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Mrs. Martin Ch. 15

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Ch. XV: Tom’s Party

As the days quickly slid past there was graduation and all that went with that. The preparations for the party some how were made. The refrigerator was filled with beer and Judy bought plenty of Hamburgers and french-fries. Tom set up his CD player outside by the pool and washed out the cooler. A table was set up to put the food on. Everything was set and ready on Saturday morning when Susan arrived.

“Good” said Tom as he let her in; “here are the cloths I want you to wear. Judy is getting dressed now, you can go on back and join her.”

“Tom, I don’t know aboutttt” she held the T shirt and shorts up but her voice trailed off as she saw the disapproving look on Tom’s face. “OK” and she headed to the back room.

Ten minutes later the two women came back into the living room. Tom looked at the two women and said, “ladies this isn’t quite the picture I had in mind.” With that he lifted the hem of Judy’s T-shirt and raised it up. “Just as I thought,” and with that he reached around Judy and unhooked her bra.

“Tom, I can’t go around without my bra, I sag to much,” Judy protested.

“You look great,” responded Tom ignoring her complaints. He then unbuckled her shorts and stuck in her shirttail. He then went to Susan and since he did not allow her to wear a bra this was not a problem with her. He undid her pants and stuck her shirttail in. “Much better” as the T-shirts were pulled tight and accented the ladies figures, “but there is sill something missing. Sit down and I’ll be right back.” He left the room and returned with a bag. He handed each woman a pair of three-inch heels and anklet stockings to wear.

“You don’t expect us to walk around the pool serving food in these do you,” questioned Susan.

“Yes” was all Tom said.

“We’ll break our necks,” said Judy.

“Than walk carefully,” said Tom.

The plan was for the women to stay in the kitchen and prepare the food. They would bring it out when it was needed. Neither woman anticipated they would be dressed in a T-shirt that had ‘HOT STUFF’ across their chest and would be walking around in three-inch heels.

About three the boys started to arrive, There was Bobby, Jeff, Eric, David, and Kyle. Tim and Justin had to work and wouldn’t be there till about five. There were comments made to Tom like ‘How did you get Mrs. Martin here?’ And ‘How hot are they?’ But Tom told them the women were serving the food and the boys quickly retreated to the pool to play the kind of games a bunch of 18 and 19-year-old boys would play in a pool.

Just after Justin and Tim arrived the women brought out the hamburgers and the rest of the food. Again the commits turned to the women again. Tom let it slip that neither woman was wearing a bra. Judy noticed as she was going back to the house that several of the boys had bulges in the bathing suits.

An hour later the women brought out a cake and set it on the table. Susan was about three feet from the pool and Tom ran at her. His shoulder caught her waist, his arms wrapped around her. He lifted her off the ground and carried her to edge of the pool. Together they went into the water. As they recovered from the fall into the water and stood up a cheer went up from those around the pool.

Judy gasped when she saw that Susan’s T-shirt had turned transparent and she illegal bahis realized that Tom’s actions had started a chain reaction that was not going to end soon. She quickly turned to try to make an escape but Bobby and Jeff blocked her path. “Noooo, put me down,” she screamed as the two young men lifted her off the ground and headed for the pool.

“Let me help you out of those wet cloths,” said Tom as he reached under the waist deep water to undo the front of Susan’s shorts.

Before she could protest there was a large splash followed by two more splashes from behind her in the deeper end of the pool. She tried to turn but Tom had hold of her hips. Looking over her shoulder she could see Judy’s head break the surface of the water quickly followed by Bobby and Jeff’s head. As she turned back she saw Tom’s head drop under the water and felt her shorts slid down her legs. She tried to kick and get away but it was too late. With her shorts at her knees her actions only caused her to trip. Tom quickly took advantage of the situation grabbing both of her legs under one arm and using his other hand to slide her shorts over her feet. While she regained her balance Tom whooped and swung the shorts over his head and then let them fly to the patio. He reached out and placed his arm around Susan and pulled her close to him. As his lips met hers and his tongue darted into her mouth his hands rubbed her bare behind. Holding on around his neck and pulling close to him she could feel his erection growing in his swimming trunks. Tom took hold of the edge of the wet T-shirt and lifted it up to the water edge. Susan let go of his neck, raised her arms and dropped under the water. As her arms cleared the T-shirt she placed her hands in the waist band of Tom’s Swim suit and pulled down freeing his massive manhood that was now rock hard.

Judy was desperately trying to get to the side of the pool. The water was five feet deep and she tried to push off with her toes but a firm hand caught her wrist. She looked up to see a pair of wet shorts like the ones she had on sail through the air and land with a loud plop on the cement patio. She saw Tim and Kyle enter the water only a few feet from her. She felt herself being pulled through the water by her wrist, and then Jeff’s other arm wrap around her waist. He spun her around and since he held her up her feet did not touch the bottom. She tried to kick but the resistance of the water made that a futile effort. She was pulled till her back rested against Jeff’s chest and his strong arms were wrapped tight around her, just under her ample breast. “Please let me go,” she cried. “No, Bobby, Noooo” she screamed as Bobby had now moved in front of her and was undoing her shorts.

“You don’t want me to take down your shorts,” he asked. “Ok, I won’t. I would rather feel these, anyway.” His hands let go of the shorts and reached to rub the large hard nipples that were now clearly visible through the transparent T-shirt.

Judy tried to flail from side to side but Jeff was too strong for her. Tim and Kyle had joined them now and stood on each side of her. They both reached down and took over where Bobby had left off. Quickly her shorts joined the other pair on the patio. “Ohhhh” she moaned as she felt two pair of hands explore the area between her legs and rub between her shaved lips and across the nub illegal bahis siteleri that excites her so much.

