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Night Train

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Everyone is over 18 and fictional. Based on my friend’s college room mate they called night train for the same reason. This is a continuance to the Breakwater but stands alone as it’s own story also.


Amy Chan was busy working at a big slate table in the biology lab of her university when her cellphone vibrated with a new text. The message was from her sorority sister Laura, and she was shocked to see an image of a big penis in her friend’s hand. The ruler length shocked her even more. Amy was now in second place in the sorority girl’s house penis hunt contest.

The contest, planned by Amy, was a thousand dollars for whoever found the biggest penis on campus. Since the male reproductive system was Amy’s major, she figured she was going to easily win the money to help further her research. She definitely didn’t want that little perfect blond bitch cheerleader to win.

Amy was a petite Asian girl who spent most of her time in the lab. Her black hair hung down to her tight shapely bottom. Her beautiful slim body and incredibly thin waist was always concealed under her white lab coat. She had beautiful smooth white skin like a porcelain doll.

Amy had already been turning down pharmaceutical companies that had caught wind of her research into penis size and sperm count in human males. She resisted their offers because she knew if she accomplished her goals she would become rich beyond her wildest dreams.

The reason she thought she would win the contest was because of her test subject. He was a basketball player on the university team that she had talked into becoming her first lab rat. His nickname was “Night-train.” He got this name from his teammates because his cock was as dark as night and as long as a train. As big as his cock was, she had already added even more length and girth to his tool.

Amy was experimenting with herbs and roots from the Himalayan Mountains that grew near her ancestral village. She also researched penis exercises from the Middle East. So far Night-train had added one inch of length and a half inch of girth. Even more importantly his semen volume had doubled and his sperm count had increased. To win the contest Amy would have to coax another inch out of the black stud.

Today Amy was doing a test on the volume of ejaculate ejected from Night-train inside of an actual vagina. She was having one of her wealthy donors, Professor Primple, assist in the experiment. Professor Primple had donated a lot of money to be allowed to ride Night-train’s colossal cock..

Primple was in her late thirties, divorced, and had a couple children. She taught romance literature at the university and appeared to be quite frumpy with oversized clothes and thick glasses. She tied up her curly red hair in a bun that normally hung half way down her back when it was let down. Beneath all that, she longed for the romance and lust that existed in the novels she taught. Under her glamour less outfits she wore the sexiest of underwear. She was physically attractive with a beautiful body as well, although no one knew it.

Amy asked her benefactor to strip down and get ready for the test. Primple undressed in the somewhat clinical atmosphere of the room that adjoined the lab. Amy was pleasantly surprised as her teacher shed out of her clothes and released the body she hid underneath. Her bra and panties were quite sexy. Primple released her bra and revealed medium sized breasts with just a hint of sag. Her chest above her pale white tits was covered in cute freckles.

Primple shyly turned away from Amy’s admiring eyes and pulled down her thong panties. She felt uncomfortable with Amy staring at her. She caught her panties with her foot and lifted them up to her hand to put on a chair she stacked her clothes on. Amy frowned at the thick patch of red public hair between her legs. To Primple’s shock, the gorgeous scientist reached over and held her panties up to her nose. Amy was interested bahis şirketleri in the attraction of scent from both vaginas and penises.

“Professor, we have to trim your pubic hair so it doesn’t interfere with the sperm collection. Could you sit over there and spread out your legs please?”

“Is this absolutely necessary Amy?” She asked.

“I insist professor, in the interest of science, spread them please.”

Amy wandered over with a trimmer and took her place between her professor’s legs. Now she could gaze all she wanted to at her teacher’s pussy. Amy liked both girls and boys. She was fascinated by the reproductive system of both. She was looking forward to taking a close look at this one that had born children. She started up the trimmer and began shaving away the auburn locks of her teacher’s snatch.

The professor could feel her body betraying her with these new forbidden sensations. She couldn’t believe she was laying there as an undergraduate sat between her legs trimming her pubic hair. She felt her pussy getting wetter by the minute. Her lips swelled and got very moist.

Amy reached up and spread out her legs a bit more and began trimming away more of the hair around her snatch. Clumps of red hair quickly fell and gathered on the floor. Amy reached in and spread out the folds of skin around her pussy and trimmed closer. She admired her professor’s large clit peeking out from under its hood. Amy leaned forward and pursed her lips to blow away the hair.

