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Not In My Wildest Dreams

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I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship, in fact the only relationship that I had every had. Nearly a year had passed. I had kept to myself during that time I was not interested in being involved with anyone let alone having sex.

I had decided to do something that I had never done before, go on an overseas holiday. I had never set foot on a plane before let alone gone on vacation to another country. I made all the necessary travel arrangements and before I knew it, I was on my way.

I was a bundle of nerves, not knowing what to expect, let alone what I was going to do once I reached my destination. So I took a few deep breaths and decided that I would just relax and soak up the sun and learn what it was to socialize once again.

Each time I went downstairs into the bar at my hotel, I felt like I had a thousand eyes upon me. This was not the case – it was just that I was not used to being single, let alone on a vacation by myself. I did my best to cover up my feelings of wanting to run and hide by smiling at people and saying a polite hello. I thought to myself that I must be crazy for thinking I could actually go away on vacation and relax, let alone make a few new friends along the way. I felt so out of touch with what it was like to just be me, and what the meaning of enjoyment was.

A week had gone by, I had done the tourist thing, seen the sights, take a million photos and talked to some of the locals and amazingly I had started to feel more at ease in my new environment. Saturday night was approaching and I decided to take a chance and go see a band that was playing in one of the many bars close to my hotel.

I was never one to go overboard with dressing up, besides it was so dam hot and humid, there was no point. I showered, put on minimal makeup, changed, took a few deep breaths and headed towards the bar that had been recommended to my by some of the locals.

After a 15 minute walk, I was there, the place was absolutely packed. I stood at the doorway wondering if I should go in, or turn around and run for my life. I thought to myself, what the hell, and walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. I table of women close by heard my accent and asked me to go over and sit with them. I felt like I had been saved, they were fantastic – I felt like I had known them for years. I was not one to drink a lot of alcohol, but I did not want to be rude and say no when one of the women offered to buy me a drink. It was a shot of Watermelon Schnapps. I held the glass to my lips and down it wet, and it tasted great.

The band was playing, the place was pumping. I had never experienced anything like it before in my life. Everyone was there just having a good time. It was not like some of the places where I am from. Maybe it was my perception at the time, but it felt so much friendlier. As I sat there listening to the band and indulging in conversation, I felt as if I was being watched. I looked across the bar and there was a table of men talking and drinking, but one of them was looking straight at me. He smiled and I smiled back then turned away with a feeling of “oh my god” washing over me.

I thought I was just imagining things, but inside it made me feel good to be acknowledged b someone of the opposite sex. Let alone someone that I viewed as totally handsome. I got up with the women at the table and we hit the dance floor for a few songs. The band was incredible and I was soaking up the moment. I casually kaçak iddaa glanced over to where the man that smiled at me was sitting but he was no longer there. I sighed a little and then, oh well!!!

When the song ended I went and sat back down at the table and ordered a drink. While sitting there just people watching, I heard this male’s voice behind me say hello. I turned around and it was him, the man that had smiled at me earlier. I nearly fell out of my chair in shock, to the point I even looked behind me to see if he was talking to someone other than me.

He had the most amazing smile, the kind that could light up a room anywhere. I stood up to say hello, he was about 6ft 2, very athletic looking, with incredible blue eyes. He seemed a little shy, but I liked that because it made me feel less nervous. He asked me to dance and I said yes without even thinking about it. He held me close and sang along with the song the band was playing. I can still remember the words.

I felt like I was dreaming and I thought any moment I was going to wake up. He got me another drink and we sat down at a table and talked. He told me about where he was from, and asked me a million questions. I did something very out of character and left the bar with him and we walked down towards the beach. We kept talking as we walked and he gently reached down and held my hand as we walked along. There were some sprinklers that were running and spraying over the path we needed to use, so he lifted me up and put me on top of the retaining wall that ran alongside the path so I did not get wet. He took my hand again and walked through the sprinklers as I walked along the length of the wall. It may seem corny to some, but it was one of the most romantic gestures that I have ever experienced.

He lifted me down from the wall and we continued walking along the shoreline just talking, after some time we stopped and sat down on a park bench overlooking the ocean. We just sat there taking in the view, the moonlight dancing off the water. I was beginning to love this tropical island more and more. He started to stroke my hair and caress my face; he then leaned in close to me and very gently kissed my lips. I thought I was going to collapse in a heap right then and there. He slowly kissed me again, longer this time, his soft lips pressing up against mine, his strong arms and hands pulling me in closer to him. His hands tracing down my spine, gently squeezing me. My heart was racing; my breathing becoming faster, feelings flowing through me like that had never done before.

This continued for what seemed an eternity, I did not want it to end. But never-the-less he stopped and said that it was late and he should walk me back to my hotel. Once we had walked back, we stood in the lobby and kissed again. There were people around, but oddly enough I did not care, it was like nothing else existed. I did something I never thought I would do in my entire life – I asked him up to my room. He must have known that was going to happen and part of me thought he probably had this whole thing planned out. But maybe, just maybe, it was one of those things that was a chance meeting and just meant to be, nothing sordid, or calculated about it.

