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My Friends Man Cave [E-58] Pt. 01

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My wife, Brandy and I used to spend a lot of time with our friend David and his wife. We had many great times with them over the years but a few nights really stand out.

David loved his garage. It was detached from the house, in the back and away from the street. This gave us all the privacy we could want. He had a pool table set up with black lights, an up to date sound system, a big screen TV and a mini frig full of beer. We’d all get together, have some drinks and play pool.

But that all changed one night, when David’s wife was out of town.

When we got there my wife, Brandy, was wearing jeans and a sweater because it gets cold out there. As the garage got a little warmer she decided to go change into something a little sexier. She and David’s wife wore the same size so she went and borrowed a short skirt that just barely covered her ass and a leather halter top that really showed off her 34C breasts. Brandy is a bit of an exhibitionist and loves to show off and loved get a reaction out of guys.

David’s friend Vance was really taken by the sight and continued to bug her about her breasts. He would say, “Those have got to be fake, etc.” Finally Brandy got fed up and untied her top to flash him. She had never been too shy in front of others but this was still totally out of the blue. Vance stood there stunned, as she retied her top. This really got the conversation started. It wasn’t long before we were able to convenience the Brandy to do body shots.

Brandy let me untie her top again and pull it down out of the way. Once her top was out of the way, I helped her up and laid her down on the pool table. Then Vance’s wife Dawn watched while the three of us guys took turns poring a small amount of liquor over Brandy and licking it off. My favorite was licking Jack Daniels out of her belly button. After the second round David couldn’t resist anymore and began to suck on her breasts as she lay there moaning. We had talked about this kind of thing before so he knew I wouldn’t mind.

Vance’s wife Dawn started to get a little nervous so the two of them left. We were glad; Brandy didn’t like them much anyway.

So David, Brandy and I were left in the garage. We lowered the door to keep the cold out and any nosey neighbors away.

David walked over to Brandy and started to kiss her and rub her wet chest. It took me no time to join in and start sucking the sticky liquor off her soft skin. David and I took turns kissing her and sucking on her breasts. I turned her florya escort around so she was facing David and started to kiss the nape of her neck and back. I worked my way down to her skirt. I started to lift her skirt a little to uncover her ass. As I did, I noticed that she was starting to rub David’s massive erection through his pants. I laughing told her, “Looks like he wants it sucked, babe. Why don’t you?”

When he looked at me with surprise I nod to let him know that it was ok.

Brandy leaned over and lightly ran her hand down his chest to his zipper. As she unzipped his pants, his cock popped out and Brandy and I were both surprised at his size. Just from looking, I’d give him a solid nine inches and about four inches around. Brandy was super wet by now. As she grabbed his cock and put the big bloated reddish/purple head in her mouth,

I took the liberty of continuing to kiss her back and rubbing her ass.

Brandy was leaned up against the pool table so I lifted her leg and raised it so it rested on the table. As I slowly raised and spread her leg I could see her pink little pussy lips all smooth, shiny and wet, just waiting to be licked and sucked. As I knelt down to get a good angle on her wet pussy, I pulled her legs open even farther. Moving my face towards her crotch, I immediately started rubbing the tip of my tongue around the outside of her pussy, and teasing her with my warm breathe. As soon as my tongue found her pussy, she started quivering. She leaned forward hinting to me to put my tongue inside of her. I was so close to being in her, but not yet letting her savor the feel of my full tongue on her delicate inner flesh.

She could feel my hands move slowly up her thighs, across her firm flat stomach, and over her breasts. My fingers were soon gently playing with her nipples. Squeezing them, and pinching them just enough to give she a tingle, but not hard enough to hurt. Caressing her breasts with my hands my tongue is now getting deeper inside of her pussy as I continue to kiss, lick and eat her like she’s never been eaten before. I could feel her having little orgasms, cumming every few minutes, and knew that she never wanted this moment to end.

As my tongue was stroking her pussy, Brandy was sucking David’s huge cock. And she was amazing. I’m always shocked at how much cock she can take into her mouth. I stood up and watched the action for a few minutes while I continued to rub her ass and breasts.

