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Mrs Marlow and Her Old Neighbours Ch. 02

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This story is a complete fantasy and no association with real life whatsoever. No one is under the age of 20 and there is no physical hurt or pain.

As I made my way home from our elderly neighbours house, Mrs Lord’s words echoed in my mind “There must be no secrets, Lucy. You must tell your husband everything.”

He knew most of the things from our visits to the old priests so I wasn’t particularly worried about telling him what had happened at Mr Lord’s house. I suppose the main difference was that I intended to tell him all the details this time.

Derek wasn’t a very strong personality but I had started to realise that whenever we did talk about older people and naughty ideas he seemed to go into a sort of subservient manner. I could excite him without doing very much and I think that led him into a sort of girly obedient mode.

It was quite late when I let myself into our house and was surprised that Derek had waited up. I could see that he was on edge and looked at me anxiously and asked “Were they nice to you Lucy?”

I smiled at his nervousness. He looked so needful. I would enjoy telling him every little detail.

I started off by saying “They are wonderful people Derek, but did you know that they used to teach us in school?”

My husband nodded but muttered “They were nice, but they did frighten me a bit.”

I laughed.”Everybody frightened you, Derek.”

He blushed. He was a nice man but so sensitive.

I was still in my school uniform with my short pleated skirt. He knew the original reason for me going and had to ask “Did they do it to you Lucy?”

I pretended innocence “Do what Derek?”

He found it hard but asked “Did they spank your bottom?”

I shook my head “I think they intended to but we ran out of time as they wanted to do other things and liked me doing things as well as they watched.”

“What other things Lucy?”

“Mr Lord told me to sit opposite him with my legs open.”

Derek groaned “But you only had you short pleated skirt and your panties on.”

I nodded “Exactly Derek. He wanted to see my knickers.”

Derek groaned again. I knew it embarrassed him and humiliated him but I could see his excitement increasing and he became more subservient the more I told him.

I thought he was going to squirt when I told him that Mr Lord had shown me his big cock and how he masturbated for me and how I had masturbated myself in front of them both. I was almost squishing myself as I panted “They both liked my breasts and said that I was nice and hairy for them.”

Derek groaned again and dashed for the bathroom. I smiled as I retired to bed. I knew that Derek would be looking through the dirty linen basket for my used panties. I wondered if he would put them on or would he have to do it to himself urgently. I knew he could be so easily controlled this way.

Over the next few days I waited anxiously for a phone call or message to say that I was required to visit the Lords. I could see that Derek was even more anxious. He had asked me if I had told them about him and his pretty clothes.

I made it very clear that I had told the old couple everything especially that he liked to wear my underwear. He blushed but I think he wanted them to know. He also said “Do you think they will let me come with you the next time?”

I honestly didn’t know, and I told him so. As the days passed I felt depressed. Perhaps they wouldn’t let me visit them again, let alone Derek.

After about five days Derek spoke to me seriously “You will have to telephone them Lucy and ask if we can come and see them.”

I noted that he was talking about ‘we’ but to be honest I was more concerned about myself. I simply said “Yes Derek, I will ring Mrs Lord and ask her.”

I waited by the phone for about two hours hoping they would ring us but they didn’t. Finally with Derek at my side I telephoned them.

Mrs Lord answered and seemed surprised but genuinely pleased to hear me. antalya escort “That is so nice of you to ring Mrs Marlow. I do hope you enjoyed the other night.”

I was probably sounding too eager when I told her that it had made me feel wonderful. She chatted about a few things but there was no mention of another visit.

Derek was making faces at me to say something and finally I murmured “I wondered if I could come again and see you and Mr Lord?”

She seemed dubious and I heard her asking someone. I realised that they were together.

She sounded so sweet and asked if I had told Derek everything. I assured her I had, and that Derek had asked if he could visit as well.

Again I heard her asking. Then she said “I am not sure yet Mrs Marlow. Mr Lord is concerned in case you are not needful enough.”

I almost panted down the line “Oh God, Mrs Lord I am so needful and my husband is even more needful.”

She chuckled. “Well I will tell you what, Mrs Marlow, Edward and I will let you know next week.”

I felt like crying but before I could say anything the phone went dead.

Derek and I talked it over for the next two hours. Derek remembered seeing Mr and Mrs Lord in TESCO one Saturday. He almost shouted “We usually go to there to shop, Lucy. Lets hope we can see them there.”

I shook my head. “That was a one off for some reason, Derek. They told me they always go to John Lewis’s as it has a nice restaurant rather than a self service.”

I could see Derek looking deflated and then he said “Why cant we go to John Lewis’s?”

