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Naughty Friend Buys My Silence Ch. 11

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Naughty Friend Buys My Silence 11 — They take the busty Stripper home.

Submitted: August 29, 2021 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)

Tags: cheating (slut/boyfriend), prostitution, big tits, blowjob, domination, harem


I posted a comment on Ch 9 to try to address the questions I was seeing, so check it out if you haven’t already.

Also, if you’re enjoying this story, you may also really like my “Innocent Devil’s Harem” series likewise available on Lit.


– CHAPTER 11: Drama –

– SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19: Late Evening –

As I watched the redhead stripper goddess leave in a hurry to get to the back dressing room, I actually paid attention this time to see where she went, since I hadn’t seen where she came from originally, nor had I seen where Amber and Sarah had gone to get backstage.

I was actually both surprised and unsurprised when Victoria slipped through a door right next to the DJ, who was really just a college guy with his computer hooked up to the speakers. Of course, it made sense that they’d want to have someone close to the door to ensure no unauthorized individuals entered, but I also realized that I never would have suspected the unmarked entrance led anywhere other than a closet.

But clearly it didn’t lead to a closet at all.

Despite the fact that Victoria had been a little deceptive, by claiming that Amber sent her out to ‘entertain me,’ when in reality she just wanted to pry information out of me about how my ‘girlfriend’ was doing, I couldn’t stop the image of her physical appearance from feeling like it was branded in my mind.

Her black PVC thigh-high boots, black vinyl pleated mini-skirt with matching top, coupled with the transparent hoodie, along with the shiny red thong straps on her hips, the cute navel piercing, and the butterfly tramp-stamp between the dimples on her lower back…

Never mind her thick vibrant red hair that hung in heavy curls around her shoulders, as well as her gorgeous blue eyes, angelic face, cute nose, full lips, delicate jawline, slim neck, and then every little adorable mannerism she did, like her little head tilts and even just the way she held herself while sitting in a chair, her hands politely folded in her lap, looking like a cute little fuck toy just waiting to be…

Well, fucked, of course.

Waiting to be played with, waiting to be used, just like a living fuck doll.

Shit, I had it bad.

I had it so so bad.

I knew a lot of what Victoria did was intentional, since she was an entertainer and was obviously an expert at offering the fantasy that guys expected to be fed at a place like this, but damn.

I’d never met anyone so erotic in my entire life, and that was saying a lot, considering how sexy my blonde older friend was. I mean, Amber was practically perfection in every way, but holy fuck was there definitely someone else tied for the number one spot on ‘sexiest human alive.’

Then again, I had to admit that I’d only recently seen a side of Amber that I likely never would have experienced if it were not from coming to a place like this, although she was plenty erotic outside of a strip club as well.

As I thought about my conversation with Victoria again, vividly recalling all the gestures and facial expressions she made as if I’d seen them all my life, I didn’t even realize I was staring into space, having forgotten my burger and fries, still focused on the door where she left, until I saw Sarah pop her head out, looking extremely concerned.

Glancing at the stage briefly, I knew there was no one dancing on it, but I’d been so deep in thought that I had no idea how much time had passed, which meant I was uncertain if the empty stage should mean anything at this point.

Still, I wasn’t going to take the chance, finding myself on my feet before I’d even fully realized what I was doing.

Sarah stepped out of the doorway, wearing her slutty school uniform again, including tiny white top and plaid skirt, appearing to focus on the DJ as if she was planning on getting his attention. However, I was busting ass as I zipped through the tables, her catching sight of me before she had a need to speak to him, with me starting to suspect she was specifically looking for me.

“Hey, everything okay?” I asked seriously.

She sort of did a weird uneven nod, only to take a step toward me and stumble.

“Hey,” I exclaimed as I dashed forward to catch her, just barely keeping her on her feet.

“Tanksss,” she slurred, looking like she was struggling to focus on me.

“Shit, you’ve had too much to drink.”

She shook her head, only to sway against me. “No, I am…okay.” She grinned. “Sorryyy. Hazel…” She laughed, a big grin spreading on her face. “Hazel,” she chuckled, like suddenly that stage name was super funny.

