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My Story Ch. 02

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It had been 4 weeks since my first encounter with O. I could not go for more than a couple of hours without thinking about that magical night that fate had brought us together. O had txt me the very next morning and asked if I had enjoyed our time together.

I obviously played it cool and replied the very second his txt landed in my inbox, and told him that he had given me the best sex I had ever experienced, and to add to that, it had been my first time with a man, a very hot, sexy Adonis of a black man, the man of my dreams, O.

I felt like a doting schoolgirl with her first crush. Every time my phone would ping and it was from O, I could feel my heart flutter and a deep yearning come over me and a hunger and craving that I had not experienced before took a hold.

To take things back a touch, O was a male escort I had encountered and who’s services I had acquired after months of scouring the internet looking for the hottest interracial porn I could find.

Interracial porn was now my staple in any self-pleasure activities I participated in. In other works, I would squeeze and rub and stroke my cock to all the beautiful, big, black cocks I could find online. There was something about them huge black cocks, all wet and shiny, being worshipped and pleasured by sexy, cock hungry white girls.

I often found that I would imagine I was the girl in the scene, and it was me taking them massive, beautiful black dicks and making it my personal mission to pleasure as many black men as I could get my hands on. You could say it had become a bit of an obsession.

One night, instead of browsing the biggest and best black cocks on the internet, I searched for male escorts, in particular, black male escorts. O was my perfect man. Tall, strong, ruggedly handsome, very charming with dark skin and the most beautiful black cock between his legs.

I had since learnt that when O is not using that delicious, black, meaty cock for pleasuring black cock loving white men like me, that he was a personal trainer in his day job. Finding out about his day job as a PT opened a whole new series of fantasies for me but I will save them for a later story. Chapter 1 of My Story describes our first encounter after exchanging messages and numbers online.

Since that first encounter, we had exchanged the occasional flirty or suggestive txt, which I would find myself blushing at when reading them. He was insatiable and the pictures and short videos of him displaying his impressive manhood convinced me (not that I needed it) that I had to see him again. He knew just how to tease me so that he knows I will be craving more of that beautiful, delicious black cock.

We arranged a suitable date for us both and O made a few suggestions to make our evening more romantic, a term which I found appealed to me and made me grow more excited to hear his thoughts.

O recommended a nice hotel in the area, not far from his apartment, where we would be able to set the mood and enable us to just be that extra bit more relaxed with each other. It sounded perfect.

O sent me the link for the hotel, and I proceeded to book a room for the night in question. I booked a standard double, I kind of liked the idea of being in a smaller space with this perfect specimen of a man rather than one of the larger suite-style rooms that were available. I had an experience from acıbadem escort our first night together that the size of this man in an enclosed space with me made me feel more vulnerable and willing to submit to him and I liked the feeling and was excited to experience more of it. Room booked. This was starting to get real.

Throughout the 4 weeks since our first liaison, O had been complimenting me on my peachy, behind. He said I had a nice phat (spelt with a ph), white, bubble butt and he enjoyed getting to grips with it during our first meet.

He txt me asking if I’d ever worn ladies’ panties. I thought it was a little odd but was more than willing to hear more. I found myself wanting to please him. O suggested that my peachy ass cheeks would look just perfect held in gently by a nice little lacy number, or some frilly satin panties.

He again sent me some links for women’s underwear shops in the area and number of styles that are his favourites. I browsed the list he had given me and found a nice tasteful pair that I am sure he would approve of. They were rose coloured satin on the front with a revealing behind on the rear of the panties. A few strands of lace across the back which I figured would definitely allow O some easier access should he desire.

I learned that they are called, bottomless panties and were for perfect for those who delved into and explored the pleasures of ass play. And that is something I most definitely want to experience more of with my perfect man. O declared that my ass would look good enough to eat in them panties, a statement that piqued my interest.

Once all the arrangements had been made, O told me that he’d meet me at the hotel room and that he had another surprise for me if I trusted him and he’d show me when he arrived. Yet more excitement as if I didn’t have enough already, meeting the man of my dreams in a romantic hotel room, wearing some deliciously, naughty panties.

I checked in and acquainted myself with the room. I raided the mini bar for some Dutch courage and I thought I’d get myself in the mood with some of my favourite porn, the material that led me onto this path of black cock addiction to begin with I showered, watched some porn, while chubbing up my own cock and I tried on my newly purchased panties.

Checking myself out in the mirror, my ass did indeed look incredible. I found myself posing in the mirror, trying to find out what is the best angle for me to show off my assets, and what lighting would look best. Once I found the perfect ambiance, I dimmed the lights and waited nervously. I found that excitement and nervousness washed over me, but my horniness always shone through.

O txt me to let me know he was on his way up in the lift. I was so excited. I waited at the door, peering through the peep hole so I could see him approaching. I watched this hunk of a black man stroll confidently down the corridor, filling the narrow pathway with his large, strong frame.

I opened the door and hid behind it as he strolled in. The door swung shut and he greeted me and kissed me on the forehead before entering the main bedroom. He smelt terrific, as usual and his scent made me feel a little lightheaded. His scent that had me lusting over him last time we met, it’s always his scent that gets me first and I’m like putty in his akbatı escort fingers.

O looked me up and down and let out an approving grunt as he grabbed at his big cock lying dormant in his trousers.

“You wanna see how excited that hot bubble butt gets me in them panties?” he said, in his deep voice.

“Yes!” I whispered.