Justin had joined Tom and Susan. He reached out and touched the hard exposed nipple on her full breast. “I think it would be more fun if we got out of the water,” Susan said. Tom quickly leaped across the pool to the ladder. As he climbed out of the pool, Susan looked up at his naked, firm, well-rounded cheeks, and thought to herself, “I am really going to enjoy this.” As she climbed the ladder she said to Eric and David, “If you want to join us lose the cloths.”

Justin, who was about to get out of the pool, quickly let go of the ladder and dropped his trunks to the bottom of the pool. Susan laughed as she watched how David and Eric fell over themselves trying to take off the suits and quickly get to her at the same time “time talk about excited,” she thought to herself.

Tom had grabbed a pad off the glider on the patio and placed it down on the cement. Susan no sooner lay down than four mouths, and sets of hands were all over her body.

Jeff had let go of his grip around Judy. Tim and Bobby had traded places and now Tim and Kyle each had raised a leg forcing Judy to float on her back. Bobby had one arm and shoulder and Jeff the other between them they lifted the wet T-shirt over her breast and slid it off of her. Then they each took a nipple in their mouth and started to suck it. Meanwhile Tim and Kyle had spread her legs and Tim slipped between them. Being supported like she was it was easy for Tim to place his mouth on her shaved lips. He kissed and nibbled on her love button. A sense of deja vue swept over her as the heat built with in her. Her head was back and a low moan escaped from her lips. “Yessss” she cried and the waves of pleasure rippled through her body from Tim’s tongue. Her hips bucked but the guys did not let go nor did they quit. Kyle’s hand had slipped up and was now exploring the little hole in the crack between her cheeks; she bucked as a finger probed the orifice.

“Waittt, Waittt, Stttooopp, Oh goddddd that feels good,” Judy cried, “Letssss, ohhhhh, lets go insssside. Yessssss.” As she bucked and kicked as a second orgasm swept her body. The guys let her legs down and held her by her arms as they helped her to the ladder.

Bobby whispered in her ear, “I always knew you had great tits, they’re beautiful.” Judy just nodded as she started to climb the steps of the ladder out of the pool.

Susan didn’t know who had climbed between her legs as Tom had kissed her and lay her down on the cushions, she just felt a stiff member trying to push its way into her. Then Tom pulled away from her mouth and penis pushed against her lips. She kissed the tip and then sucked it into her mouth. She felt it get stiff in her mouth and suddenly pull out, she waited to feel the cum splash her face. As she waited in anticipation she was suddenly rolled over with the man inside of her staying there as she came to rest on his chest. Before she could see who it was her head was turned and another member pushed between her lips and into her mouth. As she sucked on this new person she felt her cheeks being spread and a stiff member pushing at her anus. Slowly the opening spread to allow the penetration of her final orifice. She was filled like she had never been before with a man in each hole canlı bahis siteleri pumping for all they were worth. The excitement was to much for Susan and waves of pleasure swept her body as first the young man in her rear came then the one she was on top of exploded in her and finally she felt that warm juices shoot down her throat.

Judy led the young men out of the pool and told them they would have to leave their swimsuits outside and dry off before coming in the house. The four lads quickly complied with her wishes. Tom smiled as he watched his mom and four of his friends disappear into the house.

Judy led them to the living room and when she turned around she bumped into Tim’s chest, as he was right behind her. His arms reached around her waist and pulled her close to him. His lips met hers and his tongue darted into her mouth. She recognized the taste on his tongue and now knew who had been between her legs. He held her tight as he gently lowered her to the floor. He worked her legs apart and his manhood entered into her soft womb. As he worked in and out of her other hands were massaging her breast. Bolts of electricity shot through her body and her breathing quickened, as Judy neared her third orgasm. Just as she reached her peak she felt Tim stiffen and his juices filled her. She lay back with her eyes closed waiting for her heart to quit racing so hard. She felt Tim pull out and another hard shaft replaced his, but before she could open her eyes there was a hard member pressing against her lips trying to enter her mouth. She sucked it in and started massaging it with her lips and tongue. She lost count and her head swam as one after the other the young men filled her hot hole and her mouth. Finally there was a moment when there was no one in her. She felt two sets of strong hands lift each arm as she was bent over the arm of the couch. The cum inside her ran down her leg and she felt her rear cheeks being pulled apart and some one jabbing at her dark hole. She opened her eyes and tried to turn her head, but all she could see was the hairy lower body of the young man that was trying to feed his soft member into her mouth.

Susan was lying on her back when Tom knelt between her legs. “Yess Tom fill meee” was all she could say as she felt that large familiar organ slide into her wet opening. Susan’s legs wrapped around him as he pumped in and out of her filling her completely. Her breathing quickened as he pumped into her and as he stiffened and filled her with his load she screamed and held him tight as waves of pleasure washed over her.

Tom rolled off her and stood up. He scooped Susan up in his arms and headed for the house. Justin opened the door and Tom carried her into the living room. Half-a-dozen hands caressed her body as Tom laid her down on the carpet. It was only seconds until someone had pushed between her legs and was inching into her. Someone else was trying to push his manhood into her mouth.

Susan lost track of time and the number of times she came, sometime after it got dark she was carried into the bedroom and placed on the bed next to Judy. Judy moaned opened her eyes as the bed shook when they laid Susan on it. As the two young men left the room she reached out and touched Judy. Judy rolled over and looked into Susan’s eyes and said, “Do you think they will be here in the morning? I didn’t plan for that many for breakfast.”

Susan kissed Judy’s cum covered lips and said; “if they do I don’t think it will be eggs they want. We will need all the rest we can get.” With that both women fell into a deep sleep.

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