“Here, come on,” I quickly said as I pulled her against my side to walk her back Lefkoşa Escort through the door, knowing we were going to start drawing too much attention if we stayed here much longer. I then continued speaking once we were inside the dimly lit hallway, which was much brighter further down and to the left. “Now, what about Hazel?”

She chuckled again. “Wants to talk…” She paused to poke me in the chest at her eye level. “To you!” she said cheerfully.

I sighed, not having a good feeling about this.

Continuing to hold Sarah close to me, her head pressed against the side of my chest, I walked her down the hall and around the corner to an obvious changing room with all kinds of costumes and props laid out. Honestly, I kind of expected to encounter someone right away, even if just the supposed ‘house mom,’ but there was no one in sight.

Like, the place looked deserted, and I strongly doubted the two girls had gone back on stage in the ten seconds that I’d been back here.

Sarah immediately had wide eyes when we entered the room, and she looked around the place like she was seeing it for the first time. “Woah!” she exclaimed. “So bright in here!”

I rolled my eyes, glad she was at least speaking clear for the most part. “Where are they?” I wondered seriously.

She pointed to another door, so I went ahead and had Sarah sit in a chair, being firm about telling her to stay.

She only giggled. “I’m your slut, so I guess I have to,” she chuckled.

“Yeah, you have to. Don’t go anywhere at all. Even if you have to pee, stay right here.”

She nodded, her head drooping unexpectedly from the motion, only for her to jerk upward again like she almost fell asleep.

Shit, she definitely had too much to drink, especially considering how tiny she was. I’d probably have to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn’t like puke and suffocate or something, like in the event she was so drunk that she couldn’t roll over in her sleep. I had no idea how common that was, but knew it was definitely a thing.

But that was fine. I didn’t have a problem with taking care of her and overall just babying her.

However, first, I needed to figure out where Amber was.

Heading straight for the metal door, I knocked on it briefly before opening up, surprised to discover her sitting on a bench in a small locker room, her light green eyes tight as she initially focused on someone else.

She had been wearing a gypsy outfit when she was on stage, doing belly dances and shit, but now she was in what looked like a shiny PVC biker jacket, a shiny metallic pink tube-top, and a matching pair of booty shorts with vinyl boots that only went up to her knees.

Of course, she looked up at me when I opened the door.

Swinging it a bit wider, I then laid eyes on Victoria, seeing her in the same outfit as before, but sitting hunched over on another bench, tears streaming down her face, looking absolutely miserable as if she’d been crying for a solid five minutes.

I gave Amber my attention. “Hey, what’s going on? What’s wrong?”

She sighed heavily, averting her light green gaze. “Come in and close the door.”

I took a step back really quick, just to doublecheck to make sure Sarah didn’t look like she was going anywhere, before doing as she asked and closing the door behind me.

The moment I did, Amber blurted out the issue.

“She knows,” she said simply.

My eyes widened in shock, wondering if she was saying what I thought she was saying.

“What do you mean she knows?” I asked seriously.

Amber glanced at the person in question, who appeared to be remaining silent for now, only to sigh. “Vicki caught sight of you when we first arrived, and figured out who you were right away. Even approached me about it, and apparently didn’t listen when I told her to drop it,” she said firmly, glaring at Victoria. She then took a deep breath, focusing up at me. “Which means, your conversation with her was very insightful.”


Oh, shit. This was bad.

I mean, it must be bad, right? Because obviously it seemed as if Amber didn’t trust this person enough to not say anything to our families, or to otherwise keep her mouth shut. Like, obviously I’d done my part in playing Amber’s boyfriend, but if Victoria knew who I really was, and was aware we actually lived together in the same house, then no doubt this was potentially opening ourselves up to a lot of problems. Especially if the wrong people found out.

I knew I might have overshared with her once she indicated that Amber hadn’t actually sent her out to entertain me, but I never would have imagined that she was aware of the situation the whole time. And fuck, I’d been pretty honest with this chick about the fact that my ‘girlfriend’ and I had fucked and been intimate with each other.

I’d even gone so far as to admit I’d only fucked two women in my entire life, and they were both on stage!

Yeah, if she wasn’t Girne Escort trustworthy, then this was really bad. Although I kind of wondered if the whole misunderstanding and ensuing fallout between them might actually be tainting Amber’s perception of how big of a deal this was.

