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Never Have I Ever Ch. 02

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For those of you who did read the first story, it might not be a bad idea to do that. But if you just want to dive into this one here is a quick synopsis: In Chapter 1 Lynn’s nerdy little brother Sammy visited her in college. The two played a steamy game with two of her roommates and ended up having sex. One of the two roommates, Adrienne, walked in and that is the cliff hanger we ended on. If you want more, click on my name at the top of the screen and look up Chapter 1, or go to the last page on this story and there should be a link on the right of the screen for Chapter 1. Thanks! YKN

* * * * *

I pulled my car into the driveway and turned the engine off. I looked up at the house. The Christmas lights were all hung up and about half an inch of snow sat perfectly white and even on the roof. It looked like it always did at Christmas-time, the same as it looked every single Christmas of my life. It was the day before Christmas Eve and everything should’ve felt great. But it was different now. My stomach was tied in knots and I felt a little bit light-headed. I had never been so nervous to come home in my life. But I had good reason.

It was just three weeks earlier that Adrienne had barged into my room and found my brother Sammy with his softening cock still buried in my ass. She’d walked into the room like she’d belonged there and torn apart my relationship with my brother. Okay, so that relationship was in flux anyway. I mean, you don’t have to be a genius to realize that if my brother’s cock was in my ass that things had taken a sort of strange turn.

“I thought I’d heard something,” she’d said when she’d seen us, “This is not over yet!” I knew at that moment that she was still really hot and bothered from our little game. I’d been in that position before. I knew that being really horny was a lot like being really drunk. That all of the sudden, things that seemed unthinkable when in a normal state of mind all of the sudden seemed possible. So here she was, looking on at a site that was absolutely shocking and at that moment she wanted in. But I also knew that eventually she would come down from her little high and she would be less certain about what was going. She might be disgusted by me. She might use this against me.

“Holy shit Adrienne, don’t you knock?” I asked, sliding forward so that my brother’s dick fell out of my ass. I pulled the covers up around me to cover my nudity.

“You guys are fucking nuts!” she said, ignoring my protest and walking into the room. I looked back at Sammy. He was sitting on his ass now, his legs spread a bit. His big cock was soft and lying against his leg. And that is when I realized what I’d done. I’d just fucked my little brother.

“Adrienne, please just go back to your room. I don’t think this is a good idea,” I said. She looked at me but her face was blank, like she wasn’t registering it.

“So Sammy, I guess if we played the game again, things would turn out differently. There are a whole bunch of things that you’ve done that most guys haven’t, huh?” she said. Sammy was just staring down and his feet. His eyes were glazed. I wanted to move to cover him, but I was too nervous.

Adrienne walked over to my brother and got down on her knees next to the bed. She moved her hand up over my brother’s thigh. I saw him jump a little and his eyes opened slightly. He was whispering something to himself but I couldn’t hear it. He looked so anguished. I wanted to protect him, but I had no idea what to do. Adrienne’s hand touched my brother’s soft cock. I looked at her face and her eyes were glittering and her tongue was poking out of her mouth slightly. And then her fingers wrapped all the way around his dick. And suddenly I felt insanely jealous. It was the most bizarre feeling ever. I had the right and obligation to have about ten thousand weird emotions at that moment, but the only one I felt was jealousy.

Adrienne’s hand started to gently stroke my brother’s cock. My brother didn’t move. His chest was moving slightly or I wouldn’t have known he was alive. Adrienne squeezed him tight, her hand moved down and brushed his balls and then gently stroked up to the tip. But Sammy stayed soft. Adrienne leaned forward and darted her tongue against the tip of my brother’s dick. The tip that had been in my asshole. I was burning now; the only thing that I could was sit there and take it.

“You seemed to have worn him out,” she said looking at me. She was smiling, but she actually sounded a bit angry.

“I don’t know,” I said, seething.

“Sammy, think you’re up to go again?” she asked him. He just sort of shrugged his shoulders. She looked back at me and rolled his eyes.

“Did you actually fuck him?” she asked, “Or were you just trying to show him what the positions are?” I was so angry. How dare she mock Sammy? She had no idea what he was capable of, maybe he just didn’t want her skanky ass! (Where were these thoughts coming from? I never felt this jealous about any guy and this wasn’t a guy, it was my brother).

