holding tight onto her hips, pounding into her very wet and willing cunt. Jessica started having another orgasm which made Daddy cum too. Daddy moaned loudly as he shot his hot load in his little girl’s pussy. Jessica could feel her pussy fill up with Daddy’s seed. Jessica loves having a pussy full of her Daddys thick love juice.

They snuggled up under the covers, they kissed each other goodnight. They were only asleep for a couple of hours when Jessica could feel Daddy rubbing her ass with his big, warm hand. Mmmm Jessica loves when Daddy does this. She rolls over on her back, leg slightly bent, and his hand reaches over to pet her kitty. He grabs her leg and pulls it up to his waist, rubs his hard cock against her soft skin and moans. Feeling so turned on Jessica snuggles in close to his side, pressing her warm titis into his side and gently grasp his stiff rod to stroke it.

“That feels better,” he moans with his sleep deepened voice. She strokes him for a couple of minutes then rise up in her knees and offers him her large, eraser sized nipples to suckle on. Feeling even inspired Jessica moves down to take his hardened cock deep into her mouth. He tastes so good and She love the feel of that rigid prick sliding in and out of her mouth, halkalı masöz escort hitting the back of my throat as she takes him deep into her mouth and nuzzles her nose in the soft skin of his nutsack. Jessica did this for a few minutes, his moans spurred her on. Then he said, “I’m being a bad Daddy, sit on my face while you do that.” It didn’t take her long to get in position so they could please each other. Sucking his cock made Jessica so wet, she was so happy to share that with him.

They 69’d for the second time that night, both of them moaning and moving their hips to increase the pleasures they were receiving. Then Daddy says “we need to fuck now” and Jessica couldn’t wait to feel him push his fat prick inside her slicked cunt.

Jessica lay on her back and spread her legs as Daddy limbs in between them. The look in his eyes tells her he’s going to give it to her good. She wraps her legs around his waist as he slams his cock home. “Fuck that feels good Daddy,” she tells him.

Daddy pinches her nipples as he slides in and out, she can feel his head hitting her g-spot, increasing her wetness. Then he does the thing that drives Jessica wild, he reaches down and wraps his hand around her neck, not squeezing hard, just letting her know his strength with a firm hold. Jessica moans and feels the fluid running down his cock and down her slit to her ass as she squirted her hot cum, covering the two of them.

Daddy then flips Jessica over on her hip and takes her from behind. Slamming into her harder and harder, the juices she just released making it so easy to do so. Jessica slams her hips back, meeting him stroke for stroke. He tells her he is going to cum, She tells him to fill her greedy pussy with his seed. When he shoots the ropes of cum into his babygirl, Jessica tightens her pussy around him, loving the feel of his pulsating cock against the walls of cunt. Jessica was beyond happy have Daddy leave his second load of baby juice in her hot pussy.

Daddy and Jessica snuggle together and go back to sleep, with smiles on their faces and dream about the many adventures they will have in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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