Because it wasn’t like Victoria was a saint herself, so doubtful she cared what we did, or even saw a problem with it.

I spoke up before my thoughts even caught up with me. “Okay, first of all,” I began seriously, directing my words at Amber. “I don’t want you being mad at me, because I played the part I thought I was supposed to be playing.”

Amber looked up at me in surprise, only to grimace. “I’m not mad at you. It’s just…”

Victoria sniffled then, reaching up to wipe her eyes. “I…” She sucked in a ragged breath. “I would never tell anyone,” she whispered. “I’d never…” Her voice trailed off.

“That’s not the point!” Amber blurted out, finally sounding pissed. “Do you realize the situation this puts us in?! If you even open your damn mouth to one person, then it might spread like wildfire. And it’s a big enough deal that it could even affect my dad’s job, even though they moved!”

“Okay, hold up,” I nearly snapped, stopping her before she could continue. “This is obviously a problem, especially if you don’t trust her with this information, but now is not the time or place to discuss it.”

Amber seemed surprised by the authority in my voice, only to scoff. “What’s there to discuss?” she asked seriously, definitely sounding angry and showing the one side of her that I wasn’t a fan of — the irrationally pissed side.

I sighed, deciding to change my tone, since I knew how she was. “Amber, let’s just take her home with us,” I suggested.

“Huh?” both women immediately said in unison, looking confused as hell.

But honestly, I was starting to doubt that this redhead being trustworthy was the real issue here. Amber just didn’t like that someone could potentially blackmail her with this. She didn’t like that she had to trust someone else to keep their mouth shut, finding it easier to just keep it a secret from everyone.

I focused on Victoria. “Do you have other plans tonight?” I asked seriously. “Anything you can’t cancel?”

She sniffled, trying to wipe her eyes again. “Well, no but…”

“Hey seriously,” Amber said in confusion. “What do you think you’re doing just inviting her over like that?”

I gave her a firm look again, deciding not to point out that it was my house to begin with. “You guys need to talk,” I replied evenly. “About a lot of stuff, actually, because there’s a huge misunderstanding that’s going on, and I can’t get in the middle of it without overstepping boundaries, so you two need to figure it out.”

Amber’s light green eyes widened at that, glancing at Victoria and then back at me. “What misunderstanding?” she said hesitantly, a slight edge to her tone.

“Look,” I quickly continued, knowing she would make it a point to discuss it now if the subject got breached. “Sarah’s staying over at our place anyway, so let’s just make it a big ol’ sleepover, so you guys can figure some stuff out. Because you used to be best friends, right?”

Amber and Victoria immediately glanced at each other, with Victoria looking especially vulnerable, before the sexy blonde focused up at me again hesitantly. “Umm, yeah, we were.” She paused, glancing at her friend again. “And I kind of wish we still were,” she added, showing an uncommon moment of vulnerability.

“Really?” Victoria said in sincere surprise, the hopefulness in her tone unmistakable.

Amber sighed. “Yeah, I do.”

“Okay,” I quickly said, before the conversation could get any more detailed. “So that’s what we’ll do. This place is not a good spot to talk about this stuff, but you guys do need to talk tonight. Okay?” I said to Amber.

She nodded, her brow slightly furrowed.

“And Victoria,” I continued, a hint of firmness back in my tone. “You need to be honest, okay?” I then stood up straighter and crossed my arms. “Assuming what you told me was all true.”

She immediately grimaced, seeming to shrink even more on the bench. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Of course, I assumed she was apologizing for deceiving me in the first place, since I couldn’t imagine what she told me regarding her and Amber was a lie. In the meantime, Amber was just looking back and forth between us in sincere confusion, obviously trying to understand what she was missing.

I relaxed a little and pulled out my phone, checking the time. I then focused on my sexy blonde friend. “Okay, so it’s about midnight. How late did you plan on staying? Because if we’re going to stay for another couple of hours, then you two need to put this aside for now so you can finish out the night.”

Victoria finally reached up to wipe her eyes again, sitting up a little straighter as well. “I should really stay,” she said quietly. “Mike Magosa Escort will be pissed if I leave this early.”

Amber scoffed. “You’re not exactly a normal employee, Vicki. You should be able to come and go however you want. You get paid in tips, not an hourly wage.”