“Adrienne, pendik escort I think you should go,” I said as evenly as I could.

“I think so too,” she said, “I am like, so disappointed. I thought we were going to get into trouble tonight!” she said and she dropped my brother’s dick and walked out of my room in a huff.

“I am so sorry,” I said when the door closed after her, “I should have locked the door,” Sammy just nodded. Then he got out of bed, quickly put on his clothes and went out to the living room. I tried to talk to him, but each thing I said he’d just nod at. He didn’t say anything to me. And when he went out to the living room, he lay down facing the wall and refused to acknowledge me. And I knew that I’d let down my little brother. I was supposed to take care of him. And I’d fucked him and let him be humiliated. I spent most of that night crying.

The next morning I woke up very early. I woke up my brother and got him out of my dorm room. I wanted to get out of there before my roommates woke up. I didn’t think I could deal with that conversation. I took Sammy out for breakfast. I tried to talk to him, but he just ignored me the entire time. I don’t know if ignore is the right word. He legitimately didn’t hear me.

I gave up and just took him to the train station. We had all his stuff; I just figured it would be better for him not to be here. I was clearly making him uncomfortable. I stopped in front of the station and pulled into a spot. I looked over at Sammy. He looked exhausted. But he looked… hot too. I don’t know, I thought he looked sexy. How weird is that.

“So…” I said and I considered saying so many things. But I was a coward, so I said, “I guess I will see you for Christmas break.” And he nodded again. He opened the door. And as he was climbing out, he turned and looked at me.

“Sis,” he said, “I am so sorry that Adrienne saw that. I am sorry we did that, it was wrong. I think I ruined your life. I am sorry.” Before I could call out to tell him that he was wrong he’d closed the door. I rolled down the window.

“Sammy!” I called. Then I realized that I couldn’t very well yell out that he was the best lay of my life, that I thought he was sexy, and that any problems I had as a result of what happened paled in comparison to the joy I’d felt being with him. So I said, “You’re wrong. It’s not like that.” Sammy didn’t even turn; he just nodded his head and walked into the train station.

I’d gone back to the room after that. My roommates were doing Habitat for Humanity, so I had nothing but time to think. But I spent the whole time with my mind just reeling. The entire day passed and it felt like I didn’t have a concrete thought all day.

Adrienne came back first.

“Hey,” she said and she looked a little shy. I think she’d come down from her little horn-dog high, “Where’s your brother.”

“Home,” I said.

“Cool,” she said and then she came over and sat next to me.

“Yeah,” I said. I was so nervous.

“So I had a weird dream last night,” she said, turning to look at me. I waited her to finish but she didn’t so I asked.

“What was it?” She smiled.

“I dreamed I walked in on you having sex with your brother!” she said and I felt a cold stab in my stomach. She raised her eyebrows though, and I realized what she was getting at.

“Crazy!” I said, “Totally gross!”

“Yeah, then I tried to join in. In the dream,” she said. I nodded.

“What a weird dream,” I said.

“Listen Lynn,” she said, suddenly sounding more serious, “I don’t really know what to think about this dream. I can’t conceive of what it means. But I think it’d be best if I don’t say anything about it to anyone. Do you agree?”

“Oh god yes!” I said and I felt so grateful. I hadn’t even stopped to think about the damage this could do to my life. How could I be so reckless? “What can I do to thank you?”

“We are friends,” she said and she looked at me with soft eyes, “And I was an ass last night. In that dream.” She said. I tried to protest but she shook her head, “Hey, if you ever get a chance to do me a favor, do it and we will call it even.” She said, “And tell Sammy I am sorry.” I nodded.

Adrienne never said anything about it again. I think she was just so embarrassed. Both by what she’d said and what she’d seen. Whatever, I was grateful. And for about three weeks I just pretended that nothing had ever happened. For the second week there, it almost felt like I had. And Adrienne kept her word; she didn’t even act like anything strange had happened.

But now I was sitting in my car in the driveway of my house. I could see the light on in Sammy’s bedroom and I knew he was in there, playing on his computer or reading a book. And I was going to have to interact with him. I’d convinced myself by then that I didn’t lust after my brother. That it had been a one-time thing. But I still had to see him and talk to him. Around our parents. I sighed deeply and got out of the car.