The professor started to squirm and moan as the girl fondled her pussy. She didn’t believe for a minute that the girl was not enjoying this. Hours ago she was the teacher, the person in charge of this relationship. Now she was under Amy’s total control. It felt so strange to have her pussy not only naked and exposed but now hairless and vulnerable.

Amy slid her hand all around her teacher’s pussy and sensing that she was now turned on she took out some shaving cream and sprayed it into her hand. She applied it onto her skin and took out a razor. Amy pulled her skin tight and began shaving her smooth. Amy took her time and didn’t miss a spot.

The professor felt herself on the verge of orgasm as her vagina become hyper sensitive and drenched without all her hair. All too soon it was over, her pussy was shaven bare and Amy took out a washcloth to clean off the cream. The professor was both sad and relieved when she felt both of the girl’s hands leave her pussy. She was about to orgasm and had never cum from a woman’s touch.

Her relief was short-lived. Amy took lotion and began rubbing it into her professor’s skin. The professor couldn’t take it any longer and her pent up sexual energy released her inhibitions. “Shove your fingers in me! Let me please cum!”

Amy smiled at her teacher in her lab coat and asked, “Will I get an A if I make you cum slut?”

“You can have anything you want just get me off!”

“I want to save you for the cock, but I can have a little fun with your bald pussy.”

Amy then leaned forward and let her tongue run up from her asshole to the bottom of her snatch. She slowly slipped the tip of her tongue just between her pussy lips, and parted them as she went. She sucked her pussy lips between her lips. The teacher responded by grabbing her head and trying to pull her in tighter, but Amy pushed back and didn’t give up any control.

“Yummy, I think I’ll try some more of this after the experiment. Let’s go in and see Night-train now, I think you’re more than ready to fuck his big cock.”

The professor got up off the table weakly and with Amy’s help was able to walk across the room and stand at the door.

Amy knocked and asked, “Are you ready for us Anna?”

Anna was a Russian exchange student who was helping Amy with her project. She was one of the tallest girls in the sorority and had long thick black hair. Her legs went on for days. Her most amazing feature was her bahis firmaları incredibly full fat lips. Any guy who ever lay eyes on her pictured their dick going between them. Anna was not so much beautiful as she was dangerous.

She was the girl you would never forget. You could never trust your friends alone with her. She would drink you under the table and then have her way with you. You could never possess her. She couldn’t be tamed. She was a high end fucking machine. She screwed men and woman, often at the same time.

Anna had Night-train laid out on the big slate table with his hands and legs tied down with straps. He had a blindfold on so he would not see the professor who was about to mount him. This was part of the professor’s fantasy. She was the plantation owner’s wife and he was a field hand. It was right out of a Southern romance novel. It was better to protect her career that he didn’t know it was her.

Night-train was enjoying a tremendous blow job that Anna was giving him. The blindfold kept him from seeing the beautiful puffy lips that would have sent him over the edge. Anna’s skilled sucking now had him at full erection. She took out a ruler and did a measurement. He continued to grow but was still shy of their goal. She wrote down his most recent cock size on a sheet and then she slipped her thick lips back over his big black tool.

Anna lifted up her head from slurping his big black helmet when she heard Amy ask if she was ready.

“Ready whenever you are Amy,” the hot Russian replied. “Bring in the lucky lady.”

Amy opened the door and led in Primple. The professor gasped when she saw the huge shaft under the bright lights of the lab, pulsing and throbbing with every heartbeat. The professor walked across the room and stepped on a chair to climb up on the table. She couldn’t wait to climb onto him. She was so worked up from Amy shaving her pussy. She had often fantasized about the bulge under her student’s basketball shorts in class. Now she could find out how it would feel deep inside her.

The young Russian woman thought the professor looked beautiful as she was being led to the cock and Anna decided she had to have a taste.

Anna said, “Hold on professor, let me get you ready.” Anna pushed the professor to lean forward across the table and bent down to get between her legs to eat her out. The professor’s eyes widened as she felt the thick lips sucking on her. This was the second young woman to lick her pussy in the past ten minutes.

After a minute Amy gave her a hurried look and Anna reluctantly helped Primple climb up and hover over Night-train. Anna squirted some lube into her hand and gave the donkey cock one last bit of preparation as Primple stood above and aimed her pussy at the huge black helmet below her. As she began to lower herself down Anna reached up and spread her teacher’s pussy lips. The professor was enjoying every minute as the head of Night-train’s cock split her snatch wide open and began to sink up inside.