She göztepe escort kept going down on him, changing her speed and taking him deeper and deeper with each stroke. I was so excited at the sight of my sexy wife with that huge cock in her mouth that I just had to take her right there.

I stood behind her and slowly pushed the head of my cock in her tight but wet pussy. This was the first time that Brandy had had two cocks in her at one time. She moaned from the excitement. The harder I pumped into her the deeper she went on David’s cock. It didn’t take long for her to bring us both right to the brink of shooting our loads into her, when she stopped and said, “No, boys. Not yet”

David and I pulled out and started to readjust ourselves when Brandy grabbed our hands and pulled us both over to the couch in the corner of the garage. She sat down in the middle and had us sit on either side of her. Then turning sideways she spread her legs and laid one on the back of the couch as she leaned back against me and told David she wanted him to eat her pussy.

David didn’t hesitate to bury his face between her wide spread legs and start to vigorously lick her pussy. Not to be left out, I started kissing the nape of her neck and nibble her ear lobes while caressing her wonderful breasts. David was licking and fingering her for all he was worth until she grabbed my hand, leaned back, hard against me and screamed in ecstasy into my mouth as we kissed.

My wife Brandy is one of those lucky ones that can have multiple orgasms, so David continued to lick and finger her until she was begging him to stop.

Brandy took a few minutes to get her breath back, and then she was ready for more. This time she took the lead and pushed David over so he was leaning back on the other side of the couch. Once David was on his back, she got on the couch on all fours with her ass right in my face.

Leaning down, she started licking up and down the length of David’s stiff shaft, taking time to suck lightly on his balls as well. Then she fondled his balls in one hand while taking his cock in her mouth and sucking hard and deep. At the same time I was licking the cheeks of her shapely butt and pussy while gently rocking her back and forth into him. This went on for a good five minutes, until he gasped for air and shot a large hot load deep down my wife’s throat.

Brandy then turned and kissed me; letting me taste the small amount of David’s cum that halkalı escort she hadn’t swallow. She then bent over and started the whole thing all over again, but this time she was sucking my cock while David played with her ass and pussy.

I was so turned on by the night’s events that it didn’t take long at all before I was squirting my load into her waiting mouth.

She then turned to David and gave him a little of the same taste she’d given me.

Somehow Brandy kissing David turned into me lying on the couch with David on top of me in a 69 position.

It was a weird feeling at first. I’d done hundreds of 69’s with my Brandy but seeing a cock in the same position as I’d always seen a pussy was very exciting. Especially one as big as David’s. I stroked my hand over his cock, enjoying the twitch it made as he reacted to my stroking. At the same time I felt his first touches as well.

I leaned closer and inhaled the scent of his groin. It was clean but masculine and the aroma drove me wild. I moved closer, finally enveloping his cock in my mouth.

At the same time David’s mouth was driving me to new heights. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he was giving me but this position didn’t allow for a lot of head movement. I had to settle for some deep sucking and plenty of hand action on his shaft and balls.

I pulled back to admire my handiwork. David big cock had a nice sheen of spit from the head to his balls. His nut-sack drew me to him again where I stroked his balls with my tongue, drowning them in spit.

I could hear the slurping sounds echoing off the garage wall as I wet his nuts. Holding his cock down, I slurped back up and took it back in my mouth.

We laid there for at least half an hour, pleasuring each other with nibbles, licks and sucks. I tried not to do the same thing for too long as I wanted to keep David guessing. I think he took the hint as well because I couldn’t tell what he was going to do next.

We teased each other with licks and caresses for another five minutes and then I felt David’s balls draw up. I tighten my lips and attacked his cock with renewed vigor.

About a minute later I got my reward, a nice hot load of salty cum from my best friend David’s cock.

My orgasm wasn’t far behind. I cummed just as he was finishing.

When we were done David collapsed on top of me, we both breathing heavily from our orgasms. We lay like that, our breathing slowly returning to normal.

Brandy spoke first. “That was awesome. I really enjoyed that.”

Eventually we got up and got dressed.

As we left, Brandy gave each of us a long passionate kiss to seal the end of an amazing first encounter with a good friend.

We hoped this wouldn’t be the end of our ‘fun’ with David. It wasn’t.

The end…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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