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My New Digs

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Andrea and Marko are making love, not fucking, but making love. I can’t see them, but they have allowed me the pleasure of hearing their passion. Sometimes my wife and her lover let me watch, other times I am completely banished to my new digs.

Andrea, my high powered attorney wife who could also be a real bitch, decided she wanted to remodel the bedroom and make the bathroom bigger. I paid little attention since Andrea brought in the majority of the money in the house, while I worked at a menial part time job at a local grocery store bagging groceries. It was the only job I was able to get after Andrea got me off for an illegal scheme at my last job. We all have our crosses to bear and price to pay for the transgressions of our lives.

We slept together once during my trial and Andrea found out that I liked being submissive and having her take control. After the trial I had a record and jobs were not easy to come by. Andrea took pity on me along with all the money I had squirreled away and promised not to tell the Feds if I moved in and became her houseboy. As she so eloquently put it:

“You can be my bitchboi around the house or some big black guy’s bitch boi in a cell in prison. Your choice.”

My choice was easy. Andrea had me by the balls and I knew it. So I moved in and became her house servant, her sex slave and finally after a year her legal husband. She liked tat now she had total control over me. Every waking moment of my day was spent serving her. kartal sarışın escort I slept in a separate bed, a cot actually in the corner of her luxurious bedroom. I cleaned the mansion we live in and serve her always. And then she came up with this idea about adding a shower to the bedroom to make it better and bigger. That’s Andrea, always wanting bigger and better.

She hired an Italian contractor named Marko. He was the stereotypical beefcake Italian stallion. He worked out constantly at the gym even after doing his contracting job. He was well over six feet, broad shouldered, huge thighs, and his most impressive feature, his big cock. Andrea fucked him the first time he came to look at the job and did nothing but marvel at his sexual prowess for weeks afterwards.

I wasn’t allowed into the bedroom until Marko and his crew had finished the project. That night I had to prepare a special gourmet dinner for them and serve them wearing only a pair of pink high heels and a pink frilly maid’s outfit that Andrea has purchased. She knew I loved the humiliation and she loved flaunting her power in front of Marko. After dinner was finished I was order to the bedroom to see my new digs as Andrea would refer to it.

Once inside the luxurious master bedroom, Andrea pointed to what looked like an oversized shower stall in the corner of the room. It was floor to ceiling glass enclosed, and oddly it had a toilet in the far corner of the shower kartal sınırsız escort stall. Andrea, stroking Marko’s naked chest and biceps explained what the new shower stall would be used for.

“My big man here and I came up with this unique idea for us to always have you at our beck and call!

She pulled out a small black remote control pressed a button and the door to the shower popped open.

“Step inside.” She ordered.

I stepped into the shower stall which has solid granite walls and floor, bright lights overhead and speakers mounted into the ceiling. Pressing another button on the remote and the door shut behind me. I looked out and could see Andrea and Marko talking, but I couldn’t hear them. Finally she pressed a third button and the speakers lit up and I could hear her once again.

“We’ve designed this very special place for you. It is completely soundproof as you can see, unless I allow you to hear. It is designed with special tempered glass so we can control what you see, from what your looking at now, to this.”

She pressed a button and the glass became fogged. She pressed another and the glass went totally black. Then the glass was suddenly clear again.

“You see we can control what you see and hear and when you see and hear it. Also, the beauty is while the lights may stay on in there, when the windows are blacked out we can’t see anything out here. We also wanted to make sure you kept on kartal ucuz escort schedule so every morning at 6:30 the lights will go on, the shower will come on and you will have exactly two minutes to take a nice cold shower before the door pops open. If you’re not showered and out in two minutes the door will automatically close and you’ll have to stay in there for another 24 hours or until we decide to let you out. You’ll always be naked when you’re in there and we thought sleeping on the cold granite would make you more grateful to us when you are allowed other amenities.”

She paused, pressed a button and the door popped open. I was beckoned to step out which I did. Marko and Andrea embraced in a long, deep tongue twirling kiss. Finally breaking their embrace Andrea went on.

“You see the other beauty is, when you’re in there whether the glass is clear, or blacked out, WE can always see in if we wish. I know how desperately you like to watch Marko and I fuck, so we thought this would be a good treat for you if you’re a good bitcboi without being in our way. And the times we want to intimately make love we may or may not let you watch. I see your little clit is dripping through its pink plastic cage!! How adorable that all this turns you on!!”

I stood there mesmerized by what she had just shown me. I felt like I was becoming some kind of an animal in the zoo locked away so the they could watch me whenever they wanted and they could torture me by allowing or not allowing me to watch them. My trance was broken by Andrea slapping me hard across the face which brought me back to reality. She was stroking Marko’s huge flaccid penis.

“Well don’t you think you owe Marko a great big thank you for building your new digs for you?”

I knelt and kissed the tip of my Master’s cock.

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