The professor slowly sank down over the big cock. After she got about seven inches deep she raised back up and then again drove down on it. She let out a deep moan of pleasure. Night-train pulled on his straps to get free. He wanted to grab her and pull her down on his cock. He wanted to set the rhythm.

The professor leaned down over him and swung her saggy breasts back and forth across his chest hair. She loved the feel of his hard stomach and hairy chest on her tits. She licked his lips and he thrust his tongue in her mouth. Night-train was not complaining. She felt amazing on him.

Anna stood at the side of the table and marveled at the beautiful contrast between the professor’s pale white skin and the dark skin of night-train. She looked over at Amy who was sitting in a chair and watching as she played with her pussy. Anna considered going over to lick it, but chose instead to climb up on the table behind her professor.

Anna kaçak bahis siteleri crept across the table like a cat on her hands and knees and shoved her tongue into the professor’s rosebud asshole. Primple looked back over her shoulder and was surprised to see the young Russian giving her a rim job while she was getting fucked. It only took a minute or two of this before she exploded in a huge orgasm. She had never had any anal play before. Not only did the professor experience having her asshole licked for the first time but she also was surprised to feel fluid begin pouring out of herself as she squirted.

Night-train felt his cock and balls become drenched from the professor and fought the sensation to blow his load. He had promised Amy to hold his orgasm until she said he could come. Anna looked over at Amy whose fingers were flying back and forth across her clit.

“Amy, the professor just squirted! Is that okay? Will it affect the experiment?”

“Professor, what professor?” Asked Night-train. “Am I in trouble?”

“Just keep fucking and don’t cum until I tell you Night-train.” Amy told the tall black stud.

Amy came over with some towels and lifted the professor’s pussy off the huge cock. The professor sighed sadly when she felt herself pop off. Anna got the professor’s mind off it when she shoved her tongue in her hole and began eating her out. She alternated between this and her asshole until Night-train was clean, so the experiment measurement would not be watered down.

“Okay Anna, help her get it back in.” Amy said.

Anna reluctantly stopped licking her snatch and grabbed the teacher’s hips and lined them up with Night-train’s pole. Primple groaned as she popped over the cockhead dripping with pre cum and slid slowly back down the big black shaft.

“Oh yes feed it in, that feels so good!”

The professor got up on her feet and began slamming herself up and down for several minutes until she felt herself ready to cum again. This time Anna shoved a finger up the professor’s ass and helped her to pump up and down.

Amy let go of her own pussy and approached the table with a beaker.

“Okay Night-train, let it cum now, give it up, blow your load!”

Night-train screamed with his release and reared up against his straps and sprayed a geyser of hot sperm up into the professor. Anna held the professor’s ass up off the cock a little so it would be easier to catch the cum in the beaker. The professor moaned and her whole body shook as she felt the boy’s load filling her. Amy lifted her off the cock and put the beaker under the professor’s pussy lips.

“Push out all that baby cum now professor, don’t miss a drop, it is strong stuff.”

His load poured down into the glass vessel and filled it up at least halfway as the professor pushed her student’s cum out.

The professor lay down on the table with her legs spread. She was spent and exhausted and fully fucked. Anna pulled her over and began licking the residual sperm out of her. She loved the taste of their interracial union.

Amy went over and took a measurement. It was a success. His load had increased incredibly. Now she had to test the sperm count. She went over and shut off the video recorder that the science professor used to record his classes. Amy grabbed the DVD and put it in her bag. A little insurance just in case she thought.

Anna went over and grabbed the beaker. She swirled it in her mouth and then tilted it back and swallowed it with several gulps. “Ummm yummy.” Then she took it to the sink and cleaned it. Now that was fun, she thought.

She looked over at Amy who was waving her over and pointing at her pussy. Now that the experiment was over the horny scientist could focus on her own needs.

Anna walked across the floor and fell to her knees in front of the hot Asian genius. She spread her legs wider and began licking away at her little tight pussy.

The professor left the laboratory after getting dressed. She had never felt so fulfilled. She did not know that her birth control was powerless against the sperm that Amy had created inside Night-train. She was going to be a mother once again.

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