I sefaköy escort got all of my bags and things out of my car but I had so much junk I couldn’t open the door. I had to knock on the door. My dad answered the door scowling. Not that that was a surprise. My dad tended to scowl most of the time. I think his problem was that he was just too old to start a family. Taking care of little kids in his late fifties was tough on him. Now that he was closing in on seventy, he was completely burnt out. I hadn’t had a non-business relationship with my dad in about four years.

“Your drive okay?” he asked awkwardly, grabbing my bag and helping me into the house.

“It was fine,” I said. I was still struck when I came home from college how weird it felt to be back. I spent everyday of my childhood in this house, but it wasn’t my house anymore. It was sad. My dad shuffled off to the living room to watch a basketball game and I stood in the foyer, looking around.

“Hey honey!” I heard a voice say. I looked towards the kitchen and saw my mom standing in the doorway. My mom was my dad’s second wife. His much younger wife. In fact, I learned about the same time I went off the college that my mom was something of a home wrecker. My dad had been married to a woman his own age for ten years and my mom was his secretary. I guess it was one of those things. Anyway, while my dad was visibly deteriorating at 70, my looked as young and vibrant at 42.

People have always said my mom and I look very much the same. She also has long light blonde hair and big blue eyes. We have the same thick pink lips and oval face. We even have the same rotated eye teeth. My mom’s stomach isn’t quite as flat as mine but she has bigger, 36-C breasts. Her hips are wide and butt it still pretty firm (I guess that is a trophy wife’s job or something). And even now, right before Christmas, my mom looked incredibly tanned and pretty standing in the doorway.

I walked down into the kitchen and my mom wrapped me up in her arms. She smelled just like she always did, like perfume and flour. I loved that smell. She pushed me back like she always did, so she could admire me or something. She might look young and hot, but she was still a mom. Whatever.

“You look prettier every time I see you honey,” she said and hugged me again, “I’ve missed you so much.” I rolled my eyes.

“I missed you too mom,” I said and I meant it. My mom and I were close friends. I sat down at the kitchen table and she took my bags of dirty clothes to the laundry room and dropped them on the floor. For a while we just talked about school and everything else. She wanted to know about my friends and everything. I tried to play it cool, but I was thinking about Sammy. Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer.

“So where is my brother?” I asked and my mom bit her lower lip the way she always did when we talked about my brother. She worried about him. Now I did too, another thing that my mother and I had in common.

“He is up in his room…” she said and looked up the stairs.

“Is he okay?” I asked. My heart was in my throat. My mother seemed even more concerned that she usually did. My mom is a bit of an airhead and she was always a social butterfly, she was always confused by my shy, introverted, intelligent brother. But some of her concerns now might be legitimate.

“He’s fine,” she said wistfully, “I don’t know. He has been even quieter than usual lately, staying up in his room more than ever. Since… well pretty much since he got back from school with you.” My stomach did a little backflip. I was afraid of that.

“Oh,” I said, trying to sound cool.

“Did anything happen while he was there, something… I don’t know,” she said, crossing her arms in front of her breasts. I shook my head vigorously.

“No, absolutely not,” I said, a little bit too earnestly. But my mom didn’t seem to notice. She looked around the corner conspiratorially to check for my father.

“I have been thinking lately about your brother. You know he doesn’t fit in well at school and he seems very unhappy.” She said.

“No he’s just…” I started to say, but my mother raised her hand.

“And he is sort of small and…I don’t know, is feminine the right word,” and that took me by surprise, I didn’t get a female vibe from my brother at all. I got a totally different vibe, I am sure you remember, “I think your brother is gay.” I almost laughed right there. I knew for a fact he wasn’t, “And I was just wondering if something happened to your brother at school. Something with a boy maybe?” She said and I smiled.

“Mom, Sammy isn’t gay. You aren’t describing a gay boy, your describing a nerd. Your son is a nerd. He isn’t gay. Trust me,” I said. Well, at least my parents were as oblivious as ever.

“No, just listen…” my mother started.

“Seriously mom, Sammy and I…talk. I know he isn’t gay. Please trust me,” I said. She just shrugged her shoulders like she had other fears she was silivri escort worried about, but she didn’t say anything else. I decided to change subjects. I looked into the living room.