We went up to my room, and I invited him in. I was feeling excited and nervous at the same time and I remember thinking, “Please don’t just jump me.” We sat down on the bed and we talked more. It was then he asked me how old I was. kaçak bahis I told him how I had just celebrated my 30th birthday. He looked into my eyes and kisses me yet again. I asked him his age and he seemed reluctant to tell me. I assured him it was ok and he told me he was 26. I had actually thought he was older than I was, something about the way he was. When I asked him what he did as a career, he explained further to me why he seemed a lot olden than his years, not to mention the reason why he looked so physically fit. He was a Sergeant in the Marine Corps. I nearly fell of the edge of the bed. If my friends had been with me they would have never believed it and yet there I was alone with this man in my room.

He laid me back upon the bed and lay down beside me. I knew what was going to happen and I was not going to say no. That was something I had done for so much of my life, it was time to allow myself some pleasure and allow this man to worship my body, even if one for one night. He slowly unbuttoned my blouse, exposing the red satin of my bra. He kissed the side of my neck as he unhooked my bra and slid it down my tender arms before dropping it on the floor beside the bed. My nipples were already hard and my breasts felt swollen; he caressed and kissed them, using his fingertips to make circular motions around my nipples. I could feel the moisture building between my thighs and I started to crave this man with all my sexual being.

We both got up and stood in front of each other at the foot of the bed. I took off his shirt, revealing his toned body. I ran my fingers across his chest and down across his abs – I felt like I was in heaven and that this was my time. I savored every sensation I was feeling. He reached down and undid my skirt, sliding both them and my thong over my hips and letting them fall to the floor. I stepped away from them. He reached down and removed his jeans. Once this was done, he was pulling me into his nakedness, his tanned, firm body not to mention his erect cock pushing against my soft, tanned skin. He held me tight as if to reassure me in some way. I wanted to disappear into his arms forever, but I knew it was only going to be for a brief moment in time.

We both lay back down upon the bed; he moved down between my legs, slowly parting my thighs and using his fingers, he started to massage my already soaked pussy. I could feel his breath against my wetness and then ever so slowly the tip of his tongue slid in between my lips, giving me the attention that I had so desperately craved for all these years. He did not rush and I did not want him to. He moved his tongue in circular motions and back and forth along the length of my smooth shaved pussy. I screamed out with pleasure, moving my hands down to the sides of his head holding him in place and begging him not to stop.

I could feel my thighs trembling and the muscles throughout my body start to tense up. I was about to have an orgasm with this man. I screamed out his name as I tore through the first of a series of orgasms, my legs lifting and wrapping around his head as my juices flowed into his mouth. I could hear his moans of approval as he lifted his head and told me how sweet I tasted. He moved up on top of me, kissing me all over. He placed of his hands under my head and pulled me closer to him, kissing me with so much passion I thought I was going to explode.

He lifted one of my legs up and draped it over his waist. I could feel the illegal bahis head of his cock, gently pushing against my pussy lips. He pushed the tip of his cock inside of me, just enough for me to feet it, then he would pull out, kissing me passionately again, my breasts heaving forward in my aroused state. Part of me wanted to let my animalistic side take over and rush, but I knew he was going to make this last; he wanted to push me to the edge of ecstasy and that was exactly what he was doing.

Both of us were breathing heavily. I wanted to feel him inside of me. I wanted him to take me so badly. I could feel the tip of his cock again, only this time, he did not stop; he pushed his hard cock all the way in. I was not sure if I was going to be able to take all of him. It almost took my breath away; he moved very slowly inside of me, as he reached up and held my hands tightly. He started to move with a little more force, but at the same time being gentle with me, as I had told him earlier that I had only been with one man and that experience has been – let’s say, less than satisfying.

I wrapped my legs around him as he moved in to continue kissing me, his cock thrusting in and out of me. I could feel ever inch of him inside of me as well as his muscular form lying on top of me. He pulled out and asked me to turn over; he pulled my ass up towards him as he moved in behind me. I could feel him guide his hard throbbing cock into my pussy once again, this time he started to fuck me harder. He reached underneath me with one of his hands and started teasing my clit as he pumped me faster. I reached up and grabbed the rail at the top of my bed so I could push myself back onto his hard throbbing cock. I knew I was going to orgasm again. I tore through yet another orgasm, his pace not slowing as I climaxed, all the while his moans making me want him even more.

He slowed down and got up off the bed and moved over to the chair that was facing my balcony; he smiled as he beckoned me over to him. I walked over towards him and sat on top of him, facing as he sat in the chair. His hard throbbing cock begging for me to engorge it with my wet soaking pussy, I lowered myself down on him, my breasts pushed up against his muscular chest. I gripped the back of the chair and started moving up and down upon him as he kissed and sucked the side of my neck. I could feel his strong hands squeezing my ass; just enough to make me give him even more of me. As I reached behind me with one of my hands and caressed his balls as I rode him, I knew it was not going to be long before he exploded inside of me. His moans became louder; I squeezed my pussy tightly around his long thick hard cock as I slid up and down it. He was saying my name over and over, telling me how much he wanted me. He moved one of his hands down towards my pussy again and started teasing my clit. I could feel it throb and dance as a result of is expert movements. I could feel another orgasm rising from within me. I moved my hand away from his balls and gripped the back of the chair again, my body writhing and thrashing against his hard cock as I exploded all over it. He felt my pussy squirt out and run down over his cock and thighs – within moments he yelled out and thrust forward inside of me, exploding and filling me with his warm juices.

He reached forward for me and pulled me close. I wrapped my legs around him as he lifted me up off the chair carrying me to the bed, laying me down as he moved in beside me, holding me and kissing me before we both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever get to experience being with a man like him.

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