O sat in the chair and unbuckled his pants, pulling out his big thick cock and balls. He indicated, with a twirl of his index, for me to spin around. I do not know what come over me, maybe it was the mini bar taking its toll, but I was overcome with lust, I wanted to please this big strong man and I wanted him to want me as much as I wanted him. I turned my ass towards him and arched my back a little, aiming it at him.

He let out a long whistle, “Nice!” he said, “You look really hot.”

I crawled onto the bed on all fours and bent over for him so he could appreciate what he was going to own tonight and to show off these brand-new panties I bought just for him, my man. O was stroking his cock to full hardness and it looked delicious. The dim light in the room made it look big and shiny, with the tip leaking precum.

I lowered myself off the bed and crawled towards him. He beat that massive meat for all it was worth, looking right into my eyes as I got closer. He did not let up, he just stoked that cock for me, offering it to me.

I tugged at his trousers, pulling them off and moved closer, brushing my face against his thickly muscled thighs, and pressing my face right into his big balls. I inhaled deeply, breathing in his musky scent, I exhaled loudly, groaning with pleasure before going in again and breathing him in. I ran my nose all the way up his thick shaft, taking him in, flicking my tongue over his spunky tip to taste him. It felt like an addiction, I was hungry for his scent and his taste of that delicious big black cock.

O fished around in his backpack that was next to him on the chair. I was watching him intently as I ran my tongue up his inner thigh and tried to curl my tongue under his heavy balls to suck them in. He pulled out a small blue glass bottle with a white lid. He looked me in the eyes and asked if I trust him.

“mmm hmm.”, was all I could reply with my mouth full of his balls.

O unscrewed the lid and held the small blue bottle next to the shaft of his cock.

“Come and have a smell of this.” he said.

I moved closer so my face was pressed against his thick cock and I could feel the warmth from it. He pressed a finger over one nostril and instructed me to inhale. I did, deeply.

I lifted my head up and felt the warmth slowly filling my throat and my lungs. I exhaled and let out a little moan as I felt the head rush taking over me. O pulled me towards him whilst I was on this high and started kissing me deep, I opened my mouth and accepted his tongue. He was groping my ass roughly now through my panties, giving me playful spanks, which I told him I liked.

He pulled away from our kiss and held that little magic blue bottle to my nose again. I breathed it in and immediately wanted his big dick in my mouth when that high hit me again.

I lowered my face into his groin. Rubbing my face into his cock and balls, breathing him in. I took his shiny tip into my mouth and sucked on it passionately aksaray escort as the high washed over me.

All my inhibitions disappearing, and I worked his balls in my hand whilst stroking his shaft into my hungry mouth. I heard O hit the poppers above. He was reaching down and groping my ass, spanking me, and rubbing my cheeks, spreading them, and squeezing them back together. I loved the way the man handled my ass cheeks like that, and I told him. I could almost feel his dick grow fatter as the high from the poppers hit. I loved it and the grinding of my ass onto his strong hands was showing him, I hope.

He was thrusting that huge shaft into my throat now and I had to gasp and pull away to come up for air. I pulled his top up over his head, i wanted to see and feel that hot, tight torso under me. I climbed into his lap, straddling him on the chair and could feel the heat and power from that enormous cock underneath me.

I wanted it and I made sure to grind down on that dick hard. O was groping me roughly and letting his fingers tease into my panties and find my tight puckered hole, he tickled me and made me moan as I went in for more kisses.

O worked a wet finger into me and then I could feel the tip of his wet cock sliding into my panties, like it had a mind of its own. This is a part that I like a lot and did not want to rush it. Feeling that big cock sliding all over me, nudging and poking at my hole before slipping up my crack and nestling between my cheeks. I could do this for hours; it really gets me going.

O had other ideas, I am trying to avoid it sliding into my tight hole, and he was trying his best to get it up inside me. It was so much naughty fun teasing each other like this.

Then everything slowed down, the naughty, flirty giggling stopped, and we looked into each other’s eyes, O bringing that small blue bottle up to our noses, we inhaled deeply, feeling the rush. I started pushing down ever so slowly onto his huge cock.

The poppers and wet fingering and teasing loosening my tight hole. O’s massive cock was entering me slowly, inch by inch I would take that full length. I’d lift up a couple of times if the pain got too much but I’d always be willing to slide back down on it. I felt such a sense of achievement when my cheeks rested against his thighs, I loved being filled by him, It just felt right.

O easily picked me up and carried me the short distance to the bed, his cock still inside me as he carried me. I wrapped my legs around his ripped, hard torso and held him there tight. As he lowered me down onto my back, his hard, cock slipped from my gaping hole which made us both gasp.

O rolled me onto my side and nuzzled in behind me. Kissing my neck and threatening my hole with that big black cock again. I wanted him back inside me, I felt empty without him. I reached down to squeeze his shaft with my hand and massage those big balls.

I was aware he didn’t put a condom on this time, but I didn’t want it to stop. I squeezed his cock with my ass muscles and stroked his shaft and balls as he fucked me. I wanted his cum inside me and I told him. Begging him to fuck me harder, telling him I am all his and to fill my ass with his hot cum.

I knew he was close, and he was about to fulfil something I’d been dreaming of for months, filling up my slutty hole with all his hot cum. I heard him hit the poppers one last time and he held his breath and released his orgasm inside me with animalistic groans. I could feel his cock twitching inside me as he pumped me full of his hot liquid. We lay there gasping for breath, he held me tight in his strong arms, our legs entwined as we drifted off to sleep, fully satisfied.

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