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My Niece Jessica Ch. 07

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It was a long couple of months before I saw my niece Jessica again. She had decided to stay in her home state to go to school which we were disappointed in. However during her many phone calls to us she laid out the ground work that her parents were going to pay for her college, her room and board plus other expenses in agreement that she not come home. This shocked us because we couldn’t believe they would do such a thing. With my dad having such a big heart, my parents made her feel like the daughter that my parents always wanted. They treated her just like she was their child. They would buy her things, invite her up for holiday’s and all that jazz. Her first Thanksgiving in college she decided to stay there and hang out with some friends that weren’t going home either. This didn’t make us to happy but a week after Thanksgiving she called and said she wanted to spend her winter break with us. This made my parents happy as hell and to tell you the truth I was happy that she was coming up.

Over the next couple of days, they started planning things for her trip up here and started cleaning up the spare room even cleaning out the dresser so she could use it. My parents started thinking of things for us to do together for Christmas and everything else. She called about a week later telling us that she would be coming up after she took her finals which would end on Monday of the following week. The time went by slowly but the day before Jessica would come up, my parents did a lot of last minute things but wouldn’t discuss any details with me about Jessica coming up. I thought this was strange but just ignored the whole thing. They day she was flying up was exactly two weeks before Christmas. All of us drove out there with my dad always keeping an eye on me for some reason. We reached the gate and waited for what felt like forever. Finally the plane started unloading and I saw my niece.

She now had streaked blonde hair which was pulled back into a ponytail. She also seemed to have gotten a nice little tan while in California. She was wearing a warm-up suit with a little bag on her shoulder. She put her bag on the ground and ran over to us, giving us all a little hug before walking back where she dropped her bag and picked it up. A few seconds later another girl came out as my niece signaled to her. I looked at my parents who didn’t seem surprised so something was going on. They both walked toward us as my jaw dropped at what I was staring at.

Jessica’s friend looked the same age as Jessica with beautiful brown hair. As she came closer into view it was the first time that I noticed she was Asian with lightly browned skin. She smiled at us with these almost perfect white teeth as Jessica introduced her to all of us.

“This is Laura,” Jessica said pointing at her.

“Laura this is my Grandfather, Grandmother and my uncle,” Jessica said as Laura shook all of our hands.

Soon my dad and I picked up their bags and went down to the baggage claim for the rest of them. It was a quick but noisy ride home as everyone was talking all at the same time about what was going on at school and what was going on in the family. Once we got home I helped bring the luggage in as I heard my parents talking about sleeping arrangements for the evening.

“I don’t want the girls sharing the room because its going to be uncomfortable for them,” I heard my dad saying as I put the bags down.

“Why doesn’t etiler otele gelen escort Jessica sleep in my room, Laura in the guest room and I will sleep on the couch. Or it could be Laura in my room and Jessica in the guest room,” I said sitting down with everyone looking at me now.

The discussion continued for a few more minutes without any decision being made. Soon the discussion started in the direction of Laura as she told us more about herself. We found out her parents were successful with their business in Arizona and California. They were spending part of break in the mountains so she was going to be around the area all break but had to go to the mountains tomorrow.

“I am sure Mike will have no trouble with driving you up there Laura tomorrow,” my dad said staring at me.

“I also wanted to invite everyone up to the mountains for some skiing before I have to go back to college if anyone was interested,” Laura said.

My dad and mom shook their heads no but Jessica and I were semi interested in the prospect even though I have never been skiing before. My father asked Laura to call her parents to let them know she was here as I went to set the table for dinner. At dinner everyone was talking about what was going on but all I could do is stare at Jessica and Laura as the two just had a glow about them that wouldn’t stop. After dinner I helped with the dishes when Laura took a shower quickly followed by Jessica once Laura was out. Time continued to move on through the evening with the talking and watching TV but the decision was still to be made where people were going to sleep.

“Uncle and I can share a room and Laura can have the other one. Or Laura and uncle can share a room and I take the other one,” Jessica said before laughing as my dad gave her a look that would freeze hell over.

” I think they are old enough to make their own decision on sleeping arrangements,” my mother said getting up from her seat.

I looked at my dad who had an angry look in his face for a minute but soon lit up and smiled as he got up from his chair.

“I agree darling. You kids decide what you want to do but not to much noise because we have to get up early tomorrow. Night kids and happy to meet you Laura,” my dad kissing her hand before leaving the room.

The three of us sat there looking at each other before Jessica smiled and went to the fridge where she got three sodas. Once she was out of the kitchen, she motioned for us to follow her. Laura got up first, going into the hallway before I got up from the couch and went toward the hallway. When I reached the hallway I saw that Jessica had closed the door to her room so I went into my room and sat down in the chair. A few minutes later they both came in laughing when Jessica tossed me a soda. Laura was now wearing a robe while Jessica was in a tank top and some lounge pants. They sat down on the bed with their sodas and starting flipping through some channels. They finally settled on some stupid movie which we watched for a little while before starting to talk again.

“So would you mind driving Jessica up so we could go skiing while here Mike?” Laura asked smiling at me.

“If she wants to, we can make it happen but it can’t be until after Christmas,” I said smiling.

“Speaking of which, I need to go shopping for some people. By the way how is Brin?” Jessica asked smiling etiler rus escort and then taking a sip of soda.

“Fine I guess. I haven’t spoken to her in about a week but things are weird.”

“What do you mean?” Laura asked interested in the conversation.

“To me at least it seems as if things have been sliding for a little while. She acts like she is seeing someone else. I have asked our friends and they haven’t seen any difference in her but I know there is something going on,” I said looking down.