I nodded. The only reason was the price but that didn’t seem too important now.

We talked a little more and decided to go to John Lewis’s on the following Saturday.

The following Saturday we were both on edge as we got ready. I knew I couldn’t wear my school uniform for shopping, but I did wear a short skirt and stockings. Derek could see what I was doing but didn’t say anything.

When we got to the store we wandered up and down aisles hoping to bump into them by accident. Unfortunately it was a Super Store and it was massive. Even if they were there it would need some luck.

After an hour we had bought a few things but felt quite depressed and thought about leaving and went to the checkout. Suddenly Derek whispered in a panicky voice “They are on Till 14 Lucy. They are almost finished.”

We still had someone in front of us but couldn’t do much about it. I did think of dumping my goods and just leaving without them but knew this would have been ridiculous. We finally got through and hurried out to load our car.

We then made a dash to the used trolley park and just saw them re entering the store. We hurried as much was respectable and managed to bump into them in the luxurious foyer. I then had to sound surprised to see them.

They were so lovely. Mrs Lord smiled. Her eyes always seemed to be dancing as she greeted me “Well how lovely to see you Mrs Marlow. You look so nice and your husband. I remember Derek from school. You were a nice shy lad Mr Marlow.”

Derek stuttered something. He was tongue tied.

Mr Lord chuckled “It will be difficult to get a word in edgewise with these two, Derek.”

We chatted for a few minutes and then Mrs Lord smiled “Well we have to leave you now Mrs Marlow as we always go up for a cup of tea and a few cakes in the restaurant. It is quite expensive but Mr Lord and I think it is worth it for the extra comfort and privacy.”

I felt panicky again and could see that Derek looked the same. We were going to lose them again.

I blurted out “We were just on our way up to the restaurant as well Mrs Lord. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind if we joined you?”

It sounded as if I made it up at that moment and it must have been obvious, but she wasn’t too difficult and asked her husband if it was all right.

He smiled “Well of course it’s all right. I am sure that Mr and Mrs Marlow will be ideal companions.” I sighed in kemer escort relief.

When we got to the restaurant section we were met by the waiter who guided us to a special table which apparently Mr Lord had already booked.

He explained. “Its a bit extra but it is much more private. The waiters look after us well.”

The table was by the window and set in a raised corner with a little bannister around. We could see the rest of the clientèle but we were relatively out of sight.

We sat down with Derek to the left next to Mrs Lord with me between her and Mr Lord. It really was nice.

The staff obviously knew them very well and were very respectful. Mrs Lord ordered tea and a large plate of nice fairy cakes. The waiter brought the order over promptly and then retired back to the kitchen. Although the restaurant was public we were reasonably private.

Mr Lord rested his hand on my knee and made a light hearted joke which was quite funny and we all laughed although Derek looked nervous.

Mrs Lord smiled and said “Its a pity that you can’t wear your school uniform out Lucy. We both thought you looked lovely the other evening.”

I blushed and looked at Derek. He looked down. Mrs Lord caught my glance and quickly said “I hope you told her husband everything Mrs Marlow as we don’t want any misunderstandings.”

I quickly told her “Yes Mrs Lord. I have explained everything to Derek. He would like to visit you with me if you don’t mind?”

She nodded and turned to my husband “I understand you like pretty clothes Mr Marlow. Little Girly clothes?”

Derek went red but nodded.

Mrs Lord pressed the point. “We don’t want any problems with you Mr Marlow. “It is very important that you are needful.”

Derek was as anxious as I was and almost panted “I am very needful Mrs Lord and I wont interfere with anything unless I am told.”

Mr Lord squeezed my thigh just above my knee saying “And what about you Mrs Marlow. Are you a needful little girl for me.”

I was also eager not to cause problems and murmured “I am very needful as well Mr Lord.”

As I spoke he pulled my knee towards him, separating my legs more. As the table was low, his wife and Derek could see what he was doing up my skirt and probably my underwear.

Mrs Lord smiled “I really think you want to be a good little girl for us Lucy. Edward likes it when you open your legs for him.”

I knew what she was telling me and I spread my knees more. They could all see everything now.

Mrs Lord told Derek gently “Edward likes seeing your wife’s panties.”

Derek wasn’t sure what to say and just nodded.

Mrs Lord reached over and squeezed my husband between his legs saying “Tell me Mr Marlow, do you like being a little girl?”

Derek was embarrassed but just nodded.

She gently squeezed again and asked “Are you wearing girls panties now, Derek?”

He was in a terrible state.

She told him sharply “Pull your trousers down to your knees Mr Marlow.”

