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Need Ch. 02

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The spring air was like a shot of electricity to my skin after being so flush from excitement inside the theater. Taige and I ran to my vehicle, and took a few seconds to catch our breath once inside.

“Where?” I said, still out of breath.

“Just drive south of town. I know a place.” she sputtered.

I pulled the shifter into drive, peeking out the rear view mirror. Shit, I hope that’s not a cop. I think to myself when I see lights following behind us. My body slowly starts to calm down as “Volcano” spills out from the speakers. Taige has her nails in her mouth like she’s very nervous. This makes me giggle a little.

“Ok, just follow the dirt road a ways up to that pond, Ella. Maybe these people behind us will just keep on going, and we can park out here. It’s usually pretty dead at night.”

I did as I was told, and sure enough, as soon as I pulled into the pond’s parking lot, the vehicle behind us kept going. The pond was dotted around it’s edges with trees and picnic tables. There was a family of ducks on the other side, and the moon illuminated the water, making the area seem brighter in comparison to the dark dirt road. I drove down a small hill and around the pond on the far side, so any incoming traffic wouldn’t see a car parked.

I pushed the the car into park just a little before the car completely stopped, causing it to jolt forward. I turned the key off and everything instantly went quiet. All silent except the ringing in my ears. Taige surprised me by getting out of the car.

“What are you doing?” I asked, following her out of the car.

“There’s nobody here, Ella. We will just go down here to this grassy spot. More room.” Her eyes were menacing.

I giggled loudly as she grabbed me around the waste, tackling me to the ground. Her mouth was warm on mine, causing relief from the damp cool air. Long fingers lightly felt through my hair, giving me goosebumps. Grabbing my hand in hers, she pushed my fingers into her pants, and then her panties.

“Do you feel how wet you make me?” she breathed.

“Mmm…I do. I could feel it at the theater through your panties.”

“I’ve been wet ever since you text me earlier. I get wet every time I think about you baby.”

She pulled her hand out, leaving mine. I slid my wet fingers, slowly, güvenilir bahis into her pussy. And just as slowly pulled them out, rubbing her juice around her lips, and then down to her ass. My hand was yanked out when she pulled my shirt over my head. We undressed one another with fury and need. I needed to feel her skin on mine. Straddling over her on the grassy hill after we were both completely naked, I took a second to look at her amazing body. She was so tan, naturally of course. My skin against hers was like snow. She sat up and kissed my stomach as I admired her. Throwing my head back, I moaned. In the distance I thought I heard the sound of tires over rock. I grabbed her head to make her stop, and listened intently.

“Did you hear that?” I whispered.

“Hear what??” she half snapped.

“I swear I just heard tires rolling. Maybe we should…”

“No you don’t. Nobody is here. Don’t be so paranoid.”

She grabbed me around the waste and swiftly rolled me around to where she was now straddling me. She pinned my arms above my head and kissed my bare breasts. Her lips brushed my skin from one breast to the other, taking time in between to suck, and flick my nipples. Gliding her lips up my neck, and then over my ear. Her breath in my ear made me clench my pussy muscles involuntarily. I bucked my hips, wanting desperately to release, but wanting the feeling to last forever at the same time. Positioning her legs so that our pussies could touch, she started to rock her hips. Both of us so wet that we just glided skin over skin. I could feel her swollen clit over mine every third or fourth slide. We were moaning loudly, feeding off each other’s pleasure.

I’m instantly blinded with something over my eyes. It’s not hands, but something cloth. I hear Taige scream and feel her pulled away from me. My God, I knew I heard someone.

“Please don’t hurt me!” I cry.

I can hear Taige giggle. What the hell!! My eyes try to focus as the cloth is removed from my eyes and I look around and see Jeff. My head whips back around, in search of Taige, and she is in the embrace of her husband, Brock.

“What are you guys doing here?” I sputter.

“Seems we should ask you the same thing. Girls night out huh? We always wondered exactly what you girls did on these nights. Now we güvenilir bahis siteleri know.” Jeff said, amused.