“How is your sex life?” Jessica asked sitting on the end of the bed.

“To tell you the truth, we haven’t had sex since oh I guess October. We have gone out on dates and everything but nothing further than a nice kiss good night. Like I said seems like she is disinterested but scared to say anything.”

“I am sorry to hear that Uncle. I don’t know what the world is coming to,” Jessica said starting to rub my leg up and down and then started laughing.

“Wow I guess you are telling the truth.”

I looked down and saw my cock growing under my lounge pants as she kept rubbing my leg. I looked at Laura who was sitting up now trying to see what we were talking about. I guess she saw what she was looking for because she gave me this sly little smile before laying back down. Jessica turned around and did something because Laura just smiled more when I saw Jessica get up and climb back onto the bed but now crawling toward Laura pointing her butt in my direction. She crawled to the top of the bed wear I saw her whispering something in Laura’s ear who just kept smiling. Jessica then laid on the bed before moving over and started kissing Laura’s neck. I was looking at them with this shocked face because Jessica just started laughing again.

“You know we are room mates at college and we have done some experiments,” Jessica said before kissing Laura again.

A few more minutes of this and my cock was straining against my lounge pants before Jessica whispered something in Laura’s ear. She shook her head yes as I saw Jessica slowly reach down to the robe tie and pulled. Jessica pulled the two sides apart and there on my bed Laura was naked underneath the robe. I looked over her body and smiled a bit as her hair was perfectly trimmed as I slowly worked my way up her body to her breasts. They were mouth watering and I actually thought they looked better than Jessica’s breasts. Jessica was slowly stroking over Laura’s body with her eyes closed and moaning a little bit when Jessica turned the television up. Not loud enough to wake my parents but loud enough to cover Laura’s moans. Jessica then turned to me and smiled.

“She is ready for you uncle,” Jessica said as she reached into her pocket retrieving a condom.

I didn’t have to be told twice as I got up from my chair and took my lounge pants off quickly followed by my boxers. I climbed on the bed making Laura open her eyes but she quickly closed them when Jessica enclosed her lips on Laura’s nipple. Jessica handed me the condom which I put on quickly and got between Laura’s legs lining up perfectly. I looked up at Jessica who put her hand up now.

“Listen Laura, my uncle is going to fuck the shit out of you now,” Jessica said before lowering her hand.

I slowly inserted into Laura who was making short little gasps as I pushed deeper and deeper into her until I was fully in. I started etiler türbanlı escort to pull out when Laura’s legs wrapped themselves around me.

“No…not yet please…,” Laura said which made me smile.

Right after she said this I pushed into her again as she gasped and opened her eyes before closing them again. I pulled out and plunged into her again only quicker. Within minutes the bed was almost jumping up and down as I fucked her. Laura was whimpering softly but got a little louder as we went on. I looked over at Jessica who was smiling while watching this and soon bent down to Laura’s ear again.

“He’s fucking you Laura. Isn’t it everything that I described it would be like. His cock is all glistened with your juices Laura. You are going to make him cum soon Laura and I know you want him to do that,” Jessica said before moving to Laura’s nipple and sucking on it.

That must have been to much for her as her pussy clapped down on my cock and this little yelp escaped her mouth before Jessica put her hand over Laura’s mouth. I started to fuck her faster now as a second orgasm starting to take over Laura’s body which was more violent than the first. Jessica moved up quick and put a pillow over Laura’s mouth as she screamed holy hell. Jessica then turned to me and smiled.

“Cum on her uncle. Just cum all over her.”

I smiled and before to long I felt my cum rising and drew out my cock almost tearing the condom off. I continued to jack off for a little while before I starting to shoot. The first stream landed just below her chin while the second one landed on her nipple. I continued shooting all over Laura’s body with a little puddle forming around her navel. I finally laid down across the foot of the bed breathing hard but smiling at the same time. I looked over to the girls as Jessica was rubbing the cum into Laura’s navel area and Laura was rubbing cum into her chest. I just smiled as I looked at my cock which was still as strong as a rock which I thought was interesting. Soon there was movement on the bed as I watched Laura take off her robe and crawl toward me. She grabbed another condom from Jessica and ripped it open. She put the condom in her mouth before engulfing my cock. She sucked on it for a little while before climbing on me and inserting my cock. She started bouncing up and down right away moaning while playing with her nipples. The bed was jumping when Jessica came up behind Laura and started playing with Laura’s nipples.

Soon this lust which I had never experienced before starting to build and before long I was a wild man as my niece would tell me later. I grabbed Laura and turned her onto the bed before fucking the shit out of her. I didn’t care who heard us at this time I just fucked Laura like there was no tomorrow. Jessica was trying to keep Laura quiet before finally just putting a pillow over her face. Finally her pussy started to clamp down on my cock again as she started cumming all over my cock. This was to much for me as I pulled out my cock, tearing off the condom again and shooting all over Laura again this time hitting her hair a little bit.

I fell back against the wall with Laura was coming down from her high. Jessica was sitting on the bed with a shocked look on her face. Laura was rubbing the cum into her body once again smiling as my cock finally started to shrink.

“Wow. My god Jessica that was amazing,” Laura said smiling.

Jessica smiled as she got off the bed and gathered some stuff before going toward the door.

“Well I think we know what the sleeping arrangements are. Have fun,” Jessica said before leaving the room.

Laura and I looked at each other with a shocked look but soon turned into a smile as I dove for her pussy. It would be a wild night.

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