It wasn’t a request. It was an instruction. Derek fumbled and fussed but managed to get his trousers down.

We were higher than the rest of the restaurant and in a sort of private corner out of sight.

He was wearing women’s panties. His little penis was stiff as he was excited.

It was embarrassing as we were in a public restaurant.

Mrs Lord smiled at me to allay my fears “Don’t worry Lucy. We have been served and the waiters wont come back until I ring the bell.” I felt grateful to her.

She was now squeezing his penis through the lacy underwear. She could also see her husband partly fondle me. She commented “It would appear that Mr Marlow has similar panties to yours Lucy. “

I had just realised that as well. There was no point in hiding anything so I told her “He likes wearing my knickers, Mrs Lord.”

She chuckled. Mr Lord had his hand further up now and was toying with my stocking tops,very close konyaaltı escort to my panties.

Although Mrs Lord was doing things to my husband she was also interested in what Mr Lord was doing to me.

She smiled at her husband saying “It is quite safe Dear and she does want to be a good girl for you.”

He grunted and moved his hand up higher. She carried on encouraging him “She has opened her legs for you Edward.”

He grunted again and I felt him ease my panty gusset to the side. I knew my pussy was being exposed to both Mrs Lord and my husband.

He moved his fingers towards my pussy and toyed with my hairs.

Mrs Lord had now extracted my husbands penis out of his panty legs and was holding it in her fist and pulling it up and down.

Mr Lord had inserted his finger into my slit and was sliding it up and down. Derek and myself were both embarrassed but excited. We were both being masturbated by our elderly neighbours in a public restaurant.

The really bizarre thing about it all was that we were still drinking our tea and nibbling on our cakes and Mrs Lord kept talking to us in casual conversation.

With her free hand she took a sip of tea and then asked her husband “Are you enjoying her Edward?”

He smiled “Very much Dear. She is nice and sticky.”

Mrs Lord chuckled and said to Derek “Edward likes your wife when she gets sticky, Mr Marlow.”

Derek was in fantasy land himself and could only whimper something unintelligible.

She teased him some more, explaing “He likes playing with her pubic hairs.”

I had forgotten about any worries about being seen now and was panting in excitement. The fact that my husband was watching me being masturbated didn’t really concern me.

Mrs Lord was chatting to Derek now and asked again “You want to be a little girl for me don’t you Derek?”

Derek was in the same state as me now and said “Yes Mrs Lord. I want to be your little girl.”

Mr Lord was thrusting his finger fully up me now and I had gushed several times and was still enjoying more flushies. He said to his wife “I think you should tell them what is required Elizabeth.”

Mrs Lord nodded. She knew the limitation of men and even girly boys and had slowed down her own actions on my husband considerable, Derek was just kept in the excited state without the squirting.

She said to me “Edward and I have always wanted Pets, Mrs Marlow.”

I muttered “Pets?” I could see my husband panting and listening.

She explained “Well more than Pets really. We would like to have a Doll.”

I muttered in puzzlement “A Doll?”

“Yes Lucy. With different clothes. We could dress you up in little school uniforms.”

She knew my secret fetish for school uniforms and I positively groaned in excitement.

She whispered loudly ” I would be your Mummy and he would be your Daddy, Lucy. You could be his schoolgirl doll. You would like that wouldn’t you?”

I was in a trance now and muttered “Yes Mummy.”

I knew I was getting more and more sticky as he was still fingering me as he told me “I will have to change my Dolls clothes a lot.”

I muttered “Yes Daddy.”

He looked at his wife saying “I will have to change her brassiere.”

Mrs Lord chuckled “Tell her husband why you have to change your Dolls, bra Dear.”

Mr Lord was excited now as he told Derek “Because my Dolly has big Tits, Derek.”

Derek moaned. Mrs Lord was still using her hand on him.

Mr Lord carried on “And nice big Nipples.”

Mrs Lord whispered to Derek “Its nice that the pretty little Doll has big Tits and Nipples, isn’t it Derek.”

“Yes Mummy.”

As the conversation progressed I felt my breasts swell as it was so erotic. Mr Lord couldn’t really do too much about it as it may have been possible for others to see.

Mrs Lord asked her husband “What else will you do with your Doll, Edward?”

Mr Lord was panting now and murmured “I would like to open her legs and fuck her.”

Mrs Lord chuckled. “Well she is your Doll, Dear. You can fuck your Dolly whenever you want to.”

She turned to by husband and said “That’s right isn’t it Derek. He can fuck your wife whenever he wants to?”

Derek answered in a daze “Yes Mummy.”

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