I threw myself back onto the hill to catch my breath, not even realizing I should probably cover up in front of Taige’s husband. When I open my eyes, Taige is on her knees in front of Brock, sucking his cock furiously. Jeff is behind me, moving my hair off my shoulders, and whispers in my ear, “Does that look like fun?”

“Of course.” I say, and wink at him. I get on my knees and turn around to undo his jeans.

“No, not me babe. Him. Go.”

I look at him with shock and confusion. He doesn’t explain. He helps me off the ground and walks me over to Taige and Brock. Then pushes on my shoulders next to Taige, forcing me to my knees. The grass tickles my legs, and Taige runs her fingers up my back, and then into my hair, pulling my mouth close to hers, and kisses me hard and deep. As she opens her mouth to release mine, I can feel Brock’s hard cock at the corner of both of our mouths. I look up at him, and he nods his head as if giving me permission to take him in. Jeff’s hand is on the back of my head, pushing my mouth deeper onto Brock until I can’t go any farther. I pull back, squeezing my lips hard around him, and then wrap my lips on one side of his hardness, as Taige does the same on the other side. Jeff has kneeled down and is massaging both of our tits. He runs his hands down both of our backs and the reaches down to our pussies.

“You girls are dripped wet.” He whispers, huskily.

I feel him pull away for a moment, and I want to look and see where he has gone. But I don’t want to take my mouth off of Brock. His cock is twitching and he is moaning loudly. My pussy is filled, quickly, with a hard dick, as I feel Jeff wrap his arms around me, fucking me from behind. I moan loudly, so close to losing control. Jeff pulls out quickly after several hard thrusts and lifts me up. Brock lifts Taige and we all walk over to the picnic table. Brock sits on the table, and Jeff guides my face over Brock again. I try to look for Taige and then feel Jeff again behind me, as I bend over at the waist sucking Brock. He shoves his cock hard into my wet, throbbing pussy. Then I feel Taige’s tongue alternating from what feels like Jeff’s balls to my clit. She is between iddaa siteleri my legs, licking me while Jeff fucks my pussy, and Brock fucks my mouth. Grabbing a hand full of my hair, Brock growls like he’s going to cum. I close my throat, waiting for his warm load to fill my mouth, and with a yank, he pulls me off of him. Jeff stops fucking me and bends down to help Taige up off the ground. Taige is in front of Jeff and me again in front of Brock now, on our knees. They both start to fuck our mouths, hard. Both men growling loudly. I can hear Taige wimpering with pleasure as my husband fucks her face. Tears are running down my face and my jaw is really starting to hurt but it’s so worth it. Almost without warning I can feel hot liquid squirt at the back of my throat, and I gag a little, not expecting it. Jeff growls loudly, a sound I know well to mean that he is coming. I drink every drop of Brock’s load down. I look over to Taige to see my husband’s cum all over her beautiful tits. Our husbands do up their pants.

“We are going to have to do a couple’s night every once in awhile in addition to your girl’s night.” Brock says. His voice is still husky with sex.

“I don’t know. I kind of enjoyed not knowing you were out there and then being surprised.” Taige giggled.

“Well, you girls enjoy the rest of your girl’s night. We better get back and release the baby sitter.” Jeff announced.

And just like that they were gone. I was still on my knees as was Taige. Her breasts still glistening with Jeff’s cum. I inched close to her and began kissing and licking his cum off her tits. She pulled my mouth to hers, kissing me, taking my tongue into her mouth and sucking hard.

“Now, where were we?” Taige asked.

She pushed me back into the position we were in before the boys showed up, pushing her wet pussy over mine again. We were both even wetter after our visitor interruption, and within seconds we were both exploding hard against one another. Orgasm after orgasm erupting between us as our nails dug into each others skin, pushing for more. After what seemed like an hour of endless orgasms, she collapsed on me, sweating and exhausted. We lay naked, wrapped in one another on the grass until the slightest orange glow of day break showed itself.

“Shit, we stayed here all night?” I said, panicked.

“Looks that way.” giggled Taige.

On the drive home, I smiled. Thinking of all the possibilities for future dates. I’m going to need to write this stuff down, I think to myself. Well….maybe after a nap.

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