The sexy redhead sighed. “Yeah, but you know how it is. Would be different if there were other girls here.”

I decided to chime back in. “Maybe we could just stay for another hour,” I suggested, focusing mostly on Victoria. “Just tell Mike the three of you will each do one more dance, maybe separated by like ten minutes or something, and then you’ve got to go.”

Amber scoffed at that. “Sarah’s too tipsy to be of any use now. I wish I’d realized she was drinking so much, or else I would have stopped her before it got out of hand.” She sighed. “Didn’t think it would be a problem with me introducing her as eighteen. Should have known better.”

“She is pretty small,” I countered. “Probably wouldn’t even take a full beer to get her hammered.”

Amber grinned at that, though there wasn’t much amusement in her expression from the obvious stress she felt over this situation.

“So then?” I prompted.

Amber and Victoria exchanged a long glance again, before Amber sighed. “Just tell Mike that you and I will each do one more dance, and then you can follow us back to our house.”

“You sure?” Victoria said hesitantly.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” she replied confidently. “And we’ll talk,” she added, only to glance up at me. “About everything.”

I had no idea what she meant by that, if she was just implying they’d be discussing our semi-taboo relationship, or she was actually implying that she and I needed to talk too, but knew now wasn’t the time to try clarifying.

“Alright,” I sighed. “Then I guess I’ll babysit Sarah while you do your last couple of dances, and we’ll head out.”

Victoria finally stood up, sniffling again. “I need to make a quick trip to the restroom, and then I’ll talk to Mike.”

Amber sighed. “Alright, then I guess I’ll get ready to do my next dance, and then we’ll wait for you to finish up yours.”

Victoria nodded, hesitating like she wanted to say something, but then deciding against it as she slipped by me to head to the bathroom. Unsurprisingly, she kept her blue eyes averted and wouldn’t meet my gaze, looking visibly ashamed by the fact that she’d deceived me. Which I felt like might be a good sign. I mean, if she wasn’t sincerely sorry for breaking my trust, then I felt like she wouldn’t be looking upset to this extreme.

More than upset, it was obvious she felt like she’d fucked everything up, and felt miserable that she couldn’t easily fix it.

Giving Amber one last look, I slipped back out into the main dressing room area, leaving the door partially open, thankful that Sarah hadn’t snuck away anywhere. Quite the opposite, it looked like she’d fallen asleep, having leaned her head forward against a counter and just passed out.

I’d seen some guys on my floor come back drunk after a long night of partying, and I didn’t feel like Sarah was that intoxicated, but it was hard to tell. Like, she was a bit unsteady, and obviously slap-happy, but could mostly speak clearly and obviously made her way out to try to get me, even having enough sense to attempt to approach the DJ so he could find me.

But then, at the same time, falling asleep in her current position made it look like she was hammered to the extreme.

I supposed I’d know for sure, if she ended up puking before the night was done.

Deciding to grab a small trashcan and pull up a seat next to her, I carefully rested my hand on her slim upper back, gently feeling her shoulder blades through the thin white top, a little surprised that the material actually was as smooth as silk, despite not looking shiny.

Sarah immediately jolted from the touch, only to groan as she pushed herself up in her seat, a big red mark on her forehead from the counter, leaning more toward me and into my warm hand. Her bright blue eyes then opened groggily as she sniffled, turning her eyes up toward me with a desperate expression.

“Please,” she begged, still looking half asleep, almost sounding like she was dreaming. “Please hold me.” She sniffled, her tone becoming even more pitiful. “Please.”

Stunned by her intensity, I just stared at her for a second, surprised when she sniffled again and reached out to grab a small fistful of my shirt, beginning to tug as if she was starting to try to pull herself into my lap, only to just end up leaning more toward me.

“Please,” she said even more desperately, sounding like her heart was literally breaking.

Sighing, I carefully reached out with my other hand and began pulling her into my lap, readjusting her so I could get her head on my shoulder while her tiny ass rested on my thighs, the plaid skirt getting caught so that her thong-covered butt was directly on my black pants.

Once in my arms, she immediately turned her face more into my chest, rubbing back and forth briefly before whimpering with her eyes closed. And then she was quiet, her brow furrowing just briefly every few seconds, her small fist still holding tightly onto my shirt, but otherwise appearing sound asleep.

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