“How’s dad been?” I asked.

“Oh him?” she asked like I’d asked about George Washington or Napoleon, “He is… your father. I don’t know. Since he retired, we barely talk. I don’t know.” I’d known my parents’ marriage wasn’t great for a long time. This was the sort of thing she always said.

“Sorry,” I said.

“No, don’t be,” she said, “You know your father and I. We never get along, but we’d never know what to do without one another. Anyway, I guess I have some laundry to do. Why don’t you go say hi to dad, or Sammy.” She said and I knew the conversation was over. She walked over to the laundry room and disappeared inside.

I walked out and looked at the living room and saw my dad staring at the TV. He started yelling at the basketball game. I rolled my eyes and decided that talking to my dad was probably not the way to go. So I headed upstairs. I was going to talk to my brother. I was terrified.

I knocked on his door and at first I heard nothing. I knocked again and I heard a sort of inquisitive grunt. I decided that this meant it was okay for me to open the door. So I pushed it open. My brother’s room was almost completely dark except for the glow of his computer screen. There were clothes and stuff all over the floor and it felt stuffy and uncomfortable. I saw him sitting in his chair, his back was too me.

“What do you need mom?” he asked impatiently. I saw he was playing some sort of video game. I didn’t say anything at first. I didn’t know what to say. It felt so awkward now. It wasn’t like being with my brother anymore. It was like running into an ex-boyfriend. I cleared my throat.

“Oh shit! Lynn, I thought you were getting home tomorrow,” he said and he turned and looked at me. His eyes were a little bloodshot from playing video games too long. He looked tired. His shirt was dirty and his boxers looked like they were threadbare. I could see his massive penis hanging limply against his legs through them, but I forced myself not to look at it. God help me, even if that bedraggled looking state, I still found him attractive. I fought down that feeling, that wasn’t a feeling that a sister had for her brother.

“No, today,” I said casually. I didn’t know what else to say. I walked over to the bed and sat down, “So how have you been?” It didn’t feel like the right thing to say but at least it didn’t feel like the wrong thing.

“I’m…fine,” he said. He refused to look me in the eye when he spoke to me. I could tell that he was ashamed. I wanted to get passed this. I wanted my brother back.

“Mom thinks you’re gay,” I said and smiled. My brother’s eyes got wide and then he laughed. He laughed harder than he had to; I think it was just the sense of relief. Things were normal again; I was giving him information about my mother’s most recent paranoia.

“What makes her think that?” he asked finally, and he looked at me when he spoke. His eyes looked so intelligent, so beautiful even tinged in red.

“Who knows,” I said, “You know how she is. She is always worried about something. I get the feeling there is more than the usual bullshit between her and dad lately.” My brother grimaced and then rolled his eyes. He got up furtively from the chair and closed the door to his bedroom. He returned to his chair and sat down.

“Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about it but,” he started. He wanted to say something about how things were weird because we’d fucked each other, but he decided against it, “I haven’t had the chance. They are really weird lately. I mean more so than usual. They aren’t just arguing and stuff. Dad sleeps on the couch every night now.” I winced. My parents’ marriage had been on a slow decline for a while now. It was a topic of regular conversation between my brother and me. I didn’t know what I felt, relief because I was talking to my brother normally, or sadness because the decline of my parent’s marriage had apparently reached its nadir.

“You think they are finally going to get a divorce?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Sammy said and shrugged. And then we were quiet again. His room felt even stuffier than before and I felt like I wanted to get out of here. I mean the house. I wanted to go back to school and just get on with my life. I stood up and moved towards the door.

“Hey Lynn,” my brother said and I turned and looked at him. His eyes were cast down and he was clearly pained, “I am so sorry about what happened. I don’t know what got into me. I know I apologized before, but I want to say that I am sorry I took advantage of you. Things got out of hand and I should have stopped it. You’re my sister and I am supposed to take care of you, not hurt you.” He said all of this is one fast breath. He was shaking slightly while he talked, not like he was crying but like he was scared. I felt a wave of compassion race over me. I had spent all this time thinking about my own guilt and confusion, it never occurred to me that my brother would feel guilty. Why should he? The entire situation was my fault. I’d started everything. I moved over to my brother and got down on my knees next to his chair. I put my hand over his. It felt cold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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